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Trump criticizes Democrats, promotes Morrisey at Wheeling rally

WHEELING, W.Va. — President Donald Trump told a large crowd gathered at the Wesbanco Arena in Wheeling Saturday night that “bad things will happen if you sit home” in the upcoming Nov. 6 General Election.

President Donald Trump

Trump was on hand to campaign for state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and his run for U.S. Senate against incumbent Senator Joe Manchin.

“A vote for Morrisey is a vote for me,” Trump said.

The rally came just a little more than 24 hours after Trump ordered the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation into the sexual assault allegations against his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Trump blamed Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee calling them “obstructionists.”

“The entire nation has witnessed the shameless conduct of the Democrat Party. They’re willing to throw away every standard of decency, justice, fairness and due process to get their way,” Trump said. “They don’t care how they get it. You can see it happening before your eyes.”

Trump then read from a recent poll paid for by the Judicial Crisis Network that shows strong support for the Kavanaugh nomination among West Virginia voters. The JCN has spent millions on ads in West Virginia and some other states supporting Kavanaugh.

Patrick Morrisey

During his remarks, Morrisey also called for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“Ladies and Gentlemen we must confirm Judge Kavanaugh,” Morrisey said to a loud round of applause.

Morrisey told the crowd he is now basically even in the polls with Manchin. Most polls have shown Manchin maintains a several point lead. The Cook Political Report this week moved the race from toss-up to leans Democrat. Morrisey told those in the crowd they have a choice.

“If you vote for Patrick Morrisey you’ll be electing a conservative fighter with a record of results who will advance the Trump jobs agenda. A vote for dishonest Washington liberal Joe Manchin and you’re going to be empowering that same group of radical, liberal obstructionists, the same you saw in the Senate circus this past week,” Morrisey said.

Manchin was tweeting Saturday night saying Morrisey can’t hide from his record. He also put out a YouTube video saying President Trump’s coattails can’t hide Morrisey.

Joe Manchin

“Patrick Morrisey cannot hide from West Virginians who he tries to hurt every day,” Manchin said.

Trump read the state’s latest revenue figures as he introduced Gov. Jim Justice for a few comments.

“Nobody can love this man more than I,” Justice said about Trump. “Except you maybe. What he’s done for West Virginia is off the chart.”

Justice, who announced he had changed his registration from Democrat to Republican at a Trump rally last year in Huntington, urged the crowd the get behind Trump in the November vote.

“We’ve got to step up to the plate. We’ve got to step up. We’ve got to deliver him Patrick Morrisey. We have to deliver him an absolutely solid Republican Congress. Come on now,” Justice said.

Trump recognized several Republicans in the crowd including First District Congressman David McKinley, Third District Congressman, soon to be state Supreme Court Justice Evan Jenkins, Third District Republican nominee Del. Carol Miller and Secretary of State Mac Warner. Trump criticized Miller’s opponent, state Senator Richard Ojeda, D-Logan, calling him “stone cold crazy.” Trump did not mention Ojeda’s name specifically.

Trump also touched on a number of familiar themes including tax cuts, trade, immigration, the border wall, the military and relationships with a number of nations including North Korea and Iran. He also called out the national media several times.

Trump’s clear theme was the Nov. 6 election and the balance of power that’s at stake in Congress.

“We gotta keep it going the way it’s going. Do you agree?”

The rally lasted about 90 minutes.


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