QUINCY, W.Va. — Kroger announced Friday that it will close two stores in West Virginia in the coming months.

The company said stores in Quincy in Kanawha County and Weston are smaller and less profitable than other stores.

The Quincy store opened in 1984. It has lost money in the past three years. That’s about the same time a Walmart opened less than a mile away.

The Quincy location’s 20 full-time and 36 part-time workers were told Friday. Kroger officials said the contract with Local 400 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union will allow the workers to move to other Kroger stores in West Virginia based on seniority.

The closing is strictly a financial decision,” Kroger spokesman Carl York said of the Quincy closing. “Our associates are dedicated and hard-working. We appreciate their contributions and wish them well.”

The closing is scheduled for April 11.

Kroger has been expanding other stores in West Virginia including at Ashton Place in Charleston and its Teays Valley store in Putnam County.



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  • John Boy

    That new Walmart in Quincy is a Big Joke, IMO. It only has ONE Entrance in and out. If a fire or other emergency would ever occur there, some people would be trampled to death by others trying to get out that ONE doorway. Besides the other Walmarts in Southridge and Nitro have a Much better selection of merchandise. and Finally, The Quincy has no auto service center. You have to cross a bridge over railroad tracks, past a High School, and drive 1 Mile to get to the store. I'll Stick With Kroger, Thank you very much.

  • jo jo

    Kroger has very high prices compared to other stores. I am not sure how they stay in competition with other grocery stores.

  • Jody Heaton

    Another comment is if Kroger wants our county to shop at the closest store we would have to go into another county, and there goes more revenue for the county. People aren't going to drive 20 or 30 minutes to just grocery shop they'll be spending more time and money elsewhere not good for our county.

  • Jody Heaton

    I don't think Kroger can actually say that Weston,wv. store is smaller. The store is on rt #33 and right close to I 79. I've been to Buckhannons and Gassaways stores and theres is smaller and not as nice. I think Kroger is afraid of Wal Mart. Maybe they want Wal Mart to take over everywhere. Why don't they just leave.

  • Curly Joe

    Uncle Unctuous.....OK....now I understand....you have a BS in BS.
    Did you ever see the Andy Griffith episode where Goober grew a beard and instantly became a wise and learned sage? My guess is you have a beard.

  • Call Them As I see Them

    We don't have a Kroger in the Eastern Panhandle. Wish we could replace the Food Lions here. Wal-Mart as a grocery store has never impressed me. Their meat and produce are simply terrible.

  • John

    Profitable!!! Kroger just closed a billion dollar deal. They purchased the Harris-Teeter stores in North Carolina.

    • realitycheck

      which says nothing about whether these two stores were making or losing money.

  • Melissa Turman

    Kroger seems to not be interested in small communities, those communities that made them part of the top 3 retailers with Target and Walmart. They are showing they aren't loyal now to those communities and slowly shutting the stores down. They believe that people want one-stop shopping centers like Wal-Mart and are now following in their tracks. Kroger needs to open their eyes and realize small communities are wanting small grocery stores with great customer service. The small stores have been subsidizing the marketing and advertising they are having to pay to get customers in large competitive cities. We are trying to save our store in Galax, VA too. Let's all join together and convince Kroger to stop doing this to the small communities.


    • Ragweed

      Miss M,

      I believe that Kroger IS interested in small communities. The problem is, whether you realize it or not, is that they are in business to make a profit, and not to be a benevolent organization. They have to make a decent return on their money, or they will not stay in business. Small communities don't often offer the profit they need.

      Like it or not, competition is the American way. Kroger is at a disadvantage because WalMart is non-union. I don't like the fact that WalMart has put so many small businesses out of business, but at the same time, they make so many things affordable to so many people.

      • james craig brannon

        walmart will choke competition to death by crook.
        save pennies today over the bodies of the better paying jobs of yesterday.

        watch the store prices at quincy raise when the competition is gone. watch employee's hours get cut once competition is gone.

      • takemetoemstar

        I agree for the most part here: however, WM pays well too. I do not believe one of the associates in my local store make the fed. minimum wage... all over that and approaching $8-10 an hour. what I am not sure I agree with is a relative of mine (works at Kroger) making close to $40K as an office worked b/c of the union. by the way this relative did not get a higher education and barely got out of high school. I know college associates of mine that don't make $40k a year.
        just a lot to think about here.

    • Abbagoochie

      Your store is gone no matter what you say or do because all they care about is the $$$. Its their idol worship and they would be open a half-a-day on judgement day if they can make a penny. Just ask anybody thats been there awhile about "key retailing" and what it is and then you will see that the above words are fact.

  • Julia

    I shop only at Kroger. I have managed to avoid Walmart for a little over a year now. I refuse to buy from Walmart. Kroger is the way to go. Less hassle, the people have always been honest, kind and considerate and so helpful. Great customer service...I have never gotten at Walmart. I love my Kroger.

  • Sharon

    The few times I have been in Walmart to buy something not in the grocery field, I decided to go ahead and pick up that one or two grocery items I needed so I wouldn't need to make an extra stop. Both times I wound up making the extra run to Kroger's because Walmart didn't even stock what I was looking for. I will drive an extra 20 miles to the next nearest Kroger's before I will step one foot inside Walmart. They drove Ames out, now Kroger's. What's next? And you know that with the competition leaving their already higher prices are going to just keep going up and up,

  • jay zoom

    very rarely shop Kroger in Morgantown shop Giant Eagle most of the time. and Sams/walmart as well.

