MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — There’s yet another Wolfley entering the West Virginia football program, and his signing day is only three short years away.

Maverick Wolfley, a freshman linebacker/running back at Morgantown High School, committed to the Mountaineers this weekend within hours of receiving an offer from coach Dana Holgorsen.

“(Holgorsen) told me how I was the first freshman he’s ever offered, so it was kind of a special thing,” Wolfley told Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of “I accepted it immediately. It’s a dream come true.”

Wolfley’s father Dale was an offensive line letterman for West Virginia from 1987 to 1990 and remains involved with athletics fundraising as coordinator of the WVU Varsity Club. Wolfley’s uncle Ron played fullback for the Mountaineers from 1981 to 1984, and older brother Stone is a junior tight end at Morgantown High who’s committed to WVU’s 2015 recruiting class.

Currently listed at 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, Maverick Wolfley figures to have plenty of growing left—not to mention three more varsity seasons of development—before he makes his college choice official. But as a lifelong West Virginia fan with deep family ties to the program, he seemed thrilled by the opportunity that awaits.

“I’ve always wanted to come play for West Virginia,” he said. “And I want to play with my brother because he’s coming here too.”

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  • Buck

    I guess Maverick knows that Holgerson will be gone long before he dons the old gold and blue. Maybe he's counting on that, who knows?

    • aquarius

      do you ever read your posts....before posting? the latest made absolutely no sense..note to file for future cheap least have the courtesy to make it appear relevant.

    • Capt. Obvious

      yea, committing to a program when you know the coach is leaving makes a ton of sense. makes even more sense to commit to a program knowing they are making a change but no idea who the replacement would be.

      maybe he committed betting HCDH would be there and knowing he could de-commit if Dana were fired and Buck was named replacement coach.

      Buck, I think you have a few antlers loose.

  • Gunga Din

    Bridgeport High School has a, 6-foot-2, 225-pound linebacker who intercepted a pass in the State Championship game to preserve their victory. Apparently he was the first ninth-grader to play the entire season with the Indians varsity since 1968.
    I wonder if he is even on Dana's radar?

    • Dee

      Not if his last name isn't Wolfley.

    • Darl Hardy

      Makenzie Holmes from the Bridgeport Indians is my nephew... My Brother has done a great job with this kid... Makenzie is the type of kid that doesn't give up till he gets what he's after... He is a great football player, I know this because I've watched him from pee wee till now!!! You have to see him play to have respect for what IM saying... A freshman that made a difference in every game he played n yes n the state championship with the interception!!! Any school that didn't come after him has no drafting experience :-)

    • Mike

      Only if his last name is Wolfley. The kid from morgantown never played a down in a varsity game this year. There's only one reason Dana offered him now, because of his dad.

      • joe

        He actually did play a varsity game and and most rushed for and most 100 yards on 10 carries

      • KeatonsCorner

        You do realize his offer came AFTER outperforming a lot of talent at WVU's official Junior Day, right?

        He earned the offer, tool.

    • 1louddog

      mad hatter, I would say Mackenzie and his parents would care, the real question is what do you have against Mackenzie? Maybe you are jealous because he is a better football player at 14 than you ever were.

      • 1louddog

        nope, just look in the mirror and use some lotion, that's about as good as you will ever get.

      • Leroy j Gibbs

        All he cares about is putting down wvu. I have 0 respect for mad hater

    • Jim Moltzer

      Mackenzie Holmes ... he did great as a freshmen as a linebacker. He had 25 solo tackles and 51 total tackles. He has good size and weight. He could be a very special player by the time he becomes a senior. I hope that he becomes on the WVU football radar ... only time can tell ... he should be!

  • Dave

    Nothing wrong with another Wolfley wearing Old Gold & Blue. Welcome aboard and carry on that name.

  • KeatonsCorner

    I'm truly sorry folks can't see the value in this.... but it doesn't surprise me one bit.

