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Morrisey gets an early general election endorsement from former President Trump

Former President Trump has endorsed Republican Patrick Morrisey for governor of West Virginia in a post on his Truth Social media platform.

Donald Trump

“Patrick Morrisey has my Complete and Total Endorsement – HE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!” Trump posted.

Morrisey was in a competitive four-way race for governor over the past year. He won last week with a plurality, 33% of the vote — coming in ahead of former House Judiciary Chairman Moore Capito’s 28%, Huntington businessman Chris Miller’s 20% and Secretary of State Mac Warner’s 16 percent.

In recent days, talk has flared up that some Republicans are so dissatisfied with Morrisey as the nominee for governor that they’ve reached out to gauge interest of Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat and former governor, to jump in against him.

Trump’s post highlighted the competitive nature of the Republican primary for governor. The former president urged the party to come together.

“Highly Respected Attorney General Patrick Morrisey ran against two very talented and popular opponents for Governor of West Virginia, a State I love and won by large margins in 2016 and 2020,” Trump wrote.

Trump continued, “Now is the time for all Republicans to unite behind Patrick Morrisey to ensure he has a tremendous Victory in November! Patrick will work closely with me to enact America First Policies, and is a FANTASTIC person to replace my friend and future U.S. Senator, Jim Justice.”

The former president endorsed Justice, a two-term governor in his primary bid for U.S. Senate. Trump endorsed Morrisey in a 2018 Senate race.

Trump remains very popular in West Virginia, with political figures either hoping to receive an endorsement from the former president or endorsing Trump to make a connection.

He has twice won West Virginia by wide margins.

In 2016, Trump got 68.5 percent of the general election vote in West Virginia, to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 26.4 percent.

In 2020, Trump got 68.6 percent of West Virginia’s general election vote, to Biden’s 29.7 percent.

Morrisey’s opponent in the general election is Huntington Mayor Steve Williams, a Democrat.

Patrick Morrisey

As attorney general, Morrisey has used the platform for high-profile challenges to federal policies from the Obama and Biden administrations. He recently led other state attorneys general in suing to block rules by the Environmental Protection Agency requiring cuts in emissions from coal and gas-fueled power plants.

Morrisey joined a 2020 filing with the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate election results in Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Justices dismissed it.

The attorney general intervened in a federal lawsuit that aimed to keep Trump off West Virginia ballots under claims that he is ineligible under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution from holding future federal offices.

Morrisey signed onto a filing with other attorneys general to support Trump’s position in a Supreme Court examination of presidential immunity in federal criminal allegations against the former president.

Trump’s endorsement highlighted alignment with Morrisey.

“Patrick has been a wonderful Attorney General, and will now be an incredible Governor who will fight tirelessly to stop Inflation, grow the Economy, restore Energy DOMINANCE, secure our Border, strengthen our Military/Vets, and protect and defend our always under siege Second Amendment.”

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