WASHINGTON, D.C.— Terry Henderson didn’t see enough fire out of his team during West Virginia’s second-half collapse at Georgetown on Tuesday night.

“We weren’t hungry as a team, and we should have been,” the sophomore guard said. “It’s win or go home.”

Home was where the Mountaineers headed after a 77-65 loss ended a one-and-done stint in the NIT.

Henderson scored 11 of his 13 points after the half, doing most of his scoring damage as West Virginia’s final game of the season was unraveling.

“It hurts,” he said. “I hope everybody remembers this sour taste in their mouths and comes back ready for next season.”

Click the video to hear more postgame comments from Henderson, whose 28 minutes were the most he played in his three games since returning from an illness.

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  • Clair

    I didn't even bother to watch or listen. Call me a fair weather if you wish but I have been a fan since 1957 even through the years when Catlett held the program hostage.

    • Mister Man

      Ok. You're a fair weather.

  • Chris

    Same ole story we've heard this all season.

  • Big joe

    Why not go to a zone earlier,why wait till 3 minutes left in the game. They need big men and play defense . They are so bad I turn them off . Foul shooting is awful.

  • jay zoom

    did Huggins take his chair with him (probably) but he left his ability to coach in Morgantown THANKS OLLIE

  • richard

    you say the team wasn't hungry. blame the team? look in the mirror---you were MIA yourself. henderson hasn't done much of anything lately. you need to play a whole game yourself mr. henderson. very very few games have you played well. if its not you, then its harris. he was MIA too. was for most of the season. you cant play a good game then turn around and play 4 or 5 bad games before you have another good one. good luck next year. you are going to need it if you play like this again.

    • Mister Man

      Darn straight!!!! Why did he let himself get Mono in the first place? Dang slacker.

    • Cam

      I'm not sure how you can blame a guy for being "MIA" when he's out for 2 weeks with mono...
      As for Harris, it's much easier to defend him when you have fewer other guys to worry about. Henderson and Harris are better when they have each other on the court.

      • jwg66

        I had Mono when I was younger. Took 3 weeks to get past the immediate symptons and was tired & weak as a kitten for a month or so after that. Felt like an exhausting flu with a sore throat that hardly allow food to pass. Would not wish that on anyone. And with Staten having turned the ankle, some of our punch was definitely gone. Still, I had a hard time with our turnovers, missed FT's, poor decision making and failing to get back on D.

  • Baldeagle

    You could tell from the get go that the players had little interest in playing in the NIT. There was no spark, no energy and no purpose….could coaching be part of the problem?

  • Aaron

    If this young man will get with his roommate and dedicate the next six months to becoming stoppers on defense and leaders of the team, next year will be very exciting.

    • Room 814

      She told me she wasn't interested.

    • The Wisetalker

      Wishful Thinking...

  • joey

    henderson & harris say all the right things, but seldom do all the right things. I hope their next step is learn to do the right things ,like play defense for 40 minutes.