MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Dana Holgorsen said this season’s West Virginia team didn’t develop the mentality to finish games, and blowing a 17-point lead in the final 10 minutes of regulation against Iowa State proved yet another example.

What concluded in triple-overtime as a 52-44 loss on Saturday night left West Virginia with a 4-8 overall record and a ninth-place Big 12 finish. The wounded-limp of a home stretch saw the Mountaineers lose to Kansas and Iowa State, squads with a combined league record of 3-15. Even in a rebuilding year, that’s a difficult 1-2 punch to absorb.

“Why can’t we close games? It comes down to execution and a burning desire to win,” Holgorsen said. “You need a collection of guys not wanting to let each other down and coaches not wanting to let the players down. Obviously we don’t have that right now.

“It is something that will be addressed in the offseason.”

West Virginia enters the offseason with scant momentum, having lost six of seven (and 14 of its last 20). Much of the posturing heard Saturday evening was reminiscent of what players and coaches said before exiting Yankee Stadium at the end of last December’s Pinstripe Bowl. Let’s see if the upcoming nine months yield as WVU prepares to open next season against Alabama.

Said Holgorsen, keenly aware of the pressing need to fix what ails this program: “2014 starts tomorrow.”

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  • Joe

    Dana needed a better QB all year long... He needed depth which I think he is trying to address by red shirting almost his entire recruiting class.
    Last year I heard Huggs say he would fix things and this year the basketball team looks much more improved. Dana said he was going to address the problems in the off season. I believe he will. Time will tell but I don't believe he likes to lose, he will make every effort to fix this and he will grow in the process.

    • Teddy

      I tell ya guys what---we got the coaches and players to compete in the
      Special Olympics! Won't win the chamionship, but we might win a game or two!!

    • Barry

      The question I have, is why do the basketball and football programs need fixed? Holgorsen and Huggins had success with another coaches recruits and instead of working hard and recruiting their own good players it seems that they couldn’t pull their selves off of the bar stool. The time period that Huggins should have had good recruits was after playing in the Final Four. The time period Holgorsen should have had good recruits ( especially quarterback) was after the Orange Bowl. Instead both of these coaches dropped the ball and you see the results. If things need fixed it is because they screwed it up.
      The basketball team does look better this year and they are fun to watch, but why did it take a losing season before Huggins decided he actually needed to recruit basketball player that can shoot? And what amazes me is he got these recruits after a 13 win season, and not after going to the Final Four. Holgorsen will do the same. He will get a good quarterback, which is something that he should have done 2 years ago. This proves to me that we have 2 overpaid coaches that were not doing there jobs. And now that we are the new “Temple” of the Big 12 they are going to decide to get off the bar stool and “fix it”.

      • Mountain Man.

        Time for Holgersen to step down and let WVU pursue Doc Holliday.

        • Aaron

          What in the world for. Doc Holiday took a team that should have went undefeated and lost 3 games for them. While they certainly miss his recruiting, Holiday is not a head coach.

        • superman

          doc Holiday is as far as he is going to go ,quit being fair weather fans and get behind your coach and your team and give them time to grow .

        • 70 alum

          Doc is a good guy but hasn't shown the ability to take a program to the top level. Marshall has only been mediocre under his tuteledge.

          A good business decision would be pay the $$ necessary to get a winner. The extra salary would be returned threefold in gate receipts conference money and beer sales if we could field a national contender

        • Doug

          Doc 's player just got arrested for beating up his GF. Its all over ESPN

      • Greg

        Huggs was recruiting players to compete in the rugged Big East. To compete in a less rugged Big 12 a different type of player was needed. Its a lot easier to find five basketball players than it is to find 25 football players who fit a particular style.

        People forget that neither of these coaches had the benefit of a transition period into their new conferences. And Holgs was thrown into the the head coaching position without the benefit of having the ability to recruit his own players his first year. Don't forget too the Stew didn't even recruit full classes and we lost scholarships because of RichRod's probation. Let's give Holgs another year before we storm the gates people!

    • JimJim

      What do you mean he needs depth? WVU has the same number of scholarships that everyone else has. WVU needs coaching.

      • Doug

        Not true Jimjim. We lost some scholarships in the wake of NCAA violations under Richrod and Stewart. Stewart never recruited a full class from what I heard.

  • Jeffrey Vanmeter

    Fire Luck.he caused this

    • Teddy


    • Andrew


    • C. F. T.

      Absolutely, Luck did cause this.

      • Big Larry


        This is Oliver Luck's Train Wreck!

        • Mike H

          What do we have to win with out there?

  • Phfloydispink

    Yeah, we're better than last year, we're improving, 2014 starts tomorrow......and my dogs fly....

    • Anon

      Better than last year? We went to a bowl game last year. We lost the bowl game, but we still went to one. 7 wins. How is this season better?

      • wv4evah

        I think phfloyd was being sarcastic...

  • True WVU Fan

    Would like someone, Dana or anyone to explain or point to the "progress" we've made this year that coach references in his post-game comments?

  • Toadman

    Hey, our next game is against Alabama. It keeps getting better and better.
    What a joke!

    • Greg

      Well at least we won't have to face Saban until later in the year. I'm sure the nut job fans in AL are like those in WV today, calling for their coach and AD's heads. Do you nut jobs ever wonder why everyone's trying to get to Austin? If you do, then look no further than your posts on these stories.

