Major Harris led West Virginia past Penn State in 1988, but the Nittany Lions own a 48-9-2 lead in the series, which was played every year from 1947-1992.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — In the works for months, West Virginia has finalized plans for a home-and-home football renewal with Penn State, though Mountaineers fans must be patient.

The schools won’t meet until the 2023 season opener at Penn State, before kicking off the 2024 season in Morgantown.

Though still a decade away, the series is another necessary step in upgrading West Virginia’s nonconference schedule.

Athletics director Oliver Luck, during a segment on MetroNews “Hotline” Thursday afternoon, said the eventual goal is to schedule two of its three nonleague games each season against teams from the other power conferences—the SEC, Big Ten, ACC, or Pac-12. (Maryland is the only power conference program to appear on WVU’s schedules in 2012 and 2013.)

“I think the days of (scheduling) a couple of patsy teams in the nonconference are gone, thank goodness,” Luck said. “I think that’s a good thing for fans, because they want to see big-time matchups.”

And because West Virginia is a geographic outlier in its own conference, the school prefers to renew nonleague regional rivalries within driving distance for fans.

“I could see us playing UVa and Pitt in the same year, or Penn State and Pitt, or Virginia Tech and UVa,” Luck said. “In our case, we’re trying to get as much of the old gang back together as we can.

“As we all enter this new college football playoff era, which starts in the 2014 season, strength-of-schedule is really going to matter.”

The Penn State game dates are Sept. 2 in 2023 and Aug. 31 in 2024.

West Virginia hasn’t faced Penn State since 1992, the year before the Nittany Lions joined the Big Ten.

In July, the Mountaineers and Virginia Tech announced plans for a home-and-home series in 2021-2022, and this week Luck told The Baltimore Sun he’s in talks with Maryland about extending their series past the current end date of 2017.

Here’s a glimpse at West Virginia’s future nonconference football opponents (three spots to fill annually outside of nine conference games):

Aug. 30 vs. Alabama (at Atlanta)
Sept. 13 at Maryland
TBD vs. Towson
TBD vs. East Carolina
TBD vs. Liberty
Sept. 26 vs. Maryland
Sept. 17 vs. Maryland
Sept. 24 vs. BYU (at Landover, Md.)
TBD at East Carolina
TBD vs. East Carolina
Sept. 23 at Maryland
TBD at East Carolina
Sept. 18 vs. Virginia Tech
Sept. 24 at Virginia Tech
Sept. 2 at Penn State
Aug. 31 vs. Penn State
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  • Magic Mike

    This should have happened sooner. Like next year.

  • ron "from morgantown"

    Penn State in 2023 , hopefully -I 99 will be finished by then . I don't think we will even be in the B12 in 2023 . Its ridicules to get excited about a game a decade from now ( see michigan state , fla state , scheduled and then de scheduled) . And remember, its just a 2 game series ( both Penn State and Va Tech ) , I would think , given the long time between announcement and actual game , that it would at least be a 4 game series . Anyway, glad its at least 2 games. I'm not surprised we got a deal done with Penn State and Va tech before something was done with Pitt ,as they are just so tough to deal with . So given the tumultuous times college football has gone through the last few years , I wonder if I will even recognize the sport in 2023 .

  • Oh Did Ya?

    Same could be said about ECU. Play in front of 40k there same as Marshall, win and so what, lose and the coaching staff is on the hot seat.

  • j the c

    Back to the issue...Penn State. I have hated them since enrolling at WVU in 1971. Funny thing though. Since Paterno left, It's a lot tougher to hate them.

  • j the c

    Heck with the in state rivalry. Playing ECU beats playing W & M, Georgia, E. Washington, Coastal Carolina, etc... If we beat Marshall, big wow! If we lose, season over.

  • j the c


  • j the c

    we should never play Marshall again. Simple. No discussion. It's a lose lose situation for us. Why not schedule West Lib?

  • j the c


  • Bobby M

    WOW! And DOUBLE WOW! What Kind of FAN are you Georgy Porgy?!!???? Wanna BE a bully?!?! OK fine - EAT my SHORTS you dipstick!!!!!!!!!! HAHA! ha! Mess with the BULL???!? Get the HORNS!


  • George

    Wow... That is probably the dumbest post I've ever seen on here..

  • George

    Go kill yourself.

  • Oh Did Ya?

    Interesting theory. I think both of the guys on the roster from NC now are happy we're playing ECU. That logic may make a little more sense in Florida or Georgia where we have 30 guys on the roster currently.

