Photo courtesy Pocahontas Times
Former Pocahontas County Deputy Bradley Totten, center, was taken away in handcuffs when he was charged last year.

MARLINTON, W.Va. — A former Pocahontas County sheriff’s deputy was sentenced Friday to 10 to 20 years in prison for sexually abusing a woman that he had arrested.

“You’re going to start serving time today,” Circuit Judge Jim Rowe told Bradley Totten of Hillsboro. Totten will have to serve at least 10 years before there’s a chance for parole.

The sentencing brought to a close an emotional case that was first brought to light publically when Totten was indicted in April 2012.

He was indicted twice on a total of 66 counts claiming that from 1995 to 2010 he would arrest women and teenagers and then force them to have sex with him. There were believed to have been at least 20 victims. Totten eventually pleaded guilty to a single count of sexual abuse involving a 17-year-old girl. There were multiple assaults of the same victim.

Totten apologized during Friday’s hearing but Judge Rowe appeared upset with some of the things the former deputy said in a written statement. The judge read some of it in court. He said it appeared Totten was claiming to be the victim.

“The bottom line—you used a position of trust over a 17-year-old to have sex,” the judge said.

Rowe said the length and magnitude of the conduct “has done extensive damage to law enforcement, criminal justice, the community and families.”

The judge added “even prepubescent females were at risk” due to Deputy Totten’s conduct.

Special Prosecutor Brian Parsons said it was a difficult case but a correct sentence.

“On one hand you hate to see a person removed from their family but on the other side the damage that’s been done is very hard to calculate,” Parsons told the Pocahontas Times. “I think in light of the totality of the crime and in light of his situation, I do think it’s fair.”

Parsons credits the work of State Police Lt. Rob Simon and FBI Special Agent Fred Aldridge.

Totten, who has been on home confinement, asked the judge to allow that to continue but it was denied. He was fined $5,000 and taken to jail. The judge did order protective custody.

None of the victims spoke in court Friday.


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  • cummjl

    slap on the wrist 10 to 20 .imagine if you had to do 10 years . granny

    • Chad

      He should have got more time

    • P1

      Yes, this is a slap on the wrist. Totten was facing 66 felony charges of sex crimes with CHILDREN and facing additional charges that were still under investigation. The 3rd grand jury tacked on 7 additional felony charges and multiple other charges were under seal by the court. Lord only knows what those crimes are!

      Any other citizen would receive a life sentence.

  • grannybuzzard

    lets also remember that totten was only one of the people charged in this mess. if he got a slap on the wrist, will the rest even get anything?

    • P1

      Where are the investigative journalists?

      One of the grand jury complaints mentioned at least one State Policeman (possibly two) being present while Totten engaged in multiple "misadventures" with victims.

      When, if ever, will these identities be revealed to the public? What, if any, is the status of these investigations?

      • P1

        State Policeman Dave McMillian was not only present during one of Totten's crimes- he arranged the meeting with an underage victim (see page 2 of victim testimonial from court file).

        ...and the news announced that the FBI and State Police conducted this investigation.

        So, where are the charges against Trooper McMillian and our corrupt West Virginia State Police???

  • P1

    Pocahontas County is a total cesspool of corruption with dirty cops and other government officials running wild- cops, magistrates, judges, prosecutors, assistant prosecutors, etc- everybody gets paid. As soon as the FBI and U.S. Attorney's Office are done with the goons in Mingo County, please send them over to clean up the filth in Pocahontas.

    • grannybuzzard

      don't you know its a requirement of the job to be a drunk, dope addict, or on the take to work for town or county govt around here.

  • Daniel

    He should have been a deputy in Preston County. He wouldn't have had to ask or force the issue, it would have gladly been given in exchange for "supposedly" breaking a law! That is called a "recreational activity" for them! Law enforcement pull their pants down and tell female drivers to "blow on this" for a breathalyzer! Think I am joking? There's nothing like a handshake with a few "Benjamins" and a "have a nice day" that doesn't cure all that ails you in PC. I know, I lived there for many years! Thank God I was able to move on, and forward, with my life and leave that ignorance behind!

  • Hardy Co

    Sounds like the same way Hardy county law enforcement does there job.

  • mary

    this comment is for Keithlw. Not everyone gets these breaks. And this case, something is still not right, there were 69 indictments and it got plead down to 1 charge! I know for a fact that there were more victims than just the one. Why did the special prosecutor allow it to be plead down to one. And for Rowe, if you all remember correctly, he really didn't do anything to Totten when this whole thing started and they are personal friends. Rowe was asked numberous times to take himself off of the case and he refused. Now, it's getting close time to start at possible re-election...sounds to me like Rowe changed his tune because he is hoping the voters will forget about how he handled this case. I agree with granny that Totten should be hung up by the balls. And if it was my daughter he messed with, they would not have to worry about the court system. I don't consider this to be justice....look at what Glen Wade got and he didn't have nearly this many charges, look at what Jack Vance got, his was concentual but because of the age, he went up the river. This case has been handled completely different than the any other case like this in this county. When Totten was indicted the first time, he didn't appear for almost a month...nobody else can get by with that.....and allowed to go out of State....Not to mention how each appearance was kept quiet to the public like it was a big secret. you all need to remember these things. I hope he has to serve every day and I hope he meets bubba who forces him to do things.

    • P1

      I do hope the voters remember this come election time.

