CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Sen. Joe Manchin said he had nothing to do with firearms maker Beretta USA choosing not to expand to West Virginia.

Beretta on Friday announced in a news release that Manchin’s role in the gun-control debate prompted the company to decline offers from groups in West Virginia that it relocate to the state.

Manchin, however, responded to the announcement with his own statement calling the company’s comments “a disingenuous excuse.”

“It’s shameful that Beretta, who seems to have no intention of moving from one of the most gun restrictive states in the country, is deceiving the great people of West Virginia in attempting to score a political point,” replied Manchin in the release. “While I am a proud owner of two Beretta shotguns, I’m truly disappointed in this cheap political shot their management has taken.”

In the release from the firearms maker, Jeffrey Reh, general counsel and vice-general manager, cited comments from Manchin targeting high-capacity ammunition magazines.

The company further pointed out concerns with a provision in the measure Manchin has co-sponsored with Sen. Patrick Toomey (R-Pa.) to expand gun buyer background checks to gun shows and Internet sales.

“That really caused us some consternation and concern,” Reh said in the company’s release. “We’ve decided not to consider West Virginia as a site for future expansion.”

But Manchin responded by stating that his measures preserve 2nd Amendment rights.

“I believe that my legislation, which an independent poll just showed that 75 percent of West Virginians agree with, is a reasonable approach that in no way infringes on our right to bear arms.”

Beretta currently host operations in Maryland, a state that recently enacted a strict gun-control law.

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  • Al

    It's a shame that Manchin has sucked up to the Left's stand on the 2nd Amendment. This decision by Beretta knocks another opportunity to create jobs in our State. As most West Virginians know, the Obama Administration is doing what it can to kill the coal industry completely. If my memory serves me correctly, creating jobs in the Mountain State was one of Manchin's aims during the last election. Mr. Manchin is now part and parcel with the Left's agenda. I think West Virginia voters dropped the ball on this one.

  • Levelheaded

    Joe's a kisser. He kissed his way to DC. He has no convictions and will never change. But I have changed. I'll never vote for him again.

  • Tina B

    You're embracing the fact that she does nothing? That is just so ridiculous, I'm speechless.

  • Tina B

    That is hilarious!!! I loved Senator Byrd.

  • Tina B

    Yep you are totally correct.

  • Jim


    Nowhere in the Constitution does it say Congress may violate the Bill of Rights if some of its members claim their new law is "bipartisan" or "common sense" or seeks "common ground" or constitutes a "reasonable compromise."

  • Jim

    Mancjin is the one whose is being disingenuous. Every time you buy a gun through a licensed dealer, that gun is registered. A requirement of holding a federal firearms license is that a dealer keep permanent records of all sales. ATF can inspect those records at any time. ATF has no problem finding your gun if they want to take it away from you. If all private sales have to go through a licensed dealer, in a generation, every legally transferred gun in America will be registered. Would some future government decide to use that registry to confiscate them as they become illegal under "assault weapon" bans or "high capacity magazine" bans or pump shotgun bans (like they have in Australia) or "high powered rifle" bans (like they have in China)? Probably.

  • AH

    Arch Moore, Cecil Underwood and Shelly Moore Capito would beg to differ. And, btw, King Coal has ruled this state from top to bottom for 100 years. The politicians are puppets.

  • wvman75

    Since when is infringing on people's Constitutional rights "common ground"?

    The biggest trick a democrat can play on you is letting them convince you that they're a moderate.

  • SC from PC

    Joe took on the tough task of trying to find common ground after the tragedy in Conn and discussing this face to face with the parents who lost their 6 year old children. he tried to do the right thing by not worrying about the rimifications it would have on his political career, and Beratta took a cheap shot at him. proud gun owner who will never buy Beratta now. Berratta, you are a not a top 5 pistol manufacturer anyways.

  • FungoJoe

    A tip of the cap to you. That was well played.

  • FungoJoe

    Its called skank stank.

  • Ragweed

    It is simply amazing that so many people know exactly what Beretta was going to do!

  • ConservativeRealist

    And the Democrats, who have been on control of West Virginia for over 80 years, have absolutely no responsibility for the abyssmal business climate in the state - bear no culpability for the political corruption that has ran pampant - and are in no way to blame for us being last or near last in just about every social measure for which data is collected...its those pesky Republicans who have been an amazingly effective minority...

    UNION PROUD!!! Foodstamp poor...

