MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Sources confirmed to MetroNews late Thursday afternoon that E. Gordon Gee will be named interim president at West Virginia University Friday. 

The WVU Board of Governors made its choice in a closed door meeting Thursday but chose not to release the name until the state Higher Education Policy Commission approves the action at a meeting set for Friday morning.

There’s been considerable speculation pointing toward Gee, who most recently was the president of Ohio State University. He served as WVU’s president from 1981 to 1985.  Before that, Gee was dean of the WVU College of Law.

BOG Chairman Jim Dailey II said after Thursday’s meeting he was very pleased with the results.

We are absolutely thrilled with our selection to lead the state’s flagship, land-grant university during an important time in our history,” Dailey said in a prepared statement. “This individual is uniquely qualified to move WVU forward and continue the momentum we are enjoying. We are anxious for our new president to arrive in the new year, and hope that folks will get a chance to say `hello and welcome’ very soon.”

The BOG also agreed on a search process for the permanent president.

(Read proposed search procedure here.)

Dailey said there’s been a lot accomplished in the few weeks since current WVU President Jim Clements was introduced as the next president at Clemson University.

“I can’t express how happy I am with the spirited conversation, certainly thoughtful process, that we’ve gone through during these last four meetings,” Dailey said. “I really applaud each and every board member.”

State code requires personnel moves like the naming of an interim university president get final approval from the HEPC. The meeting is set for 9 a.m. Friday.

The BOG hopes to choose a permanent president on or about June 5, 2014. It hopes to have on-campus visits with the finalists the last week of April. The search committee will be chosen by the first week of January and the position will be nationally advertised by mid-January.

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  • cummjl

    William crawl back to moo u. Gee told the truth about N. Dame

  • Henry Slammer

    He looks funny....

  • Jim

    Do NOT give this guy a microphone and permission to talk about sports! Keep him out of the locker room and off the sidelines.
    Other than that he will bring WV / Morgantown a lot of revenue.

  • cutty77

    I'd like to buy WVRC for what they are worth,then sell them for what they think there worth. lol

  • WVU 74

    Truly disappointed in the BOG. My only positive reaction is that Dr. Gee be a stabilizing force and maintain positive direction for WVU.

    In addition, let his interim position be a brief one.

  • David Kennedy

    Welcome home, cuz. Party On!

    Hope you stay awhile and run the Law School after the new Prez is hired.

  • polarbear

    You people have no clue E. Gordon Gee has been recognized as one of the top college presidents of all time.

  • Phil M.

    Read what they are saying about Gee in the blogs. Sounds like someone who is well respected still at OSU.

    More than qualified to be our interim !!!

  • Jeff Taylor

    He hates Catholics and thinks all Southerners are illiterate. Most importantly, he suffers from chronic vocal cranius anus. Yeah, this will work out just fine....


    Good fit.


    Luck was WVU's QB in 1981, the first year Gee was Pres at WVU. They must have formed a lasting friendship...

  • mike

    please tell me this is an April Fool's joke. This man made this office a mockery at Ohio. I can't believe it.

    What are they drinking up there. Desperate times and desperate people.

    God help us.

    • Concerned

      As a grad of WVU, couldn't be happier with the selection.

    • Guardian

      Mockery?? One comment, off the cuff. Please.

      Gee is one of the absolute top tier university presidents in the country - and think, he began that career here. He has been president of tOSU twice, in addition to being president of Brown and Vanderbilt.

      This spring semester, he was to be teaching a law class at Harvard - a gig he will obviously now have to miss to take on this assignment.

      And he is still on the faculty at tOSU teaching law.

      Your ignorance and prejudice is repugnant.

      • MickandAllysDad

        I can think of 1.6 BILLION reasons to support him based on what he did at OSU.

    • MickandAllysDad

      Doesn't appear to be a joke. Break out your bow tie.

  • thornton

    I believe "sources" told MetroNews Mr. Gee a bit before Thursday afternoon.

  • Matt

    Everyones missing the point of Gee being brought in is to smooth everything over with wv radio and Raese..I for one want mind I miss hoppy and Tony during pre game show

  • Chef Camille

    Is this a joke! What the hell is this racist mook resurfacing here. WVU is a joke.

    • Martinsburg Resident

      He made an off the cuff statement about Catholics... quit Race Baiting Chef Sharpton!

    • richard

      Where did you get that he's a racist?