A billboard in central WV promotes Tuesday’s vote

SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. — Voters in seven counties of West Virginia will be asked whether Sunday hunting should be authorized again in their county in Tuesday’s primary election. It’s the first time the question has been put before voters since the West Virginia Legislature authorized Sunday hunting on private land statewide in a 2002 bill and also authorized a county by county election on whether it should be allowed.

“The ballot will read, ‘Shall Sunday hunting be authorized in _____ County?'” said Cory Boothe who instigated the grass roots effort to bring the subject back to the voters. “The law states it’s private land only. Voters need to be aware even though the ballot doesn’t state it’s private land only, that’s what the law allows.”

The initial legislation limited Sunday hunting to private property. Soon after Governor Bob Wise signed the bill in 2002 opponents were quickly busy gathering signature to have the measure placed on the ballot. In 41 counties Sunday hunting was closed the next election.

Booth decided last year enough time had passed to reconsider, at least in some places.

“It took five percent of voters to sign a petition to get it on the ballot, that was a fairly easy process,” he said. “We’ll see where we go from there.”

He was able to get petitions to put the question on the ballot in Braxton, Calhoun, Gilmer, Lewis, Nicholas, Webster, and Wirt Counties.

Booth said the support for the campaign has been tremendous and he’s encountered no organized opposition. He believes it’s because sportsmen are more informed and a lot of attitudes have changed in 12 years.

“I see more people working a six day work week rather than a five day work week,” said Booth. “It’s always a lot easier for me to get the word out with social media, whereas in 2002 that wasn’t the case.”

Booth said it’s as much about private property rights as it is about hunting freedom.

“It’s private land only, hunt clubs, and private land where you have permission to hunt,” explained Booth. “But if somebody is not in favor of it, they can still say, ‘No not on my land.'”

The Virginia General Assembly recently lifted the longtime ban on Sunday hunting in the neighboring Old Dominion. Booth said with that restriction gone, West Virginia is the last holdout without Sunday hunting in the region. He believed the action by Virginia lawmakers opened some eyes and boosted the cause in West Virginia.

Booth is unsure if other counties will want to make a change in future elections. He indicated it would have been easy to get more counties with the ballot question this time, but wanted to stick with the initial seven and see what happens.

“It all depends on what the people of those counties feel,” said Booth. “If they don’t want it in their county I obviously don’t want to force it, but if they do want it I want to be able to help them in whatever way possible.”

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  • WhgFeeling

    Does anyone else have issues with getting their comments posted? I see comments made several hours later that have been posted yet mine seem to fall to the wayside.

  • thornton

    The old Blue Laws and what not have seen their time pass...or should.
    Sunday no-hunting seems most a way to keep a bit of control by and feeling of relevancy for the opponents as their own form of time-spending is evermore under fire.

    Personally, I don't care much either way on this issue tho Sunday hunting could be a plus for me under certain circumstances.
    What is far more important than Joe Workingman's ability to hunt deer, turkey et al, to me, is the state of the forest and the game within. Once again, in the trilogy of habitat, hunted and hunter....the self-focused hunter rises to whine as most important.
    That is sad......except as a way to spend a Sunday afield for those with an afield interest as yet unimpacted by the selfishness brought by a narrow focus of ME.

    I expect some Sunday hunting ability will improve from this ballot, good....I don't expect very many to understand where that truly rates in importance, bad.

  • gibbs

    hey if you look at history he sabbath was usually saturday not sunday , so outlaw hunting on saturday too. no healing on the sabbath either, shut down hospitals, all of this is old testament stuff, jesus got rid of it , read the new testament

    • RDC

      How about not reading either "testament" and dealing with reality and not fairy tales.

      • Cook

        Fairy tales...... Your Stupid

      • wow

        with that kind of thinking you will meet a very hot reality, fairy tales, really.

  • joeyjojo

    yet another assault on our culture.

  • Nick Bumgardner

    Sunday hunting... Vote Yes...The working class deserves to be able to legally hunt on private land....We work to have land, we pay the taxes on our own land, there is no reason that we should not be able to hunt on our own land on sunday.

    Great job spearheading this Cory Boothe, I tossed around the idea of trying to start this but I never followed through with it. While I don't think we will ever see sunday hunting in all 55 counties, if we gain any more than we have now, it will be a victory for sportsmen and sportswomen everywhere.

  • Cory Boothe

    I prefer to praise God seven days a week, not just the madatory one.

    • WhgFeeling

      I agree.

