MT. NEBO, W.Va. — Two Nicholas County residents are in jail charged with incest.

Deputies in Nicholas County arrested Kelcey Nicholas, 28, and Lataura Jarrett, 21, both of Mt. Nebo Friday.

While deputies were arresting Nicholas on a warrant for home confinement violation at his home in Mt. Nebo, they noticed inappropriate conduct between Nicholas and Jarrett, his step daughter.

After further investigation, deputies learned that Nicholas had been married to Jarrett’s mother for the past five years and was still married to her.

Both Nicholas and Jarrett admitted to having sex with each other at least seven times since July 15.

Both were taken into custody and currently sit in the Central Regional Jail on $35,000 bond.

The investigation is ongoing.

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  • CommonSense

    on second thought, charge the guy and let's get this case appealed. then it creates jurisprudence so that anyone who's a stepfather even while married to the mom can have sex with the stepdaughter.

    let's just all raise money so this case can win on appeal and overturn the law as the judicial system can and does create law.

    Also there's jury nullification where the jury can decide the law is too unjust.

  • CP

    If this is illegal, then Jerry Springer's career just got flushed down the toilet! Also here is one to ponder!!
    Lets say two people are married, and have been for several years, and each of their parents are divorced. Now lets say the mother of the husband, and the father of the wife get married. Do the first couple now get arrested for incest since they are now brother and sister?

  • Bob B.

    right or wrong - here is part pf the wv law -- §61-8-12. Incest; penalty.
    (a) For the purposes of this section:

    (3) "Daughter" means a person's natural daughter, adoptive daughter or the daughter of a person's husband or wife;

    (4) "Father" means a person's natural father, adoptive father or the husband of a person's mother;

    • Jim G.

      I will wager that this law is overturned on appeal. I am sure (unfortunately) that there have been a number of people who have broke this law and not been arrested. Selective enforcement of an archaic provision of the law to say the least. It is also unfair if it singles out stepfathers and not stepmothers. This law as currently written would not hold up on appeal.

    • WVSon

      Are "Mother" and "Son" also defined?

  • huh

    How is sex with a step-daughter (no blood kin or relation whatsoever) incest? That's why the word step is used.

  • WIKI WV Researcher

    Has anyone looked at the IQ's of law enforcement officers or their mental evaluations or made public their findings?

  • tracyo64

    Good thing they got these two off the streets. A much better use of public resources than, say, keeping bath salts from little kids or keepng drugged up thieves from stealing things they didn't work for. Way to go. Your superiors must be soooo proud!

    • Someone Who Knows

      Actually it is a good thing he is off the street. He has been charged twice for sexual abuse but was not convicted. If you knew the entire facts and checked records, he molested the same child when she was underage. He was arrested but was never indicted for it. This is just one of several offenses he has committed. People in the neighborhood are resting a little easier with him away from their children!

      • Ruck

        Well, that makes more sense!! The thing of it is, WE shouldn't have to go digging for the facts! That's what the NEWS is supposed to do before publishing the story!! Glad you put it out there and did the research!

    • CP

      I totally agree with you!! Good thing these two are taking up space at the already overcrowded jail system!! Whew, I can sleep better now!!

  • Debra

    Her age has nothing to do with this. He is leagally still her step father cause he is married to her mom. This is kinda stupid in my opinion.

  • Keith Pullman

    So she can legally have group sex with complete strangers who are in their 40s and 50s but not THIS guy.


    • Mat Nazarian

      Because most people are evil, bigoted, judgmental, and controlling, that's why.

  • Debra

    WV code says this is incest.

    • DonaldH

      I can buy and understand why that would be the law if the daughter is a juvenile or had of been legally adopted at one point by the spouse-- but not 21 and in this case apparently closer to the "husbands" age than the mother is.
      So if I have an affair with my mother-in-law,, scratch that that's to painful to imagine,,, we'll go with my sister-in-law-- does that too legally make me guilty of incest?

  • Debra

    Not sure how this is incest. They are not blood related and are adults.

  • DonaldH

    I think the arresting Deputies were inbred if they interrupted this as being incest,,, unless I read it wrong...

    Now, if the dude was fornicating with the mother and daughter at the same time then maybe the females in this triangle could be charged with incest.
    Which brings me to another consideration of something I've always pondered since hearing a particular song about two sisters that pick-up this cowboy in a bar and go home with him-- Is the cowboy in the song guilty of incest "by proxy" for having physical relations with these two blood related sisters together,, at the same time? !!! Oh MY!!!

  • lee arthur

    Big Al I guess if the shoe fits , you have to wear it .

  • Big AL

    That's not incest. This government is screwed up. Incest is okay in the bible why is it not okay now? I know a bother is married to has sister same mom and same dad. Now that is incest and they do live in USA. I say you should be able to marry who you want longs its not homosexual marriage. If a Family both family member are in love why can't they just be together? Longs its not Mother and child or Father and child.

    • DonaldH

      Wait a second Big Al,, what if it's two gay brothers,,,, Is that legal? if not, what you charge 'em with?

      • Mat Nazarian

        "You should be able to marry who you want as long as its not homosexual."
        Mind your own god damn business! If it's two consenting adults, that should be the end of the story!

  • Jim G.

    How can it be incest if they are not related by blood and both of legal age? Disgusting certainly given the stepfather/stepdaughter relationship but not illegal.

    • Lea

      WV State Code cites the biological or adoptive child of one's spouse as being a defined relationship for incest.

      • CP

        Being a "step" child does not mean adopted. That is a legal process that inolves the legal changing of parental rights and changing of her name to his last name. So, still not illegal! Very sick and twisted, but not illegal.

        • Mat Nazarian

          "Very sick and twisted"
          Are you against interracial sex as well?

    • john

      Jim G. is exactly correct. i dont agree with him having sex with his step daughter, but not illegal. someone will get egg on their face when this goes to trial.. nah surely it will be dropped, there last names are not even the same. These deputies are actly like MSHA, they are writing there own law book.

    • DonaldH

      Only in WV... least it wasn't Mingo County... But I honestly think they're wasting tax-payer money by taking the 21 year old female into custody on those charges..

      • Mat Nazarian

        It's a waste of tax payer money to throw either of them in jail, not to mention they did nothing wrong!


    Wow, so the jokes about our state residents are true. Unbelievable. Lock them up and throw the key away please.

    • Mat Nazarian

      You're a Nazi! Two people are going to jail because of your bigotry!

      • Mat Nazarian

        Or I should say "the bigotry of you and others like you!"