CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Charleston man wanted for the murder of woman last weekend is now in police custody.

Charleston Police said Marlon “Ice” Dixon, 37, was arrested Thursday after a warrant was issued for him.


Marlon Dixon is now charged with murder.

Charleston Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper said Branda Basham, 22, of Charleston, was shot three times. Her body was found along railroad tracks near Madison Street on the city’s West Side last Saturday morning.

Police said Basham was a police informant and information she gave them about Dixon led to a criminal indictment on drug charges and that’s why he shot her according to the criminal complaint.

Cooper quickly named Dixon as a person of interest in the case. Dixon was wanted on an outstanding heroin charge, but also wanted for questioning in Basham’s death. Investigators urged Dixon to turn himself in, though new information led to the murder charge against Dixon by Thursday.

Police said they’ve spoken to several witnesses who have connected Dixon with Basham in the hours before her murder. Blood was also found in a doorknob Dixon had used and a pair of tennis shoes. Another witness said Dixon told them Basham was killed because she wore a wire.

Dixon has taunted police with postings on Facebook in recent days. He’s even texted some detectives. Cooper said that doesn’t add any “fuel to the fire” for police. He was arraigned late Thursday evening on the first-degree murder charge. He’s being housed in the South Central Regional Jail without bail. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 24.

Basham was buried Thursday.

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  • Linae

    I feel sorry for both families. Both have list a son, daughter, brother, father, etc. I do believe the cops used this young lady to do their dirty work. If the police would do their own work they would never need CI's to help them w/ their cases

  • Tim

    Lead is not the past tense of lead. See the last sentence of paragraph four. It seems that I see this error far too often from "professional" journalists.

  • Crystal kelly

    The police are suppose to protecting and serving. But they been having people on the streets doing their job for years. They didn't protect the loss of this girls life. All they wanted was the arrest. And she lost her life for doing some work for them. The police is not some to trust or the justice system. We are on our own, unless we snitch and then we got to worry about death. The government DONT CARE. THEIR MONEY DONT GET SMALLER IT GETS BIGGER.


    I don't believe the death penalty will ever be re-instated in WV. So, what about a chain gang? Until there is REAL PUNISHMENT" the crime will never subside. If there are no negative consequences there is no fear. Bet it wouldn't take long for inmate population & the expense to keep these POS's we will continue down this path of destruction

    • chasmo

      so true !!!!

  • chasmo

    Another POS that will ENJOY our tax money forever... sure hope an inmate " will teach " this POS to sit down to urinate-- better yet , save us some tax money ...... DEATH PENALTY needed for certain criminal acts w/out delay

  • jay zoom

    may the fleas of a thousand camels invade the crack of this mans ass

    • hailey

      Grow up

  • wvguy624

    This is just another reason why cops shouldn't be allowed to use informants. They care so little about the well being of their informants. This was someone's daugbter and possibly a sister and a mother. I know it's a tough world against drugs but don't put other people at risk when this is your job to do something about

    • FungoJoe

      Que the liberal violins. They make laws that make it near impossible to really do something to iradicate the drugs from the streets, then complain about the cops.
      Typical liberal know-nothing.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Poster child for the death penalty.

    • John

      AMEN brother!!!!!!!!!! But our tax payer $$$$$$
      will keep this piece of filth alive for life at OUR expense!!
      Our NATION has no justice anymore thanks to the PC lib's who cringe at the though of justice.
      Until it happens them!!
      Sad for all the law enforcement officers that have given their life to protect and serve.
      Sad for the family of the women also.

  • Jason412

    Why were the police not protecting their informant? When someone makes the conscious decision to switch sides from the life of crime to helping the police, it is supposed to be customary for the police to protect said person, especially from the criminal that is being informed on.

    • Renee

      My comment was not in response to the comment

    • Renee

      I believe it is premature to start blaming the police. I have questions myself, but find it is better to wait for all of the facts to come out. Just a few days ago, people were on here talking filth about this young lady, her parents, the government, oh and of course the instrument(gun) itself! Did they know she was trying to turn her life around? No....though I believe her Aunt did, bless her heart, having to read such cold and apathetic words about such a lovely and brave young lady, trying to find a way out of the mess! Knowing full well we all make wrong decisions, especially at that age and she was growing up in very different times than some of us compared to 15-20 yrs ago. There were too many negative, disgusting and judgemental words left on here. Can some of you people not just keep your premature, immature, negativity to yourself until all of the facts are disclosed? Likely not, obviously having nothing better to do with your time and energy! I pray for justice, for the loved one's still coping, for the law enforcement putting their own lives at risk daily and for the arrogant, assuming, "know it all" finger pointers on here!