  • Wv-1968

    I'm proud to be Union.

    • Mary

      According to the above poster, an office worker with a high school ed. at Kroger is making nearly $40K. I'm a college grad in WV, I work a skilled job, and have NEVER made that in my life. So you can be proud all you want while you sit out on the sidewalk, you idiot. We're gonna lose our Kroger's in Weston because of your greedy and unreasonable union.

      Also, I shop at both WM and Kroger. I like some of the Kroger brand products. But the last time I was in Weston Kroger, it was basically empty - maybe less than 10 or so shoppers milling around - and this was during the prime 5:00 afterwork hour!! So the unions are milking the less profitable small-town Kroger's and basically eliminating the profit margin necessary to keep them open. Now everyone who wants Kroger brands in Weston gets to drive an extra half hour to Clarksburg to get them.

      Gee.....thanks a pantload, unions. You definitely should be proud of this. Good work!! Oh, and good luck finding another $40K office job on nothing but a lousy HS diploma within a 100-mile radius of Weston - LMAO!!!

    • Aaron

      I believe a scab is an individual who crosses a picket line to work. As Wal Mart has never been union, to classify their employees as scabs is grossly inaccurate.

      As for unionized Kroger employees, I know of many that would love to work 30-40 hours a week but the stores simply will not allow it.

      So why is it that a non-union Wal Mart employee can get full time work but a union employee at Kroger cannot? Seems to me their union isn't worth the dues they pay them.

      • John

        Hey Larry and Aaron, did you just hear the courts ruled that walmart warehouse workers can have heat while working. Yea walmart is such a great place to work and it is because it nonunion. For you two every problem is union caused and it is ok to treat people like trash. When unions are gone only thugs will rejoice and people will suffer even more than they already are.

        • Ragweed

          Agreed, Earl. I am in my sixties, and over the years I have had two union jobs, worked for a salary at a union plant, and then worked twenty five years at a non-union plant. The non-union job has provided better wages and benefits, and has given me the best living of all my jobs. The sole purpose of the unions I have worked for has been to fight management as much as possible, and to protect the lazy and irresponsible worker. The unions I worked with, plainly had a bad attitude and a chip on their shoulder. I did have good wages at the union plants, but it wasn't worth the daily hassle they caused. In most cases, I believe that unions have outlived their usefullness, but there are probably a few places where they are still needed.

        • annebeth66

          I have worked both union and non-union jobs and the union jobs is 20 times better. The non-union job I had was as a social worker through WVDHHR, that required a college degree but paid less than $25,000 per year. We had PEIA for our insurance, which was 80/20 and 12 holidays, including June 20 WV day. The union job pays me $65,000, has 100% insurance! medical! dental and optical. We only get 8 holidays but I wouldn't trade me union job for the world. I have had medical issues this past year with 3 hospital stays, 3 surgeries and a lot of medication, all of which were covered by my insurance. Unions do provide a better way of life for their members, but for some, making fun of the union is because these same people, could not pass a drug test.

          • Larry

            At the union job were you brainwashed into thinking "management" was out to screw you over?

        • Aaron

          I'm not blaming the union for these stores closing young man, I'm simply stating the facts. If that bothers you, so be it.

          I'm not sure why Wal Mart is a great place to work? Perhaps it's because if you show up, work hard, prove yourself dependable, they will reward you with hours and raises in time.

          Of the dozen or so unskilled employees who went to work for Wal-Mart, few start at minimum wage and those that do, do not remain at minimum wage.

          I only know one person who works at Kroger and he's been buried restocking nights for almost 2 years. He wants to move up but unfortunately, there are no other positions.

          Out of all that, I'm not sure how you get that once unions are gone, only thugs will remain. Care to explain?

        • Earl

          My personal experience with unions is they are the ones that are thugs and a bold faced liars. It was an experience that made me lose a lot of faith in people.

    • Larry

      Kroger=closing stores
      Walmart=building new stores
      Reason=unions and better business plan.

      • Earl

        Agreed. Unions are horrible. There was time and place for them at one time but they are not needed in today's work force.

        • Larry

          True, 100 years ago when there were no labor or safety laws in place, of course working in a grocery store is a very dangerous job, just behind underground mining!

  • steve

    I always enjoy hearing fox new talk about the union wages in this Country..Wonder how one of them would adjust to their benefits being stripped?-If you want to talk about excessive wages , lets discuss their millions of dollars per year they so call earn.........so enough on union wages...........by the way the money goes back into the economy so who looses???...........................

    • Mary

      The business that has to cut so deep into its profit margin to pay the union wages and benefits that it can't hire more workers, eventually has to shut down plants and lay people off, thereby creating fewer and fewer jobs for everyone else. THAT'S who loses. You'd think in WV, where we all saw what happened to our coal industry in the 1970's, that people would be more savvy about this issue.

  • Bryan

    Quincy Kroger opened prior to the 'new' Kanawha City location (1983) and the 'new' Marmet location (1984). So, 1984 isn't correct.

    As far as prices, Walmart isn't always cheaper. Kroger does have sale prices and weekly advertising. Kroger has more in-house brands than Walmart as well.

    Some items are cheaper at Kroger. Some are cheaper at Walmart. Just like some items are cheaper at Kmart and some are cheaper at Walmart.