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After a stellar preseason camp, West Virginia senior receiver Kevin White is “a boss now,” according to defensive back K.J. Dillon.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Nickel back K.J. Dillon’s first-hand camp critique of West Virginia’s passing game? It’s infinitely better and hard to contain.

And which receiver has given DBs the most fits?

“Kevin White, by far. Put that on camera,” Dillon said. “Kevin White has been a pain to cover. Look out for him.”

White’s size and talent were evident this time last year, also, making his 35-catch junior season seem underwhelming. Dillon has seen a more-determined player through 16 days of preseason camp, claiming White has “just turned into a dog.” That aligns with rave reviews from quarterback Clint Trickett and offensive coaches.

“Kevin, man, he’s a boss now,” Dillon said. “I guess he just got fed up with people saying he was a mediocre, average receiver and he did something about it.”

The change extends beyond running truer routes and making more catches. When White’s blocking overpowered safety Karl Joseph during Oklahoma drills, the receiver sprang up with hollering taunts of “TOO EASY! TOO EASY!” that sent teammates into hysteria.

“He came out of his shell, and now he’s getting in people’s faces, getting a little nasty,” said Dillon. “I like that. I hope he does it against other teams, starting off with Bama.”

White’s improvement might also extend to domestic duties. He rooms with receiver Daikiel Shorts, running back Wendell Smallwood and cornerback Daryl Worley, and owns the rep for being the messiest of the bunch.

“Kevin’s a big guy and he can eat, but sometimes he’ll just leave a plate there,” said Shorts. “I just look at him like ‘Yo, what’s up?’

“But ever since he got his girlfriend, she stays on top of him so he’s cleaning up now.”

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  • Jon

    “But ever since he got his girlfriend, she stays on top of him..."

  • Ole Sasquatch

    I did'nt know Kevin turned into a dog. Wonder what his girl friend thinks about that?

  • ExtendedMountaineerFamily

    Frankly, I think arm-chair analysis has everything to do with the lenses you're looking through, so each failure of a team can either be interpreted as lack of skill, ability and poor coaching or instead, it can mean that other factors were involved such as lack of depth due to a head coaching change, multiple injuries and quarterback troubles. Overall, I think it was the later and this was/is a much better football team than the doubters give them credit. It will definitely take constant coaching, hard work and good health for them to be that good of a team this year. Oh, and some fan support. ;-)

  • any major dude

    There is no such thing as close to 7-5. I think our record last year was reflective of the quality of that team. I don't think 7-5 is unrealistic for this year's team though.

  • ExtendedMountaineerFamily

    Barring any major loses to injuries, this is a 9-3 team this year and they were real close to 7-5 last year. Deep experienced defense and versatile re-charged offense! Let's get some excitement going here, man!! Gonna be fun!!!

    • Sam

      While I hope we will be improved, the reality is we were prett much as close to 1-11 last year as we were to 7-5.

      We won 3 of our games by a total of 12 points.

      Or 3 closest losses were by a combined 17 points.

      We won only 1 game (against by far the worst team in FBS) by double digits.

      We lost 5 by double digits.

      We were every bit as bad as the record suggests.

      Let's just hope we are better this year but basing that hope on the premise we weren't miserably bad last year is not confidence inspiring because it suggests you either were not paying attention or don't understand the game.

  • Aaron

    Have we progressed from the point to where we wondered if were going to get a first down to wondering if there's enough balls to go around???

  • Rich

    This Mountaineer fan hopes Kevin has gotten over his case of the "drops." Glad to see he's playing with more confidence. Although next time he's gets up woofing "Too easy, too easy" Trickett should remind him of the numerous "easy " passes that bounced off his hands last year, especially the one in the end zone vs OU

    • Maillady

      Good thing it's the 2014 season, huh? I kinda like going forward.....not looking back.

  • 50 + year Fan

    I AGREE!!!!!!!!
    Get RID of those hideous uniforms!!!
    Not Big Larry

  • Big Larry

    How many more seasons will we have to endure those horrifically ugly uniforms?

    School bus yellow Helmets? White Helmets?

    Matt finish on the helmets with no shine?

    What in heaven's sweet name was Holgorsen thinking?

    • Aaron

      I just wish they would use WVU's colors. Old gold and blue, not yellow.

      Now if Big Larry believes that Marshall's news uniforms are just as hideous, we agree on Tuesday

      • Big Larry

        We agree...

    • Wesley

      They had to upgrade on the uniforms sometime...... it helps in Recruiting. I like the new ones and they pay tribute to WV coal miners. The heart of our state.

    • richard

      i agree big larry. get rid of the uni's and change those helmets!! ugly. kids don't want this. bet the players now don't like them either. they don't say because they want to act like they like them. put some money out and get new uni's and helmets!!!

    • Andy

      That there are a lot more people like myself who actually like the change. You're entitled to your opinion, but it's irrelevant.

      • wvangler

        I agree. And my opinion is also that Holgerson has a better finger on the pulse of what recruits and players like - if left up to the old 1970's grads in the stands we'd be left listening to freaking Journey at the beginning of the games. Talk about imposing your idea of antiquated pop culture on everyone. Maybe the older donors want us to go back to leather helmets too. Sheesh. Do you want to win or do you want to play time capsule?

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    My man Allan with the all access reporting . It's Hard Knocks on Metro news . Allan u gonna be at Fall Fest ? Lamar gonna there .

  • Dave

    Light'em up Kev.

  • Ducks In A Row

    “Kevin’s a big guy and he can eat, but sometimes he’ll just leave a plate there,” said Shorts. “I just look at him like ‘Yo, what’s up?’"

    ^^^ This literally cracked me up. I'm rolling on the floor, man.

  • AdubyavuFan

    Kevin has all the tools to be a beast. I am one of those who questioned his heart and toughness. I hope he proves me wrong because IF he controls the outside we will be HELL TO DEAL WITH......RUMBLE YOUNG MAN RUMBLE

  • any major dude

    Love to see that swagger. Hope all the guys can carry some of that through the UA game.

  • Mister Man

    Aight den.