Aliquippa (Pa.) High defensive back Dravon Henry was among 10 newcomers enrolled at West Virginia on Monday.


MORGANTOWN, W.VA. — Four-star prospects William Crest and Dravon Henry were among 10 football signees newly enrolled Monday for the start of the second summer school session at West Virginia.

That group of fresh arrivals includes nine freshmen and one graduate transfer, former Pitt cornerback Cullen Christian. A breakdown of who’s here, who’s en route and who’s gone from a recruiting class that Rivals ranked 45th.

Amanii Brown (Morgantown, W.Va.): Offensive lineman likely to redshirt.
Yodny Cajuste (Miramar, Fla.): Offensive lineman likely to redshirt.
William Crest (Baltimore): West Virginia’s highest-rated quarterback signee in years was dubbed “Little Geno” after committing to the Mountaineers.
Jaleel Fields (Aliquippa, Pa.): High-motor defensive lineman viewed as a redshirt candidate.
Dravon Henry (Aliquippa, Pa.): Whether it’s at safety, corner or special teams, he’s expected to see the field somewhere in 2014.
Tyree Owens (Oviedo, Fla.): Three-star defensive end who likely needs a redshirt year to bulk up.
Lamar Parker (Miami): A true freshman receiver has seen valuable playing time in each of Holgorsen’s three season at WVU, and Parker could be the next.
Xavier Preston (Jensen Beach, Fla.): Three-star linebacker could be a special-teamer next season.
Walter Rauterkus (Avon, Ohio): Offensive lineman likely to redshirt.
Cullen Christian (graduate transfer): Former top-100 recruit in 2010 who played one season at Michigan and two at PItt.

There may be howls for Crest to see immediate playing time if West Virginia’s offense struggles out of the gate, a likelihood when facing the defenses from Alabama and Maryland. But with Crest unable to enroll in time for spring practice, it’s hard to see him being prepared as a true freshman. The ideal scenario involves Crest redshirting next season—or receiving low-pressure reps behind Clint Trickett—before ascending to the starting job in 2015.

Henry could prove to be a monumental signee for defensive coordinator Tony Gibson, who beat out Florida State, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Pitt and Penn State to land the nation’s No. 16-rated safety.

Jacob McCrary (Miami): Three-star receiver who could play inside or outside expected to arrive June 26.
Jaylon Myers (Hutchinson Community College): Cornerback slated to arrive June 29.
Donte Thomas-Williams (Duhram, N.C.): Four-star running back scheduled to arrive June 29.
Justin Scott (Pierce Community Collge): Tackle prospect who could own a backup position when he arrives in July.
Dontae Angus (Philadelphia.): The 6-foot-6 offensive lineman was a signing day surprise for WVU.
Daejuan Funderburk (Washington, D.C.): Three-star safety who may be a first-year contributor is expected to arrive in June.
Shaquille Riddick (graduate transfer): While the FCS All-American defensive end is completing his degree at Gardner Webb, he is only allowed to do individual workouts at WVU.
Skyler Howard (Riverside Community College): Quarterback struggled during spring practice.
Edward Muldrow (Copiah-Lincoln Community College): Former South Caroline signee backed up Isaiah Bruce at Sam inebacker in spring.
Keishawn Robinson (Northeastern Oklahoma Junior College): Small-but-savvy cornerback who impressed position coach Brian Mitchell during spring.
Ricky Rogers (Monroeville, Pa.): Three-star receiver who lined up outside during spring.
Sylvester Townes (Coahoma Community College): Backup candidate at offensive tackle.
Davonte James (Springfield, Ohio.): Three-star linebacker reportedly wasn’t thrilled about being moved to defensive end in spring and is weighing transfer options.
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  • lenny

    If the 21 people who made comments before me were so "football smart" then they would all be coaching somewhere and would not have the time to read and comment on everything on line.


    Nice seeing these kids here and on campus...

    I believe we all would like to see Photos of the guys now , at the beginning of their wonderful football careers as they walk through the doors at WVU... I would like to see what Mike Joesph has to work with ... so to speak. I would like to see who came to play as well... if you know what I mean.

    Thanks Allen for what you do on keeping us informed on our beloved Mountaineeeers!

    Let's GOOOOOOOOO!!!! Mountaineeeeeeeeers!!!!

  • cutty77

    I want to see this Kid Crest play soon. Trickett will get knocked out in the 1st quarter against Bama. Remember what Coach Nehlen did with Major, started him against Ohio State in Columbus. Same applies here. The Future is now.

    • Yogi Wahoo

      Think Major's first game was at home against Ohio as a RS Freshman

    • WVinFLa

      I remember that....took over for Talley

  • don

    Alabama will crush T rickett! He'll be a boy among men and we got a preview last year about how that works out. Man, do we ever need a quarterback! A 6 & 6 season will be a gift for us. It will be a very long time before we can out do those 3 consecutive 9 win seasons under Stew

    • Ut Oh

      Yea after we build up reserves capable of playing in the Big 12. The depth was a little shaky exiting the Stewart years, to busy trying to find dirt on his replacement instead of football players! Go Ears

    • TruthTeller

      Wow listen to all the big fair weather pathetic so-called fans in this post. You guys should just jump over to the mighty Marshall little league team if you like winning against little league teams.

    • J the C

      Maybe we can recapture those halcyon days by leaving the Big XII, and joining the American Athletic Conference. We could probably win 9 there with Millard...well, Trickett.

    • Bobohill

      It will also be a long time before we play Rutgers, Uconn, USF and east Carolina again

    • Ole Sasquatch

      Rich helped.

  • Mister Man

    I hope Crest steps up and becomes a star.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Skyler Howard will be the QB.

  • JJ

    No disrepect to the new QB signee Chugonov, but it amazes me that everyone said Holgerson was a qb guru...and yet...he can't recruit a more high profile QB that other D1 schools are vying for?

    I hope this kid works out. For Holgerson's career sake.

    • Ut Oh

      Again he developed them, he didn't recruit them they were already at thier respected schools when Holgerson arrived. He just needs to spend more time what he knows nad maybe let Mr. Bradley do some of the PR. I really like that guy, classy!

    • Mister Man

      He recruited Crest.

      • Ut Oh

        Did I miss something or has he not played yet. Time will tell, I hope he is the next STUD!

  • Dave

    Just got a commit from NJ QB Chugunov....kid looks very good.....add to the mix.......

    • Dave

      ....class of 2015.....

  • Jim

    Calling Crest "little Geno" is BS. Let the kid show his own skills. Maybe Geno should go by "Little Bill" until he breaks past his sophomore season the in the NFL.

    • joe

      what an idiot.

    • Greg

      The scouting reports suggest that he should be more of a "little Pat White" than a "little Geno".

  • Dave

    Seems like the same old question, who's going to be our QB? I can only think that Clint Tricket is our go to guy.It owuld surprise me though if Clint can hold up for a full season. We should know after the 'Bama game.

  • Holgie

    I hope they redshirt Crest. I would rather have him in the system a year so we can have him for 4 years as a starter.
    I think they have to go with Clint unless he implodes and we have no choice but to put Crest in there.

  • Mike

    There was talk after the signing period tha Cajuste and Angus might move to the DL. Any truth to that.

    • Jerry

      I haven't heard anything specific. I think the coaches make a huge mistake if they keep Angus on Offense. I saw his high school video highlights and he was impressive as a Defensive lineman. He dominated opponents and looked like a giant compared to the other players. He pushed them around at will and broke up lots of plays. Put a ton of pressure on QBs. Just the guy we need at nose tackle.

  • Mike

    Allan Any chance of HT WT of the incoming players. Thanks for the news.