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It’s Time For Steam Release!!

As we enter week #6 of the 2020 High School Football season, I want to write about a subject that is, without question, very frustrating!  That subject is all encompassing as we talk about Covid 19, the daily infection rate, the positive cases in relation to 100,000 and that brightly colored map that is filled with green, yellow, gold and orange!  This week, we even find one county, (Upshur) in the dreaded red category!  Please let me say I am not a doctor or nurse or any type of health care expert!  I am thrilled I do not have to make the decisions that those in charge have to make!  And, I will be the first to tell you, I don’t even understand Covid 19 or anything  that word encompasses!  However, I do have an opinion and this is where the steam release starts! I am not certain if those who are in charge of making all of the decisions understand it either!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the experts, during their briefings, simply say “let’s take a few minutes and explain exactly what the coronavirus is all about…..how it affects everyone……why it is so dangerous……and, maybe most importantly, what are the exact steps used to determine if a county is whatever color they are”!  How many times have we seen a county be in the “green” and just a couple of days later, be in the “orange”!  Or, how can a county be in the “red” for five weeks and then suddenly be “green”?  Is it more testing?  We have been told if we want to get the county numbers down, we must test more!  Is more testing the reason Harrison County went from a comfortable green to a “no school – no play” orange?  Again, I don’t understand…..and I am confident there are thousands of other West Virginians that don’t understand either!  Please, someone with knowledge of what is going on simply set down and “write a letter to all Mountaineers” and explain what it is you are doing and why you are doing it!  What is the exact formula and why do we just stick with something Harvard released?  Can’t our health experts come up with something that is designed just for the Mountain State?   I can only speak for me, but I certainly don’t want to be tied to a brightly colored map every Saturday at 5pm!  The steam has been released!!

Now we can look ahead to this week in high school football!  Great news for Kanawha County teams – this is week number six and those eight teams finally get in the classroom and back on the athletic field this week!  Can you imagine…..students in Kanawha County are back in the classroom for the first time in seven months!!  The Kanawha County football teams will play a series of round robin games within the county, sometimes playing twice a week, just in an effort to get some games played!  Some really big games to watch for this week will find undefeated Cabell Midland at undefeated Hurricane this Friday night…..Spring Valley, #1 in AAA, will be on the road to Fairmont this Friday night to battle the Fairmont Senior Polar Bears…..Martinsburg (2-1) will make the short trip to take on (4-1) Spring Mills and, Wirt County (3-1) will hit the road to battle (4-1) St. Marys.

Here is a special invitation for you to join Dave Jecklin and me this Friday night from 9:30 to Midnight on GAMENIGHT!  We will have all the scores of all the games played, plus talk with head coaches, play by play crews from around the state and you….simply call 1-800-765-8255 to be a guest on the show!

Talk with you Friday night!!

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