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Three-star quarterback Chris Chugunov of Skillman, N.J., became West Virginia’s 11th commitment for the class of 2015.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After an impressive passing performance Sunday at West Virginia’s camp, New Jersey quarterback Chris Chugunov received his first power-conference scholarship offer. One day later he committed to the Mountaineers.

Rated by Rivals as a three-star pro-style quarterback, the 6-foot-1, 188-pound Chugunov said he called Dana Holgorsen and offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson on Monday afternoon to confirm his pledge.

The class of 2015 prospect—who held an offer from Western Michigan and 13 FCS programs including Towson, Delaware and William & Mary—told Rivals he considers his recruiting finished.

“It’s my word,” Chugunov said. “I’m pumped to be a Mountaineer and be part of the West Virginia program and thank you to the West Virginia program for believing in me.”

Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of said West Virginia coaches had been fond of Chugunov for several months.

“Chugunov impressed West Virginia during the spring when the coaches made their way to watch him throw during the evaluation period,” Cumming said. “He repeated that performance with a strong effort at Sunday’s one-day camp, showing a great combination of arm strength and accuracy.

“Chugunov gets the ball out of his hands quickly and makes smart decisions with the football—two very important traits in the West Virginia offense.”

With home-state program Rutgers showing only token interest, the lack of major-college offers for Chugunov puzzled quarterback guru Chris Malleo. In April the founder of The Quarterback Fraternity mentoring service called Chugunov “the most under-recruited kid on the East Coast, if not in the entire country.”

While Chugunov lacks prototypical height, his coach at Montgomery High in Skillman, N.J., said he also suffered from a 48-percent completion rate as a junior that included a pedestrian 12-to-eight ratio of touchdowns to interceptions.

“In the middle of last season we were averaging eight drops per game,” Montgomery coach Zoran Milich told “If we catch some of those passes, Chugs is well over 2,000 yards.

“He is a bright, intelligent kid, who is a leader. He is going to play someplace, but the school that gets him is going to be amazed just how much better he is once they get him into their system.”

With freshman William Crest starting starting classes Monday and junior college transfer Skyler Howard having three seasons of eligibility left, Chugunov might be the only quarterback West Virginia signs in the 2015 class.

With 11 commitments, Rivals currently ranks the Mountaineers’ class 17th in the nation.

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  • Chris

    I think we get one more QB thats a no brainer.

  • Aaron

    I've been less than impressed with Holgorsen's QB recruiting but I think what most are not taking into consideration is that when Dana got here, Geno Smith was the established QB with 2 years of eligibility remaining. You don't get many high quality QB's to come in when they know they're not going even going to have a shot for a year or two.

    Also, I know when they were recruiting Ford Childress, there were a few other QB's luke warm on WVU but when Childress committed, they went elsewhere. That happens as well. Most fair weather fans will not remember that Tajh Boyd was a WVU verbal until Geno committed at which point Boyd opened his recruiting again and wound up at Clemson.

    While recruiting is a science, in the end your still taking a shot in the dark. Some kids pan out and others don't and while the anti's (those opposed to Oliver Luck thus anything he touches is wrong) are not willing to admit is that recruiting has increased tenfold over the previous coaching staff.

    • Mitch

      @ Aaron,

      Boyd didn't leave "because Geno committed". We recruited Geno BECAUSE BOYD DE-COMMITTED.

      • Aaron

        You are correct. I knew the two were intertwined. I found the article from Florida earlier today in which Smith gave Boyd de-committing as part of his reason for choosing WV.

      • Mike

        Yes, that is accurate.

    • richard

      Aaron, i think how it went-------tajh boyd committed really early in the recruiting process, then backed out of his commitment. then bill stewart went after geno smith and got him to commit.

      • Mister Man

        Tajh back out first. The WVU got Geno.

        • Mister Man


      • Aaron

        And here I thought it was Doc Holiday who recruited Geno to Morgantown given that he was the recruiting coordinator AND recruited Florida.

        • mad hatter

          i concur

  • steve

    48% completion rate. The most underated recruit on the East Coast. Why can't we get the big time QB that's needed? I love and support WVU, but this season is make or break for Holgorsen. Then the next question-who is next? After the deal Rich Rod signed-he's out.

    • SCOTT

      you thought he was in before?

      enjoy being spit on...or do you prefer a good stiff kick in the face?

      They hire that sorry SOB i,ll burn my gear in the street.

  • TruthTeller

    Well hopefully others schools will not come along and take all of those 2015 commitments away from WVU. I guess it will be a wait and see story.

  • whatamoroon

    QB's are either confident winners or "deer in the headlights". I think this kid is probably the Harris, Kelchner, Bulger, and White type of quarterback that this state loves to get behind.

