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West Virginia Clint Trickett apologized late Tuesday night for a “tongue-in-cheek” tweet that said women should “#Stick2Cooking” over watching football.


DALLAS, Texas — Clint Trickett didn’t attend Big 12 media days but unwittingly created a media mini-spectacle nonetheless thanks to, what else, Twitter.

His tweet from last week picked up viral momentum after being featured on Deadspin:

Watchin football with girls is literally worse than death. One bad play, “they suck”. #TheseHoesAintLoyal #Stick2Cooking

— @ClintTrickett9

West Virginia’s senior quarterback subsequently offered an apology late Tuesday night:

“I sent out a tweet on July 17 which was misunderstood. I apologize for any confusion that the tweet has caused. I never intended for it to be derogatory or hurtful, but rather a tongue-in-cheek comment, while watching a CFL football game with a female family member. Again, I am sorry that my tweet was misunderstood, and I will use a better choice of words in the future.”

The Twitter issue culminated the same day Dana Holgorsen praised Trickett’s leadership capacity and Texas coach Charlie Strong referred to social media as “the downfall of society.”

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  • shepherd

    His comment probable would not had caused a stir if he hadnt followed it with the crude hash tags...come on Clint you are better then that or atleast you should be.

  • Steve

    Here come all the excuses for this "Kid"

    To everyone on this page Supporting Clint get over yourselves. He is not a Leader... He is not a Role Model... And he is not that Great of a Person. How arrogant and idiotic can you be?

    So if you Stand Up for Women when a Football Player makes a "Joke" you are less of a fan of your team... Please. There is Right and there is Wrong... This was wrong Mr. Trickett and the True Fans will not forget your words. Words have consequences.

    We can find a better spokesman for our Team and a more respectful signal caller... Hopefully we consider the Image of our State and our School... Once again Clint has helped to stoke the stereotypical WV fires. Thanks.

    • Matt

      @steve, your comments are ridiculous. Your holyier than thou attitude is a disgrace. What you fail to understand is that terminologies such as his are not considered as derogatory to our generation. He was making common speak. He represents our state and university fine, things change a bit, come into the 21st century please. As for his QB play I will wait until the season is over to judge, a year older, and more experience will do him wonders I believe.

  • wvuftw

    Social Media is truly wonderful. You get to see who these people really are, without the filter of the university PR department. I understand why Coach Strong doesn't like it.

    "For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned." -- Matthew 12:37

  • Maxeer

    LMAO.....America becoming the Land of the Offended...what a bunch of wussies a lot of us have become...

    Broads..Beer and CFB...nuttin better!!!

  • Jon

    Rule #1 of social media for public figures. Do not quote rap lyrics.

  • Steve

    It's not big deal. Lets not make it one.

  • Shadow

    No woman wants her man to be more interested in some thing more than her. It is the nature of the sex. Note, I didn't use the proverbial, beast....

  • Art in Ohio

    Why people (including my family) has to write every thing they think on social media is hard for me to understand. If you don't want the world to see what your doing then stay away from it. People are watching and waiting for someone to make a a QB on a D-1 football team.

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    Hilarious .

  • Amanda

    What an idiot. Some of the most loyal WVU fans I know are girls....including myself. Trueblue WVU is my twitter name! Most of my wardrobe is WVU jerseys and T shirts. Get over yourself Clint!! Just focus on staying on your feet and making plays instead of on the bench with your wittle boo boos and insulting your fan base. Idiot.

    • Dave

      Amanda, GET OVER YOURSELF !!!!!!!

    • Richard

      Your comment is pathetic .
      Leave it alone.
      He is a good kid.
      We don't need fans like you!

      • formerWVUfan

        Dana, is that you?

      • Amanda

        MY comment is pathetic? OK...calling girls that watch football disloyal hoes who should stay in the kitchen is is an A-1 statement from a great kid. Might wanna rethink your standards there Richard.

  • WVU Fan

    Did not see an issue with it. But I can see it where it could be misunderstood by many. Sports figures should never post. They are the first to be looked at. If anything is looked at as controversial then others post it everywhere and the media finds it.

  • Dave

    Who really cares. He should not have to explain his tweet.

  • sapper

    Really doesn't seem to be confusing at all. It is pretty clear what you said. You should stick to trying to complete a long ball or even a short pass if possible! If you are the best we have this year, we are in for another long season. This message is very clear and to the point.

    • Richard

      Go away Sapper!
      Another fan we don't need.

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    That explains most bandwagon fans anywhere...1 bad play or missed assignment..."We Suck" blah blah blah...That also explains 95% of the folks who post on bad thing about WVU (or marshall for that matter) and the whole world comes crashing down.

    • ernie

      You're exactly right. All "fans" who really don't know what they're talking about do that. Strong is correct, also. Twitter sucks.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    I believe Coach Strong has a point.

    Social media is comparable to technology's public restroom wall, covered with messages that anyone and everyone can see.

    "Tweet" carefully, my friends.

    • J the C