SALEM, W.Va. — The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department arrested an employee of Miracle Meadows School on allegations of child abuse.

According to a news release from Harrison County prosecuting attorney Joe Shaffer’s office, Timothy Aaron Arrington, of Salem allegedly choked a child resident to the point of unconsciousness. He was charged with one count of child abuse by a custodian of a child.

Arrington was jailed after an arrest warrant was executed Thursday afternoon by the sheriff’s deputies with assistance from the WV State Police and Bridgeport police.

Some 19 children between the ages of 10 and 17 have been removed from the school and are currently in the custody of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services.

Miracle Meadows School is listed as a Christian boarding school affiliated as a Seventh-day Adventist supporting ministry. The students enrolled are boys and girls, 6 to 18 years of age, who “are experiencing defiance, dishonesty, school failure, trouble with the law, spiritual disinterest, poor social skills, adoption issues and other behavior that is harmful to them and to others,” according to the school’s website.

It operates year-round and can facilitate up to 40 students in two home-style dormitories, with 30 to 34 staff members.

Investigators are conducting a criminal probe into the treatment of all the children who resided at this school.

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  • kay

    Are there any lawyers who would be willing to take on a case please email me

  • rebecca

    Here's wat it comes down to just because a situation makes u stronger doesn't make it right I have forgiven moved on and am successful in life my worries have always been if it happened to me or people I was around it can happen to more people and that's not fair

  • rebecca

    Look child abuse is child abuse I went here and I also spent a huge amount of my childhood at other correctional group homes so I feel like I am able to be perspective on different methods of discipline and structure and mms was the most disorganized and had the most staff that acted out and we're not monitored or held accountable for being around children. This place left more scars then they were supposedly suppose to heal there are just certain things u don't do to a child and are never justified regardless of behavior. If they needed witnesses I would be the first to volunteer to going through starvation , allianation, hard labor to the point of passing out or exhaustion, and just plain old physical and mental abuse of someone weaker and honestly Im made there still open I even ran off while there and called the police and nothing was done but finally some justice may be happening. O and shout out to Lisa and Caleb I was there wit yall

    • warrior

      HI I think its time to sue them. DO you need help getting a lawyer?

      • kay

        Please contact me asap yes we do need help getting a right lawyer for this situation

    • Prior Student

      I can also attest to certain elements of starvation, excessive labor, and other elements you guys want to call abuse. However, as a functioning, educated adult, I am able to see that my choices brought about my consequences. I was not allowed to eat before my assignments were completed, I got fined for saying and doing things I was not allowed to do. If anyone can attest to the injustices there, I can. However I know now that if I choose not to work, I do not get paid and my family does not eat...

  • Prior Student

    Some of you are bitter. But why? Perhaps you have not yet reached the point of maturity in your lives where you are capable of finding something to learn from every experience. Perhaps in your minds, you still feel jaded because you were separated from your friends and lives.
    Truth be told, the situations that happen at MMS are no different from those that happen at any other school. The only reason they feel so oppressive is because MMS is designed as a glass box for full exposure.
    These writers place the answer to their issues on their page. A school that specializes in students like this will always be the enemy of the student who cannot cognitively move on from their current path of destruction. Aspiring politicians will always look for situations like this, as they make headlines and offer notoriety. I was there during the 2000 incident. The two ladies changed their stories so many times that DHHS got tired of it. Besides, they were not particularly careful whom they told of their desire to run away and close the school down because they were sick and tired of the rules. Of course, 14 years later the press is choosing to leave details like this out...
    I am not bitter. I learned a lot about how life works. I learned how to work hard. I joined the military. I became an educator and a parent. What little I did not need to recall from my experience at MMS as a soldier, I certainly needed to recall as a parent. What I learned there, when I was finally at a point in my life to accept it, was a slew of invaluable information for navigating through life.
    I was not abused, even though from time to time I was uncontrollably violent and hurt others. I was forgiven and taught to work through those things. I am a successful adult because of what I learned at MMS.

  • Dumb Liberals

    Who's watching DHHS employees and those 19 kids. DHHS's record isn't much better than the Miracle Meadows School employee's. Its like having the blind watch the blind.

  • Richard

    Back in 1988 Mr. Clark took a hatchet to child at the school so it would seem they have not changed.

    • Daniel S

      Oh, please, I have spent a considerable amount with Bill Clark as a student, I can honestly tell you that he is one of my personal role models as a good christian man. How many 70+ year old men do you see picking up drug addicts and the generally looked down upon members of society off the street and giving them a roof over their heads and a clean warm place to sleep for the purpose of leading them to christ. "The King will answer and say to them, 'Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.'' Matthew 25:40

    • sgclark

      That hatchet incident was accidental when a kids jumped him,playfully, from behind with war hoops while he was using a hatchet to shave down a wooden sled. He accidentally swung back in alarm,cutting a kids arm. It was filed as malicious wounding By DHHS but was thrown out of court in the preliminary hearing. I was there and witnessed everything.sgc

      • lisa zaremsky

        And of course you guys have an excuse for everything but in the end why would a grown man raise a hatchet to a child or a teenager !!! For that matter take responsability for what u have done to so many children over the years its wrong i but God can see everything you do in the dark and u will pay for hat u did thats just how the world works :-)#itrustingod#

        • Former Worker

          Get out of here with that. He loves kids and has dedicated his life to serve them. He would NEVER hurt a kid purposely. God is watching YOU so you better not touch God's anointed.

