MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Dana Holgorsen said this season’s West Virginia team didn’t develop the mentality to finish games, and blowing a 17-point lead in the final 10 minutes of regulation against Iowa State proved yet another example.

What concluded in triple-overtime as a 52-44 loss on Saturday night left West Virginia with a 4-8 overall record and a ninth-place Big 12 finish. The wounded-limp of a home stretch saw the Mountaineers lose to Kansas and Iowa State, squads with a combined league record of 3-15. Even in a rebuilding year, that’s a difficult 1-2 punch to absorb.

“Why can’t we close games? It comes down to execution and a burning desire to win,” Holgorsen said. “You need a collection of guys not wanting to let each other down and coaches not wanting to let the players down. Obviously we don’t have that right now.

“It is something that will be addressed in the offseason.”

West Virginia enters the offseason with scant momentum, having lost six of seven (and 14 of its last 20). Much of the posturing heard Saturday evening was reminiscent of what players and coaches said before exiting Yankee Stadium at the end of last December’s Pinstripe Bowl. Let’s see if the upcoming nine months yield as WVU prepares to open next season against Alabama.

Said Holgorsen, keenly aware of the pressing need to fix what ails this program: “2014 starts tomorrow.”

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  • Shadow

    When you blow a 17 point lead, it is coaching or more specifically, play calling. ISU simply adapted to the WVU game plan and worked from there. It is: run 'em where they ain't, not run them where they are. Don't blame the young men.

  • WV Bud

    I couldnt have said it better wow.I cant believe fans could be so naive that they think a new coach could come in here and fix this mess overnight.It takes time.

  • Truthteller

    We saw this same attitude with the basketball team last year. Is it the new norm of the x-box, twitter, and facebook generation? What has happened to the mentality of our youth today? Young men seem to lack that tough mentality these days. They seem to be more and more like ladies instead of men. WVU needs to recruit athletes that have that burning desire to win and be competitive instead of worrying how many facebook friends they have or who is following them in twitter.

  • winston

    now a tune up game for Alabama how low can we go

  • Harmony

    Look, the problem is that Holgorsen is a pretty good coordinator but he is not a leader. The players are not winning for him. He does not have their respect. For one he berades them in front of everyone. Secondly he came in as head coach talking about body language and how important it was. Well you can see their body language is lacking enthusiasm. We need a leader and I don't see that in Holg. I hope he addresses that!!

  • BH

    A 6-14 record in the last 20 games. This is progress?

  • Low Rider

    It all starts and ends with the coaching staff. The one coach that is overlooked is the strength and conditioning coach. WVU was pushed all over the field and physically manhandled in the 4th quarter of almost every game this year. Unless we see drastic improvement in the play of both lines, 2014 will be a repeat of '13.

  • AJ

    How are you going to recruit talent with the showing we have had the last few years?

  • Doug

    I say one more year for Holgerson. Most of the players out there were stewarts and not recruited for Holgerson style. Exept for the JC players he brought in to play immediately. Problem is, we didn't have a QB this year. That last interception thrown to White was way behind him. Went off his hip and into the defenders arms. Trickett has done that all year

  • AJ

    What kind of a team are we that snaps a 27 game losing streak? And that team is beaten by the team we just lost to? You might say this is a stronger league and probably true, but when we were a Big East team with coaches that cared, we beat Big 12 schools!

  • frank


  • Rock Solid

    The people on here that want Rich Rod to come home remind me of the guy who had a few dates with a really cute girl that then dropped him for another better looking guy. Once the loser finds out they can't get anyone who was as cute they suddenly lose the indignation they had upon being dumped and are willing to crawl back on their belly and ask for one more chance. If you got dumped before, you will get dumped again. If you are worth your salt you would be proud enough NOT to ever go through the humiliation that you suffered the first time she dropped you, unless you are a perpetual loser who has no chance of any success. WVU is NOT in the loser category and should never have to crawl back to anyone. Rich Rod dumped WVU and should wander in the deserts of the southwest for forty years to life!

  • Old Gold and Blue

    Despite how one feels about the coach, get over it. He is here for at least the next two years. He wants to win just as much as all us who have been loyal to the Mountaineers for years. He simply has not grown into the job as head coach at this point.

    I don't like the direction of our football program under the leadership of this head coach and AD. However, I don't see that we have much choice in the matter and will choose to do a very small part by providing encouragement to those who matter the most - the student/athletes who provide entertainment to us every Saturday in the fall.


    Our recruiting class rankings for WVU are absolutely terrible by the current rating agencies !

  • vhagg

    This team was poorly coached all year. It is time to stop making excuses. The entire needs to axed and bring in someone who will some heart bsck into the program. This football program should never have a losing record.