CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said Monday the only way to comply with new EPA proposed carbon emission rules is “to use less West Virginia coal.”

Tomblin was joined by members of West Virginia’s congressional delegation, state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, coal industry and labor leaders Monday afternoon at the state capitol to react to the proposal announced just a few hours before by federal EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

Tombin said not a single coal-fired power plant, with its current emission numbers, would be in compliance with the proposals. The governor called the proposals “outrageous” and said the state’s “worst fears were realized.”

State DEP Secretary Randy Huffman told reporters the state would be seeking flexibility with the EPA. He said the only coal-fired plant close to the emission levels is the Longview plant near Morgantown. He said unfortunately the technology is currently not in place to reduce the carbon footprint of the other plants if they still want to use coal.

“There is a little bit that can be saved in efficiencies in the plant itself but based on coal combustion technology of today you can’t get there,” Huffman said.

Gov. Tomblin said the state will formulate a plan of response but initially he said it’s likely West Virginia would seek more time to comply.

“If the federal government really wants to set its mind to it (new emission levels) and if the technology can be developed, then it’s going to take some time to do that to continue to burn coal in West Virginia and the United States,” Tomblin said.

West Virginia will also likely seek partnerships with other states in hopes of cutting down on its emissions level. Tomblin said 60 percent of the power produced here goes to other states.

Huffman said states have an emission number to meet by 2030. He said what makes it more difficult is the numbers are on a plant-by-plant basis not just an overall emissions number.

“It’s going to require a significant reduction in combustion of coal and replacement of that by some other energy source,” he said. “Natural gas can do some of it but it’s going to take a lot more than that to obtain that goal by 2030.”

United Mine Workers Union of American President Cecil Roberts said the rules would be devastating to Appalachia when it comes to jobs and spinoff businesses. He said coal is the fastest growing fuel source in the world and there are currently 1,200 coal-fired power plants under construction in the world. Roberts said the Obama administration wants to lead on the climate change issue but not many other nations are following. He said the U.S. is going for a walk by itself.

Gov. Tomblin spoke personally with the EPA’s McCarthy just before his state capitol news conference. He said she promised to listen but he admits it may be difficult to change her mind.

“She seemed open to us giving her the feedback but I’m not sure how much it will change,” Tomblin said.

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  • Mr.P

    Thanks Joe Manchin your doing one helluva job screwing the people in WV,why don't you move to Arizona with Rich Fraud.

  • Mr.P

    Wind mills for alternate power,what a joke one windmill wouldn't be able to power a toaster.

  • mook

    How about the emissions McDonalds puts out fryin up bugers and frys. Or the fools in DC toolin around in there cadys. Or the grid lock because our mass transit systems sucks . i.e. NO TRAINS

  • JTL

    All this strong talk from the guy (ert) who falls all over himself to implement any and every policy Obama wants... You're out of your league ERT, go back to the age old family business of illegal gambling machines.

  • WVUinDE

    Stop with the hysteria. These goals are very achievable. Look how the Homer City coal power plant, which was one of the nation's dirtiest, reduced emmissions of sulfur dioxide in three years. After everyone screamed that the increased EPA standards would shut the plant down.

    • Aaron

      If the goals are achievable, why did the government abandon FutureGen?


      • Imlovinit

        Do you know anything about government contracts?

        • Aaron

          You didn't answer the question. Why did the government abandon Future Gen twice?

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Heresy! Secede from the Union!

    • J.R. Skene

      See you later!

    • Mark

      Me too.

    • Hillybilly

      That works for me .

  • Hillybilly

    Maybe you just forgot , Oboma is just keeping one of his campaign promises he made . You were so taken with the slick community organizer even though he promised to kill the coal industry you folks voted him in anyway . lol Just wait until the A.C.A. is fully operational , The rich get richer , the poor get richer , and oop's where did the middle class go . You fools , you are getting just exactly what you voted for . Enjoy !!!!!! LOL You fell for the slick talking black man . Fools .

    • Johnny

      All you Obama fans, I hope the lazy are happy with their new funded and subsidized health care (cause they were too lazy to enrich their skills to sustain their own life), I hope the illegal aliens are happy they have committed a crime act as their first act on American soil because they were too lazy to wait on the legal process of immigration, I hope the black community is happy that blacks are now elevated to a ridiculous status through political appointments and hiring directives forcing fed gov agencies to hire them for positions they are not qualified, I hope Oprah is happy her contributions helped one ethnic group and and is destroying another state and culture quickly and with wreckless abandon in lieu of a slow roll of improving the environment. It's a sad day for our country. BTW, when will the imbalance of foreign trade be fixed? Fix that and everyone will be back to work. The EPA is conducting domestic terrorism all approved by our president.

      • JMR

        You're a racist pig.

        • Todd

          I guess that's all you can say when you can't argue a point.

