Democratic exit poll brings interesting numbers

In an exit poll of West Virginia Democrats who voted in Tuesday’s primary:

  • 54% of those polled are 50 of age or older
  • 48% earn an income under 50K
  • 33% identify themselves as independent/unaffiliated/other
  • 48% claim they are very or somewhat liberal
  • The No. 1 issue of those polled is the economy, with 57% saying that was their biggest concern. That was followed by healthcare at 19%, while income inequality is third at 12%
  • 92% are very or somewhat worried about the direction of the economy over the next few years, while only 1% say they are not worried about the economy at all.
  • If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two Presidential candidates in the fall, 47% of the Democrats polled said they would vote for Clinton, while 33% responded they would vote for Trump. Another 18% of the Democrats polled said they would not vote for either candidate.
  • 36% feel that the process for selecting a Democratic nominee has been unfair
  • 12% say they just made up their mind today