MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — There’s yet another Wolfley entering the West Virginia football program, and his signing day is only three short years away.

Maverick Wolfley, a freshman linebacker/running back at Morgantown High School, committed to the Mountaineers this weekend within hours of receiving an offer from coach Dana Holgorsen.

“(Holgorsen) told me how I was the first freshman he’s ever offered, so it was kind of a special thing,” Wolfley told Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of “I accepted it immediately. It’s a dream come true.”

Wolfley’s father Dale was an offensive line letterman for West Virginia from 1987 to 1990 and remains involved with athletics fundraising as coordinator of the WVU Varsity Club. Wolfley’s uncle Ron played fullback for the Mountaineers from 1981 to 1984, and older brother Stone is a junior tight end at Morgantown High who’s committed to WVU’s 2015 recruiting class.

Currently listed at 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, Maverick Wolfley figures to have plenty of growing left—not to mention three more varsity seasons of development—before he makes his college choice official. But as a lifelong West Virginia fan with deep family ties to the program, he seemed thrilled by the opportunity that awaits.

“I’ve always wanted to come play for West Virginia,” he said. “And I want to play with my brother because he’s coming here too.”

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  • Sarge

    I have a grandson that will be committing......,as soon as he learns to talk and read and write and gets out of diapers!!!!

  • Sean

    What about the kids from South Charleston

  • Sean

    They better wake up!! They had Sophomore Tailback from wheeling Park there in there Junior Day.. They should be looking at kids like him, instead of kids who haven't played in real Varsity Action!!

  • Kim smith

    I mean really WV!!! I seen the kid play.. He is a good player.. But ur not gonna sit here and act like there arnt better players in the State!!!! How about Wheeling Park's Sophomore Tailback!! 1500yds 25tds!! AAA Semi finals !!!! His Dad played at Oklahoma State!!!! But u offer a kid with no real Varsity Experience???? That's why u won't be a Top program ever!!This is almost a joke!!!

  • Billy

    Just heard a rumor that a second grader from Oak Hill WV just gave a committment for the class of 2024.

  • My 2 cents

    Donahue kid at Cabell Midland is the one to look at, 10th grader 6'4" 220 #'s D-end benches over 315 #

  • My 2 cents

    The Donahue kid from Cabell-midland is the one to watch. 6'4" 220# 15 year old 10th grader. Benches over 315. D-End

  • Footballjunkie

    Some potential in the class of 2016

  • Alex

    As it looks WVU don't much of a choice to recruit as early as they are , when other schools are already doing it . We just can't get behind and struggle to get caught up in recruiting. The reason I say that is LSU has all ready recruited a young boy in the eighth grade, so if you think it is a bit early to recruit a high school freshman think this is the eighth grade. One other thing West Virginia, if I'm not mistaken maybe 10 maybe 9 already have promises for next year which will fill the roster for scholarships players next year. ..... That's the way it is in recruiting anymore people. If you don't like it don't read it. Just try to accept it and go on. ( it is what it is ) can't change it. These young (men) boys what to be sure they have a scholarship lined up long before they get out of high school anymore that way they feel secured everybody's happy.

  • KeatonsCorner

    "Mommy...why did God make Marshall University....? They make us lose all our football and basketball games. It is all their fault...I don't like them Mommy...

    Mommy...will you read me another story about when coach Huggins coached Devan Ebanks and Kenyon Martin....?

    Mommy...will WVU ever win another basketball game?

    Mommy...? Mommy...Wake up Mommy....

    • 1louddog


  • 1louddog

    mad hatter is out of control and very funny.

  • 1louddog

    not for you just mirror & lotion

  • 1louddog

    mirror and lotion for you

  • Crystal

    I would not allow my child to make any kind of commitment as a freshman.

    • mad hatter

      Crystal please go back in the kitchen.

      • 1louddog


  • tw eagle

    maybe these young men mentioned here will herald the next generation of West Virginia "golden boys" . . . akin to the 50's era greats Sam Huff & Freddy Wyatt et al . . .