  • WarDog10

    WVU didn't have the athletes this year. Face it. The Big XII is not the Big East. Holgerson will get the job done. No one wanted him fired last year when the team was 5-0 with 3 early round draft picks.

    • JimJim

      Do you really think that he can recruit in the Big XII? The best Texas kids will go to the Texas schools. The Eastern kids will go to schools where their friends & family can see them play. The Florida kids will go to the ACC & SEC. Tell me, who will come to WVU? Why would the best kids come to WVU?

      • Robin

        You are 100% correct! I have said that for the past two years.

      • Greg

        The Florida kids don't go to the ACC now. The best NC & SC kids go to the SEC. No one wants to go to Duke, Wake, BC, Atlanta, UVA or that hillbilly haven called Blacksburg, VA. Though they do have some good moonshine down there. Pitt and Syracuse? Come on now.

        The only two ACC schools that recruit top flight players on a consistent basis has been Clempson and FSU. Neither have been a factor nationally for decades until FSU this year. Clemson folds like a two dollar suit every time they play an upper tier school. Kids don't want to be associated with this.

        Recruiting in Fl will be fine. There are plenty of great recruits there and some of the best kids will come to WVU just like so many have before them. I know you think FL is some sort of Mecca because you watch CSI Miami or went to Disney World when you were a kid. But over all, the state is pretty much backwater and ghettos. There are plenty of kids looking to escape.

      • SamWvu304

        Why have they the.last ummm.. since the University was started?.. because the Texas'And Floridas' cant put every kid in highschool in their teams uniforms. Or the kids get that chip from being snubbed. same reasons they always have came to Wvu. I saw coaches putting players in position to win all year,all the.players just didn't want it bad enough. Ill stick with coach Dana other than someone else... Lets Goooo!!!!

      • Shadow

        WVU and Morgantown aren't what a lot of young men are looking for. It is distant from their homes and hard to get to. However, the best recruiting tool that I have seen is that some of the best players enjoyed being there which speaks well for the atmosphere of the school and town.

        • Teddy

          You are right. WVU has again been ranked the num 1 party college in the nation!! Party Baby, Party!! THAT will bring the best recruits to play football and basketball!!

      • Dr G

        Nice to see someone agrees with me. Recruiting will continue to be tough, not only in football, but a number of other sports as well.

  • Bandit

    one of the youngest teams in college football, a ton of injuries, a season like this is what you get. they are inexperienced and play is inconsistent. anyone who has ever been around the game knew we would struggle this season. we need a QB for sure if we get that look out we will be pretty darn good. think of how close we were to 8 wins with a team of freshmen and sophs. everyone wants to win them all but it isn't reasonable with this team this season..alot of people will pile on and want big changes but we are heading in good direction. as disappointed as I am with win total I do see a bright future

    • SamWvu304

      Totally agree with Bandit. Go ahead gripe n groan all offseason you spoiled fairweathers. The guy put a team that competed in the Big 12 on the field with little to no experience and gave Most better teams a run for the money they put in their programs. Why people can't see the problem isn't coaches. Its the talent and leadership on the field. We just lost how many games by one or two dumb bonehead plays biting us in the as-.I'm looking forward to what he puts on field next season. Qucherbichn n Lets Gooooooo!!!..Mountaineers!!!.

    • Rollo

      That bright future is actually the light of a train getting ready to run you over in the tunnel that he's put WVU football in.

  • Josh

    I thought wvu blew a 24 point lead, not just a 17 point lead.

    • JimJim

      OH, that makes it better! lol

  • Eric

    Holgs has a major phlegm issue. Every interview it's hack hack snort cough. Oh yea he also sucks as a coach.

    • Teddy

      That's Vodka in his water bottle. He is just getting an early jump on his evening party.

  • Hollaback

    Comes across as a smug jerk.

    • Mark

      I agree smug and no humility at all. He doesn't care about WVU heanust wanted a stepping stone. I say cut our losses and fire him.

    • JimJim

      At $10,000+ per day wouldn't you?

    • Big Hooptie

      If you had to continually face a media who dislike you because you "aren't one of their own", then you'd be smug too.

      If not, then you'd just be foolish and naive.

      • 70 alum

        I've heard him be rude and short to Mickey Furfari at his press conference. A man who has loved WVU FOR LONGER THAN MOST OF US HAVE BEEN ALIVE. A man who could have brought much good will and support to Dana as he did to Frank Cignetti another unsuccessful WVU coach but a man with class and character.

        Watch him on the sidelines a man who can't controll his emotions will eventually embarrass the University

  • Mike H

    I still think Dana is a great coach. This is his first head coaching job. He will be great..

    • Mark

      Wake up Mike! Your dreaming!

    • Big Larry

      Thank you Mike Holgorsen!

    • WSC

      OH! Come on!

    • ok

      Cool story, bro. Tell it again.

  • Staffer

    He needs to go.

  • Aaron

    Many of the flaws of this team can be directly attributed to coaching. While I'm not to the point that I believe the coach should be replaced, largely due to the structure of his contract, I'm not convinced that Holgorson is head coach material.

    Recruit depth, bring in a QB and find someone, anyone, that can instill in this team the "burning desire to win."

  • Jonesy

    At least we didn't go 9-3

    • Dr G

      9-3 is unacceptable.

  • Gold ol Days

    Holgerson sucks. The best change for 2014 begins with him.

    • Mark