  • joey

    joe stop trying to make a fast name for yourself among the liberals,& represent the common people of w,wa. simply put all your legislation so far SUCKS.

  • DonaldH

    Has Hoppy re-addressed this since his return, or has he gotten his orders to not rekindle this topic and just let it die? You can bet if this had of been about a gambling casino or a star recruit not coming to WV he would of opened his first show returning from vacation with it and we would still be talking about it.

  • DonaldH

    Well Garth, as Sen. Byrd once wrote to me and said: We all have an opinion, You have yours and I have mine and fortunately I'm the one elected and can come here to Washington and express mine"

  • Michael Crisp

    No argument with you there. Just pointing out that 'Merica' has finally bowed down to the 'Whore of Babylon', the almighty dollar. Businessmen, politicians and most everyone else will do ANYTHING for an extra buck. Don't get me wrong, I love to have an extra dollar or two, but I believe in more important things like character, integrity and peace of mind.

  • JJ

    Thanks ripsnorter for that because it's exactly right. Only imbeciles think that by "doing something", politicians earn their keep. Most of the time that "something" they're doing is a knee jerk reaction to a suddenly hot topic or a sweetheart deal for their cronies. And absent-minded kool-aid drinkers follow right in step with this garbage ideology.
    Our elected officials shoud be serving us by increasing our freedom, not further restricting it.

  • JJ

    Won't somebody think of the dogs!?!
    Ban all pools!! Or at least impose some unconstitutional restrictions upon them under the guise of public safety. Quick, while the issue's hot!
    Yes, that'll keep 'em safe.

  • Uncle Unctuous

    We know that this must be about Joe's political stance, because otherwise, look at all the employers that are falling all over themselves to relocate to WV. Oh, wait .... Never mind.

    Well, I guess some other state with a slavishly pro-gun-manufacturer senator will benefit when Beretta moves there. Oh, wait. ... Never mind.

  • DWM

    He takes no blame for their decision not to come here, but had they been coming here it would have all been Joe's doing. Joe is the consummate politician. He blames others for failures and takes credit for the good. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • Mackie

    If Senator Manchin really does not agree with the Obama administration and Harry Reid; if he is not eaten alive with political Democrat ambition; if he wants to represent the majority of independent thinking West Virginians then he will be come a Republican. Otherwise, his votes, his friends in Washington (including the EPA), the way he looks at issues cannot come as a surprise. He tells us every day and every way by the company he keeps and the way he votes.

  • Charleston,WV

    Sounds to me like your spouting the exact rubbish of a left winger? Where is your middle?

  • bulldog95

    Now Joe gets to know what its like when his buddies in DC keep blaming Bush.

  • Conchop

    Well, we'll just have to see where the Beretta plant gets built - measure up the deal - and I'm betting they'll land in a place that rolled over for them on taxes.

  • thornton

    You misjudge in your haste to hate or find high-fives.

    As to properties....tire-kickers, that's all Beretta was.

    As to BlueJay and MoJoe....not a fan of either but that is unlikely to offer you very much traction to spit and sputter.

  • David Kennedy

    Beretta said in an earlier news release that the main reason they DID NOT consider WV was Mr. Manchin and his anti-gun rights standing.
    I do want to thank our legislators who DID contact these gun companies about relocating here...those were good paying jobs and we lost most of them to Texas.
    Might be a message in there somewhere.

    Also, Would somebody tell Mr. Manchin that his buddy in DC is putting all the coal miners out of a job. No Federal Permit to mine coal means no jobs.

  • WVU86

    Easy does it Michael. State legislators introduced more than 30 bills this past session to repeal/lessen gun restriction laws. The state legislature is forcing the city of Charleston to repeal its gun laws if the city wants to continue in the popular home rule project. So you - or anyone else - is telling me that Beretta is saying to relocating in WV because of Manchin. Please. I can't stand Manchin and laugh at the sight of him throwing a temper tantrum over this. Bottom line: Beretta doesn't want to come to West Virginia. Blaming it on Manchin was a cheap way to back out.

  • WVU86

    Greg and Eleisa want proof that Beretta was giving WV strong consideration for relocation. Your response, "Beretta truly wrote WV off because ...." Where is your proof, from Berretta no less, that this is the exact reason why this company is not relocating to WV. No name calling please, proof to your assertion only.

