The white truck deputies tried to stop and ended up shooting the driver who fled in a high speed pursuit

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A man is dead following a destructive high speed pursuit with local law enforcement in Harrison County.

Sheriff Albert Marano said the pursuit started in Clarksburg.  Apparently a woman called 911 after becoming concerned about a vehicle follow her.  Police tried to pull over the vehicle when he jumped onto U.S. Route 50 to flee.  The chase then went onto I-79.

Marano said the suspect rammed a vehicle on the interstate trying to get away and rammed several sheriff’s department vehicles.  When he spun out on the highway deputies tried to pen him in, but the driver hit the gas and headed straight for a deputy’s cruiser.  Deputies drew their weapons and started shooting.

The suspect, whose name hasn’t been released, was killed.  Marano said they found a gun in the man’s vehicle.

The investigation into the case continues.

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  • Barbarossa

    When are they going to release the videos from the police dashboard cameras ? Or do I have to Request a copy through The Freedom of Information Act ?

  • ella

    I get followed by the Gestapo driving dark red cars. At first, the Gestapo said they were going to kill me, but when I reported it, the police asked me if I was seeing a doctor. Later on, I realized this is really NAZI Germany, and the Gestapo is just normal. They won't kill you, they just say they are going to. Now, I kind of ignore the dark red cars, I know they are just Muslims, and NAZIs.

  • Copssuck

    So any time I see a car coming at my car, I can shoot the driver and be cleared as killing in self defense.

    Got it.

  • Brian

    I can't help but be curious what the comment section would look like by now if that white pickup was a cadillac with tented windows and big wheels.

    • Low tolerance for BS

      Oh, it'd be full of stupid liberal politically correct comments like you and "Former Higher Ed Guy" have already made. Get over yourself.

      • Brian

        It would be full of, "oh I bet he's tall" comments and people applauding the killing of a no good thug.

  • Dave, just Dave.

    Damn you global warming!

    *shakes fist*

  • Former higher ed guy

    Unless the driver is known to be carrying weapons of mass destruction and intends to use them, a high speed police pursuit is rarely justified. It's too risky for suspect (although that's the least I'd be worried about) police and mainly, innocent people on the road.

    Police: Say no to high speed pursuits!

    • Mark

      A vehicle is a weapon of mass destruction...story clearly states that the "alledged" suspect was attempting to ram the officers, thus he was utilizing a weapon...Having not witnessed any of this, I would find it hard to criticize those that are sworn to protect and do so very bravely (and to show my POV, I was a police officer for many years in WV).

      • pig lover

        If the story says it.... it has to be true.

    • Minjin025

      Spoken like someone who has never been responsible for keeping anyone safe. Wait until you have a daughter and someone starts stalking her. Then explain why you support the police not pursuing the man she thinks wants to kill her.

    • Shadow

      I am sure that the woman who was being stalked wouldn't agree with you.