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West Virginia running back Dreamius Smith runs to the outside against Georgia State.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — With cameras rolling and mics recording, here are some of the top quotes this week leading up to the West Virginia-Maryland game:

Ford Childress on breaking the WVU single-game freshman passing mark last week with 359 yards: “Hopefully I can break it again.”

Receiver Daikiel Shorts on why he didn’t consider Maryland’s recruiting pitch: “I didn’t want to play defense.”

Pat Eger on why the WVU-Maryland series is important: “This is the only border war that we have left.”

Ben Queen/MetroNews photo

WVU’s Kyle Rose (93) likes the idea of playing at the home of the NFL Ravens, but says he’d be equally pumped to play at a high school stadium.

WVU’s Kyle Rose downplaying the adrenaline boost from playing in an NFL stadium: “It’s a great venue, but it really doesn’t matter where we play. I could care less if we played in a high school stadium down the road—it’s football. It doesn’t matter if there’s five people there or 5,000 or 50,000.”

WVU’s Lonnie Galloway on recruiting impact of the Maryland series: “There are kids over there that we want. We want to show them what we have and what Maryland doesn’t.”

Childress on his guys up front picking up Maryland’s blitzes: “I like my O-line. They’ll block for me—I hope.”

Eger promises better pass protection this week: “Anytime Ford gets touched, we take that personally.”

Kevin White evaluating the first start by Childress: “Ford played really good. All the balls was on point. I like Ford. Ford can sling it. He’s confident. If he messes up on the play, he forgets about it.”

Dreamius Smith on what he saw from Childress: “He made everybody believe in him even more. We’re going to keep leaning on Ford to get us big plays and win.”

KJ Myers on the advantages of Childress at quarterback: “With that height, when we’re coming off (the line) we can see him over the D-line and the offensive line. He does have a great arm … he can squeeze some throw in there.”

Smith addressing his pass-protection emphasis: “Blocking really has never been an issue. I mean, I missed that one block (at Oklahoma) and I guess it just turned a lot of heads. I can pick up blocks just as good and I’m going to keep doing it the same way I’ve been doing it.”

Galloway sizing up the Terps’ replacement cornerbacks: “They all have some game experience—maybe not to the caliber of the guys they lost, but they’ll be ready to play.”

Galloway says his receivers have to win battles getting off the line: “As a wideout you want people to play man coverage, because if you beat that man, you’re open.”

Terps coach Randy Edsall on the first start upcoming for 5-foot-7 freshman cornerback Will Lively: “He’s got as much football savvy that I’ve been around as a freshman—maybe ever. If we told him he had to guard a 6-10 guy, he’d find a way to guard him.”

Maryland’s Lively on his diminutive stature not being a hinderance: “I feel like either you can play football or you can’t.”

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  • unclec

    Well I guess my comments are not any good Will not post them. Special teams need a coach. Why do we run out of the end zone on kick offs. We lose yardage or am I blind.

  • Ed young

    What ever happened to rivalries? WVU Maryland has been a pretty good rivalry. One of my favorite WVU games was against Maryland. Big conferences are ruining regional rivalries.

  • jwg66

    Where is the recruiting news in this article? There are kids in Maryland that WVU wants.... Now that really is news! Glad I read that.

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    Dari says our defense is much better and now we have chosen a pretty good QB. He says we will win tomorrow. We can and we must.


  • hoosier

    Mountaineers 37 MD 21!

  • polarbear

    Timmy no ACC team wants to schedule MD after you guys leave the ACC. Why in the heck would they help MD out after you left the ACC. Say what you mean. We will loose 85% of Big 10 games and we dont need WVU spanking us around for another 10 years.

  • msaunders

    Big Larry go root for someone else. The mountaineers don't need u

    • Big Larry

      And you are who again???

  • joe

    Let's Gooo.... Mountaineers!!!

  • Big Larry

    Big Larry on who he thinks will win tomorrow's contest...

    Maryland 35 WVU 27

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    Please play with spunk. Play all four quarters and WIN WIN WIN!!!!! LETS GOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!

  • Bobby M

    RED FLAG ALERT!!!! These are the things that SCARE me going into games LIKE this one! Ford says he "hopes" the OL will block for him?!???! HOPES??? This makes me wonder IF there is tension among team in who should BE the QB!!! Sometimes in sports the OL will block differently based on WHO is the QB because maybe one QB is a jerk and the other is NOT! This causes favorites and TENSION and destroys "team" concept!

    • Chet Ubetcha

      He's a really bright and funny kid, you can't pick up sarcasm in these little blurbs of text. In the live interview it drew a bunch of laughs while at the same time, gives his line a little extra motivation so they can not be the punch line

  • William

    I am so stupid that my head hurts.

    Go Herd!

    • WVAtty

      Finally, you speak the truth. Well done.

      • William

        No problem, counselor (in Max Cady voice).

        Did you know The Herd don't wear names on their backs???? Spelling issues in the administration.......sad.

        • Greg

          The reason Moo players don't wear names on their jerseys is that they're ashamed this was the best they could do. No sense drawing attention to themselves.

  • Billy

    Nice to play another team from the same geographical area.

    • Timmy

      As a Maryland fan I want out of this rivalry. All the positives lie on WVU side. They get great exposure in MD, Terps don't get the same return in Morgantown. WVU fans travel great I'll give them that, but they aren't known as the nicest fans ever. And now with the Big10 move UMD can fill its OOC games with more prosperous rivals from the old acc. Namely Pitt, UVA, NCSU, VT, UNC, hell any of the actual atlantic coast teams. They all offer better recruiting returns, more ideal venues for travel, and the rivalries with these teams date back further and are more real.

      I understand though, WVU realllllly needs an away game that is less than 1,000 miles away.

      • Jrizzle

        Never been treated as awful as I was at a Maryland game a decade ago. The WORST fans I've ever seen in traveling to watch the Mounties. WVU gets all the bad rap for bad fans, but I've never seen anything like what I saw in md.

        Don't be sassy just because the terps and their absurd helmets haven't beaten us in 8 tries.

      • Greg

        Timmy, sorry to be the one who breaks the news to you but MD fans have just as bad a rep, if not worse, than WVU fans. Just like us, probably a lot undeserved. But never the less its there.

        Living in NC I hear people on sports radio down here complaining about how rude and offensive you guys are. They sure aren't sorry to see you guys go. From personal experience I can say that I was called everything but a white man by MD fans at the Gator Bowl. And we got blown out! I'd hate to have seen what it would've been like had we won.

      • Bobby M

        GREAT POINT FRiend! Really! That's a grrrrrreat point! And your probably 1000% right! But lucky for us your not in charge of these decisions! Your just a regular old Joe like the rest of us! Whew!

        Until then I hope we keep playing you because its OUR bonus not yours!

      • Mike

        Timmy will you be called Tim when you grow up?

        • Ed young

          Very funny. Lol