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Florida State transfer Clint Trickett warms up Thursday during West Virginia’s first practice of fall camp.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The stringy guy in the No. 9 jersey didn’t seem confused or timid. Clint Trickett’s first practice at West Virginia only validated what coach Dana Holgorsen expected when he brought in the transfer from Florida State.

“He’s good. He’s seasoned. He doesn’t get nervous,” Holgorsen said. “You can tell he’s got some game experience.”

Because Trickett had two months of seven-on-seven workouts to grow acclimated to WVU’s system, it’s no surprise he looked comfortable on opening day of fall camp. Though he also looked exceedingly fragile. Looking at his skinny frame, it’s hard to fathom that Trickett added 16 pounds this summer (which still leaves him 39 behind Paul Millard and 54 shy of Ford Childress). But to Holgorsen, the zip in Trickett’s arm and the processing power in his head counts for much more than the narrowness of his shoulders.

Allan Taylor/MetroNews

Though Clint Trickett isn’t physically imposing, WVU coach Dana Holgorsen likes “his presence.”

That puts the newcomer on equal footing as he competes to become the next in Holgorsen’s line of exemplary quarterbacks.

“(Trickett) threw the ball well, and for a guy who was having his very first practice here, I thought he did well,” Holgorsen said. “Again, I’m not judging the specific throws or checks or any of that. I’m just watching them operate. I’m watching them getting the signals and communicating it to the offensive line, and executing the play to where it resembles football, and I thought he did alright there.”

Childress is a sturdy 6-foot-5 redshirt freshman with a big arm and big genes—his dad Ray was a defensive wrecking ball at Texas A&M before becoming a Pro Bowler with the Oilers. The 6-2 Millard averaged more than 400 yards passing per game as a high school senior in Texas and spent the past two seasons making cameos behind Geno Smith.

And now Holgorsen welcomes in Trickett, who understudied a couple of NFL quarterbacks himself at FSU and may have escaped the shadow of a third with this summer’s relocation.

What stood out about Trickett’s first practice at Mountaineer Field?

“His presence,” Holgorsen said. “You throw a guy in there who is taking snaps in our offense for the first time, and if there is hesitation and panic—nervousness, lack of communication and all that stuff—then we’ve got a little bit of an issue. I knew he would handle that well. That’s not something I’m concerned with, with him, just by the calmness that he possesses.

“Ford and Paul possess that calmness right now, too, because they understand what’s going on around them. I think Clint can get in the mix to be the guy, because he has that in his personality.”

Allan Taylor/MetroNews

Ford Childress (7) and Clint Trickett form two-thirds of WVU’s quarterback competition.
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  • johnathan d

    Ford childress should start he may be a hair behind trickett but to think trickett is enough to make a big difference is unrealistic.At most he may win one more game but the experience childress would gain from starting a whole year would definitely make us strong for next season along with the emerging shell at running back

  • FSUNole99

    Clint is a good kid. He has a good, but not great arm. He is very bright. He is not mobile and can be knocked down in a strong wind.
    His dad is the OL coach at FSU and is probably the main reason that he played at a major program. He is probably best suited at a Division 1AA school (eg. App. State, Richmond). I hope that he succeeds, however I think that his lack of athleticism will hold him back at this level.

  • Helen5844

    I said the same thing as Ricardo once. However, I know that Holgersen is a great QB coach so he will do what ever is the best for the team. As I said above, I never want to see another Mountaineer take a hit like Pat White. Stay healthy, all of you.

  • Ricardo

    I said it once, and I'll say it again. If you are deciding between a freshman and a junior, and they are close, or equal in skill, you give the nod to the freshman. That decision will be your championship decision...Maybe even next season! You can't keep acclimating new QBs and win a championship!!

  • cutty77

    Look at him in The Picture beside Dana,and Dana is a small Man. Trickett look likes a Child,and they say he has gained 20lbs. He can't an won't last the season. But i still want him to start so we can put this move to bed.

  • Shawn

    Listen Pat White was used for a different style of offense. He was meant to play under Rich Rod and that showed when Bill Stewart took over. Clint isn't expected to use his feet unless he can extend a play or a drive. He's a smart kid and he'll take control like he's expected to.

  • Helen5844

    Pat White got knocked out on the sidelines in a Dolphin game. When I saw that I thought he was dead. Sure do not want to see anything similar with Trickett. I pray he stays healthy also. May the best QB win.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    hope he stays healthy

  • Mike

    I remember another skinny kid by the name of Pat White that had a pretty good career.

    • cutty77

      Ha,ha In the last 2 Days i seen people on here say his passes look better than Geno Smith,now he reminds people of Pat White. UNBELIEVEABLE.

    • Hop'sHip

      Point taken. But I remember him being hard to catch. If this kid is as elusive as Pat White, then perhaps there in no need to be concerned.

  • richard

    if Trickett is good enough to win games for us then i hope the other 2 understand and don't leave. i still believe Ford can be the man on this team. i think when it's all said and done (whether it's this year, next or the following year) that Ford will be our QB. Time will tell.

    • Joe

      I remember Kevin White well. I had a class with him 84-85 year after he was starting QB. I remember him not as skinny, but stout and muscular. About 6-0 to 6-2. Average size, but small by today's standards. He was a solid back, but plagued by injury. That was a talented team with no depth. Injury killed their season.

  • Hop'sHip

    Wow. I heard he was thin, but it is hard to believe someone could spend three years in a major college weight and nutrition program and still look like that. And he actually put on 16 pounds over the summer? What IS his current weight? I know he weighs 54 pounds less than Childress, but looking at the photo of the two side-by-side, no one would mistake Childress for Ben Roethlisberger

    • Tom

      He has a stomach problem that makes it hard for him to gain weight.

    • PA Mountaineer

      As I remember Clint has Coeliac disease:
      Vitamin deficiencies are often noted in people with coeliac disease owing to the reduced ability of the small intestine to properly absorb nutrients from food.
      It makes it hard for him to get the right nutrition since he is having many intestional issues.

      It is amazing he has been able to gain 16#'s.
      He has had it for a while. He will be OK.

      • tom

        I have celiac. Was diagnosed 8 years ago. I was 6' 1" and weighed 147. I have since gained 40 pounds and feel I am in the best shape of my life. He has and will continue to gain weight. Like the number 1 tennis player in the world (Novak) his best playing days are ahead of him. You cannot gain weight when your gut is broken. His should be fixed and I predict success.

      • Hop'sHip

        Good info. Thanks!

    • Kevin

      How much did Randy Johnson weigh when he was throwing a baseball 98 mph? You don't have to weigh 270 to have a cannon for an arm or to hit your target 40 yards downfield.

  • Matt

    Clint didn't come to Motown to ride the pine. Hope he does well.

  • tw eagle

    man , it's three o'clock . . .I've been out of ice . . .won't open the single barrel . . .won't
    drink the gentleman without ice . . .and now you throw in QB bs . . .your style is growing
    on me , whether I like it or not , but I got my limits . . .guten nacht alan . . .