SPENCER, W.Va. — A former Roane County doctor will be sentenced in December for sexual battery after placing his tongue in the mouth of an elderly patient during a 2012 examination.

Kenneth Seen, 52, of Spencer, was convicted of the crime in Roane County Circuit Court this week.

According to State Police, the patient bit off a “significant portion” of the doctor’s tongue at the time.

Seen had originally claimed the patient, a 77-year old man with dementia and Parkinson’s disease, grabbed his tongue and forced the incident at Roane General Hospital.

Troopers, though, said the patient, who died in October 2012, was immobilized and unable to grab anything.

Roane County Circuit Judge Tom Evans will sentence Seen on Dec. 16.

Seen was no longer an employee of Roane General Hospital as of August 2012 when the incident was first reported.

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  • mstaddie

    Just great.....I was seen by that Dr. at one time. I did not have a great or even comfortable impression of him...makes me upset that somewhere in my medical records is Dr. Seens name. Oh ick and puke.

  • Joseph Goebbels

    Patrick Greene,

    Your objections to the story leaves one to wonder, just how well you DO know the good DR.
    Maybe not as well as you think,,,, or maybe more than we can know.....

  • TurkeyThug

    Mr Greene....please explain to me how the doctors tongue got in the immobilized patients mouth?

    • ConservativeRealist


  • wvu999

    How sick of a story is this

  • Mr Bullsnip

    Mr Greene
    Just because you know the guy does not mean he is not a perv.

  • Dale

    Mr.Greene, what part of "the patient was immobilized and unable to grab anything" do you not understand?

  • Patrick Greene

    Uhhhh, this story absolutely makes no sense. So...the doctor is being convicted of sexual battery and yet he has had a significant portion of HIS tongue bitten off. Now...think about it. Tongue biter man is well over 70 years old...20 years the doc's senior. Plus it was the doc's tongue that was bitten and not the patient's. Sounds as if patient was a bit Looney. I know Dr. Seen, and I can almost say for certain that heis not a person that would do something like this. Maybe Mayberry police are just quick at wanting to close this case and it seems logical to the Barney Fife police to point the finger at Dr. Seen.

    • ConservativeRealist

      "I can almost say for certain..." - "almost" only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades...not French kissing...

    • Bobsowv

      Patrick, not sure how much common sense you have......but, how does one's tonuge get into someones mouth? Answer- One sticks it in. Yes to a normal person this doesn't make sense. Im sure that it is impossible for this to happen anyother way, your boy has some issues.

      • ConservativeRealist

        Remember Bill Clinton..."I did not have sex with that..." Is French kissing sex?...what is "is"?...what is "sex"?...

  • Smokey

    Dat die mut be tic.....lol

  • Dale

    You can't make this stuff up !