  • garth

    He represents the PEOPLE of WV..and the majority of the PEOPLE of WV want him to forget about this travesty, and work on coal, jobs and getting Obama out of office by impeachment..HE seems keep forgetting, getting into an "elected" office means he actually WORKS for the electors..Not sent to DC to do as he pleases..

  • Ripsnorter

    As a friend of Shelley, I have told her on more than one occasion that a " do-nothing " congress is the best kind. Virtually every time they pass legislation, it restricts our rights in some way. She has done a lot for the 2nd District and gets very little recognition for her efforts.

  • Mike Sengewalt

    It is amazing how loyal most Democrats are to their party. Joe Manchin is a pure politician out for Joe only. He supported gun control and regardless of how he spins it he is responsible for the consequences.

  • must go

    Where does everyone get their information on the "real" reason Beretta is not coming.

    I read it in the on line post by WBOY. And according to that; a Baretta spokes person stated it was because of Joe Manchin that they were not coming.

    Anything other than what the news reported is speculation and opinion.

    In all future elections ALL incumbents must go!

  • Dave Miller

    Joe sorry that you decided to mess with guns and our constitutional rights now it potentially cost West Virginians jobs.

  • Meep

    If I had my way I'd outlaw every gun ever made and destroy everyone of them.

    But I have no use for a pimp like Joe Manchin who uses the death of 27 children to pimp himself.

    Manchin is not to be trusted. He's a jackal and he's out for himself and he could give tinker's dam about gun safety or anything else. He cares about Joe Manchin. That's what he cares abou.

  • Meep

    Ole Joe used a national tragedy to put himself in the public eye and it bit him on the backside.

    What a pimp.

  • will

    Whatever Joe is doing.... It doesn't look like it is in WVs best interest, and not our nation's best interests at all.
    Say is isn't so Joe.... say it isn't so...

  • NorthernWVman

    Why would they need someone to blame? Come on really. Maybe I am just a dumb old "redneck" but a company of their stature needs not to blame anyone. Use some of that common sense you tote about.

  • NorthernWVman

    did you mean to say "pecking" or "pecker"?

  • NorthernWVman

    They looked at I believe Moorefield and Wheeling area. I am not sure about any other locations.

  • NorthernWVman

    Actually they looked atleast two different properties here in this great state.

    I agree Manchin is NOT the biggest pothole to this state. The biggest pothole is people like you that so blindly follow the Manchins and Rocky's

  • Conchop

    Me too ///

  • jeremy

    I asked his staff the same question. They refused to answer.

  • turnip

    it was to be located in the building that american woodmark occupied before that plant closed down...officials in hardy county had been courting beretta for the past couple of months.

  • Tim C

    I'm with Al, looks like they're changing our country rather quickly.

  • Magic Mike

    I think Joe wants to run for either President or be picked for Vice President.

  • Big John

    You are absolutely right-If the depression in 1929 was bad this will be worse-back to work for a dollar a day if you are lucky.

  • Big John

    I agree/

  • Big John


  • LongStoryShort

    Unfortunately Senator Manchin has gotten a taste of the limelight by being a senator from a very pro-Second Amendment state supporting gun control, and he likes it.. Imagine the publicity he'll get further down the road by being a West Virginian supporting his new BFF Obama's anti-coal policies.

  • Levelheaded

    One thing for sure. Joe is making it easy for Obama to kill coal in West Virginia. When coal is dead we will have to "kiss-up" to Washington or starve.

  • susanf

    Riigghtt!! And who doesn't remember going to your child's graduation?? I certainly remember attending all of my children's graduations, beginning w/kindergarten and ending w/my oldest's graduation from college. That was just a weak attempt by Manchin to avoid outright lying b/c he knew fully well that she had not completed the degree!

  • Al

    What do you mean,"Slowly"?




    Thats what you get for voting for joe, I am a democrat I never have and never will vote fir joe he is ONLY for his family and friends remember the FREE master degree his daughter got . He is the biggest joke and he played it on wv. remember him on election day

  • WVU 74

    Years ago at WVU it was taught in political life, there is a responsibility for a man's own words and deeds. For that he is of course fully responsible. But beyond that there is a collective responsibility when he has been one of the leaders.

    Who else is to be held responsible for the course of events, if not the closest associates around the Chief of State?

  • thornton

    Amazing how people believe a big company if it supports an idea.

