Marshall football coach Doc Holliday was barely dry from his Gatorade bath following the 31-20 win over Maryland in the Military Bowl last Friday before he was off to his cabin somewhere in the eastern mountains of West Virginia.

One of Holliday’s associates described it as a few days of “decompression” for the tightly-wound, workaholic coach.

But it won’t be long before Holliday comes down out of the hills for, among other things, a meeting with Marshall Athletic Director Mike Hamrick about his future with The Herd.

Hamrick is loath to talk specifics about contract discussions with coaches—he says those are “personnel issues”—but he did reveal on Metronews Talkline Monday that he hopes to work out a contract extension for Holliday.

“Our people feel–I know I do, our president does–that our football program is in great shape and we want to keep Doc Holliday here at Marshall for a long, long time,” Hamrick told me.

Holliday initially signed a five-year deal and was given a one-year extension following the 2011 season.  He has two years left on his contract.   Again, Hamrick won’t talk about the details, but he sounds confident he and the coach will be able to agree on an extension.

It will be curious to see if Holliday gets a raise. He makes $600,000 a year.  This season, he should collect another $30,000 for going to a bowl game and winning the Conference USA eastern division.

The Herd is coming off its first ten-win season since 2002, and expectations will be high for next year with quarterback Rakeem Cato returning.  Another successful season and Holliday’s name will be mentioned more prominently for other coaching jobs.

But Hamrick believes the man who played and coached at WVU has found a home at Marshall.

Doc grew up a short distance from campus, in Hurricane, and still has a house there. Hamrick has worked to improve Marshall’s facilities, spending $30 million on an indoor practice facility, an academic center and a sports medicine facility that are scheduled to open in August.

“I think Doc is very happy here,” Hamrick told me.

Holliday has a hefty buyout if he does leave for another job; it’s his annual salary times the years left on his contract; the longer his contract is extended, the more it would cost him to leave. (There is also a fascinating caveat in the contract that raises the buyout by $3 million if he goes to WVU.)

But coaches are difficult to predict.  The turf at another school always seems a little greener.  Hamrick is hopeful, however, that the Herd Green is more attractive than the other side of the fence.

“I think he’s going to be a here a long time,” Hamrick said.










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  • RR Fan

    Just want to let all the RichRod fans out there that Arizona beat Boston College worse than FSU did earlier in the season. RichRod is doing it again.

    • thornton

      To soon to tell if RR is doing "IT" again.

      One has to wait to see if RR will mentally and emotionally abandon his team in a big game and slink off in the night to the bright lights of bigger bucks.

      My guess is that Arizona will be wiser and put roadblocks in place to halt his repeating...maybe even locks on some file cabinets. Michigan learned....Arizona no doubt entered with their eyes wide open. Good luck to them.

      • Shadow

        Why would he leave? He has the Training Facility that he wanted for his Team the WV kept promising and never delivered. He was too strong an individual for the Prez and AD to handle so he had to go.

    • Jason

      Yeah. He is a real good coach. Arizona will probably be competing for a national championship in 2 years.

  • stevewvu

    Doc and MU benefited by not being able to leave CUSA for a higher tier conference as Houston, UCF, and SMU did. Without those teams on the schedule MU was able to win 8 of their 10 games against teams with losing records.

    As CUSA adds teams Old Dominion and UNC-Charlotte, its hard not to see Doc or really any other coach at MU consistently have 8-9 win seasons. The teams in CUSA are of the lowest caliber.

    • Richard L.

      The Herd is back in the MAC again

    • Joe

      Respectfully Steve, if you think it is so damn easy to win 8 or 9 games in any conference at the D1 level, go do it. Yours is a ridiculous comment that suggests compensation for something else.

      I am a WVU alumni and bleed blue and gold. However, I acknowledge Marshall would have kicked our butt this year and likely would next year.

      Hate to break it to you, but the top 50 football programs have your opinion about WVU, as well.

      What Marshall has in Doc I would love at WVU.

      • Aaron

        I have to disagree with you Joe. It was much easier for Marshall to win 10 games this year than it would have been had Houston, SMU and UCF still been in Conference USA. As such, the previous comment, while perhaps offered in poor taste, is in no way ridiculous.

        Saying that, the reason I responded to your comment is I would like for you to clarify what you mean when you say "Hate to break it to you, but the top 50 football programs have your opinion about WVU, as well"

      • GoEers

        For 2003 through 2011 WVU was routinely winning 9 or more in the Big East. It is much easier to win 10 games when 8 of them are against teams with losing records.

        That was my point and its a fact and not an opinion or prediction as you have made about MU beating WVU this year or even next. They are 0-12 all time and lost 7 straight.

