CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Fayette County attorney was charged Thursday by Charleston police for allegedly playing a role in a shooting New Year’s morning in downtown Charleston.

Police photo

Jamison Conrad was arraigned and released on bond Thursday evening.

Police charged Jamison Conrad with being an accessory after malicious wounding. Conrad’s friend, 30-year-old Michael Underwood of Beckley, was charged Wednesday with shooting Charlie Scott in the hallway of the Ramada Inn building near Virginia Street at around 2 a.m. Wednesday. Scott was shot twice and had to undergo surgery.

Police said Conrad, who serves as Fayette County’s mental hygiene commissioner, was seen on video surveillance fleeing the scene with Underwood and removing evidence from the scene, Underwood’s cell phone. He also allegedly refused to identify Underwood while being interviewed by police.

The criminal complaint also alleges Conrad told another witness not to go to police but wait for them to come to him first.

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones said an officer of the court should know better.

“His behavior is kind of shocking,” Jones said. “I’m going to look into filing ethics charges with the (West Virginia) bar. When a person from Fayette County comes to my city and is involved in a shooting like this and coaches the alleged perpetrator.”

Mayor Jones said it was all caught on video.

“He (Underwood) and his lawyer (Conrad), and the women that were with them just left the guy (Scott) there, didn’t call anybody or anything,” according to Mayor Jones.

The mayor also said he believes the surveillance video should be made public.

Police said the fight between Underwood and Scott was over a pizza delivery.

Conrad was arraigned on the charges Thursday afternoon in Fayetteville and released on bond.

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  • paul

    Conrad should be removed from his position and should not be allowed to practice. That was not self defense. More than likely a drunken decision from the shooter. Sober up after a day or so then turn himself in. He deserves jail time and a felony to go with it. Neither Conrad or Underwood should be granted a CWL after this act.

  • Steve

    Laughing at the lawyer jealousy comments.

    I make more money in a month than you losers make in 2 years. Hell, probably 5 years.

    Sure s u c k s being you. LOLL

    • Jason412

      Steve, you're a WV lawyer. Even in the world of lawyers, you're a joke.

  • Brad

    The W.Va. State Bar and the WV Supreme Court disbar scores of lawyers. Lawyers are policed by their governing bodies far more often and more severely than any other profession. Those who claim otherwise just don't know what they're talking about.

    • zero tolerance

      That's the best joke I have heard so far this year. They protect their own more often than not. Same as if not more than politicians.

      • Mountain Man

        Zero tolerance is absolutely correct!

    • Joe

      That may very well be the funniest comment I have ever read on Metronews.

      • Gilbert Gnarley

        Good thing that comment was typed on a 'puter, because in no way could the "disbar scores of lawyers" be said with a straight face.

  • Joe

    He seems pretty fly for a white guy.

    Wonder what happened to the pizza.

    • Chas. Shooting

      Joe, Conrad ate the pizza. That is why he was arrested. He tampered with the evidence.

  • in da stickes

    is pizza code for cocaine in the story?

  • Mountain Man

    Ok, so let's see if the blood sucking attorney's and corrupt judges circle the wagons and protect this butt hole. I can guarantee you that secret meetings and dialogue are already going on on how to get the charges dismissed. This should be a slam dunk. He should be charged, convicted and jailed. Then disbarred forever. But it won't happen in WV or the great state of Kanawha.

  • Low Rider

    It looks like the Mental Hygiene Commissioner needs a little mental health counseling himself. Fire him…then disbar him. That would be the consequence with my employer.

  • WVA-1

    Jamie is a jerk anyways and always has been. Handed a silver spoon from the time he was born and acts high and mighty at all times. Even if you were friends for years and years it's hard to tell if he will even acknowledge your presence. Now what is Kammie or whatever her name is going to do since she latched onto a wealthy family. Have to go trolling at Charlie's Pub again.

  • DWL

    Lawyers - even below whale droppings of the ocean's floor.

    • Nom-De_Plume

      Married to one.Preaching to the choir and + one.

  • Fed Up

    This lawyer obviously isn't a bud of Dollar Danny because if he was we wouldn't have heard a word about this..

  • Craig

    Here we go again, something else for this no count mayor to stick his big nose in. Hey nanny jones, shut up and let the Gestapo do their job for ya.

    • Nom-De_Plume

      I bet censorship was a witch before automated spellcheck.

    • Nom-De_Plume

      Retry. Yeah. I have to agree that the mayor is afflicted with bag of vinegar and water syndrome even if he is correct about the lawyer.

  • Elbert Einstein

    What's up with lawyers and guns in Fayette County? Didn't I read here, a year or so ago, about a female lawyer pulling the lead cannon on someone there? The next McDowell I suppose.

  • Joe c

    Can we say Hood Rat

  • Gilbert Gnarley

    Photo: a real gansta, isn't he bro? Probably the first time he's celebrated New Years with real, female-type girls.

    Safe to say that his plan to run for reelection (or appointment) to serve as Fayette county's "mental hygiene commissioner" is now in the toilet, as evidenced by the two fingers in the photo.

    Another up-and-coming political star ruined, a Fayette County power broker trying to "keep it real" now himself broken.

    • Jason412

      When "keepin' it real" goes wrong....

  • RogerD

    ' "His behavior is kind of shocking," Jones said.' Now I don't care who you are, that's funny. Mr. Mayor, we are talking about lawyers, come on, get real.