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West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett runs off the field after a 30-27 overtime victory at TCU on Nov. 2.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett was scheduled Monday to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder’s AC joint, a less invasive procedure with a shorter recovery time than surgery to mend his partially torn labrum.

A team source told MetroNews that Trickett could be cleared for action by mid-March, a timetable that might allow the rising fifth-year senior to participate in spring practices.

Labrum surgery would have sidelined Trickett at least until summer, interrupting his work with receivers in 7-on-7 passing drills.

During the late stages of West Virginia’s 30-21 upset of Oklahoma State on Sept. 28, Trickett suffered a sprain of the AC joint—that’s the acromioclavicular joint, which connects the collar bone to the shoulder blade. Playing through pain, he made six more starts, even throwing for a season-high 356 yards in the Nov. 30 season finale, a 52-44 overtime loss to Iowa State.

Yet Trickett learned in December that he also had been playing with a torn labrum and consulted with Dr. James Andrews about surgical options for both injuries. (Recall that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez spent nearly two months attempting to rehab a labrum tear before succumbing to season-ending surgery last October.)

Regarding Trickett’s case, the Mountaineers team source said it’s rare to scope an AC joint after a Grade 2 sprain, in which ligaments are ruptured but the clavicle isn’t displaced. Trickett’s surgery could be used primarily to clean out debris that’s making the area and his throwing motion more painful.

Trickett exited the Iowa State game sounding confident he would be the West Virginia’s starting quarterback next season, and his availability was made even more necessary by this weekend’s reports that his roommate, rising sophomore Ford Childress, had left school and plans to transfer.

If Trickett isn’t capable of practicing this spring, that could slow some of the offseason development coach Dana Holgorsen said would be crucial to the Florida State transfer gaining a more efficient grasp of the offense. As the two endured communication lapses last season—particularly with regard to operating in uptempo mode—Holgorsen said Trickett did not possess the same play-changing flexibility as third-year holdover Paul Millard.

“(Trickett) needs to look at cut-ups from an entire year without the pressure of trying to prepare for an opponent,” Holgorsen said in late October. “He needs to sit in a room and study it, then go outside and work on that for a couple months. He’s going to need that downtime and offseason time in order to grasp what we are asking of him, which isn’t surprising (for a transfer).”

Currently, West Virginia has two healthy scholarship quarterbacks—Millard, a rising senior, and Skyler Howard, a junior college signee who enrolled last week.

Millard was 93-of-168 passing (55.4 percent) for 1,122 yards last season, with six touchdowns offset by six interceptions. He was 1-2 as a starter with an efficiency rating of 116.1 that was incrementally higher than Trickett (114.5), who went 2-5 as a starter. Trickett completed 52 percent of his passes (123-of-233) for 1,605 yards, with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions.

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  • Jdawg

    Do u know painful it is to throw a football with this kind of injury? I don't know how he did it granted mine was out of place but it is very painful. Tough kid!!!!

  • WV Grad

    Clint's got grit. Prayers needed and welcome.

  • chad

    If Millard or Trickett are our best options....we're in deep doo doo

  • MountainMover

    I'd still like to know why this injury wasn't identified earlier, it was obvious he was hurt in the Okla St game and that was at the end of September. He's just having surgery now??? When he could've had it earlier and be ready for spring ball with certainty??? What took so stinking long???

  • Ike

    Millard and Trickett aren't it. If Howard or Crest don't have Holgerson's system down, may I suggest to the coaches to take what they do best and coach them to be better. Modify your offense to their strengths until they have an understanding of Holgerson. My way or the highway may get coaches a one way ticket out. Don't waste talent

    • TNAP

      AMEN!!! I am definitely with you!!! With the sprint out abilities of both T and SH a modified Delaware Wing T sprint out option offense coupled with the spread would be awesome!!! Holg needs to focus on strengths of who he has for now and adjust. He should read Art of War - cause he has no element of surprise in his offense...

  • jeepster

    Holgy, make a commitment to stay with Millard. I know, he's no Geno. or Pat,or Major. But if you would have given him a
    real chance last year,things would have turned out somewhat better.

    • dan

      are u crazy what were you watching

    • OldSkool

      Millard probably wouldn't earn a backup role on any top 50 D1 program in the country. Not his fault the coaching staff saw something he doesn't have. Can't stretch the field and can't avoid the rush. He does a nice job in the short passing game, but he is just too easy to defend. Many including myself said it last year, if Millard is the starter, we are in trouble! Same for 2014. Probably a good 1AA QB.

    • MountainMover

      Millard is not the answer, he proved that in spades last year.

    • Art in Ohio

      Must come out of spring practice with one QB. Who??? I don't have any idea.... Just do it...

  • cutty77

    I think MAJOR HARRIS HAS ONE YEAR LEFT. I know he has put on a little weight,but i will take him over Trickett. lol

    • cutty77

      Oh Forgot They have the same Number. There in lies The Problem. Trickett took Major's same number. Its The Major Harris jinx. GIT U SUM.

  • cutty77

    This Trickett EXPERIMENT has been AWESOME.

  • Jdawg

    Rakeem cato rumor would be nice but it was just a joke. Crest can't enroll early so he won't be ready, Howard... Who knows? Looks good but this is the big12. This coins be a mess!!!

  • nashville cat

    we have no division 1
    qb's on our roster

    • Troll

      If I'm not mistaken when the season starts there will be five, Trickett, Millard, Howard, Crest and McPherason. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they aren't going to be there.

      • nashville cat

        it's not that i don't like them, i don't even know them, it's just that they are not good enough to play on this level. trickett had one good game against a very bad team, that just happened to beat us...
        If everyone of our qb's , not including Howard, were to quit today, it would be a blessing.

        • Martinsburg Resident

          Excuse me Trickett beat Oklahoma State... they were pretty darn good! Not saying' he is the answer, but when healthy he is a good quarterback and seems to be a very nice young man.

        • wow

          who would be the back up, YOU???
          We have what we have, so lets hope one or two makes some strides over the summer. Remember these are all still kids. Kids that even if you don't think are any good are still 100 time better than the experts posting on this site.

          • Offense

            Thank you for taking a stand for our boys! They are working hard and making progress! They are the 5 we have if Crest arrives so let's be supportative in preseason at least. L