  • takemetoemstar

    what a Fu******* joke. it takes 10 years to start playing football? at that point who gives a damn? man i remember joltin Joe mandating and getting Marshall and WVU to play within a couple of years.

  • Bobby M

    WOW! Looks like George is driving the CRANKY bus this morning!

    Rock N ROLL Rumble!

  • Herd&WVUFan

    And coming from a Mountain State resident who graduated from MU, took classes at WVU and pulls for both and is glad we don't have a "House Divided" game anymore in football where we have to split allegiances, that "Big Brother, Little Brother" arrogant junk is staid, old and needs to go. Both schools stand equally on their own respective merits and bring things that all West Virginians can find to be proud of in both. Whenever either school brings home championships, victories and Bowl wins, they bring pride to the state and there should be no problem with a West Virginian pulling for both schools. The football series served neither program any good. So let's be glad it's gone, pull for one another and recognize we're blessed to have both the Thundering Herd and the Mountaineers to pull for and to represent us to the nation.

  • Devan

    Major Harris will almost be collecting Social Security by then.

  • T.I.

    Good point.

  • FungoJoe

    Actually, Morgantown's crime rate is higher than Huntington's. That's saying something. School girls killing one another, pedestrians being run over and killed, football players committing armed robberies in their school issued football sweats, drug dealing football players, and then you have coach Thuggins importing a few new felons every year. When school is in session, Morgantown's crime rate rivals Chicago's. In Huntington, they just have drug dealers shooting each other. Its a win-win there. Plant one drug dealer six feet under and send another away for life.

  • wvtd

    even more so after sick Sandusky. go mountaineers and make moldy joe turn in his grave.

  • Duane

    I'll say it again...WVU gets nothing out of playing Marshall. It would be the equivalent of a national championship for Marshall if they would somehow pull the upset. Plus, Huntington's drug and crime rate rivals Detroit Michigan's.

  • Duane

    As a state, WV only produces a handful of division one recruits. That being said, WVU gets most of those players if they want them. Playing ECU is again about recruiting NC players. WVU gets nothing out of playing Marshall. It would be the equivalent of a national championship for Marshall if they would somehow pull the upset.

  • George

    Trust me, we all hope you're not alive in 2023

  • Imgrill

    Not really in favor of playing psu, I think Maryland and Pitt should be every year. Add a pac12 team or sec or big 10(not always psu) to schedule for tv and you have as good as any school in the nation for strength of schedule. Pitt and Maryland are good games for us(and close). Never play the herd again.

  • richard

    man, it would be nice if the eastern school would band together and form a conference where travel would be close. it would save money on travel and cost and what a conference it could be, imagine having a conference with, west virginia-penn state-pitt-syracuse- va. tech-boston college- miami-louisville-cincinnati- rutgers and u conn. it would be the old schools and the newer ones combined. bet every AD in these schools would jump at that chance. it would be just as good if not better than most conferences and the tv market would be great.

  • richard

    metronews.....enough is enough with william. he is to the point now where he is using different names and acting stupid now. all metronews is doing by allowing this, is you are degrading your site to the point where it seems bush league. you know his names and his internet addy's, so just don't publish his comments anymore. you have just reason to do so-----SO DO IT. i bet everyone on here would agree with the exception of the few other idiots like william. please-----just don't publish them anymore.

  • Big Larry


    "Love your Work"!

  • Jt

    Who knows in ten years this might be a conference game!

  • Oh Did Ya?

    I agree with you but I'd rather see 2 and 2 with Marshall than ECU. Same risk but the money stays in the state.

  • Oh Did Ya?

    His point is it has the same risk-reward as ECU. Why go to ECU where there is nothing to gain and not go to Marshall where there is also nothing to gain other than the only resemblence of an in state rivalry? It's a valid question....

  • WILLIAM's sister Williametta

    All you mean old people LEAVE MY LITTLE BROTHER ALONE OR ELSE! He's the smartest, handsomest, most loving little brother a girl could ask for. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

  • WVinFL

    hopefully I'm still alive

  • Recil

    Penn State STILL sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mauldawg

    Why would we ever want to play the herdies ever. Playing MU has no reward. Can you say 12-0. How many chances do the little babies get? As most REAL WVU fans, MU is and always will be the little brother that cries to Mommy when it doesn't get its way. Real Fans have moved on and left the herdies in the past.

