Unmasking the ‘mask’ argument

I have gotten myself into an argument with the “nevermaskers.”

I have said on Talkline many times that I wear a mask, and others should too, when in a public area like the grocery store or the gas station.  Here’s why:  A) Health experts have suggested that we do.  B) The research shows a mask can lessen the spread of droplets.  C) In my case, I want to feel like I’m part of the solution.

But I am getting push back.  Here are some of the texts I received yesterday during Talkline:

“Physical distancing and wearing a mask simultaneously is like wearing a belt and suspenders at the same time,” wrote one texter.  “It’s stupid and one of the measures is totally ineffective and unnecessary.”

When you are out you cannot always guarantee you will be able to stay six feet apart from everyone.  What if you are in the grocery store and another customer leans over you to grab an item off the counter?

But to use the texter’s analogy I would say, “Yes, I will wear a belt and suspenders if I have reason to believe my belt might not hold!

Another texted said, “So now the media’s spin to restrict our freedoms is on mask wearing, so wearing a mask is not to protect yourself, but to protect other people and if you don’t you are selfish. What a crock!”

Well, you have me there.  As Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and there shall be no obligation of the people to wear a mask.”

One texter wrote, “Fake news.  CV19 is (a) fake Chi-Com, Deep State plot to take away our rights.”

Real news.  No, it is not.

Another listener wrote, “I have a deviated septum. Three minutes into wearing a mask and I’m sucking for air. Ain’t doing it.”

I keep hearing that if 80 to 90 percent of us wear masks, we can keep the virus at bay.  Some of you can be among those who take a pass. A legitimate medical excuse may be a good reason. A half-baked conspiracy theory is not.

One texter said by supporting wearing a mask I was “virtue signaling.” I had to look that up.  It means “the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position.”

That is an interesting argument, and it forces me to consider whether I have a secondary motive for wearing the mask to demonstrate my position on what I perceive as the moral high ground.

But that may be over thinking this, as we are wont to do.

I am going to continue wearing my mask in crowds, but I am going to stop suggesting others should, too.  Those of you who are not masking have made your decision, despite what health experts say.  Why should you listen to me?

So, we don’t have to argue anymore.  But please, let’s stay a safe distance away from each other.







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