    You get an early commit from a kid with the physical attributes and who lives within walking distance to your facilities. You put him on a diet plan. You put him on a weight training plan. You stay in constant contact with him, pointing out the main things he needs to work on and what he already does well. You GROW a great incoming player...

    It worked well with Nate Adrian for basketball. When he committed prior to his junior year, he was 40lbs lighter and far less advanced. Huggins sends Andy over to "prepare" him in the weight room and 2 seasons later, he's an instant contributor as a true freshman.

    • KeatonsCorner

      The bottom line is this: the problems with WVU Basketball don’t go away when we close our eyes. It is something that needs to be viewed, studied, analyzed, and dealt with; regardless of how much easier it may be to cover our eyes at the parts that challenge us…losing.

      • The Real KeatonsCorner

        WVU is .500 in the best conference in college basketball, despite having one of the 30 YOUNGEST rosters in America...

        Closing your eyes doesn't hide the fact that this team is building something great for the next 3-4 years.

        • KeatonsCornerWannabe

          You got that right! Go 'eers!

    • mad hatter

      Kisses to you from me.

    • mad hatter

      i concur

      • KeatonsCorner

        Concur Indeed because you know I know my basketball...

        The worst part about losing is that it gives people license to question your decisions and objectives.

        They say…“You can learn more from losing than winning.”

        What have the WVU players and coaches learned from losing this season?

        I would say..."A lot"

        • WVU MOM

          I would say they learned they need to have steady leadership (which = seasoned upper classmen) on a team. Talent needs guidance. I believe that this season is a development year and that Huggs needs to be sure to balance his players carefully in the next four years so that he is developing the necessary leadership among the players and not have them graduate (or lose eligibility) leaving a void of upper classmen when this class of kids move on.

      • 1louddog

        who cares

    • Pathetic

      The only surprising thing here is that you just insinuated Bob Huggins sent Andy Kettler over to Nathan Adrian for "two seasons" (which would include his junior year) to "prepare him in the weight room". This would have been a violation of NCAA recruiting rules at the time (2011-2012) which did not allow off campus contact during the athletes junior year. Care to clarify that statement?

      • KeatonsCorner

        You're a fool if you think there wasn't communication and instruction.

        June 2012. Nate Adrian drops out of AAU so that he can come home and work out in private sessions and develop his body. That's the beauty of having a place like Pro Performance in Morgantown. A workout regiment can be delivered and someone like Adrian can be placed on it.

        There are many LEGAL ways around the NCAA's rules. Also, verbal recruits and coaches are not prohibited from talking at all. If the player calls the coach, as is good.

    • Grant

      I hear you. Some of the best cl comedy is reading what these Marshall fans right in the comments.

  • Pathetic

    Most telling line in article: "Wolfley’s father Dale was an offensive line letterman for West Virginia from 1987 to 1990 and remains involved with athletics fundraising." Seriously pathetic. Typical WVU shenanigans. This is further proof that the football program is heading in the totally wrong direction. Coach and AD both need to go.

    • Jerry S

      I completely disagree. Dale Wolfley was a terrific offensive lineman for the Mountaineers and knows football. I appreciate that his sons want to play for WVU. I want them to play for WVU. Their father and uncle Ron were great and I was thrilled to see them play. Loyalty to the Mountaineer Nation and the old Gold and Blue Tradition mean a lot to me and I'm proud they want to be Mountaineers. Sure, I want to win a national championship as much as any Mountaineer does. But dedication to the Mountaineer tradition means more to me than winning.

    • CPA

      Have you seen this kids film? Do you know our AD's 5 and 10 year plan? Your post is further proof of the failing educational system.

      • Pathetic

        Pretty sure the ADs 5 year plan was to be in his 4th year at Texas.

        • mad hatter

          i again concur

          • 1louddog

            who cares again

        • CPA

          Lol.......weak reply.