    No way would Beretta come to WV ahead of Texas or South Dakota or elsewhere.
    No way would one senator sway that decision, or one issue...the decision will be made based upon economics and, likely, tax incentives.
    Beretta was simply "getting in with their purchasers".

    Beretta makes a good product.....had a bucket load over the years and shot at the Beretta/Prince George facility during the 80s....they want to sell stuff at the greatest profit and ease.
    Good for them.

    For that to happen though, WV was not in the mix.
    Perhaps they remembered all the angst over incentives when Cabelas was considering the move to Wheeling area.
    Perhaps it is the tax structure here or the union-driven school system of 80 days, or whatever, ....regardless, WV will not be a best fit for every outfit that comes down the pike.

    The Beretta self-serving comment is simply yet another excuse to slip in a kick to Manchin's kidneys.
    I'm no fan of the Manchin method or manner, although A James was good for a chuckle, and MoJoe is a politico of the first water but ......BERETTA WAS NEVER COMING TO WV!

    Lose the feigned seems most as a cover for an agenda against a dropping in popularity politico.
    Manchin is not the largest pothole in WV.

  • Vito


    Just like when his oldest daughter was awarded a College degree that she *DID NOT* earn at West Virginia University. The "MANCHINS: Took And Didn;t Accept ------- No Blame !!!!!!----That's The Manchins !!!!!!!!

    Check It Out Boys and Girls !!

  • Conchop

    Whoa - lots of right wing commentary here. Typical rubbish coming from Lush Rimbaugh wannabe's who think the way their neocon masters tell them to think.

    But, take off your Chinese made goober shoes and sox and count fingers and toes so we can calculate some records of progress.

    Won't take long to see the conservative coal camp climatologists, the Wall St. elitist business planners, and the NRA gun lovers have been nothing but shills for the 1% ers who have successfully divided and conquered the middle class. Absolutely no record of advancement and progress for society.

    Those records will objectively show regression in every measure. So all you guys who spout off about "liberals" are like sales reps with no sales. You can talk all you want as it is a free Country. But bottom line results count. Whether you're a D or R, if you subscribe to contemporary conservatism, you are part of a dreadful failure.

    The numbers don't lie [ like your neocon elitist masters do ]. If Beretta has decided not to move to WV, it merely means we have not rolled over enough. They are looking for a location where they are guaranteed extremely low taxes, no unions, and highly skilled, cheaper cheap labor. Just exactly what your average conservative TEA/GOP lackey politician intends deliver.

    Somebody else has made Beretta a much better tax deal that's really not going to go well for them in the long run. Beretta just took a cheap shot at Joe that may well ricochet back and hit their big ol Italian butt.

  • DonaldH

    I didn’t read very much of your nonsense because as I implied before --- education doesn’t always equate to intelligence and apparently reading comprehension.

  • DonaldH

    What's your point, that education doesn’t always equate to intelligence, and apparently reading comprehension?

  • JL

    Some non Kool Aid reporter needs to ask slick Joe Manchin how West Virginia Media stole $5,000,000 from the WVU Foundation right under his nose - or how one of his best buddies got a $5,000,000 WVU scoreboard deal without a competitive bid - or how his daughter got a phony MBA from West Virginia University while four people lost their jobs, but none were named Joe and none Heather. Joe always talks about bringing people together. He does that - when there is cash on the table.

  • Don Jr.

    With Manchin, we had no chance of landing Beretta, None. That's what the company is telling us. Without Manchin, we would have at least been given a look and had a shot even if it was a long shot. The whole country knows that Manchin is not representing WV citizens on this issue. This is proof that a Manchin presidency would be much like a mirror image of the Obama presidency. A puppet for the liberal elitists and their agenda.

  • Don Jr.

    Good post, that's about the way I see it as well.
    I was fooled by Manchin once (shame on Manchin), don't expect a repeat.
    Actually, I'm shocked that those ridiculous sounding Raese political ad's turned out to be true (you know, Washington Joe and such). I'm embarrased about our current representation in Washington. I just hope that there is someone decent to vote for next time, otherwise I'm staying home.

  • wvtd

    this is the society you get when voting for far left liberals like joey and obama.

    welcome to obamaville folks. the king of social and environmental justice.

  • wvtd

    good ole traitor joe. you get what you vote for. now bend over WV and crawl to the welfare line. "joey knows your needs".
    obama and company will take care of everything you will ever need or want. lemmings form up to the rear.

  • Magic Mike

    Oh come on you know democrats never lie.