  • Caleb coller.

    I went to this school for four and half years. (Oct, 2007-July, 2012) this kind of outrageous stuff happened all the time! Why is it just now being noticed. The place needs to be shut down because it has become so bad over the years. The restraints they use on the children and teens are Not by any means humane and I can recal peoples shoulders being pulled out of socket and them crying that the where hurt but the staff continue as if they are lying. The school is in so much debt it's rediculous and there website is a scandal. They burn trash that is harmful to the lungs I.e. Plastic metal styrofoam etc. not only to the lungs but the growing ozone depletion. The school is a bunch of wolves leading the sheep. And this is disgusting plz somone SHUT THEM DOWN. All I needed and all these kids need is parents with solid parenting skills.

    • brokenchild

      It is just now being noticed because when someone i know went to the hospital she told about everything that goes on from not allowing kids to eat to sleeping on the floor of a quarentine room.

    • warrior

      Get them on Civil rights violations and child abuse. What state are you in?

    • lisa zaremsky

      I would love to see this school shutdown i was there for almost three years and it was pretty crazy staff having relations with students staff beating and abusing there power using starvation as a punishment and alienating one student from everyone else it was terrible i feel like if i hadnt gone to that place i wouldnt have issues that i have now that place seriously messed me up so bad i hope no child should have to go through that and any parent that leaves their child there is messed up after hearing these acusations please shut this place down!!!

      • newly former student

        The truth is that this school is simply now what it tries to market itself as. The staff they hire are often former rape/abuse trauma victims (i.e. higher ups in administration) and only function off of their emotional tract and the schools finances. When I was there they were chaining kids to trees for hours because they could according to west virginia law. they would handcuff kids in to themselves in awkward positions for hours on end inside of empty rooms for hours on end. There was no checks and balances whatsoever. Furthermore, they would treat people indignantly constantly ''Just because they could". What that school did was just not right and I personally believe that love, not hell is what brings kids with harsh pasts to Christ

      • Prior Student

        Of course, you were sent there for no reason and no doubt are happy to have such a huge bullseye to shoot blame for you not being what you want to be.
        None of this could possibly have anything to do with choices you have made.
        No, I don't drink the kool aid. However, I learned that I have the power of choice. As far as being too young to know better, it has been proven that at age 4, children are cognitively astute enough to begin owning their own choices and understanding concepts of right and wrong and consequences. You will also always find what you are looking for, even if it means creating the environment yourself.

        • Melinda Dyke

          I need to tell u that u need help and pray for forgiveness, for saying these things to her. No one including you should have been touched improperly, Starved, raped, beating, or belittle. My Baby brother was sent here do to his father not being able to control him. Because he found out that his father is a child molester himself and guess what he also a Seventh day Adventist that went to this school. It just goes to show u what this school does.

        • lisa zaremsky

          You dont know everything that went on at this school and you where in a completely different time period so since you dont know what ur talking about mabey u should mind ur own buisness i know what abuse is and just becouse u think it makes u stronger doesnt mean it should be kept going
          Its wrong and it needs to stop that place is out of control and i know for a fact so do me a favor and get you facts together before you defend this place and i will definitely pray for you and ur parenting skills if that is where you learned them

          • rebecca

            I'm sorry, but we all acknowledge that ur experiences are what make or break u but to be a bully and say "poor Lil abused child" wat, so imma walk up to a raped or molested child and say that. You respect people's struggles and honestly Im goin to assume you either a old staff or in denial cuz any child that is "abused" is no matter to dismiss and berate if you were really there during a period where staff were sleepn with students and all other types of horrors you would say "I made gud friends and became a stronger person" but know some things were wrong and these are just justification and your thought of that if a child is over 4 and cognitive is considered adult enough for consequences does not mean they deserve abuse due to behavior its sick. I am proud of who I am and part of that is ACCEPTING that yes I was abused and yes I overcame and I'm a survivor.

          • Prior Student

            Look, you do not know me, nor do you have any idea what I have experienced. Trust me, I was there. I experienced the same stuff. It does not change. I was there during the last shut down. I stay in contact with many people affiliated with the school. I have used my issues to fuel my fire and become a productive human being. We can all see that you were put there for a reason. Furthermore, we can all see that you are still an immature child with a false sense of entitlement who obviously thinks the whole world needs to bend over and kiss your rear end. Wake up. The world does not revolve around you. Poor little abused you, right? We have all been abused. However, with your current display of attitude you are fortunate that MMS was the most traumatizing environment for you. People make mistakes. Accuse people, not places.
            What have YOU done to contribute to society? Have you served your country? Have you managed to live without government assistance? Do you have a degree you use to help others or at least use to contribute to society? Or are you a leech on society, looking for the next bandwagon to get on for no reason other than your own pain and insecurity? Leeches are a dime a dozen. If it bothers you, then fight back. Use your anger to fuel your transformation into a productive member of society. That is precisely what most of the students from my generation chose to do. I am not saying all of the staff are innocent, I am saying that the one without sin needs to be the one to cast the stones.