CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Using a handheld cell phone while driving became illegal in West Virginia on Monday when the second provision of a year-old state law took effect.

State lawmakers passed a bill in 2012 that made texting while driving illegal on July 1, 2012, and handheld cell phone use illegal a year later.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin will announce a statewide educational campaign during a news conference at Tamarack in Beckley at 2 p.m. The governor will join state Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox and West Virginia State Police Superintendent Colonel Jay Smithers for the announcement.

Not wearing a seatbelt becomes a primary traffic offense in West Virginia July 9.


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  • Gob

    The paranoia on here is disturbing!

    • Troy Sexton

      You've obviously never had 1st hand experience with the lying piggies and the lying, idiotic court system.

  • wvtd

    don't you just love the police state we now live in? all calls and e-mails are stored for future political use, the irs is used to target anyone who disagrees with the liberal agenda,
    one set of rules for wealthy elitist and their cronies another for everyone else. our so called leaders, of both parties are selling us out one freedom at a time. you get what you vote for.

  • Wixcheew

    First of all Jon it is peasants not
    pheasants which is a bird Please
    spell correctly and use correct
    grammar so that you can be taken seriously! Next the people of West
    Virginia do not like to follow rules
    nor laws as a rule It is the so called
    mountaineer effect Montani Semper Liberi The laws do not
    apply to them. Most do not know
    if you cause a death while violating
    another law you are charged with
    capital murder ( first degree)!!
    I have saved several lives by being
    alert when people go right through
    a stop sign while talking on their
    phone just another example of
    lawbreakers trampling the rights of
    law abiding citizens. People of West Virginia never fully stop at
    a stop sign I tested it only 20%
    stop they call it a rolling stop if
    you are rolling you are not stopped!
    A lot just blast through the stop
    signs with no care at all stop lights too!!! They will not enforce it until
    someone kills a person or family
    while texting or talking and face murder charges!!! Laws have no teeth unless they are enforced!!
    They say not enough cops. GET
    SOME MORE!!!!!!! Maybe part
    time??? Also if it is a law West
    Virginians appear to go out of their way to violate it just to show they
    can!!!!!!! PATHETIC!!!!!more cops!!!!Enforce the laws PLEASE

  • Tag

    Then don't look suspicious, Troy.

    • Troy Sexton

      Too late for that. The piggies already had as many people searching my home as they did Aaron Hernandez's. .... for alleged internet harassment.

      I wish I was joking, but I'm not.

      I have to assume they were hoping to find something else, which they didnt of course. The pigs in this state can get search warrant for bogus reasons.... and hold your wife hostage in her own home for 2 hours .

      God Bless the GREAT state of WV!!!

  • Troy Sexton

    This just gives the pigs an excuse to pull you over if they suspect you of something else.

    • Slippery Pete

      "Pigs", lol. tell the 60's I said hi.

  • Jt

    Somehow, you all will twist this to make it Obama's fault!

    • Magic Mike

      Oh like democrats twist everything to make it Bush's fault. No this is the voters fault. For voting in the same old lame politicians who have nothing better to do then to pass stupid laws. I can understand the texting and driving.

  • Magic Mike

    Man this state is becoming as bad as Maryland. I wonder when they will put a limit on how many bullets can go into a clip?

    • Wowbagger

      I do fear that the West Virginia of my ancestors is becoming the nanny state of a West Virginia.

      I might still have to retire to Wyoming.

      • Charleston,WV

        Don't forget Montana either.

  • Carl

    Thats why phones have speaker phone on them...use it...most people are coordinated enough to to talk and drive heck i can even talk drive and chew gum at the same time but unfortunately there are those who can't walk and talk let alone drive and talk so im for it.

  • Matt

    Gotta love the government butting in where they don't belong. Try and stop me from talking on my phone.

    • wvrefugee

      Typical WV idiot response!

  • Ed

    Every cop you see, be it States or local have a cell phone to there ear while driving. We all see it everyday!! If it is good enough for us, it should be good enough for them. Don't get me wrong, I like the hands free no phone policy, I think it may even save some lives, but everyone has to be accountable for this!

  • Jon

    The police use cell phones constantly while driving, it won't be illegal for them. This is just another law enacted to keep the stupid pheasants from hurting one another while the elite who passed it eye wink each other.

  • Magic Mike

    Does this include using CBs? Or what about drinking Soda in your car?

    • Pioneer

      I've never understood why CB's aren't included. I'd much rather have a driver beside me in a car texting than a 50000 lb rig going 70 mph with the driver talking on his CB

  • Scott

    I feel so much safer knowing our lawmakers is watching out for us.

    • wvrefugee

      Grammars is important!

    • Scott

      Oh can't wait till the 9th then I will totally be safe.

  • Tim C

    We have a distracted driving law now in WV. That means the police can pull you over for looking at a pretty girl walking on the sidewalk.

  • Julia

    I appreciate the thought in what you are trying to do BUT if the texting law has not been enforced in WV (especially the Morgantown area) and you passed it last year what good is another law.

    Laws only work when they are enforced!!!!

    • AH

      There was a car being driven ahead of me yesterday- it was drifting back and forth from the left lane to the right lane- when I passed the fool OF COURSE he was talking on his phone. I hope this law will be enforced as much as possible

    • wvrefugee

      Bump here in Motown! They could make a million here during the week with these students!

      • Mac

        It also needs to be posted! How are travelers supposed to know the law if they are not made aware of it? WVU students are a good example of this. Make sure everyone knows the law!

        • Annoyed

          Periiously, cell phone offenses were secondary offenses, meaning the police couldn't pull you over unless you were doing something else illegal. Now, they can pll you over for texting or using a hand held cell phone. Everyone should know this is the law by now. It has been in the news for over a year, and the state posted signs stating this requirement over a year ago at the state line on all highways entering West Virginia. What more do they need to do? I say enforce the law. Enforce it now. Let the tickets flow! People have had a year to prepare for this. Ignorance is NO excuse. If someone is dumb enough to get caught, they have only themselves to blame. The stupid shall be punished.

          • Charles

            The state did not put up a single sign that I've seen about texting or talking on a cellphone while driving. Maryland and Georgia both have signs at the borders saying it's illegal.