        • Jason

          Fine. You made your point. Move on then. You state your facts, here is mine with a prediction. Marshall won 10 games this year and get almost all of their team back. Dic recruits at a very high level and is putting it all together as a head coach. Prediction, MU will win at least 11 games next year and be ranked in the top 25 and there will still be a few WVU fans holding onto those 0-12 stats and the good seasons WVU had during their golden years of rich rod and stew, because that is all they will have to grasp into...another year like last year and I will actually start to feel bad for you all. It's ok, I will take 10 plus win seasons and bowl games, you can continue to brag about how you play with the big boys, but in reality, you don't, in 2 years WVU will be everybody's homecoming game in the conference...but hey..your playing with the big boys and every now and then one will overlook you for a win. How about let's just agree to follow our own teams we root for and not worry so much about what the other team is doing..let's give that a shot...what do you say. Oh yeah. I know. It's a free country and you can say what you like, that's fine with me as well. By all means. Oh yeah...I think army won a national championship back in the 40s...don't hear them much bragging about that anymore. The difference between most MU and WVU fans is, MU fans are looking forward and WVU fans are only looking back. I know 0-12, let's be honest, most of those games were during WVUs golden years and during some of the worst MU teams in recent memory. During all the Pennington and Leftwich eras, they played what, one game? The very first game MU ever existed in 1A and MU was winning almost that whole game if I remember correctly. I can only speculate what would have happened during he undefeated team or any of those other years, who knows and who cares at this point. All I know is WVU and MU didn't play during those year and ironically they are not playing now either when WVU has had its worst year and MU it's best in recent memory, funny how that works out like that.

          • Aaron

            First, understand that for many years I was a huge Marshall fan growing up. I attended games at Fairfield when Marshall was bad and upon my military discharge, I had every intention of enrolling at Marshall and earning my degree.

            Circumstances beyond my control led me to miss orientation delaying enrollment and by the next semester, I was living in another part of the state.

            I'm not some WVU fan who looks down on Marshall because I think WVU is better. I know both institutions have their positives and negatives, both academically and athletically.

            It is with complete objectiveness that I say, were it not for the hubris of the Marshall administration, the two teams would still be playing and perhaps Marshall would have but a number in the win column.

            It's really too bad because there are some in the state would love to see the state's two teams play.

  • MoMoney

    Congrats to Doc. Very deserving.

    Hoppy, can't you talk about the ship that is stuck in Antartica? You know, the ship with all those global warming hoaxsters on it. The ship that is stuck in 10 feet of ice, ice that their global warming maps showed that was supposed to have been thawed. Now that is science for you.

  • Polly the Pundit

    Will Hamrick also spend some money and get a speech pathologist to work with Cato on his phonetics?-?-? He is an excellent athlete but I laugh everytime he is interviewed because he does a great discredit to the University and is a poster child for "dumb jocks" with his poor speech.

  • Mark

    No offense, because I read your commentaries regularly, but there's very little 'commentary' in this. It could have been written by a reporter. What do you think about the proposed extension? Deserved or not? Go out on a limb and suggest Doc would have been a better hire than Holgs or Stew, or not? What's a good salary at a school like MU? 750k? More? What does that say about the priorities of schools like Marshall or, for that matter, WVU? Just curious about your take(s)

  • Gilbert Gnarley

    Here's hoping we can keep Doc.

  • Indian Boy

    Doc is not a young man, and there are reasons this is his first head coaching job. He is where he belongs, let him enjoy it and hopefully he will be at Marshall a very long time. Hiring him at WVU would insure years of average football and low finishes in the conference.

    • susanf1218

      And just what do we have to show for having the Wonder Boy?? Not even "average" finishes!

  • Rich

    Ya think?
    That's the duh news article of the day.

  • Jason

    Doc has done a great job, he has done exactly what needed to be done at Marshall (brought in good talent on the field and for assistant coaches). I hope he stays at MU for a long time. He should be signed to a long term deal, he has proven he is the man for the job. The reality is though, if you win enough over time, the big boys with the deep pockets will notice and come calling, at that point it will come down to doc and what he is looking for professionally and professionally. He may be happy as a clam making good money in Huntington where he walks on water and close to family. If not, and he decides to leave, I will wish him the best, it is the nature of jobs and especially d1 football to move on sometimes. Just make sure the buyout is high enough so MU can use that money to go after another great coach to take the reigns. Keep up the good work Doc. We Are Marshall!

    • Jason

      Correction: "it will come down to doc and what he is looking for professionally and personally"

      • Hop'sHip

        I appreciate the correction, Jason. Only those who would never admit to being wrong would take issue with it.

        • The Kinks

          Paranoia, the destroyer..

          • Hop'sHip

            I have only used one name here, Fungo. You will eventually run out of email addresses.

          • Hop'sKinkJocksRightJCHip

            Are you talking to me or am talking to you?-- It's so crowded in here I think we are talking at the same time. I'm so confused but still the smartest person in the room.

          • Hop'sHip

            Sig Man: Self-diagnosis is dangerous. See a doctor. It should now be covered, because of Obamacare.

          • Sig Man Froid

            Obviously some have become so paranoid and delusional they are reduced to carrying on a conversation with themselves.
            Classic schizophrenia case.
            Believing that what other people are saying is not true so they engage in conversations with themselves --delusions of self importance while simultaneously being aware of their own inadequacies such as intellect.