    • Diaspora

      I thought William Crest was the panacea to all that ails us :) ?

      Jake Kelchner was one of the grittiest Mountaineer QBs to ever take a snap. Like Ford though, he was always injured and was a notorious partier. But he was one of the great ones.

      I think Trickett, if he stays healthy and our receivers step up and make a few plays, can have a decent season. Let's face it, he is probably the only one that makes sense to start against Alabama.

      • Mitch

        @ Diaspora,
        ..and who said Crest still wasn't going to be all that? Just because we also recruit depth?
        The stupid on this site is world class.

  • Dave


    • Aaron

      Nice form, good touch. It's hard to tell from a highlight film if he's D-1 material or not but he certainly can throw the ball around the filed and is extremely accurate from what I saw.

  • mitch

    "Chugunov might be the only QB WV signs in the 2015 class..."


  • Dave

    Encouraging prospect. We need more competition.

  • ffejbboc

    Physically he is built a whole lot like Marc Bulger was coming out of high school.

  • Holgie

    I did a little research on this kid and I think we may have found a diamond in the rough.
    My guess is that a lot of Div 1 programs are going to try and lure him away once his season gets going.
    He has the mechanics to be a very good QB.

    • Phil

      He still has his senior year to improve and show what he can do. Do any of you remember recruiting Sean White?? He was a low three star at the end of his junior year and WVU wanted him. They backed off and guess what hapened, he had and stellar senior year was the MVP of the Under Armour All American game and will be and freshman at Auburn this year. Point is they liked him and nd he still has a year left. Also while I'm at it Howard was the #1 dual threat juco QB it's not like he was a scrub.

    • mad hatter

      if you said he was good, here goes another was ted scholarship

    • notorious

      Another in a long line of underwhelming QB recruits for Holgorsen. Western Michigan and a bunch of 1AA schools?

      Maybe he will surprise. DH's track record suggests otherwise.

  • wv ready

    My son was catching the football Sunday at this camp from Chris Chugunov, Chris told him after a few catches to keep running that route your making us both look good. Now being from WV we are waiting for his offer.

  • GoEers

    After watching the film on this kid, I can see why WVU offered. He is accurate and can make all the throws. Congrats to WVU's coaches for getting the verbal!

    17th ranked recruiting class in the country!! It's a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be!!

  • Mike

    Either Dana and his staff are extremely intelligent and astute judges of talent, or every other major college coaching staff in the country is extremely stupid for not going after this kid. Cream rises to the top. Time will tell.

    • JJ

      Dana is not extremely intelligent.

      I question if he's moderately intelligent.

      and he's no QB guru, for sure.

    • notorious

      Paul Millard, Chavas Rawlins, Skyler Howard, and Ford Childress show that he can't evaluate QBs.

      • Jim

        DH didn't recruit Millard. That's the typical Bill Stewart recruit. After five years in the system he still can't break out and outshine Trickett, Howard, or Moore. That says something. Childress had other agendas I suppose. He was thrown into the fire at Maryland and got chastised for it. Not his fault.

        • richard

          um jim, hate to tell you---but dana did recruit millard.

          • Rick S.

            As Aaron said, Millard was going to go to Stephen F. Austin, where Shannon Dawson was Offensive Coordinator.

            But when WVU hired Dana Holgorsen and Holgorsen hired Dawson, Dawson suggested Millard come and try out as an invited walk-on. Millard was then offered a scholarship, and was quoted in a 2011 story about how excited he was to play for Holgorsen.

            So Millard was recruited here by Holgorsen/Dawson, not Bill Stewart.

          • Aaron

            You would be wrong sir. Millard was headed to Stephen F Austin where Shannon Dawson was the Offensive Coordinator and when Dawson came to WV, Millard came with him primarily because he knew the offense.

      • Kevin

        Childress would have panned out had he gotten his head in the game and stopped the partying. Rawlins was a Jake Spavital recruit but Dana was underwhelmed with him from the start. Howard was brought in because we just need bodies/depth.....QB recruiting isn't what I forseen it would be under Holgs either, but Holgs isn't alone in the QB recruiting. If you're gonna scold him for the QB recruiting then he HAS to be commended for the recruiting he's doing otherwise to this point......

        • ViennaGuy

          - Childress would have panned out had he gotten his head in the game and stopped the partying. -

          I agree. I also think that he would have washed out regardless of which D-1 school he chose because he wasn't mature enough to keep his head out of the partying.

          • notorious

            Jarrett Brown was 10 times better than an QB on this team today.

            Rasheed Marshall was better than any QB on this team.