  • Magic Mike

    Your whole post is invalid once you used the term tea bagger. You are full hate.

  • MrJ

    Got to agree.

  • doesntmatter

    Wow talk about fools. It always becomes a spat about political party. The way I see it all career polititions are liars Joe is no different. We have just as many republican. career liars as democrat in this country. As I have met the man I will say he is arrogant and does. Only what he thinks will further his career

  • Luke

    Not in the 75%. Not for shutting down coal fired power plants. Not for regulating the coal industry out of business. Not for gay marriage. Not for leaving American diplomats to die. Not for cutting back the active military force. Not for Obamacare.

    For smaller government. For lower taxes. For securing our borders. For state and local enforcement of immigration laws. For increased privacy.

  • Michael Crisp

    This has turned into a political 'witch hunt' item in the comments section. Just for a moment, let's look at this for what it really is. Beretta is a business that sells guns. They are upset by Manchin because the bill he sponsored will help enforce the laws that already exist. Keeping the status quo allows Beretta to sell firearms to convicted felons, mental patients and others who are barred by law from possessing them by keeping a loophole in the system. Bottom line, Beretta sells guns to anyone with money, anything or anyone that interferes with the cash flow is threatening Beretta, not the constitution and big business will twist the truth to further fatten their wallets.

    Please note that I used my real name, are the rest of you haters willing to do the same?

  • Levelheaded

    I don't know if Beretta trust Manchin or not, but I do know I don't trust him any longer.

  • sunnycal

    He states 75% of West Virginia agrees with him ! NO WAY where are your facts to back up your statement ?

  • Jt

    Was Beretta that show with Robert Blake and the bird, why are they not coming to WV?

  • Magic Mike

    VA is a right to work state.

  • Magic Mike

    Yep he let the Navy Base in Sugar Grove WV close. Many good jobs now are gone. Byrd would have never let that happen.

  • Magic Mike

    The worst is when they complain about no jobs yet vote the same people in year after year.

  • Eleisa B

    My 2 MA's and BA say otherwise. Speak for yourself Donald.

  • Eleisa B

    If he is such a great supporter, Donald, don't you suppose he'd be showing some support by disclosing some details? I doubt if there were even asked to seriously consider moving anywhere, and them simply passing on an offer of a place to move (Thompson's story) is a _whole _lot _different_ than the original more dramatic story which had them changing their mind about relocating to WV and costing people all those jobs because of the bill (even though it hasn't passed), as if the deal was nearly sealed prior to the bill being introduced. Either way; however, the supposed reason for their "new" decision is really ludicrous for many reasons.

    Sounds more like the NRA has gotten their hold on them and are using them just to keep things stirred up - because they know just how easy it is do do. All these folks who think they're rallying to the defense of the NRA are nothing more than entertainment and free advertisement to those guys, they know how easily played the vast majority of them are, and they will play it to the nth degree every chance they get. From the looks of the majority of comments here, and on other forums, it's working as planned.

  • Nobama!!!

    Anyone who thinks or has thought Liar Joe has any concern for WV shows the ignorance of the people and the voters of this state.

  • craig

    I will make this easy for the people in the cheap seats, Joe is a JOKE! He is a sale out, and has NEVER been anything more! He is useless, and needs to go away. HOWEVER Rest assured you simple minded idiot supporters. Joe will not go because WV is a state of needers, and handout takers i.e. democrats, so he will be re-elected, and this will continue to be the demise of our rights. So easily put, Joe is a waste, however he is now nuclear, and that is the type of waste that never goes away!

  • Tim C

    Why don't everyone take time to look around our state...there is a WAR on our state by the democrats. These background checks will lead to a national gun registry which in turn will lead to confiscation. Count on it! This is the Dems plan. They are also destroying our coal industry with their blind allegiance to the Environmental Lobby. People are living longer now than anytime in our history. If coal was so devastating you'd think that wouldn't be the case. I know a lot of you believe the republicans are evil because your dad and granddad told you so all your life but over time the enemy has changed, and the enemy is you! The day the Democratic Party no longer exists will be a glorious time for this nation.

  • DonaldH

    I don't know where Berretta was physically looking, if in fact anywhere but House Speaker Rick Thompson first contacted them to relocate here on March 1 2013--- But he won't disclose any info that will be damaging to a fellow democrat,, especially Photo Joe

  • DonaldH

    Actually Greg, Truth be known why Berretta truly wrote WV off, as most manufactories do, is because West Virginians are so poorly educated thanks to the Democrat political machine of the last 100 years and have had their tiny little uneducated brains brainwashed to be so anti-business. You seem anti-business to the 10th power,,, uh, go figure.....

