KANSAS CITY, Mo. — At one end of the Sprint Center court, the media was stacked three-deep around four players from Kansas. Barely a jumpshot’s distance away sat the West Virginia contingent, rather lonely by comparison.

The Jayhawks, winners of eight consecutive Big 12 titles and co-favorites to snag No. 9 this season, always command a heightened level of attention. Though the Mountaineers are only four seasons removed from their own Final Four appearance, their newness to the league—not to mention last season’s 13-19 freefall—equates to C-list celebrity status for now.

The Big 12 coaches picked West Virginia seventh out of 10 teams in the preseason poll.

“As a competitor you don’t like seeing that,” said WVU sophomore guard Terry Henderson. “But when the season starts, hopefully we can get things rocking and show them a little something different.”

This week’s closed scrimmage against Ohio State could be a telling gauge, considering the Buckeyes are ranked 10th in the USA Today preseason coaches poll. Henderson believes the scrimmage—scheduled in lieu of a second exhibition game—will come at a valuable time for WVU.

“Just to see where we are as a team, and to see where I am—because I’ve got some stepping up to do,” he said.

Henderson scored 20 points or more three times last season, and did so against Michigan, Oklahoma and Kansas. But he averaged only 8 points per game, showing the need for more consistency.

“I like to compete,” he said, “and I know our team this year likes to compete way more than last year.”

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  • Allan

    I believe we will improve on last years record, to what extent is hard to say. My greatest fear is that Huggs will scream at them every time they make a mistake and that more than anything else destroys confidence. Depth will play a big part to our success as a team and that can only be discovered in real time games, not exhibitions. If we can keep players out of trouble and in their classes, we may be pleasantly surprised.

  • Gunga Din

    I like to see improvement over last year's disaster. At this point, I'd be satisfied with a .500 record. Each year starts a new CZN.
    Let's Go Mountaineers!

  • Bobby M

    AT first I was happy because I Thought the title of the story was - HOLGORSEN: "I've got some stepping up to do!"


  • David

    Can you stop that video at a less flattering point that what is visable now? Poor guy must be taking a ribbing for that one.

  • wvajoker

    It is nice to see Big Larry doesn't only bray his negative drivel on football but basketball too.

  • Dave

    Can't wait to see what this group of guys can do. Should be a fun year. No seniors on the team. We only bring back 5 from last year. Hopefully we have some shooters in the bunch.
    Good luck Mountaineers.

  • mat hatter

    we're 100 % behind you,,, w ork hard ,study , go to class... go eers

  • Mister Man

    Keep working on your game. You will make a difference.

  • Big Larry

    What good will it do him to step up? Every time either he or Harris got the hot hand, Huggins would jerk them out.

    • Packy

      uh Harris put in Major minutes Little Larry, Henderson had some defensive issues to deal with. I guess you have 800 div. one coaching wins since you are so much smarter than Huggins who was in the top of his Class at a Great School. Funny how on the Marshall page your just Larry.