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Three-star quarterback Chris Chugunov of Skillman, N.J., became West Virginia’s 11th commitment for the class of 2015.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After an impressive passing performance Sunday at West Virginia’s camp, New Jersey quarterback Chris Chugunov received his first power-conference scholarship offer. One day later he committed to the Mountaineers.

Rated by Rivals as a three-star pro-style quarterback, the 6-foot-1, 188-pound Chugunov said he called Dana Holgorsen and offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson on Monday afternoon to confirm his pledge.

The class of 2015 prospect—who held an offer from Western Michigan and 13 FCS programs including Towson, Delaware and William & Mary—told Rivals he considers his recruiting finished.

“It’s my word,” Chugunov said. “I’m pumped to be a Mountaineer and be part of the West Virginia program and thank you to the West Virginia program for believing in me.”

Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of said West Virginia coaches had been fond of Chugunov for several months.

“Chugunov impressed West Virginia during the spring when the coaches made their way to watch him throw during the evaluation period,” Cumming said. “He repeated that performance with a strong effort at Sunday’s one-day camp, showing a great combination of arm strength and accuracy.

“Chugunov gets the ball out of his hands quickly and makes smart decisions with the football—two very important traits in the West Virginia offense.”

With home-state program Rutgers showing only token interest, the lack of major-college offers for Chugunov puzzled quarterback guru Chris Malleo. In April the founder of The Quarterback Fraternity mentoring service called Chugunov “the most under-recruited kid on the East Coast, if not in the entire country.”

While Chugunov lacks prototypical height, his coach at Montgomery High in Skillman, N.J., said he also suffered from a 48-percent completion rate as a junior that included a pedestrian 12-to-eight ratio of touchdowns to interceptions.

“In the middle of last season we were averaging eight drops per game,” Montgomery coach Zoran Milich told “If we catch some of those passes, Chugs is well over 2,000 yards.

“He is a bright, intelligent kid, who is a leader. He is going to play someplace, but the school that gets him is going to be amazed just how much better he is once they get him into their system.”

With freshman William Crest starting starting classes Monday and junior college transfer Skyler Howard having three seasons of eligibility left, Chugunov might be the only quarterback West Virginia signs in the 2015 class.

With 11 commitments, Rivals currently ranks the Mountaineers’ class 17th in the nation.

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  • gandolph

    This kid is going to regret that he ever signed up to play for Holgerson & Dawson. For his sake, I hope WVU cleans house after this season. -Gandolph

  • Georgianeer

    I love this kid. His receivers have absolutely no athletic ability whatsoever so Chugs always has to stick it in tight places like John Elway. Their hands are comical, too, but those are his buds and you have to respect this kid for not whining or getting his parents to move to a more opportunistic school. Clearly has a strong arm and great technique, but this kind of loyalty and perseverance is what separates college football players from recruits with potential. Only W. Michigan offered?? Recruiting, especially for QB's, is a lot about 7v7 and camps these days. Chugs blew Holgs away, so he signed him before got the chance to star at other power programs. Remember unheralded, undersized, short-armed, and technically flawless-in-camp Joey Madsen?? He, like Chugs, was a football player. Bet the house on this guy.

  • Georgianeer

    I love this kid! His receivers have no athletic ability whatsoever so they can't get ANY separation. Chugs looks like Elway getting the ball in those tight spaces. Their hands are comical, too, but those guys are his buds and this loyal kid doesn't whine or have his parents move him to a more opportunistic location. He has a strong arm and great mechanics, but ultimately, this kind of perseverance it's this kind of perseverance that determines success on the college level. Only Western Michigan???Recruiting, especially with quarterbacks, is about 7v7 and camps these days. Chugs shocked the coaches so they signed him before he stars at other power program camps. Remember how unheralded, undersized, but technically flawless Joey Madsen starred at camp? Like Chugs, he was a football player--bet the house!!

  • westfair518

    Allan, great article! Keep up the good work.

  • Mr.P


  • Mr.P

    I've read this same B.S. year end and year out.

  • richard


    • Mr.P

      The good old boys down south still love Dana and Ollie

    • William

      I agree with your Rich Rod comment, however, I wonder if he feels the same?

      • Danny

        I heard that he signed a new contract with Az, with the out cause, in case WVU comes calling. Sounds like he may want his old job back.

  • peleliu

    Is there any QB that DH. has recuirted and coached for 4 years? Thanks.

  • 1olewvufan

    After watching his game highlight videos, I really like what I see with the kid. He does a lot of things and has all the tools to be very successful at WVU, but what really impressed me is his ball placement, and his ability to throw a receiver open.

    I wish him the BEST at WVU, and guy's I truly believe this kid is a find.

  • Jon

    Good pickup for qb depth since we are going to be down to two young qb's after this season is over. This kid is a bit of a gamble since his only FBS offer came from Western Michigan. I hope we can get one more Qb commit this recruiting cycle.

  • that guy

    Man in Black



    I know everything

  • jay zoom

    (not thrilled with the new commit) you were misled its not a top 10 class it was we recruited 10 athletes 9 of which will be transferring next season. THANKS OLLIE

    • Mike

      jay zoom, Have you ever said anything that makes any since? Know one cares if you are thrilled or not about the new QB. In reality know one cares about anything you say or think.Just go back to your herdies.

    • Kevin

      Nobody will force you to watch. Maybe you can find some other team to watch on Saturdays and post ignorant, uninformed things about them.

  • Not thrilled with the new commit

    Is that the best we can do ??? Thought this was suppose too be a top 10 class

  • Not thrilled with the new commit

    Wow!!! Is that the best we can do????

  • Joel

    I like the offer and commitment. He could be the next Blake Bortles. He was overlooked.

    • notorious

      This kid is 6'0" 180 and we are comparing him to Blake Bottles. Bottles is a monster that can run. He had multiple D1 offers to be a TE.

      It is funny to watch the spinsters turn this kid into a blue chip prospect. I can remember fans drooling over Milaard's highlights too. "We got a diamond in the rough" "he dominated Texas high school football!"

      We all know how that turned out.

      • Mike

        who is this Milaard's you speak of. Never heard of him.

        • notorious

          People tend to point out grammatical errors and typos whenever they are not able to refute an argument.

      • notorious

        Bortles... not Bottles