MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Monongalia County teenager Shelia Eddy pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and murder charges involving the 2012 death of Skylar Neese.

Eddy, 17, dressed in a jail-issued orange jumpsuit, appeared briefly before Monongalia County Circuit Judge Russell Clawges during Tuesday’s arraignment. Eddy was indicted Sept. 6 in connection with Neese’s slaying.

Neese disappeared July 6, 2012, when Monongalia County prosecutor Marcia Ashdown said the girl sneaked out of her bedroom window to meet up with Eddy and Rachel Shoaf.

Prosecutors believe Shoaf and Eddy drove Neese to Greene County, Pa., where they stabbed her to death and tried to bury her body.

The victim’s father, Dave Neese, told reporters after Tuesday’s arraignment that he wasn’t convinced by Eddy’s not guilty plea.

You liar, you liar, you liar—that’s the only thing that kept going through my mind,” he said. “She looked over at me at smiled a couple of times trying to get a reaction from me, but I just got up and left the courtroom.”

Six months passed before Shoaf came forward and talked to police about her involvement in Neese’s murder. The girl’s decomposed body was found in a ditch about 20 miles west of Morgantown.

Shoaf, 17, pleaded guilty earlier this year to second-degree murder. According to court documents, she admitted to stabbing Neese to death the night she disappeared.

While Shoaf awaits sentencing, Eddy remains in the jail without bail. Her trial date has been tentatively set for the week of Oct. 22.

Dave Neese said he expected Eddy’s case to go to trial.

If they think they can beat the prosecutors let them go for it, but something tells me they won’t be able to,” he said. “She (Eddy) is a liar through and through. She’ll keep lying until she dies. She’ll say she didn’t do it. She’ll have every reason in the world, but once a liar always a liar, and that’s what she is—a liar.”


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  • Sportsman

    Does anyone know why they are being tried in WV when the crime was committed in PA? PA has capital punishment which is what they both deserve.

    • Paul

      Because so much time and effort was expended by WV authorities. The crimes were in fact orginated WV. Skylar's body was found just yards across the state border.

      Rachel was orginally granted immunity. But when Skylar was found to have been murdered in PA, the PA authorities were going to take over jurisdiction. A deal was worked out between WV and PA whereby WV would maintain jurisdiction.

      Tons of information is contained in the following. It's now past 3500 posts so it will take some time to get through it, but this case is heart breaking as well as intriquing.

    • Debby

      Because the crime started in WV......

    • Debby

      Beause the crime started in WV.....

  • Paul

    Oh, and I need to add that had Rachel not had a mental break down and confessed, both of them would still be free and poor Skylar would still be lying in the woods.

    Shelia is evil. Pure evil to the core.

  • Larry

    I'll bet you anything she comes from a broken home and was not loved as a child.

    • Paul

      She did come from a broken home, as did Rachel. From what has been pieced together, Shelia had nothing until her mom remarried. She then had quite a bit and made fun of those who didn't have nice clothes, etc.

      This is much deeper than the product of a broken home. This was a calculated, well planned and thought out, cold blooded, brutal murder of her best friend who had a very bright future. The lies after, the cover up and the continued denials, lack or remorse and smirking at the Neeses show that Shelia is a sociopathic piece of trash. Away with her!!

      • Larry

        Yeah, I agree with all that, but I do think that poor upbringings play a part, almost all of these types of killers have the same backstory.

        • Mel

          No, she does not have the same back story. A huge amount of kids come from single parents homes. A tiny minority will go on to committ murder. Coming from a single parent home does not make you more likely to murder your best friend!

          When single parent children grow into violent criminals we usually see psychological, physical and/or sexual abuse by a parent or step-parent.
          We also often see parents with alcohol or drug addictions.

          Eddy's step-father is quite wealthy and there has been no indication of any inappropriate relationship there.

          There was no troubled background in this case. I think with this girl, no matter what her background was she would be trouble. To meet another friend with similar problems is a recipy for disaster and Skylar paid the price.

          I'm interested to hear both of the girls psych evaluations and info if it ever comes out.

  • blugldmn

    She'll be out in twenty or less....

    • PrincessMoFo

      Very doubtful since the other girl who did a plea bargain got 20 years.. this girl will see 40+

  • Dale

    After reading all these posts, it appears that voters (if elected officials would allow it) would approve a constitutional amendment re-egnacting Capitol punishment.

  • D.P.

    I agree with 100% with ALL 12 of the above posts! These two EVIL ------- will lead a TERRIBLE life while they are incarcerated (hopefully for a very, very long time)!

    My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Neese and family. I hope these two scumbags NEVER EVER enjoy a happy moment during the rest of their lives!!!



  • Fry them both

    Ms. Eddy is going to be a real popular girl at the state prison when she gets there. A real pretty know it all punk like her is gonna have to get used to a whole new lifestyle in prison. She'll be spending lots of time on her knees.

    • WVU MOM

      Maybe she can make friends with Michelle Michael. Michelle has a daughter about Shelia's age.

    • Paul

      Oh, and not just an attractive girl. But a young and attractive girl.

      Ms. Eddy is going to be quite popular amongst the ladies. Can you say passed around like a cheap bottle of wine at prom?

      • Harpers Ferry

        I don't think she'll mind it as much as you think she will, if you catch my drift.

  • Danielle

    This is such a tragedy. This young girl thought she was going somewhere with friends. My prayers go out to Mr. Neese and his family. These girls definitely need to go to prison for the rest of their lives. They clearly knew the difference between right and wrong. Their incarceration will never bring Skylar back but it's a little bit of justice.

  • Danielle J

    We'll they go yo trial in PA where they actually murdered her? Because PA has the death penalty.

    • Debby

      No they will not.......because the crime started started in WV.....

    • Paul

      Juveniles cannot be given the death penalty, even if tried as an adult.

      WV has jurisdiction. Read the plea agreement Shoaf made.

  • Angel C

    My heart goes out to you and your family Mr. Neese. I am praying justice is served. Your daughter is a beautiful angel and my heart aches for you all. Stay strong, this monster will meet hers. Karma goes after monsters like this. She is pure evil and will pay for this one day. Love to your family from mine.

  • Paul

    Wow Tracy, it must have taken everything in Mr. Neese to keep from jumping the rail and strangling that piece of trash.

    Hang in there. It's been a long, long road, but that tramp is going to reap what she has sewn.

  • Tracy

    This is awful, I was sitting beside Dave Neese as we were awaiting for her to stand before the judge. Sheila Eddy literally looked and smiled at Dave. I wish they would bring back public hangings cause Sheila and Rachel both deserve it.

  • DAVE R

    if there was ever a time that WV needed the death penalty, this is it

    • wornout

      IMO nobody has a right to take the life of another except in self defense. Life in prison is no easy way out. Look at the example of Ariel Castro.



      • Ryan

        You are evil. If they shouldn't have the rights to life or freedom, neither should you.

  • Paul

    It's about time!!

    • William

      They will get 20 years, but will be out after serving 10. She will be 27 years old and have a lot of life to live!

      • Tara

        Why post false information like this? Skylar's family could be reading this thread and certainly don't need to hear things like this- especially since it is inaccurate.

        Rachel Shoaf (the first teenager to confess) was given a plea for minimum of 20 yrs but which the judge can increase to 40.

        Shelia Eddy, on the other hand, was not offered a plea and will be tried in court. If convicted, she faces LIFE in prisons without the possibility of parole.