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Presidential Candidates on Fishing


Amid the bedraggled economy, the war-torn Middle East, unemployment, national security, gas prices, and whether to raise or lower taxes there isn’t much attention paid in a presidential campaign to sportsman’s issues.

Paul Ryan drew some attention for his affection for bow hunting and has rated a few national stories, but for the most part it’s hard to say for certain where either Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney stand on the matters of hunting or fishing–especially fishing.  

Typically the NRA sees to it gun owners are well versed on where the candidates stand.  However, lost in all of the presidential noise are anglers.  What if somebody is ready to base a vote on a candidates stand on fishing?   Shouldn’t they at least pay some lip service to give us a credible lean as we go to the polls in November?  Is that asking too much? 

Enter the American Sportfishing Association.  The ASA is a fishing industry advocacy group and they had the same concerns.  Fortunately they wield big power inside the beltway and have managed to get both candidates on the record with regard to fishing issues. 

“We asked these questions to inform and empower anglers to be active advocates for the sportfishing community” said ASA Vice President Gordon Robertson who formerly worked for the West Virginia DNR. “Anglers represent a huge voting block that can significantly impact the 2012 presidential election. It is vital to the future of sportfishing that anglers are informed and use their vote as a voice.”

The ASA didn’t pick sides in the matter.  They simply put forward a series of questions and both candidates filed answers.  You can see it all in this link created by the ASA. 


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