      You are correct. Rowe was asked numerous times to recuse himself from this case and he refused. These two definitely had a relationship- Totten worked with Rowe in the courtroom for many years- one where Rowe should have voluntarily removed himself from the case to absolve any question of impropriety.

      Rowe made the statement that "Totten is a danger to the community", then proceeded to give him work release and the ability to leave the state. When anyone else would have been denied bail/bond and thrown under the jail during this time, Rowe gave Totten a "home confinement" vacation where he could spend precious time with his wife and kids.

      Also, remember that Rowe had benevolent and helping kid glove hands in "sentencing" two other corrupt cops in Pocahontas- Alkire and Wilfong- both charged in separate incidents with FELONIES and both given back room sweetheart misdemeanor deals, with "sentences" that amounted to nothing of consequence.

  • keithlw

    John, you apparently know very little of what takes place in courtrooms. Every criminal gets these easy breaks, not just ex-public officials. I used to work in the court system and it is sickening how the demons in our society continue to get break after break. Because there is no death penalty, there is no fear of prison. Hey, three hots and a cot; plus "free" medical care in this economy is a godsend for some.

    • John

      Yes sir I do know what goes on in these court rooms as I am employed in one. I have seen public officials being protected by their own for 15+ years now. I have seen county commissioners so dog drunk they couldn't walk much less drive, pulled over and taken home without ONE field test even been conducted.

      I have seen embezzlement written off as "petty cash withdraws". I have seen evidence disappear the night before a trial thus, all charges being dismissed for "lack of tangible evidence". 15+ years, sir. I see sweet heart deals every day but, not like this. This my friend, is a slap on the wrist. This deal is reserved for their own.

      • mary

        I know of a ex prosecutor who was in Greenbrier county and he got pulled over and given a ticket for DUI....while he was prosecutor...funny thing is, the whole case disappeared. I've seen some of the same things you are talking about, right is right and wrong is wrong but as far as I'm concerned, when it involves the kinds of things involved in this case, this is probably one of the worst involves kids or adults who are threatened by someone in uniform to do or else.


    This is total bull crap. And the public wonders why the victims families seek family justice. He is going to a white collar jail and will have it made for ten years compared to any other criminal. So cops and other members of the court system commit horrific crimes and this is all they get? This crime is why I tell my kids to only hand out their drivers license, registration and proof of insurance thru a crack in their window. Then call me on their cell phone immediately. Myself and at least two of my former military brothers will be there to ensure they are safe and treated fairly. I stopped trusting cops a long time ago.

    • grannybuzzard

      me too as soon as I moved to this town. I live imn marlinton. but they act like that everywhere.

    • John

      That totally fair WVirginian. The cops, the magistrates, the judges have done everything in their power to protect their own from any prosecution. This deal that Totten got should have never happened and wouldn't have happened to any civilian.

      65+ charges! He plead to one and got 10-20. That was it. Now, he will quickly be removed from solitary confinement in regional to a posh hotel disguised as a prison. Easy time.

      The judge with his lecturing is all show and tell. He's an elected official and will do anything to make it look like he was legitimately angered yet, he and the prosecution accepted the plea agreement. And they wonder why people have lost all faith in the judicial system and no longer trust police officers.

  • John

    He's in southern regional jail now. I should say that I know him and did a lot more than just what he was accused of. If all the victims would have come forward and the ones that did had had an opportunity to testify, Totten would have never seen the light of day again.

    • grannybuzzard

      don't we all know he did a lot more. now he is on the jail site.

  • grannybuzzard

    why can he not be found on the sex offenders list.

    • Fuller Malarkey

      Looks like he cut a deal where he won't have to register until he gets released. Probably hoping to get that dismissed when he gets out, hoping all this will have been forgotten.

  • grannybuzzard

    why can he not be found on any of the jail or prison sites?

    • Fuller Malarkey

      He was given "protective custody", meaning he'll probably get shipped out of state [close enough so his family won't be inconvenienced] to "do his time" with other locked up cops, in a jail run by "brother cops", meaning he'll never do a day of "hard time".

    • Jason412

      He's probably not fully processed yet and still in a holding cell

  • jdietz

    Who watches the watchers? This man was supposed to be there for the protection of the public and instead preyed on them.

    ANY TIME a public servant or public official betrays the oath they took the penalty should be the ultimate penality

  • Medman

    Let's hope he gets a couple of big, horney Bubba's for room mates.

    • P1

      On the other hand, at least his farm animals will sleep well for a few years.

    • brittney


    • Fuller Malarkey

      He won't get a bunk mate he doesn't want. The POS got "protective custody", meaning he'll do his time with other locked up cops or where his identity will be kept secret. There's a pod of cops in a lockup in the tri-state area that he'll go to. As a "sworn officer / gang member, he "qualifies" for "professional courtesies", meaning he won't do any hard time.

      I woulda bought cartons of cigarettes for the group of minority inmates that gave him his first "welcome party" in the shower room.

      • grannybuzzard

        it says the judje did not order protecetive coustdy

      • grannybuzzard

        he would probably enjoy it.

  • grannybuzzard

    he should have been strung up by the balls and hung out to dry. I bet he never even sees the inside of prison

  • Brian

    Too soft. His sentence should be at least 50% higher than it would be if he were a civilian. He should also be general population.

    • P1

      Absolutely, 10-20 years is a drop in the bucket- look at the Fairmont case of Matthew Monroe Cottingham who got 250-1,000 YEARS for 20 counts with a minor.

      For 66 counts, Totten would be doing over 3,000 years behind bars.