    • Grant

      Considering the other Woodley kid is a 4* TE committed to WVU for next year, I think this is a safe bet.

      • 1louddog

        4* What?

  • Woodchuck

    He is still a baby!

  • WVUforLife

    This is a joke. I thought we recruited for talent not name. I don't care that he is an in-state kid. Watch what his brother did last year as a committment. Tons of talent but takes plays off.

    • Steve

      "Tons of talent but takes plays off" Sounds to me like he would fit right in wilth Holgy's current players.

      • GoEers

        Sound to me like you are a Marshall troll

        • KeatonsCorner

          The Marshall Trolls are everywhere. Looks like they are here to stay.

        • Steve

          Hate Marshall, just speaking the truth.

  • JimJim

    Will Dana Dude still be here in 2017? I don't think so! At least we will have a new DC, we get a new one each year. lol

    • KeatonsCorner

      A little early to be hitting the sauce down at the Eleanor VFW, huh Jim Kinzer?

      What would Betsy say?

      • GoEers

        Love your work

        I stole that line from Big Larry aka Lawrence Tomas

        • KeatonsCorner

          Lawrence Tomas doesn't exist. His name is Larry Jeffords, from Beckley, WV.

          And for a man who prides himself on being a devout Christian, he sure likes to judge and degrade complete strangers over an internet connection.....

          But, I hear if need a painter........ or a photographer....... or some drywall put up around Beckley, that portly little man is the guy to call!

          • Kevin M. Mansfield

            I concur... !!!

          • mad hatter

            look in the mirror

      • KeatonsCorner

        poor little JimJim got his trash comment deleted...

  • wvajoker

    It is good to see a football heritage in WV starting to blossom and be fruitful.

  • jay zoom

    he accepted what. (in his comment to this gentlemen has a lot to prove in order to play for a division 1 school. hope he does well. but time will tell if Dana is even here in 2017. then what happens. Holgerson could be betting on a come card that never comes.

  • TruthTeller

    We need more of this type of commitment from local athletes. Going with the brand name schools for status only gets you sitting on the bench behind other players. We need more local talent playing at WVU.

    • WvWhoi

      What local athletes have the size and or talent to play D-1 football? Maybe 1 or 2 every 5 years? West Virginia is either last or dead last in kids that play D-1 football so the pickings are slim at best. Success for the program lies in Florida and Pennsylvania.

      • Jeffrey JR

        Looked like Switzer had the skills. All ACC last year as a freshman

      • Larry

        True, and WV's population continues to decline...

        • ThisGuy

          Actually Larry, over the last 12 years the population has grown. Just not around the capital. The Eastern panhandle is growing nicely, as is Morgantown, and the states population is up arou 100k.

          • Txmountaineer

            Austin pop. 1 million ,sorounding berbs another mill.

  • GoEers

    Nice job of the coaching staff of keeping the in state talent.

  • Pat

    Awesome! Enjoy the next three years and we'll see you Saturday afternoons.

  • bucktail

    This kid has played in one varisty football game and he had almost 100 yards and one run over 20. Bring on Texas and Oklahoma!

  • Mister G!

    Young Wolfley will never play for Holgs, who will be but a distant memory here by 2017.

    • mad hatter

      i really concur

      • 1louddog

        who really cares

    • TruthTeller

      May I suggest anger management classes?

      • Art in Ohio

        He has a full boat (free ride). Does he care if he plays for Holgs?

    • wv_hawk

      Well, that's okay -- 'cause it sounds like he's commiting to WVU -- and not to Holgorson.

      I kinda like it better when they commit to WVU...

      • WVU MOM

        I like having local players on the WVU squads. It generates interest in the community and makes Morgantownians feel vested in the outcome of the games. Go Wolfleys! Go Adrian! Go WVU! The next recruit from MHS will go to the women's b-ball squad - Nathan's baby sister is a freshman as well and she will be playing for Carey...

      • WVU MOM