  • onearm43

    Where did Joe take that poll that 75% of WV are with him on the Gun Control bill he is sponsoring.
    He sure hasn't talked to any6 of the people I have.

  • DonaldH

    yes wvrefugee the ignorance of you is self-evident

  • me

    Joe the puppet. Obama hands so far up Joes back side.

  • al

    Amen and Amen. Very well said.

  • GregG

    I'd like some proof myself Eleisa. I must have been living under a rock for some time now because this is the first I even read about Beretta even thinking about coming to WV. And I doubt that many of those that have once again jumped on the anti-democrat bandwagon have heard of this before.

  • RHytonen

    Well someone's not really looking around him, anyway. West Virginia actually HAS stepped out of the1950's, and I'd guess this ruse has more to do with some elaborate preemptive kabuki, to lie to Manchin's former constituents who have noticed he's a member of ALEC pretending to be a Democrat. So-called "social issues" have always been used in politics to hide the really heinous long term economic agendas. West Virginia is also beginning to remember what Coal has done TO them for over a century, is a hell of a lot worse than its claims and those of a few dupes and hired corporatist liars to the contrary.

  • susanf

    Well, I am glad Beretta isn't coming to WV. Just what we needed - a gun manufacturer who doesn't want any restrictions placed on the sale of guns and high capacity magazines. And, if people want to blame Manchin, that is fine w/me too, b/c I can't stand him.

  • GregG

    I'm not a fan of Joe force WVU to play Marshall Jr. High Manchin, but to think that he is the "reason" Beretta didn't come to WV is ridiculous. Beretta wasn't coming to WV, but being your typical big business that wants total control over our government, via the republican party, they sure played it to their benefit. A very smooth move on their part. I would almost give them an A for their effort, but since it isn't that hard to lead the blind of this state anymore, I'll have to give them a B-. On another note, my neighbors dog fell in their pool and drown. I know, I know...... that too was Manchin and the democrat party's fault.

  • js

    Then you really shouldn't have participated in this discussion. Everyone is well aware that Dems are the most honest people known to man kind lmao.

  • David

    They moved to VA so I guess they did have intentions of moving. Sorry about your luck Joe.

  • Damion45

    This is all part of his plan to move up the pecking order. Maybe he and Hillary can do some great work together in the next two and half years.

  • js

    Of course Joe isn't going to take any blame for it. Duh! Isnt that the norm for all politicians? Joe please go. You are just another dumb Democrat who loves our worthless president. If it wasn't for A James Manchin, you wouldn't have been known in the first place and that is the bottom line.

  • al

    Wake up, people. Beretta's decision not to come here has nothing to do with how Joe feels. They are just like any other Republican outfit - dishonest to the core. He was just a Democrat they could blame. Stay strong, Joe. The rednecks aren't with you, but those of us with a little common sense are.

  • al

    Yes, bring us "do nothing" Shelly. She'll be great!! Lol

  • al

    I'm with you, wvrefugee.

  • Spunk

    What Poll? Where do they come up with these so called polls I haven't seen or heard of any.

  • mike

    Thank God the tea baggers have something to distract them from real issues. If you hate Joe that's one thing but you cant really think beretta was moving to WV? Oh well, you cant beat crazy.

  • AX MAN

    Using Joe's words, it is shameful that he is deceiving the Good people of West Virginia.

  • AX MAN

    Joe has shown us that he is a true Dem., every time I hear that he is a Conservative Dem. really makes me laugh, there isn't any such thing as a conservative Dem.'s. He just voted for the Pork Immigration bill, He is for an other 25 or 30 million on welfare, the only jobs that the immigration bill will generate will be more gov. workers, needed to write more welfare checks,

  • jeremy

    Joe is a waste, along with all of our elected officials. Time to relocate.

  • j

    Well then your a very small minority. Take a look around you, that stance is worthless here. Maybe your better fitted for New York

  • Woodchuck

    Where are the 75% of the people joe talks about. Looks like the comments here are 90% against your ideas sen. Joe.

    Where are these people?

    Bad move senator. I'm against your ideas. You have your job to represent us. Not promote your ideas.

