HURRICANE, W.Va. — Hurricane’s mayor doesn’t want his town to become the dumping ground for Charleston’s problem. Mayor Scott Edwards learned this week trucks loaded with water contaminated with MCHM were being trucked by Freedom Industries to the DSI Landfill in Hurricane for disposal.

“DEP issued a permit to Freedom Industries to transport to the DSI landfill,” said Edwards. “But since the CDC doesn’t list MCHM as hazardous, it must be non-hazardous and they didn’t have to let us know at all.”

Edwards first learned about the dumping which began March 7 through a phone call and mounting reports of the licorice odor in the area.

“Their leachate actually gets piped into the Hurricane wastewater treatment plant,” Edwards said. “We don’t treat for MCHM so all of that gets piped right into Hurricane Creek. I have major concerns for all of this.”

The City of Hurricane and the Putnam County Commission teamed up to sue to stop the dumping. They asked a circuit judge Friday for a temporary injunction to stop the transport and disposal operations immediately and will further seek a permanent injunction.

Edwards said there are widespread concerns about the air quality in the area along with the impact it may have on the aquatic life in Hurricane Creek. The city of Hurricane’s drinking water is safely upstream of the landfill drainage, but that doesn’t comfort Edwards who is angry this was allowed to happen.

“What happened a few months ago in Charleston may have involved negligence, but it was an accident,” said Edwards. “What happened in bringing this to Hurricane was purely negligent.”

Meanwhile, the state DEP issued two Notices of Violation against Diversified Services Friday afternoon for a spill that happened at the company’s headquarters in St. Albans when it was transporting MCHM for Freedom Industries.

The company has until March 26 to file a written response to the violations.


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  • MayorJonesofSmallville

    You people better let us dump our waste where I want or I'll levy even bigger fees on you all.

    The people of Charley West are certainly the luckiest people to have me as their mayor and all you little municipalities are lucky to share the same valley with my Kingdom City. Now, when you visit remember to bring your user fee with you and leave your 2nd amendment at home.

  • Dave

    I don't understand. You can't dispose of water (or any other liquid) in a landfill. What am I missing here?

  • Waterboy

    Let's all remember that if it hadn't been for the hurricane water dept a lot of people wouldn't have had clean water to drink and use . Water was given away freely at the fire dept and walmart in hurricane to those in need . Help keep ours safe in case it's needed again in the future. We need to take care of each other .

  • Aquarius

    Since governor humpty thinks the water is ok, take it to his backyard.
    This state is a ship of fools.

  • Worm

    West Virginia is run by complete idiots.

    • WV Common Tater

      The sad part of that statement is that they are elected by the People.

      • Robert

        People tend to elect people like themselves.