          • Hop'sHip

            Silly boy, you self-destroyer. Light the fuse and start eruption!

      • Rightisneverwrong

        You’re cool, not all that post here are so pretentious to call attention to such an ordinary mistake. Only those insecure of their own abilities would be so hackneyed.

        • Jason

          That comment doesn't even deserve a response. I have already paid it much more attention than it is worth.

        • Jason

          OK. Well, the reality is...I was just typing on phone and thought I would make my thought clear and correct my own typo that didn't make sense as it originally read. I guess you can read into that however you like, feel free.

  • TD

    Will Doc be happy making an income 12 times that of the average WV household in a community where he is loved and revered? Or will he do as so many of these shmucks have done (Richrod jumps to mind) and think he has to chase down more money and glory where the pasture is greener?

    Is somebody in his ear blowing sunshine up his butt telling him how great he is and that he deserves better? What is the character of the man? We shall see.

  • CaptainQ

    Hoppy, we all know that contracts for Head football coaches on the college level are often meaningless. All it takes is either a better job offer or a losing season or two and that contract is forgotten (except for the buyout and firing clauses).

    The only way this new contract 'works' is if Marshall keeps on winning season after season AND Doc wants to stay there. Neither of these is a 100% certainty.

    Would Doc take the WVU job if it were made available? Hard to say. Perhaps if enough money was offered, but for now, Doc is sitting pretty in Huntington. He may as well maximize his earnings now while he has the chance. However, let's keep in mind signing a new long term contract is no guarantee that he will stay there till it's completion.

    • JM

      My name isn't oliver Luck, but i don't think WVU will be an option. Around this time next year, we'll be welcoming RichRod back.

      • CaptainQ

        I don't know about that, JM.

        'Roots' was a failure at Michigan and he's not exactly setting the college football world on fire at Arizona either. With a 15-10 record as the Wildcat Coach (and a New Mexico Bowl win in his first year) RichRod's not exactly the second coming of Knute Rockne.

        Besides, do we REALLY want him back when we already KNOW that if he's successful he'll dash off to the next great Head Coaching opportunity and leave WVU high and dry?

        • PC

          Well, I believe that Rich Rod is looking a lot better at Arizona than the guy who replaced him at Meeeshegun, Hoke, is at the moment. Believe if the folks in Ann Arbor would have given RR another couple of years more his system would have had the Wolverines better off in the long run than they are going to be under Hoke. Bet Arizona will be better in next couple of years, record wise and over all, than UM will be under Hoke.

        • Low Rider

          All of the talk about a WVU coaching search is premature. If Holgerson wins 7 games in 2014 he isn't going anywhere.

          However, if WVU crashes and burns again next year, Doc nor Rich Rod will be hired. WVU will not want a 60 year old Doc Holiday or the traitorous RR. The U will search for an established winner at either a lower level D1 school or a top assistant from a top flight BCS school.

          On a final note…happy new year to my fellow West Virginian's.

  • thornton

    Always good to work the word "loath" into conversation. Might I suggest flummoxed next.

    An early...Happy New Year!

    • JocksDumbdown Education

      I am often flummoxed at the chosen topic of Hoppy’s editorial. It sometimes appears Hoppy uses such mundane topics to diffuse the angry crowd that often gathers here. A verbal pepper-spray if you like.

      • thornton

        It does appear a very odd last day of the year commentary!

        Likely just me, but I notice a trend to an in Marshall football notice well apart from their record...or WVUs.

    • Joe

      You too, Thornton,


  • JocksDumbdown Education

    Really Hop, after covering illegal search and seizure on your show yesterday your editorial today is of you pondering how much money a coach will receive for winning a silly game. Incredible.

    Buddy, your government is failing, your society is burning and your country is but a generation away from imploding and yet you concern yourself more about the win/loss record of a team and how much money their coach is worth.

    • Hop'sHip

      Is this JocksDumbdown Education or Chicken Little? Now you went and made me angry just when Hoppy had lulled me into a football stupor. GIVE HOLLIDAY A RAISE!!! It is what the Doc would order.

      • The Kinks

        Paranoia, the destroyer!

  • Medman

    I think Doc should stay at Marshall if he can get a reasonable contract. It seems to be a very good match for both parties. Doc is a great, hardworking guy, but probably not a top 25, D-1 coach and is unlikely to make the cut for jobs at that level. He has done a great job and hopefully will negotiate a long term arrangement with MU.

    • susanf1218

      Yeah, he's not a top 25, D-1 coach - you mean like Holgorsen, right??

      • stevewvu

        Correct. He's 0-2 against coach Holgorsen, has never won a BCS bowl game, never had a team finish in the top 25, or a higher ranked recruiting class than WVU's since he's been MU's head man

  • stophating

    If Doc is looking for a payraise, I would think he would be near the top of the list after Holgs fails again in 2014....,,

    • Coalwiz

      That shipped sailed. I like Doc and would have been ok with him getting the job before, but the road to coaching in Morgantown does not go through Huntington.
      But I'm happy to see Doc doing well at Marshall.