MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Quarterback David Sills, who famously committed to USC coach Lane Kiffin as a 13-year-old seventh-grader in 2010, pledged to West Virginia on Wednesday afternoon, according to Rivals.

The Class of 2015 four-star recruit decommitted from USC last month, a move long predicted after Kiffin was fired last season and the Trojans began courting other quarterbacks.

Sills is no longer hailed as a can’t-miss, once-in-a-generation prospect. The hype has simmered and he’s not among the 19 top quarterbacks listed in ESPN’s national top 300. Yet he continues to be pursued by the likes of Michigan, Clemson, Virginia Tech and Maryland as he enters his senior season at Eastern Christian Academy in Elkton, Md. That’s the same program that produced WVU receiver Daikiel Shorts and running back Wendell Smallwood.

The 6-foot-3, 200-pound Sills—ranked by Rivals as the nation’s No. 14 pro-style quarterback—is the Mountaineers’ second quarterback commitment for 2015, following June’s announcement by three-star prospect Chris Chugunov of New Jersey.

“Sills has prototypical size and throws an accurate, catchable ball,” said Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings of “Sills isn’t the dual-threat with feet like class of 2014 quarterback William Crest, but he does have the big arm and pocket presence West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen has shown to prefer.”

Added Scout writer Kevin Kinder of “He looked good at WVU’s camp in drills where he had to reset his feet and avoid pass-rushers, so he’s not a statue. But he’s definitely a stand-in-the-shotgun, read-the-field-and-let-it-go type of quarterback.”

A longtime pupil of quarterbacks guru Steve Clarkson, Sills has played a number of high-profile high school games—the kind of training that could make him a contender for West Virginia’s starting job as a true freshman. By that point, Crest would be a sophomore or a redshirt freshman and junior-college transfer Skyler Howard would be a redshirt sophomore.

West Virginia now has 14 commitments for next February’s class, which Rivals ranks No. 24 in the nation after landing Sills.
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  • RichRod

    Trust me. I'm coming back. I will restore the program.

    • Richie'sRod

      Yep, we're coming back, we like the cheerleaders their, best....

      • Richie'sRod

        ooops, THERE one of the problems they had with us in Ann Arbor was certainly our grammar skills,,,, and of course intellect..

  • jay zoom

    won't change the situation on the field as long as Holgerson/Luck run the show. Still 4/5 - 8/7 in 2016, and maybe beyond. THANKS OLLIE (Chef Camille - good post and to the point)

    • Larry

      Stupid is as stupid does. Why don't you take your dog and pony show in the road dumb a**.

    • GoEers

      Sure it changes the situation. It just makes you more mad and jealous of WVU!!

      I love it!!!

  • Chef Camille

    Yea commit today gone tomorrow. Why even tell us this. Let's wait until he shows up in Motown and doesn't bring any problems with him.

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    I'm trying to figure out how they rate these players ( ie Rivals ,Scout , Espn ) . He is a 4 star yet not among the top 19 QB listed by ESPN . Where is he listed by Espn in the QB category ? Who has him as a 4 star - Rivals or Scout ? Rivals has him as the 14th best (pro-style) QB in the nation - that's pretty good - although when you consider all QB he probably falls out of the top 20 . The best judge of talent is to see who is recruiting him and that's a pretty impressive list . Skyler - srry but the handwriting is on the wall - its been good to (not) know you . In a few short months we have elevated the potential talent at QB to a point where WVU should be competitive in the B12. We seem to have established a solid recruiting base in Maryland and having two marquee matchups at FEDEX (2016-2017) should help keep the momentum going . We are doing in Marland what we can't seem to do in Va.

    • Aaron

      Recruiting guru's from the various camps. It used to be that only schools ran camps now there are plethora of camps ran by pro QB's, financed by these organizations and they rate players on many of the same attributes that are used in the NFL combine including 40 times, standing vertical, long jump, various weights and times in different drills.

