Major Harris led West Virginia past Penn State in 1988, but the Nittany Lions own a 48-9-2 lead in the series, which was played every year from 1947-1992.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — In the works for months, West Virginia has finalized plans for a home-and-home football renewal with Penn State, though Mountaineers fans must be patient.

The schools won’t meet until the 2023 season opener at Penn State, before kicking off the 2024 season in Morgantown.

Though still a decade away, the series is another necessary step in upgrading West Virginia’s nonconference schedule.

Athletics director Oliver Luck, during a segment on MetroNews “Hotline” Thursday afternoon, said the eventual goal is to schedule two of its three nonleague games each season against teams from the other power conferences—the SEC, Big Ten, ACC, or Pac-12. (Maryland is the only power conference program to appear on WVU’s schedules in 2012 and 2013.)

“I think the days of (scheduling) a couple of patsy teams in the nonconference are gone, thank goodness,” Luck said. “I think that’s a good thing for fans, because they want to see big-time matchups.”

And because West Virginia is a geographic outlier in its own conference, the school prefers to renew nonleague regional rivalries within driving distance for fans.

“I could see us playing UVa and Pitt in the same year, or Penn State and Pitt, or Virginia Tech and UVa,” Luck said. “In our case, we’re trying to get as much of the old gang back together as we can.

“As we all enter this new college football playoff era, which starts in the 2014 season, strength-of-schedule is really going to matter.”

The Penn State game dates are Sept. 2 in 2023 and Aug. 31 in 2024.

West Virginia hasn’t faced Penn State since 1992, the year before the Nittany Lions joined the Big Ten.

In July, the Mountaineers and Virginia Tech announced plans for a home-and-home series in 2021-2022, and this week Luck told The Baltimore Sun he’s in talks with Maryland about extending their series past the current end date of 2017.

Here’s a glimpse at West Virginia’s future nonconference football opponents (three spots to fill annually outside of nine conference games):

Aug. 30 vs. Alabama (at Atlanta)
Sept. 13 at Maryland
TBD vs. Towson
TBD vs. East Carolina
TBD vs. Liberty
Sept. 26 vs. Maryland
Sept. 17 vs. Maryland
Sept. 24 vs. BYU (at Landover, Md.)
TBD at East Carolina
TBD vs. East Carolina
Sept. 23 at Maryland
TBD at East Carolina
Sept. 18 vs. Virginia Tech
Sept. 24 at Virginia Tech
Sept. 2 at Penn State
Aug. 31 vs. Penn State
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  • Magic Mike

    This should have happened sooner. Like next year.

  • ron "from morgantown"

    Penn State in 2023 , hopefully -I 99 will be finished by then . I don't think we will even be in the B12 in 2023 . Its ridicules to get excited about a game a decade from now ( see michigan state , fla state , scheduled and then de scheduled) . And remember, its just a 2 game series ( both Penn State and Va Tech ) , I would think , given the long time between announcement and actual game , that it would at least be a 4 game series . Anyway, glad its at least 2 games. I'm not surprised we got a deal done with Penn State and Va tech before something was done with Pitt ,as they are just so tough to deal with . So given the tumultuous times college football has gone through the last few years , I wonder if I will even recognize the sport in 2023 .

  • j the c

    Back to the issue...Penn State. I have hated them since enrolling at WVU in 1971. Funny thing though. Since Paterno left, It's a lot tougher to hate them.

  • takemetoemstar

    what a Fu******* joke. it takes 10 years to start playing football? at that point who gives a damn? man i remember joltin Joe mandating and getting Marshall and WVU to play within a couple of years.

  • Devan

    Major Harris will almost be collecting Social Security by then.

  • Duane

    I'll say it again...WVU gets nothing out of playing Marshall. It would be the equivalent of a national championship for Marshall if they would somehow pull the upset. Plus, Huntington's drug and crime rate rivals Detroit Michigan's.

    • FungoJoe

      Actually, Morgantown's crime rate is higher than Huntington's. That's saying something. School girls killing one another, pedestrians being run over and killed, football players committing armed robberies in their school issued football sweats, drug dealing football players, and then you have coach Thuggins importing a few new felons every year. When school is in session, Morgantown's crime rate rivals Chicago's. In Huntington, they just have drug dealers shooting each other. Its a win-win there. Plant one drug dealer six feet under and send another away for life.

  • Imgrill

    Not really in favor of playing psu, I think Maryland and Pitt should be every year. Add a pac12 team or sec or big 10(not always psu) to schedule for tv and you have as good as any school in the nation for strength of schedule. Pitt and Maryland are good games for us(and close). Never play the herd again.

  • richard

    man, it would be nice if the eastern school would band together and form a conference where travel would be close. it would save money on travel and cost and what a conference it could be, imagine having a conference with, west virginia-penn state-pitt-syracuse- va. tech-boston college- miami-louisville-cincinnati- rutgers and u conn. it would be the old schools and the newer ones combined. bet every AD in these schools would jump at that chance. it would be just as good if not better than most conferences and the tv market would be great.

  • richard

    metronews.....enough is enough with william. he is to the point now where he is using different names and acting stupid now. all metronews is doing by allowing this, is you are degrading your site to the point where it seems bush league. you know his names and his internet addy's, so just don't publish his comments anymore. you have just reason to do so-----SO DO IT. i bet everyone on here would agree with the exception of the few other idiots like william. please-----just don't publish them anymore.

  • Jt

    Who knows in ten years this might be a conference game!

  • Oh Did Ya?

    I agree with you but I'd rather see 2 and 2 with Marshall than ECU. Same risk but the money stays in the state.

    • George

      Wow... That is probably the dumbest post I've ever seen on here..

    • T.I.

      Good point.

  • WVinFL

    hopefully I'm still alive

  • Recil

    Penn State STILL sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wvtd

      even more so after sick Sandusky. go mountaineers and make moldy joe turn in his grave.

  • Alum

    Great news!

  • dougie

    What's a shame is that we missed their down years. We could have probably won most of the games the last 15 years. By the time we get them back they will probably be back to power.