  • grey4449

    JOE MANCHIN VOTED TO SEND TANKS AND F16s TO EGYPT TO OBAMAS MOSLEM BUDDIES. (enough said) Remember to vote him out in 2016.

  • Damion45

    Beretta says "No" because of Joe's attack on the Second Amendment.
    Manchin says, "Not me".

    Joe and Obama say what is true and everyone else lies. That is the way it is.

  • cutty77

    Joe is just like every other Elected Offical. They all belong to The Church of Whats Happeing Now. Why does this Shock People. Joe is in The Wrong Place now.His Mouth is killing him now,in WV he could get away with it,not in Washington DC.

  • DWM

    Joe has done nothing for WV in Washington, he is no more than a flea on Obama's butt. He either has no influence to move the Democratic party or he agrees with their positions and it doesn't matter which one it is. The result will be the same for WV. Which is why I did not vote for him the last election.

  • Shadow

    Out of all the comments only one supporter and it is questionable if he used a ! instead of a ?.

  • Whydoireadthisgarbage

    I have come to the conclusion that 95% of the people that respond to the story's on metro-news are certified, card carrying, NUTS !

  • wvrefugee

    I'm a constituent and he's not turned his back on my stance!
    My guess is that Beretta was going to do this anyhow and wanted to make someone the "bad guy" and Joe is an easy target in a state where ignorance over rules intelligence!

  • Hillbilly

    Good Bye Joe your done in my eyes after I have supported you for years

  • Greg

    Does anyone know exactly when and where they're building this new plant anyhow now that they've scrapped plans for their WV plant? And what WV towns did they have to break the news to that they were no longer under consideration? I'd like to hear from the mayors and councilmen from there and get their take on this. Imagine being promised a plant and a bunch of jobs for the locals and then having the rug pulled out from under your feet! Bet they're really ticked off.

  • Magic Mike

    Look what Tomlin has done to this state. We are becoming like Maryland. Joe says he is for coal but what is he really doing? Just going through the motions and that is it. He is not doing anything to fight for coal miners. Obama will destroy this states economy and jobs along with it. Manchin just going through the motions. I used to respect Manchin but not anymore I voted for him but never again.

  • Magic Mike

    Think he has learned form Obama how to not take blame?

  • TellsItLikeItIs

    Joe preaches personal accountability but fails to practice it. If he doesn't thinks his actions would not cause a gun manfucaturer to reconsider relocating to WV then he is dumber than I thought he was...and that is saying something.

  • wvtd

    I sure hope not. we have seen what 89 years of one party rule by liberal democrats can do to a state, now watch as they slowly destroy the nation.

  • Tom

    Ever year stupid people vote straight ticket and vote for same people who are for themselves and not the people.

  • Longbeards

    PHOTO JOE, A bussiness that the people of WV would have loved to have had locate in our state,,,YOU BLEW IT!

    In the next election I would like you to point out the 75% who agree with your stance,,,I have meet very few,,and 100s who are going to vote against you!

  • granddad


  • wvtd

    unless the citizens of our state wake the heck up far left liberals like joey will continue to rule with incompetence. joe is not a leader but your average liberal democrat hack, he is on obamas side when it comes to the destruction of the coal industry and disasters like Obama care. he just likes to lie to the folks of WV about his stand, and he does a good job at that.

  • Vito

    A STRONG SMELING Horse Dropping is a Joe Manchin's lunch

  • Vito

    Yes Joe Baby, Stay "STRONG". PPP ---UUUUUUU That sure is a "STRONG" smell coming from Joe Manchins Washington DC Senators Office !

    Ohh also JoeManchin has a special invitation to Barney Franks and future husbands wedding.

  • Vito

    It;s the same old story with Joe Manchin. If his lips are moving he's lying his b--ass off !!!

    It was probably the WVU case where Joe Manchin's daughter Heather Manchin Breash was awarded a college degree under false cicumstances. That's why the Bretta Gun company did not want to move its gun making operation into West Va.
    Joe Manchin has lied to West Virginia citizens so much he now cannot distinguish where the truth or a lie is at !!

  • DonaldH

    Actually, Joe, in typical political double and misleading speak, is telling the truth about the "75% polled support gun control"-- I and so many others do in fact support "gun control" but the part gun opponents and NEWS sources always leave out of that is we think we already have enough "gun restrictions" and we support 'STRICTER ENFORCEMENT" of the already restrictive gun laws we already have....

