CHARLESTON, W.Va.— A nurse has filed suit against West Virginia Media Holdings President Bray Cary claiming he became hostile and belligerent during a routine examination.

Melinda Heiss says in the suit filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court this week that the incident happened in 2012 when she visited one of Cary’s TV stations, WOWK in Charleston, to perform medical screening necessary for a life insurance policy.

(Read complaint here)

Heiss claims the trouble started after she drew a vial of blood and asked Cary a series of questions.  “Carey became hostile and refused to answer any further questions, explaining that ‘… he had already provided the information’ to the insurance agent.”

In the complaint, Heiss says she decided to discontinue the examination and leave, but “At this point, Defendant Cary stood in front of the closed office door and told Your Plaintiff that she was ‘… not going anywhere’ until she gave him back the vial of blood, and refused to allow her to leave the office.”

Heiss says she then called her company, Portamedic, but while on the phone “Cary grabbed the phone from her hand, pulling hair out of her head.”  She left the building, putting her medical bags in her car, but returned for her cell phone.

“At this point, Defendant Cary came running toward her and shoved another phone in her face, telling her to talk to his insurance agent,” according to the complaint.  “When she began telling the agent what had happened, Defendant Cary again grabbed the phone from her hand pulling hair from her head and screamed into the phone ‘… there was no lock on that door.’”

Heiss says the insurance agent pleaded with her to finish the exam or, at the very least, get a urine sample.   She agreed, but according to the complaint, “Rather than retreating to the men’s restroom, Defendant Cary went inside an office, urinated in the cup, and returned with his trousers visibly unzipped and was very rude and insulting” when he gave the sample to Heiss.

Heiss claims the incident was so upsetting that she suffered severe emotional distress, had to quit her job, and is now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  Heiss, who is represented by Ed ReBrook and Mike Clifford, is asking that a jury award her damages.

Cary, along with serving as President and CEO of West Virginia Media Holdings, is also the on-air host of the public affairs program “Decision Makers.”

Cary did not respond to an email and a text asking for comment, and his attorney, Ben Bailey, did not respond to a phone call seeking comment.

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  • Independent View

    It is sad when one has to become a media mogul to have a platform to express their political leanings.
    I like many West Virginians do not appreciate Mr. Cary lecturing us dumb hillbillies on his weekly TV show--and that is exactly what it is--a SHOW!
    If a guest does not march in lock-step with his political views he assails them and tries to embarass them. On the other hand, if he agrees with his guest's political leanings, it's a Woodstock-type Lovefest. A great example is Danny Jones. While watching that segment it was apparent that Bray was just acting as Danny Jones' straight man, setting up each statement and rant Jones would make.
    I hope Ms. Heiss wins a kazillion dollar settlement from this obnoxious jerk and he has to sell all of his media outlets to pay her off.
    WV would be much better off without this self-serving Baffoon clogging the airwaves with his venomus spews!

    • Aaron

      It seems to me a simply solution would be for you to simply not watch him. That works for me.

      • Jason412

        What's funny about Danny Jones tirade on Decision Makers is he ended up being right. Unger and Cray both said the bill would not allow the carrying of guns in rec centers, and were wrong.

        But that's the first and last episode of Decision Makers I'll watch

        • BS

          Jason412 I see is at it again, posting lies and distortions. Why don't you get a real job son - as a used car salesman

  • William

    @Melinda Heiss -
    You got him,
    Don't let him come up for air!

  • R Melott

    Really.......She took her stuff to the car but came back in instead of leaving. If scared enough to suffer PTSD later, she would have driven off without the phone. Not that I am approving of his nutcase behavior.

  • thornton

    I suppose ObamaCare would have prevented this sad incident.

  • The bookman

    He sounds like he's getting what he deserves, and she sounds like an opportunistic leech. A perfect match. No sympathy for either one of them regardless of how it plays out!

    • Brian

      +1 also

    • Leroy j Gibbs


  • Sarah

    He's a nutcase like his buddies Patrick Morrisey and Danny Jones.

  • Not surprised

    Bray is one of the rudest people I know. Ask his servants at WOWK, and I'll bet they agree. He needs to be off the air. How can anyone support this man? Just because you're rich doesn't make you a nice human being. Bray it's time to stop being a bully...

  • DWL

    "Severe emotional distress". Her wallet must be empty and she sees a cash cow. Nothing like stretching it out to the statute of limitations. Bet her litigator carries a hand full of cards and chases ambulances.

  • J

    2012 and comes out now? Hmmm

  • Bob

    2 things:

    1) I wonder what he was afraid the blood test would reveal?

    2) I wonder what poor employee had to pee in the cup for him?

    • Former Newsie

      Probably any one of his WVMH minions...they worship the ground he walks on like he is a God... certainly not any WOWK employee - they all hate him...

  • William

    This is the new AMERICA =
    Share The Wealth.
    Take from some, give to others
    Where's Mine?

  • knows

    I don't know either one of them but sounds like BS to me she just got tired of working and realized who he was and maybe she could some money

  • Aaron

    I wonder if she filed a criminal complaint when this incident allegedly occurred.

  • Doug


  • Mason County Contrarian

    A true role model.