CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed the municipal gun bill into law Tuesday evening and Charleston Mayor Danny Jones said the city would challenge it in court.

In a prepared statement Tomblin said he signed Senate Bill 317 because he supports 2nd Amendment rights.

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Charleston Mayor Danny Jones has promised signs like this at the city’s recreational centers.

“I also see the need for uniform and consistent gun laws throughout the state. I believe this legislation will give municipalities clarity for regulating firearms in their facilities,” Tomblin said.

Mayor Jones said the law will allow guns to be brought into recreational centers where Head Start and after school programs are held. He said the city would fight the law in court hoping to get the rec centers recognized as school facilities, where guns are illegal.

“We believe these recreational centers are in fact schools,” Jones told MetroNews Tuesday evening. “If that is in fact the case then not only will it not only be permissible it will be a felony.”

Gov. Tomblin said he understood the concerns when it comes to municipally-owned recreational centers.

“I will continue to work with local and state officials to address those concerns,” Tomblin promised.

Mayor Jones met with Tomblin about the bill two weeks ago and is not surprised that he signed it.

“There’s no upside to him vetoing this bill. Not politically, it’s just not there,” Jones said. “For me there’s just no moral upside to sign it but that’s not a choice I get to make.”

Jones said the city leaders of Charleston would fight the law as much as possible.

“I want it to be on record that the City of Charleston and its leadership did everything to stop it in case there is a calamity at one of these rec centers because the legislature put guns in there,” the mayor said.

Charleston City Council rescinded its controversial gun purchase ordinance last week.


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  • jeremy

    Thank you for signing 317. Fix the roads and I will give you five stars. Until you do, your stuck at three stars.

  • Independent View

    Danny Jones' argument that SB 317 was introduced and supported by rural senators and delegates and it should not apply to Charleston or municipalities. What kind of thinking or logic is that??? So, if one would uses Danny Jones' logic then, senators and delegates representing minicipal areas such as Charleston should not be introducing or supporting legislation that affects residents in rural areas?Amazing logic being used.
    Also, I have watched and listened to the interview appearing above with Danny Jones. This guy is grasping at straws. When one of his arguments does not hold water, he immediately conjurs up a new one. The latest one during this interview (paraphrased) is: "we want the legislature to open up the capitol and state office buildings to concealed carry permit holders. if we (Charleston) have to allow CC Permit holders to exercise their rights in our rec centers then, let Unger open up the capitol."
    Again, Danny Jones conveniently left out the fact that firearms are STILL prohibited in City Hall. What's the difference between city hall and the capitol? And, further, Charleston allows Civic Center performers and their rodies to carry firearms in the Civic Center and apparently, there is no effort on the part of the city to determine if these people have a criminal background or a concealed carry permit issued by another state that has resciprocity with WV. No efforts are made to control these firearms on city property.
    Mayor, please move on to important matters such as thugs and criminals having shootouts in Charleston, failing infrastructure and more importantly, the water problems which could have long-term residual health effects on your rsidents and the 300,000 affected people.
    This is not not about safety it's all about control and feeding a massive ego!

  • mook

    You people in Charleston buy alot toilet paper for city hall. Your Mayor sounds like he's full of s----!!! Does he really think this will cause crime to increase! People who do harm to someone could care less about gun laws. Ask the family of someone who's family member been shot and see if it's from someone with a carry permit!

    • Enough

      Yes we do and we can't seem to find the flush handle to get rid them

  • Brian

    Guns at middle school and high school sporting events? Oh ya, I feel real safe with a bunch of people with guns in a gymnasium setting beside me!

  • Enough

    Danny Jones and his supporters are a disgrace to this city. Instead of embarrassing us with your illogical, lying rants about SB317, why aren't you focusing on the real issues that face Charleston like the crime on the west side, crumbling streets / other infrastructure, snow removal (this past winter in the city was pathetic), and city government waste. Charleston has some of the highest number of cops per capita in the country and considering the city's crime rate we aren't any safer! You increase our taxes but waste money on senseless lawsuits trying to defeat this law. You sir must go and anyone on the city council who supports you as well. I will be searching these people out and expose them so they can be defeated in the next election. 2015 can't come soon enough for you

  • Teufel

    A big thank you to Gov. Tomblin for supporting the 2nd ammendment.... booyaah!