  • WhgFeeling

    As a Board member at my church and a very involved member of the church I stand in full support of allowing one to choose to hunt on Sunday should they choose. I would not put myself above God in any manner. I also believe that I am clsoer to god when i am actually hunting not sitting in a pew with others that tend to judge and condemn others. What was Jesus' number one commandment? Love!! I do not believe we will have many people flocking to out churches if all we do is show condemnation. Wake up people IMHO if you present with biggotry and hatred all you will do is push people away.

  • JMB

    But you folks cannot explain why it's your right to vote what I can do with my time, on God's land or whomever's. I suppose God's hand is with you at the voting booth? Look, I am Christian. I try to live right. But frankly, the short sighted, judging, and backward attitude you display here is half (or better) the reason the Church is going by the wayside in this country.

    No one is forcing YOU to hunt on Sunday. And by your logic I am going to hell because I would (and have in other states already). I still cannot understand your logic that it's ok to tell me I can't do something that's completely legal the other 6 days a week, all the while being able to fish, attend sporting events, get drunk at the bar, etc. I don't hear about any of you at county school board, little league, etc meetings complaining about how their shouldn't be kids events on Sunday. It's absurd and at face value appears patently ignorant. Perhaps we should add Tuesdays or Wednesdays to the non hunting list, just because we could? Maybe no lawn mowing or barbecues on Sunday? How about no driving cars on, no electricity, so we could be more like the Creator intended? Let's get that on the ballot!

    I'm not stupid enough to think I'm going to change the minds of those ate up with the Holy Spirit. But I can assure you your stand against hunting and sportsman's rights is not going to get me or any other outdoorsmen with good sense in a church pew any more than we ever were. And it IS that, a stand AGAINST hunting and sportsman's rights. No better than PETA or HSUS. I just want you to face reality here on earth a little bit.

    • VOTE NO

      Nobody said you are going to hell for wanting to hunt on Sunday, but if you are a sincere Christian you should want to be in church on Sunday morning, not out hunting.

      • Dave

        you can go hunting after church.

      • Cory Boothe

        So what about hunting before or after church? I am sure that hunting after church is no more of a sin than taking the family out to eat after church.

      • Cory Boothe

        So can I hunt before or after church? I'm sure that hunting after church is no more of a sin that going out to eat after church.

      • Charleston,WV

        What if you have the ability to go to church on the Saturday? Then that would leave you with some availability on Sunday. Also, church service normally end around noon. That would leave you with at least 5-6 hours, depending on the time of year to spend in the outdoors.

        • VOTE NO

          Honestly, I think all arguments will be moot, because I think it will be soundly defeated in all counties, most voters are older, more conservative people, who I don't think will support it.

          • Cory Boothe

            Vote No,

            Which of the seven counties do you live in?

      • WhgFeeling

        From my Christian standpoint, you sound like a biggot. You seem judgemental. What is the leading cause of the fall of Christianity?........Christians themselves.

  • jcsmith

    Jenn I have 3 girls and work 6 days a week. I know what it is like.

  • jcsmith

    Jmb you don't own the land almighty GOD does. Shadow thank u. You have proved my point people like you and it is growing will try to shut Christians up. I beg u fellow hunters just pray about this.

    • Paco

      Then why am I compelled to pay real estate taxes to a secular entity?

    • Shadow

      I have no problem with you going to Church on Sunday or any other day of the week or what religion you are other than Islam. What I detest is folks that want to control other folks to their beliefs and you are doing that. I have never heard any reference to not hunting on Sunday in the Bible. As I remember, it says on the seventh day, he rested. We have considered relaxation a form of rest as a way to mend our minds from a week of work. Hunting is a form of Relaxation. My recommendation to you is to quit trying to control people to your way of thought, it is not appreciated. There are some of us who don't need a weekly reminder to follow the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments, we do it without prompts.

      • susanf1218

        It's certainly not "relaxing" for the poor animals! Don't they deserve a day of rest too?? And how barbaric that stalking and killing something is "relaxing" for you!!

        • 2XLPatriot

          And you are a vegetarian or only eat meat from animals that commit suicide?

          • susanf1218

            Nope. Neither one. But I don't think it is necessary to kill them on Sunday.

          • Paco

            I have field dressed many suicidal deer. They often leave notes about being poor role models for their fawns

      • The bookman

        The scripture says to remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy. I don't hunt any longer, did when I was younger, and may return to it when my children become older. I feel closest to God while submersed in nature, not in church, and certainly not in a lazy boy watching the NFL. God bless you if you set aside the entire day in careful study on Sunday, strengthening your bond with The Lord. Few do, and last time I checked, religious attendance wasn't mandatory in this country or state. I believe in freedom of choice, as free will is a gift of God to man. It is what we do with it that measures us. Vote for freedom of the individual to choose for themselves, regardless of issue.