          • notorious

            Ah, the race card. The liberal's standard respons to everything.

  • CaptainQ

    Checkmate! Obama's won the 'war on coal,' and in the end, all of us will lose when there's less electrical power plants, less power and as a consequence, we'll have to pay more for what little electricity that'll be left.

    Soon, if Obama's EPA has its way, mere possession of coal will probably be a Federal crime.

    • The bookman

      Not so sure, Captain. This will have major implications when enacted, as the only way to get there is a dramatic shift from coal to NG, AND a significant rise in the availability of renewable energy on the grid, AND significant conservation efforts reducing the amount of electricity we need. The cost of electricity is going to skyrocket for those who have had it the easiest, with the lowest rates. It will still increase overall for everyone. These rules may just seal his fate, and turn the general election into a massive shift in the US Senate to Republican. Going too far has its consequences.

  • RogerD

    "Under my plan energy costs will necessarily skyrocket." He said it and the Democrat leadership and the retarded leader of mine workers union supported him fully. Will there be any accountability?

    • Paco Delgato

      yes they're finally being held accountable for the MASSIVE CARBON FOOTPRINT they have pressed on our windpipes.

  • Barry Bledsoe

    While I am glad that ERT is getting on board to fight this, I have to say that it is somewhat hypocritical, considering that he helped pass the WV version of Cap and Trade a few years ago. HB 103 mandates that WV electric producers use 25% less coal, and switch to renewable sources of energy, or pay a fine, by 2025.

  • TB

    Keep following Cecil Roberts to the very end. A shame it is.

  • Jason R.

    I honestly think that Obama has been sent by a foreign power to destroy the United States from the inside out. Nikita Khrushchev said that the US would never be defeated from the outside but from within.

    • JMR

      Honestly, are you mentally retarded? How out of touch with reality are you? Are you under the care of a mental health professional? You're out of line, sister.

      • Todd

        Anybody that can say Obama's policies are good for this country is one brain cell away from a vegetative state.

        • JMR

          Your problem is that you're just anti-Obama. You embarrass yourself AND you embarrass this state with such a childish attitude.

          • Todd

            No, actually you and your ilk would like to see this country end up like a banana republic, all in the name of socialism and feel good policies. You can go ahead help push this once great country over the cliff, but I choose to stand up and fight tyrants like Obama and his administration to the very end, including lemmings like you.

    • Pickle Barrel

      I have never seen a President so thoroughly destroy a country in so little time.

    • dolphin3111

      I believe he has been sent here by Satan himself to destroy the US from the inside out.

  • LOL

    Glad to hear. If anyone think the politicians care about the working man think again. Several idiots in this state think so. Republican or democrat they are all POS. Would not waste my time voting for either. GO OBAMA!!!! Put coal out of business.

    • April

      The shut down of coal is the beginning of the shut down of other businesses. Coal feeds the economy. I don't know ways of helping meet the EPA regulations, but ending coal mining industry is going to be more damaging this nation.

    • Todd

      Hope you like living in the stone age, schmuck!

    • Pickle Barrel

      Then walk the walk and turn off your power.

    • PMQ

      Go Obama??? Where does your electricity come from?? That is assuming you pay for something.

  • Jlg

    Obama is the worst president I ever voted for! Without coal West Virginia is in for a world of hurt......

    • Harpers Ferry

      So I guess WV is just a one trick pony. Well, in that case, I think we should force all WV citizens to live in other states and then just remove all mountains so we can get that coal! After the last piece of coal has been removed we'll fill in that huge crater that used to be WV in with water and make it another one of the Great Lakes since, as you say, WV is doomed without coal. Derp! 'Murica Rules!

      • Coalminer's Wife

        How would you appreciate it Harpers Ferry if your livelihood was taken from you, no way to feed your babies, put food on the table, keep a roof over your family's head, or clothes on their backs? All because a bunch of politicians and some ignorant citizens believe in "global warming" "climate change" or whatever they're calling it this day. You all expect climate and what we get is weather, and weather is what's been happening since the moment this planet came into existence. Derp!

      • Joe

        The White House has already said that natural gas is a transitional fuel source.

      • Aaron

        What do you propose we use to produce the 40% of electricity that coal currently accounts for?

        • Coal Roller

          I think, that you think, that we all think we could all just hold hands across the state and magically will the energy into existence....(double face palm) Liberal puppy dogs and rainbows ideology....ROFLMAO!!!!!

          • Harpers Ferry

            It's called Natural Gas, Bro!

            Derp! Derp!

    • Richard Flanary

      He warned you! He declared war on coal, he said that energy prices would "skyrocket"!! And now you are surprised? You voted for that human waste in the White House, so do NOT expect sympathy.

  • DWL

    Even this liberal democrat recognizes the m0r0n's actions. He needs to be tossed from office for voting for him too.