  • mauldawg

    William You cant cover up your hate for everything WVU and your love affair with Marshall. You know as much about WVU football as you know about telling the truth. Like WVU football the truth is not in you. Now go and get ready for the butt whippen Va Tech is about to hand you. You and Doc would make a great pair

  • Jephre

    No to playing Marshall, there's too much angst on both sides of that equation. Maryland is a much more attractive option than Marshall, along with the others you mentioned. Some of the other ACC teams could be considered as well - NC, NC State, Duke, etc.

  • WVAtty

    You truly are ignorant with a bone to pick. You complain when we play "cupcakes" yet you gripe when we schedule a real team. Your life must really be miserable.

  • jake_d

    Also, in one breath you're saying it would be sweet to have these old rivals on the schedule; in the next you're complaining that we will have to wait several years. That black and white thinking is what is pathetic. C'mon.

  • jake_d

    You're assuming Penn State has openings and wants us on their schedule prior to the agreed upon dates. You're also dismissing the complexity of negotiating with currently scheduled schools to cancel games we have in place (or the financial impact of cancelling them unilaterally).

  • Alum

    Great news!

  • Alum

    Let me say this kindly to you billy:

    GO AWAY!

  • dougie

    What's a shame is that we missed their down years. We could have probably won most of the games the last 15 years. By the time we get them back they will probably be back to power.

  • FungoJoe

    To clarify my prior statement, WVU should schedule Marshall for a two-year home and home series, then rotate in ECU, or like caliber team, for a two year H and H. Then Marshall back for a two year stint and rotate like that. Then do the same for Maryland. Schedule them for a two year H and H and then off for two years to rotate in another regional like-caliber team. Then schedule a national power for a two year H and H like Va Tech and Penn State. Bring in new teams every two years for that. Then if you schedule a one year game like Ala. and BYU, make that a 13th game. Don't cheat the home fans by replacing a home game with a neutral site game.
    Keep the schedule fresh. It'll go stale rather quickly with yearly games with Maryland and ECU.

  • FungoJoe

    If WVU can accommodate ECU with a 4year home and home series, then they should be able to do the same for Marshall. Unjustified pettiness on both AD's offices. Beats the crap out of playing Towson State, Ga. St., Norfolk St., and the Liberty U.'s out there.
    No need to continue the Maryland series. Find another regional team to play, UK, UVA, UNC, Tennessee, even Pitt, before extending any contratcs with Maryland. I understand, its a recruiting ploy for recruits in the Wash. DC/Baltimore areas and for the DC alums.

  • BH

    As a fan, this is good news. However, it seems that OOC games scheduled 10 years in advance always get cancelled.

  • justbeingmecb1

    sorry i dont like that, they could ditch some of those other schools to play them sooner a non conference schedule with pitt, va tech, penn state would be very sweet, 10 more years to wait after waiting 20 is pathetic

  • j

    Your a WVU as much as Barack Obama is a friend of coal. Dude, seriously do you just not have a life and have to get on here to trash talk WVU every chance you get to make you feel better about yourself? If your that desperate, go find a hooker. They may cost a little bit of your mother's hard earned money, and you may have to take the ketchup stained pajamas off you've been wearing for the last 6 months. But you might be able to gain enough confidence in yourself to go get a job at McDolnalds.

  • William

    I'm a WVU fan.....big boy football......Marsha plays like one of the Brady girls.

  • steve

    Spoken like a true a Marsha fan Willie

  • Bobby M

    HEY! I think the REASON why is because there looking for CLOSE games by good TEAMS! Being in Big 12 means we TRAVEL a ton! Have you SEEN our schedule??!??!?! We travel far far away for AWAY games! So the plan is to find as many close ones as you can against good teams that will sell tickets! Like it or not but the game now adays is all BUSINESS Friend!

  • tw eagle

    the old deal was killed because peterno insisted on playing 2/1 . . .two games there for one in Morgantown . . .
    with a nine game conference schedule likely for an indefinite period of time , it will be impossible to play pitt, VaT, Maryland,
    and pervert st every year . . .but working out a deal to rotate two of these opponents in the schedule every year would seem a doable task . . .leaving open one spot in the schedule for a game like the Alabama game next year . . .it would ensure that all the Mountaineers would get a shot at all our local nemeses before they graduate .

  • William

    Great addition. Great job Oliver! You are the best!!!

  • William

    WHY! Lost to them 40 years in a row, I guess that wasn't enough.

  • Bobby M

    Breaking News!!!! WVU to play Ohio State in 2059!

    SORRY! Hard to get EXCITED for games in 2023! I may not even be alive in 2023! Maybe we can GET a reminder in 2022??!?!!?

  • Bill Kelly