CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia’s new commissioner of tourism says her passion is the Mountain State.

“It’s living in West Virginia and promoting all that is good,” Amy Shuler Goodwin told MetroNews shortly after her appointment by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin Thursday afternoon. “It is so easy to take a look around and see how many wonderful things we have. I’m just excited to have the opportunity to make this my full-time job.”

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Amy Shuler Goodwin

Goodwin has been Tomblin’s communications director since Feb 2012. Before that she led the press office for former Gov. Bob Wise.

She is married to U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin. They are both state natives.

“My husband Booth and I try to show to our children every day that our playground is literally our backyard, the next county over,” she said. “We bike, we fish, we climb, we hike.”

Goodwin will take over for longtime Tourism Commission Betty Carver who is retiring after nearly 40 years in state government. She officially begins June 1. Gov. Tomblin made Goodwin both tourism commissioner and deputy commerce secretary.

“Like many, I have been continually impressed by Amy’s energy, talent and passion for improving opportunities for our state,” Tomblin said in a news release. “Everyone who knows Amy personally and professionally, as well as those who will meet her as she travels across the state, will immediately recognize why I’m pleased she decided to take on this important role [as tourism commissioner].”

Goodwin said she plans to hit the ground running.

“I’m happy to have this opportunity to show to everybody else why I love the Mountain State and why growing a business, a family, in West Virginia is the best place to be,” she said.

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  • Allegheny_Hi

    So many quality candidates that could/should have been considered for this position and the tourism industry gets stuck (again) with another political hack. Let's hope she at least tries to promote our industry. The previous commissioner had no interest in doing so. Sadly, I think the only buzz coming from the Tourism office will continue to be the sounds of crickets chirping.

  • Ryan

    I can't believe that Metronews has let this comment (1) get posted and (2) sit on its website since yesterday afternoon without taking it down. It's degrading and lends nothing to any public discourse, other than to show the incredible lack of decency that frequently takes place in the anonymous comment sections of these articles.

    • Larry

      He may have meant 65 lighter, he didn't specify.

  • the truth

    Another day another political appointee. Tomblin is like Manchin starve the people who work on the frontlines but make sure you take care of your political cronies.

  • James Lane

    Great. Let's go with the 2nd rate candidate for the job because it is the safe and easy choice politically. This is the theme of the Tomblin Administration in general. It could have been great, but ended up 2nd rate.

  • Chef Camille

    Geeze enough already with this family.Why don't they move to New York or New Jersey and build a new political empire. Can't anyone hold a job outside sucking off the government!

  • Really??

    What will WV do when there are no more Goodwins to appoint???

  • omg

    Can anyone get a job based on experience or knowledge? The Goodwin family does nothing but stick their noses in govt jobs over and over again. Get a real job and prove something on your own.

    • GoEers

      hey OMG let me know if this information below meets your criteria for experience and knowledge:

      Goodwin started working as Tomblin’s communications director in February 2012. She has served as the governor’s spokeswoman through several public emergencies, including the June 2012 derecho, Superstorm Sandy in October of that year, and the Freedom Industries chemical spill that disrupted water service for 300,000 West Virginians in January.

      Goodwin previously worked as chief spokeswoman for former Gov. Bob Wise. Goodwin also has served as West Virginia communications director for former presidential candidate John Kerry during the 2004 election, and as spokeswoman for the City of Charleston. She is a former news anchor and reporter for WCHS-TV in Charleston and WTRF-TV in Wheeling. She is married to Booth Goodwin, U.S. Attorney for West Virginia’s Southern District, and is the daughter-in-law of state Education and the Arts Secretary Kay Goodwin.

      Between 2004 and 2012, Goodwin worked as the managing member of the Goodwin Group, a public relations firm that she founded. In that job, she represented law firms, health care organizations, trade groups, nonprofits, labor unions, and small and large companies.

    • really

      In Mt. Alto, the tiny, unincorporated area where Carte Goodwin is originally from, you know, the one who was appointed a US Senator for a couple days, they have signs up, "Home of Carte Goodwin, US Senator", totally ridiculous.

  • Wtf

    Since my comment didn't make the cut last time Metronews lets try this; I've never seen a more qualified family. We'll rounded enough to run any appointed position.

    Why earn it when Jo-Bob can get it for you.

    WV's first family.

    That's why we're in the shape we're in.

  • Low Rider

    What experience does she have in promoting tourism?

    The democratic party in WV is the good old boy system run amuck. I'm sure the next generation of Goodwin's are already lining up with the Manchin clan for future WV government jobs.

    When will things ever change in WV?

  • thornton

    Classy, represent well.

  • LDB

    Such nice people on here. Most of us put weight on as we get older. I didn't know you had to be a fashion model to do the job. She is a very nice looking lady.

  • epeer

    Just sit there and steal the money. Let the people in the field do the real work.

  • TruthSeeker

    It's that who you know. But who you blow. Just ask Amy Goodwin or Judge Wilfong, LOL.

  • Larry

    65 which way, and remember when she was on the news?

  • Dale

    Congratulations Amy! Well deserved!