OMAR, W.Va. — Damage is extensive to trees and some homes and vehicles in several Logan County communities after a fast moving, but narrow storm struck Friday. The storm carried strong winds and hail and struck in a small area along Route 44 in the Omar community.

“It is devastation,” said Jay Nunley of WVOW Radio in Logan. “I saw hundreds of trees and large limbs down everywhere in that area. Not just across power lines, but there was some damage to homes. Most of it wasn’t severe, but a couple were.”

There was also damage from hail, which Nunley reported to be just under the size of golf balls.

The storm seemed to be along a very narrow track of around 10 miles along Route 44. Communities like Chauncey, Cow Creek, Crystal Block, Sarah Ann, and Sandy Bottom. According to Nunley there was another are of the county hit by a similar storm in the Whitman and Holden area, but the damage wasn’t quite as bad.

“People were out not long after that and starting the cleanup process. The whole thing lasted about 20 minute,” he said.

“Further up Horsepen Mountain near the Mingo County line, once you got passed the Sarah Ann Post Office it hadn’t even rained. It was a dividing line between severe and nothing,”

Appalachian Power had more than 1,500 outages Friday night and continued repairs in the area on Saturday.

There were no reports of any injuries.