        • RDC

          "I feel closest to God while submersed in nature" LOL I feel closest to god when I kill animals. What a ****!!

          • The bookman

            Hey RDC,

            We get it. You believe that regardless of the Sunday issue, that there is no god. Great. Do you have some point other than we live in fairy tale land to impart on the rest if us or is that the sum total of your ......, well it's not even an argument. They call it faith for a reason. You don't have it, and IMHO that is your loss. But the real issue here is this is an issue of personal rights and freedom to choose or should we continue to carve out a special place for Sunday that excludes the hunting public. And let's be honest, that's about all you can't do on a Sunday. I'm for freedom, and I guess you would be too, or are you just against God?

  • Billy Kirk

    It seems we are doing everything in our power as a country to keep people from God. Not forsaking the assembling ourselves together, as the manner of some is: but exhorting one another , and so much the more , as we see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:25. One day a week for God. I love hunting, but without God, I can do nothing. I'll see you next Sunday in church if you want to serve Him.

    • RDC

      Billy, go ahead and believe in your fairy tales. Just don't push them on anyone else. That's pretty easy, do you understand?

      • wow

        fire hot, very hot!!!

    • Cory Boothe

      Colossians 2:16 Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day.

      For future reference see the First Amendment and be aware that all of the top ten church attendence states have Sunday hunting.

    • WhgFeeling

      So your saying I cannot serve God if i am hunting on Sunday? If this is what is meant to be Christian in your point of view then I want nothing to do with YOUR belief!! Please advise what church you attend so I do not have to sit next to a self righteous biggot.

    • VOTE NO

      Very true, people put a lot of things before God on Sundays already, fishing, boating, kids sporting events, shopping, sleeping, etc.

      • susanf1218

        Yes they do. It is deplorable and a sad statement about people and their priorities and their relationship w/God.

      • I'm honest at least

        With a seperation of church and state why is church even brought up? If this WV had any marbles they would pass this state wide. If you want to spend Sunday hunting so be it. Same if you would like to spend it in church.


    Vote no, 6 days a week is plenty to hunt, and all the hard core hunters always take off work to hunt anyway!

    • Hollow hunter

      Hey vote no ! You have got to be the most self centered person ever! If you don't want to hunt on Sunday then don't ! Leave everyone else alone ! PERIOD !

    • Cory Boothe

      I can say that I work six to seven days a week and why should you tell me that an activity on my land is illegal one day a week but legal the other 6? If I can buy beer, gamble, attend a nude bar, or other true junk then I should be able to take my kids hunting on my own land. IT DOES NOT AFFECT YOU!

  • jcsmith

    I know a lot of people that hunt including myself that don't want Sunday hunting and praise GOD we live in a free country and we the people get to vote.

    • Cory Boothe

      I know a lot of people that are aginst Sunday hunting that go to Wal-Mart after church. Or out to eat.

    • Shadow

      Are you saying that God doesn't respect private property rights? Maybe we should put it to a vote to ban church on Sunday and see how that comes out. Considering the lack of participation in religious activities these days, the answer may surprise you. It certainly would relieve a lot of people of a guilt complex on Sunday morning.

      • JMB

        jcsmith, this is the logic I can't understand. Why is it because YOU don't want to hunt on Sunday, that you have the audacity to say that I can't? How dare you tell me you know better than I do what I can do on my own land. The land I pay for, pay taxes on, and develop for farming and wildlife.

  • Land Owner

    I feel if its your land you should be able to hunt on Sunday if you so choose.

    A lot of people work 6 days a week, and a lot of people who want to take their children hunting; however their children have activities on Saturday.

    Also, the last I checked we are allowed to fish on Sundays. And I almost forgot, we can buy Beer after 1:00 P.M. and drink liquor as long as we are at the casinos.

    In Closing, Sunday Hunting should be up to the Hunter and landowner.

    Not the Government or other people deciding for others.

    • Jenn

      No better words could be said!! Perfect sense!!! I have three kids I take hunting and one day isn't enough! And the 5 days a week I work I'm able to enjoy in the evenings because I have no extra help so no one should tell me 6 days a week is enough because they should come live my life and see how much time I actually have to devote to hurting!

  • JMB

    A vote for Sunday hunting is a vote for good sense and rational thought.