      • Jason412


        In the other article I sure as hell didn't say anything of the things you're talking about. As a matter of fact I said something to the person who made those statements, and nothing more.

        As far as waiting for more facts to come out, I would bet this is pretty much the last media coverage of this until his trial.

        This young lady was a confidential informant, she is now dead at the hands of the person she informed on. She made several drug buys from Dixon, as well as giving "direct evidence" that lead to his arrest and indictment. Instead of being in jail, Dixon was on the streets ducking a warrant and it wasn't a priority to catch him until it was to late. Doesn't take much more facts than that

        Clearly the crime is Dixon's fault, but the question is still there why was he still on the streets and why was she left to fend for her self?

        Also, her aunt posted this in the other article this morning


        Now you all know, when I say they failed to protect her I freakin mean it! As for Dumb Liberal, eat your words jackhole, your precious government screwed up AGAIN. So does she deserve what you say now, knowing she's helped get scum off the street?

        July 18, 2014 at 6:44 am"

        So, apparently I'm not the only one asking that question.

        • Renee

          Jason, My comment was meant to be general, and referring to the Dumb Liberals etc..if I placed it under reply mode, then my mistake, but I wasn't on here attacking anyone, certainly not you. I was simply stating it is better to wait for all the information and making reference to the horrible comments made about Branda ( just as you shared in your own post). I believe there are facts that will unfold in time, I myself said I have questions. I am not on here to argue nor do I seek guidance or information from the comment section.

          • Renee

            I was responding to all of the comments I've seen about blaming the police..perhaps yours was one...however, it was not meant for you only. Again..I said I have questions about it..but I don't think people are considering that they may not understand what all working as a "CI" entails...which is why I said to wait before placing blame on the police. With that being said, I'm finished with defending myself and apologize if you took my comment personally.

      • Ricky

        It seems like she wasn't trying to turn her life around as much as she was trying to save her own hide by turning snitch. I'd like to know what charges she was trying to get dropped or what sentence she was trying to get out of.

    • FungoJoe

      Again, a typical know-nothing liberal. Police don't protect informants 24/7. That is impossible. You watch way too much TV crime shows. Typical liberal elitist.

      • SCOTT

        you are should have a cartoon show or something.

      • Jason412


        Oh really they don't protect informants 24/7? How informative.

        If the guy she informed on had been in jail, not on the streets, she would be alive. That is how the police protect an informant.

  • kory

    Fill in the blank

    Guns + African Americans = __________

    • FungoJoe

      Make that "illegal, or stolen, and unregistered guns" and you have a winner.
      Legal gun owners follow the law.
      Illegal gun owners DO NOT.
      But Obama and Holder want to empty the prisons and let out onto our streets tens of thousands of hardened black criminals.



  • MOCO man

    Hey Karstens.........exactly how did this "instrument of death" kill her? I am assuming it was lying near the tracks and as she walked by it just started shooting and killed her. Is that a fair assumption? Please reply and let me know how this gun killed her.........

  • Gary Karstens

    Another day and.....sigh....another shooting by an instrument of execution. YEESH!

    • ViennaGuy

      Yes, Gary, another day, another killing. And people are killed by cars every day, too. Should we ban cars as well? YEESH!

    • Mark

      I'm sure he would have turned his gun in if we had a law telling him to. Since he was such a law abiding citizen. What a liberal idiot.

    • Aaron

      That's like calling a fork and spoon instruments of fat. Yeesh.

    • Wake Up

      The instrument of execution was the person that pulled the trigger! YEESH? It is sad when people point the finger at the gun when it took a cold hearted killer to do it! It is not the material thing that did this, it is the cold hearted person that used it! I would be interested to see if this gun was registered to the person that used it! I hate to hear of this! I am praying for the family of this young woman!

      • Jonus Grumby

        I am sure you are blaming the surface-to-air missile in the downing of the Malaysian airliner, right?

      • Wake Up

        This guy was wanted on a heroin charge???? And it's the gun that is to blame! BS! Wake up

        • Wake Up

          Good job to the Charleston police! Proud of our police force!

          • Fred

            Proud? They got a young girl killed. For nothing.

          • Renee

            Well said Wake Up, leaving nothing else to be said..on all three comments, thank you!

  • arp

    For decades, the Republicans proposed a bill that would return the death penalty in W.Va., but the Democrats would never allow it to even come to a vote on the floor. It's badly needed, now more than ever. If nothing else, so we don't have the great expense of housing, feeding, guarding and giving free medical care to murderers.

    • jm

      The legislature as a whole wont even allow it to be a question on the ballot for the people of WV to answer, thus taking it off their backs.

  • william

    Low-Life scum bag THUG!

    • kory

      This basically describes everyone on the lower part of the west side