BUD, W.Va. — Raleigh County Senator Mike Green is applauding a move by the state DHHR Wednesday to lift the boil water advisory for the Bud/Alpoca area of Wyoming County.

The advisory had been in effect since last September.

“In this day and age, all people in West Virginia should have access to clean drinkable water,” Sen. Green said who represents that area of Wyoming County in his senatorial district. “I commend the West Virginia Public Service Commission for marshaling the effort it took to work out the details between land owners, public service districts, and utilities to bring this crisis to an end.”

The senator also thanked state Adjutant General Jim Hoyer and the National Guard for its response.

The nine-county water emergency dominated this year’s regular legislative session but Green maintains the Bud/Alpoca situation was just as bad if not worse.

“I know the Charleston water crisis made national headlines, but the scope and duration of this event affected the residents of Wyoming County as much or more than the Elk River situation,” Green said.

Some local public service districts are helping the communities now and the construction of a new permanent fix is expected soon.

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