WHEELING, W.Va. — On the same day it was announced that former Wheeling University President Michael Mihalyo filed legal action against the institution, the university named its 13th President.

On Monday afternoon, the Board of Trustees of Wheeling University (WU) announced the appointment of Ginny Favede as the institution’s president. She had been serving as the Chair of the University Board of Trustees since July.

Wheeling University

Ginny Favade

The president position at the university became open after Mihalyo and Senior Vice President Joseph Petrella were put on administrative leave effective immediately, on August 2. The actions came during turmoil for the university including major financial issues. The university board declared financial exigency in March.

Mihalyo’s civil suit, filed in Ohio County Circuit Court, claims that the university misled him about the school’s finances before taking the position. It further says there is widespread fraud and cover-up among WU officials when it comes to finances.


Michael Mihalyo

The school nearly lost its Higher Education Policy Commission authorization over the summer, coming after it cut programs and staff and lost its affiliation with the Jesuits.

On September 17, the school announced it was bringing back some programs, both academically and athletically.

Favede is named in the suit along with the university, its board of trustees, the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, Diocesan Realty, Monsignor Kevin Quirk, former Bishop Michael Bransfield, Bishop Mark Brennan, Archbishop William E. Lori, Dr. Edward Shahady, and John Doe.

VIEW: The complete civil suit filed

The conclusion in the civil suit says Mihalyo is seeking compensation for permanent physical injuries, past and future pain, suffering, mental anguish, past and future humiliation, embarrassment, indignity and shame, economic damages, diminished earning capacity, and future lost wages and attorney fees.

Teresa C. Toriseva is representing Mihalyo and was available for comment on Monday.