  • DonaldH

    Joe's say to himself, and rightly so, "Most of you will be singing a different tune when I'm Hillary's running mate in 2016"--

    I have no doubt most on here that say they won't vote for Manchin next time, won't. However, the majority of West Virginians aren't politically sophisticated enough to NOT vote for Joe... When you hear about the "low information voter"--- well,, the voters in West Virginia aren't even informatively up to par with them...

  • Ron

    Like any other politician if Beretta had come to WV it would have been all about Manchin . But of course when it negative he had nothing to do with it

  • LJ

    WV had it's chance to go Red but we blew it, when are you people going to realize the Democrat Party no longer shares your values...I mean really the UMWA supports them and they push legislation that will take your jobs vote for Manchin and he goes and writes goofy legislation that his pollsters tell him we support when none of us do...somebody...anybody tell me they participated in the poll Manchin cites in his press release...remember he was slapping Earl Ray on the back...just wait they'll both be telling us we support abortion and gay marriage soon...trouble is most of you will still vote for them...because they are Dems.

  • Eleisa B

    Lets see some proof they were planning on coming in the first place. I doubt they were, and the people behind the political machine that likes to keep the pot stirred, and keep their followers restless and rabid, are probably rolling on the ground laughing their behinds off over the frenzy they've caused with this one.

  • Old Line

    Beretta relocating to this state would have been nice. They could have provided a decent amount of jobs, and if there is one thing the workforce of WV knows is guns. It would have been a perfect fit.

  • Jim N Charleston

    In my best David Caruso, "Well Joe, I guess for Beretta it's not "Open for Business", & thanks to you the deal has lost its Mojo."

    Bwaaaasangh, Bomh Bomh We won't get fooled again!

  • thornton

    Beretta never had any intention of coming to WV....Texas is likely in their sights.
    They are simply playing the choir...mining the miners, in other words..

  • must go

    Washington needs an enema!
    Vote NO incumbents in the future elections.

    Joe should be after Berreta and trying to Sell our state to them so they will come. Instead he is SELLING OUT.

    I bet ol Byrd would get them here!

  • wvman75

    The company itself said he and his actions were the reason they declined relocation to our state, but he doesn't want to take the blame. Big surprise there.

    Proud Manchin opponent here.

  • JimC


  • Jt

    Proud Manchin Supporter!

  • steve

    That's politics Joe; sometimes you "take" the credit and sometimes you "get" the blame. Kinda goes both ways doesn't it? Maybe you need to reflect some about what West Virginians want and how they will vote. Enough of Joe in the U. S. Senate.

  • wvumounties8

    "STAY STRONG"??? For what? He has turned his back on his constituents and is now goose-stepping right along party lines with Obama and the rest of his cronies. Just like the"hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" administration who denies everything, ole "traitor Joe" is pulling the same denial tricks as Obama.

  • JulianJet

    Our senator seems more concerned about becoming a Washington insider / kissing the obama / reid ring than remaining true to West Virginia values. Like it or not, he does represent a state whose people, for the most part, cling to God and guns. He seems to relish guest appearances on MSNBC where he plays the role of the useful idiot. He has to know that the majority of his constituents disagree with his inexplicable activism on the "left" side of the gun debate. (Just leave it alone already!). Makes me wonder about his motivation. His is a calculated move that must have the promise of future committee appointments or the like. Senator, we the people are losing trust in our government. We need our senator to forcefully stand as a voice of reason against policies that threaten our way of life. Your "leadership" on the gun control debate must surely be appreciated by obama / reid. I suppose the president is expressing his gratitude by his recent policy statement on regulating green house gases which will bankrupt coal-fired power plants. Not good for WV nor the country. Senator, we need you now!

  • Dave R


  • wvman75

    Well,....maybe not.

  • wvman75

    I hope the ribs I'm cooking for the Fourth get as done as Manchin's political career.

  • rtdeco

    joe would comment but unfortunately his lips are still attached to obamas rear end

  • Raven0303

    Looks like Joe is once again screwing the people of WV. 1st he tries to limit our 2nd amendment rights. Now he is pushing must needed jobs out of WV with his crappy legislation

  • chasmo

    Joe : congrats on being an Obama puppet !! thanks for the " jobs ".Coal next ?

  • l jethro gibbs

    Say it isn't so joe?
    Way to bring jobs to wv

  • wvrefugee

    Stay strong Joe!