CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia State Police now has its very own smart phone application to assist in fighting crime.

“We are really excited to have this app,” said State Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Baylous.

The goal of the app is to enhance the communication between the West Virginia State Police and the public.

Baylous said the new tool offers many helpful features.

“It allows you to keep in contact with our Facebook, Twitter, our website, the Sex Offender Registry and Detachment information,” he said.

The new app can also help the public locate the nearest Detachment by using the GPS on their phone. On top of that the app allows the department to get information out quicker.

“It gives us the opportunity, if we need to, we can send out blast messages which would be beneficial if there was a Amber or Silver Alert or event just some information we wanted the public to be aware of and know about,” Baylous explained.

The State Police could send out messages containing information regarding major criminal incidents or, for example, the vehicle description of a car being driven by a suspect.

However, department officials remind people that they should not be using the app while driving, but rather pull over to the side of the road where it is safe to do so.

Baylous said this tool is going to be a great benefit to both the public and the department, but admits they are going to need to public’s help to get the maximum potential from the app.

“This is new, it’s a work in progress and if the public has any suggestions or comments for improvements, we will gladly listen to those,” he said.

The app can be downloaded for free at the iStore for Apple products and at the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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  • Bill Harvey

    Thank you for all you do!

  • ella

    Thanks for the info, Dale.

  • ella

    This will help the Gangstalkers find people for the flash mobs they do on people who report the child molesters who are high up in the government and clergy, so they can be harassed better.

  • Dale Evans

    Stay safe protecting all law abiding people of west Virginia.

  • Dale Evans

    Good for helping the troopers that are out there protecting us.

  • Dale

    This is great. You can go to locations, scroll, and get the address and phone number of each detachment. Touch the number and it will automatically call that number!

  • Mountain Man

    Well it appears to be very informative. Good app!

  • John

    Thanks Darla...found it

  • Polly the Pundit

    "However, department officials remind people that they should not be using the app while driving, but rather pull over to the side of the road where it is safe to do so."....

  • Harpers Ferry

    Can I access this app while driving my car?

  • Darla


  • Darla

    John it's wvsp app. I found it. Just type in West Virginia state police.

  • John

    ...wish they would have given the name for this app as it doesn't seem to show up with all the obvious search terms on play store.