        • notorious

          You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't have a QB it really doesn't matter. We are in trouble this year, and if Crest doesn't pan out we are screwed in 2015 too.

          It is time to end the Holgorsen Error.

          • David Elswick

            When Dana leaves town....I hope he takes his (Oliver) luck with him.

          • Kevin

            Aaron, this quote is from a 2004 article from the WV Rivals site. Savarese was Pat's high school coach.

            "Savarese said the persistence of West Virginia assistant coach Rick Trickett is what ultimately enabled the Mountaineers to land White.

            "I'd have to say Coach Trickett did an excellent job recruiting him," Savarese said. "He is a masterful recruiter. He did a fantastic job. When Pat committed to LSU Coach Trickett called me and said, 'It ain't over, coach.' That rascal just kept after it."

          • Aaron

            Kevin, from 2008 article in which White went to a Tulsa practice after Hand was named their Offensive Coordinator.

            West Virginia quarterback Pat White of Daphne, fresh from leading the No. 11 Mountaineers to a resounding 48-28 win over No. 3 Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl Wednesday night, attended Tulsa's practice at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on Friday to reunite with one of his former coaches.

            Herb Hand, in his first year as Tulsa's co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, spent the six previous seasons as the tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator at West Virginia.

            "We had to recruit Pat twice -- once from LSU and once from the Angels," Hand said.

            Hand said getting White to West Virginia has been a key to that program's recent success, including this year's 11-2 mark.

          • Kevin

            Aaron - Herb Hand didn't recruit Pat, Trickett did. You are correct about the QB part, but as I said, he was 3rd string. 2 others had to get hurt to get him on the field, so it wasn't as if ol Rich Rod was planning on it working out that way. He caught lightning in a bottle. And, AAANNNDD guess what, he was a 3 star recruit (Rivals site) and rated at a 5.5 (Same as our new QB commit).......per Rivals that is.....we'll see how it works out, let's just enjoy the ride....

          • Aaron

            At Kevin-Herb Hand recruited Pat White and promised him a shot at QB at WVU which he chose over playing DB at LSU.

          • SCOTT

            wow...wasnt really sure how you felt about the head coach yet.

          • Aaron

            Russell Wilson is maybe the 20th best QB in the NFL but he won the Super Bowl last year. AJ McCarron won 2 NC's and a ton of games but didn't rank in the top 25 in passing yardage last year, nor is he ranked high in career yardage. Good QB's can and do win with strong running games and tough defenses.

            If Trickett or Mallard can manage games, not turn the ball over and move the chains and the running game with their plethora of backs is successful, WV will win more games than they lose. If they throw the ball 50-60 times a game, they will not.

            The question will be coaching and how Holgorsen adapts to his team. If he runs the ball, WVU will be successful but if he expects his QB's to win games with their arm he's looking for a new job by late December

          • Kevin

            IF RichRod wouldn't have stumbled upon Pat White (whom he didnt even have slated anything more than 3rd string as a freshman) then how poorly would the QB recruiting have been since 2000? It's not just Holgs. Geno is the ONLY legit QB we've had since Bulger as far as a passing QB is concerned. Let's hope one of these turns into Holgs' Pat White and succeeds. I'm not ready to count the man out right yet...

      • Oh Did Ya?

        What about Case Keenum and Brandon Weeden? They were decent college qb's eh?

        • Ut Oh

          Yes but Dana did not recruit them, they were already in place!

  • Impressed

    Always good when you can beat out the fcs schools for his services, but Dana is allegedly a great qb coach that has yet to be seen in morgantown.

    • Dave

      Rivals: " Most underrated player on the East Coast maybe the country".

      • Omg

        "Under-recruited kid in the east coast" there's a difference.

    • GoEers

      Feel free to ask Geno Smith how good of a QB coach Coach Holgerson is.

      Now do me a favor and go read about how great Marshall's record is going to be by playing all those pathetic teams in their pathetic conference.

      • Good one

        Nice try, geno wasn't recruited by Dana and he had one of the worst 2nd half heisman hopeful collapses in recent memory. Yea holgy and geno are a poster child example of his ability.

  • Bartholamule

    A kid named Chug at WVU. He's a natural.

    • Jabo

      Better than a kid that named Marsha recruits.

      • Sam

        Yeah, cause Pac-Man, Chris Henry & that kid who cut his own junk off while on the Star City Bridge were model citizens.

        • Jabo

          These are typical Marsha thugs....Kevin Grooms,Antonio Haymon,Darius Marshall,Quan Bembry, Troy Evans,Geramy Rodamer,Antonio Haymon,Tron Martinez, Donald Brown, A.J. Graham.