  • Really?

    Thank you Governor Tomblin, Corey Palumbo, John Unger and the rest of the WV Legislature that supported and passed SB317 to bring uniformity, clarity and rationality to the gun laws in West Virginia. It was politically hard to do the right thing with the hysterical, emotionally charged lies being broadcast by people like Mayor Danny Jones and his minions, as well as the liberal news media distorting the true facts of this law.

    Thank you

  • Luke

    Risk versus Reward!!! Very little reward comes from "packing heat".

    • Wowbagger

      But the outside possibility that the guy down the street is packing has proved a huge deterrent nationally over the last decade or so.

  • BAC

    When have you EVER heard of a conceal-carry permit holder committing a gun crime? You know it would be national news, but I've never heard of one. We should be grateful to have permit holders around; police can't be everywhere. Thankfully, AG Pat Morrissey will agressively defend against any Danny Jones challenge to this law. Law abiding gun owners are not Charleston's problem; the crime infested West side is.

    • Wowbagger

      I had a minor accident recently on an icy road in a suburban area recently but ended up stuck in a bad place that I couldn't pull out of and had to call 911. Sure enough, it took a Sheriff's Deputy the national average of 20 minutes to get to the spot to help me out. "When seconds count the police are minutes away."

  • JeffnWV

    Danny "Dollar Bill" Jones is acting like a toddler who didn't get a toy. He's throwing a tantrum that does no one any good and only makes him look immature and foolish.


    When it comes to the point when there is no reports on a shooting in Charleston every night. Then we may not need to carry everyday and night. Instead of a focus on legal non-threatening gun owners. Focus on the REAL crime in your city Mr. Mayor and way to hamper it. Like real jobs that help pull people out of the line at the DHHR and HUD approved homes. Where people can take pride in getting up and going to work and earning a living. We have third and forth generations being raised on handouts from the government. Get the picture of why your city is crime riddled.

  • Independent View

    As Jerry Garcia said: "what a long strange journey it's been." And it has since 1993, but the people of WV have spoken loud and clear through its elected representatives. We WILL have uniform gun laws throughout WV and the authority to legislate those laws rests solely with the state.
    Additionally, it is somewhat amusing and speaks to Danny Jones' myopic view of things. The 2013 legislature had an amendment to the Home Rule attached that became law. It stated that any municipality that wished to participate in home rule must repeal its gun ordinances. Did Jones follow the law? NO and he thumbed his nose at it! The WV Citizens Defense League filed suit against the City in Kanwaha County Circuit Court asking the court to force Charleston to follow the law. Danny Jones has spent $65k fighting this suit. Now that SB 317 has been signed by the governor, it's a moot question.
    Compare & contrast: if Danny Jones could thumb his nose at the provision of the Home Rule Bill that he did not like and questioned its legality, but when it came to using Home Rule to pass a city sales tax then, the law was perfectly acceptable.
    The mayor's thought process defies logic, but give him credit he is an old-school politician that knows how to create hysteria, use humans as props for his TV rants and ignores laws that do not suit his objectives. The mayor of WV's capitol city should not be acting like a child!

    • editerguy

      Long strange trip. Not journey. Sounds like you've been living on reds, vitamin C, and cocaine too long.

      • Independent View

        What a snarky remark about somebody you do not even know.
        It also sounds like you know a lot more about being a Dead Head that me.

        • Jason412

          Editerguys comment about reds and Vitamin C is also a Grateful Dead quote.

  • B. Wayne

    Oh Danny, it seems like he still hasn't calmed down after his embarrassing performance on Decision Makers. Instead of putting all of his time and effort into stopping a good common sense law that only protects law abiding citizens, he needs to work up a plan to run the trash off the West Side. If he put just half of the city's efforts into that goal then there wouldn't be as many shootings, stabbings, or drug related problems.

  • whatamoroon

    Well I guess a recreational center can certainly be a "school" because Charleston City Hall is a "three ringed circus".

    • Must Go

      After reading the statement by the Mayor; my first thought was "what a moroon". Then I scroll down for comments and the first thing I see is; "whatamaroon". LOL!!!

  • Come on Danny

    I guess our user fee is going into the making of these signs.