      It's essentially a computer program in which all the numbers are input and a rating is achieved. If a player doesn't participate directly in these camps, they will use numbers from camps as various University's. If they have none of those, they sometimes will use high school numbers but those players are rarely rated higher than 2 stars.

      The one thing they can not measure is heart and work ethic, which was former 5 star recruit Jason Gwatney's problem. He reported to camp out of shape and took a back seat to Steve Slaton. About the time he started putting it together in the Rutgers game, he had 54 yards on 4 carries including a 17 yard run in which he hurt his knee. Not one for going to class or staying out of trouble, he was eventually kicked off the team by Rich Rod, ended up at a Division III school and made the list of Top 10 Flame-outs by Bleacher Report.

  • Mike

    Sounds encouraging, at least the potential. Maybe sliding down the ratings will inspire the kid to work extra hard to prove himself. Hope for the best for him...and EERS.

  • Mountaineer Fanatic

    I am so tired of hearing some of the countries dumbest mouthing off about Rich Rod coming back. I for one would think of that as a disaster. How many times do some of you want to lay down and have that thing walk all over you. Get a life. Or maybe you can go to Arizona. They like him, I do not.
    I also welcome the new guy. If he really wants to be a Mountaineer. LETS GOOOO MOUNTAINEERS. BEAT ALABAMA!@!!!!

    • Beaver Sniffer

      Regarding Richy Boy..."Let it gooooo Mountaineers"!

      • Larry

        The only sniffing you have done dumb a** is in placing your own. You might possibly be the biggest dumb a** to post on this site.

  • Woodchuck

    Oh good Lord!

  • Harpers Ferry

    Lane Kuffen did such a great job at USC, what could go wrong with this signing. Especially since he's been told how great a QB he is since he was in middle school. Nope, no red flags being raised at this signing. I LOVE the Mountaineers, but this Kool-Aid tastes sour. Can't wait until 2015 when the WVU baseball season begins anew and Rich Rod comes back home!

    • Larry

      I'm not a Lane Kiffin fan but I am a Nick Saban Fan so imagine my confusion when Saban hired Kiffin as his new offensive coordinator.

      As usual, some of you guys don't know what the f*** you are talking about.

    • Steve

      Hey Harper...not only do you bash 2 star recruits, but now you're bashing a 4 star recruit who has offers from many other college football programs across the country. Why don't you just admit that you are a WVU hater and a jealous Marshall troll. Do everyone a favor and go read and post about other teams,

    • Low Rider

      Give the kid a chance Harpers Ferry. Rich Rod isn't coming back. You and all the Dana haters out there would love nothing better than another losing season.

    • Art in Ohio

      Rich Rod is not coming back.

  • Greg

    Welcome aboard young man!

  • steve

    Congratulations to the coaching staff for receiving the 4th 4 star commitment in the 2015 class. This class is shaping up to be one of WVU's best.

    It's a great day to be a mountaineer wherever you may be!!!

    • notorious

      Ranked 31st. It will probably end up ranked 25-40. Its been in that range each year for the last 10 years.

      • Steve

        Glad to see a Marshall fan like yourself keeps tabs on WVU's recruiting ranking. And if you're not a Marshall fan, then you certainly are the most negative miserable human being alive. Sure everyone enjoys being around you notorious.

        • notorious

          Truth hurts sometimes. I keep tabs on recruiting because I am a fan. A fan that isn't buying the hype. Holgorsen has been a disaster and the program won't move forward until he is removed. Oliver Luck has done a great job as AD and has positioned the University well for the future. BUT he missed big time on DH and his contract had really put WVU in a bind.

          I've found that those who screamed the loudest for Stewart to go are Holgorsen's staunchest supporters. Funny how that works.

          • J the C

            I can't believe you put BS in the same sentence with Holgs. One's a coach and one was a cheerleader.

