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West Virginia Clint Trickett apologized late Tuesday night for a “tongue-in-cheek” tweet that said women should “#Stick2Cooking” over watching football.


DALLAS, Texas — Clint Trickett didn’t attend Big 12 media days but unwittingly created a media mini-spectacle nonetheless thanks to, what else, Twitter.

His tweet from last week picked up viral momentum after being featured on Deadspin:

Watchin football with girls is literally worse than death. One bad play, “they suck”. #TheseHoesAintLoyal #Stick2Cooking

— @ClintTrickett9

West Virginia’s senior quarterback subsequently offered an apology late Tuesday night:

“I sent out a tweet on July 17 which was misunderstood. I apologize for any confusion that the tweet has caused. I never intended for it to be derogatory or hurtful, but rather a tongue-in-cheek comment, while watching a CFL football game with a female family member. Again, I am sorry that my tweet was misunderstood, and I will use a better choice of words in the future.”

The Twitter issue culminated the same day Dana Holgorsen praised Trickett’s leadership capacity and Texas coach Charlie Strong referred to social media as “the downfall of society.”

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  • donutfiend77


    • Jabo

      You must of saw Marsha's schedule.

      Aug. 30 at Miami-OH 3:30pm
      Sep. 6 Rhode Island 6:30pm
      Sep. 13 Ohio 12:00pm
      Sep. 20 at Akron TBA
      Oct. 4 at Old Dominion TBA
      Oct. 11 Middle Tenn. TBA
      Oct. 18 at Florida Int'l TBA
      Oct. 25 Florida Atlantic 7:00pm
      Nov. 8 at Southern Miss. TBA
      Nov. 15 Rice TBA
      Nov. 22 at UAB TBA
      Nov. 28 Western Kentucky 12:00pm

  • Randall

    Would have been nice if just one woman had replied to him "keep throwing those ducks and we'll keep cooking them!"

  • Truth hurts

    Funny how people's really feeling comes out in such normal moments in this life. He is not the leader that this WVU team needs this year. The statement he provided is standard and not from the heart. This season will probably be worse than last year unfortunately....

    • Come on

      Come on, are you so high and mighty that you have never made a slip of the tongue. People like you are what is wrong with our society. If you would ever learn to look at yourself, and your defects then you wouldn't have time to be judging others. He is a young man who is in a growing process, he is going to make mistakes, and shouldn't be judged on them. I made many mistakes when I was younger, and if all I had was self-righteous people like you around, I would have never been able to grow through them.

  • WVcoal

    Everyone is so hypersensitive about what others say and politically correct nowadays that it sickens me. I rememember the days where "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me" was the norm. You all need to lighten up.

    • Dan

      Now the norm is: Sticks and stones are used to break my bones and words are used against me in frivolous lawsuits! Sad...but true!

  • MtnMama

    I'm a long-time Mountaineer supporter/season ticket holder. Public comments like this from the QB don't make me hopeful about his ability to handle any type of media. WV women and Mountaineer Nation already get plenty of negative feedback from all sorts of sources. Internal dissing is not appreciated.

  • Joe

    Whats really to misunderstand about that comment? Its derogatory and he really didnt apologize for it. There was also no LOL or :) next to it so why would anyone think it was a tongue and cheek comment? Please, he should be studying past Alabama tapes instead of a watching a CFL game and sending out crass tweets.

  • raymond bodkins

    good Lord can nobody say anything always gotta be politically for Lindsay at need to worry more about being abetter dj than about what clint said...not meaning any harm....leave him alone....Lindsay...u r no Katie richter...from what I hear about WVAQ's lessening audience, you had better find a way to make your show more ain't too popular lady..........

    • Sarah

      You're right. She's not Katie, and that's because she's Lindsey. Two different people, two different styles. Don't be rude just because you're behind a computer screen.

      And it's "listening audience" not "lessening audience".

  • jim

    Apologizing was stupid. Makes him sound like a girl.

  • wvred1

    As a woman, and the biggest WVU fan around (according to several former Wvu players I am dear friends with) I am not one bit offended by clints "tweet". There are only MAYBE 3 or 4 of ALL the women I know that I would allow or tolerate, in the room w me while watching my beloved Mountaineers (or Cowboys). Most of the men I know dont know as much about football as I do....and there are lots of men I know that need to just stay in the garage or backyard where they belong during my football games! If you dont know or like football stay away from the tv room.... male or female! !!!!!!!!!! The only way clint is gonna piss me off is if he doesnt know his offensive schemes any better than last year...... if not then HE might need to head to the kitchen.......

  • ViennaGuy

    Charlie Strong is right on the money - social media IS the downfall of society.

    People need to grow a thicker skin, too.

  • Jim

    That is a classic non-apology. He never apologized for what he said. He regrets we are so stupid we misunderstood him. He isn't sorry for saying what he said. He is sorry for any confuion.

    Trickett is not responsible for anyone's reaction to what he said, and he has no business apologizing for it. He is responsible for what he said, and he has neither acknowledged that it was wrong nor expressed any remorse for it. He has only dug a deeper hole.


      Do you have Twitter? I do and i saw the post. Get out of here with all that bleeding heart CRAP. It would be no different then a girl saying "dont watch soap operas with guys cause once somebody says something romantic they are all like thats lame" get over yourself and your feelings

  • moosehead

    Exactly WHAT was misunderstood!!

  • Chris

    Beer and tweeting don't mix.

  • Randy

    No comments from Amber (aka barefoot prego in da kitchen version of Gary Karstens)? A JOKE!

  • Bex

    I could care less what he does off the field if his performance on the field was at least noteworthy (Big Ben, Tiger, Vick, Holmes, Kobe..all forgiven). It makes it easier for people to forgive you if there were any hope to you leading our offense down the field