          • Hersh

            Except that the 31st reference or the fact that all our classes over the last 10 years have been between 25-40 isn't "the truth". We're 24th according to Rivals, 23rd on Scout and 21st on 247 Sports and we've had classes ranked higher than 25th and lower than 40th. Otherwise, great analysis.

          • Steve

            Ok since you don't deny being a Marshall fan and posted that DH has been a disaster for the program, then you would have to agree that Doc Holliday has been a disaster for MU's program.

            Dana's record in 3 years at WVU is 21-17 while doc is 27-24 after 4 years. Dana has at least 3 victories agains top 25 teams while doc has none. Dana has a conference title and a BCS bow victory. Doc has neither. Head to head Dana is 2-0.

            Notorious those are the facts. I'm sorry that the truth hurts, but if you're going to bash WVU coaches then get ready to face cold hard facts. Best thing for you to do is stick with reasing and commenting on Marshall articles.

  • notorious

    Maybe things are getting better. We actually got a QB recruit that other big schools were interested in.

    • Hersh

      Yeah, nobody wanted William Crest either. GTHO.

    • WVU1

      When he was 12.

      • Aaron

        "Yet he continues to be pursued by the likes of Michigan, Clemson, Virginia Tech and Maryland..."

  • GoEers

    2 recruiting classes in a row where Dana has snagged a 4 star QB!!!

    Where all the haters now that said Dana couldn't recruit a QB???

    • Jrizzle

      How did that thing with Childress work out? What about Rawlins? Dana didn't recruit trickett, he came HOME. Yet, he's still by and far the best guy on the team. Dana might be able to recruit them, but he has yet to be able to show that he can coach them, which is what his job description says he's supposed to do on line one.

    • Rich

      It's not that Dana can't recruit a big time QB (Childress, Crest) he hasn't developed any of the QBs that pass through, excluding Geno Smith who was a Doc Holliday recruit. If he can develop Crest & Sills he might be able to save his job

      • GoEers

        Hey Rich are you going to respond or just stay silent and read your stupid post over and over again until you believe it's true?

        That's one thing that I've noticed about Marshall fans. They like to talk, but go silent when someone calls them out to explain their comments. Trolls they are lol!!

      • GoEers

        doc may have recruited Geno but it was Dana and his offense that enabled him to become a record setting QB at WVU and a starting QB in the NFL. Geno was the QB 2 out of Dana's 3 years at WVU. Paul Millard was added to the team in order to fill in the holes left by the previous coaching staff. Ford Childress was offered by FSU and Texas as well as WVU. He got injured and left the team...not really much of a chance for Dana to develop him. We will see how Clint does this year with a year in the system and hopefully injury free.

        We thank you for giving us the Marshall perspective regarding WVU's recent 4 star QB commitment. Where is MU's recruiting class ranked right now? With Doc being the great recruiter, they certainly must have at leas 5 4-star commitments if WVU has 4. Am I correct?

    • WVU1

      Might want to celebrate after they hit the field in meaningful action and perform well.

      "Stars" always work out. Right, Jason Gwaltney?

      • Hop'sHip

        My favorite was Bobby Sabelhaus. While he was a flop as a quarterback, I read where he has achieved success in Hollywood.

        • Larry

          Bobby Sabelhaus...I take it back. BS is not the biggest dumb a** on the board...

        • Steve

          You should post that comment on the U. Of Florida's message board. Sablehaus was recruited by none other than Steve Spurrier then later transferred to WVU.

          • Hop'sHip

            Point taken. I'll forward it.

  • TruthTeller

    A QB is only as good as his receivers. It takes two to complete a pass. WVU needs big tall receivers. Receivers that can make you miss them in space after the catch. Lets hope the recruiters are thinking the same way.

    • dl

      And I always thought a receiver was as good as his QB. Then again I thought chicken came before the egg.

  • Mister Man

    I hope he sticks with the Mountaineers.

  • Aaron

    3 QB's in the system that can apparently throw the ball. Now if they just stick, then perhaps the knock on Coach Holgorsen that he can't recruit a college QB will be no more.