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Icky Banks, a 12-game starter for West Virginia at cornerback in 2013, is facing academic issues, according to a source close to the situation.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia senior cornerback Icky Banks is dealing with an academic eligibility issue that could sideline him this season, a source told MetroNews on Monday.

The source, who has knowledge of the situation, spoke on condition of anonymity because the program has not issued a statement regarding Banks’ status.

A 12-game starter last season, Banks was absent from the media’s viewing session at Thursday’s practice, nor did the fifth-year senior participate in Saturday’s scrimmage.

After the scrimmage, defensive coordinator Tony Gibson and cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell deferred all questions about Banks to head coach Dana Holgorsen. Neither coach referenced Banks when asked about the position battle that now appears to be between Terrell Chestnut and Travis Bell.

Banks and safety Karl Joseph were the lone defensive returnees who started every game last season.

Sophomore Daryl Worley, a budding standout at the opposite cornerback, called Banks the team’s most fundamentally sound corner and a calming influence.

“I’m still learning from him,” Worley said two weeks ago. “There’s times when I feel myself getting overwhelmed and angry with myself and he can calm me down.

“In last year’s Texas game, there was a miscommunication where I ended up not getting the call and they scored on my side of the ball. Icky saw me on the sideline and he pulled me aside and told me it wasn’t my fault to go out there and make the next play.”

A native of Richmond, Va., Banks has appeared in 36 games at West Virginia while making 16 starts.

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  • any major dude

    As much as the team will miss Icky, academic non-qualifiers are necessary, because they are supposed to be student athletes. The term student athlete has no meaning without the student part.

    Time to man up, Icky. Gonna have to man up, DW. We got a game to play.

  • Tomgone 12

    The realities of College Football. It doesnt much matter who you are there is always some issue. Just ask Brian Kelly,

  • Robin

    Cut him loose. If he doesn't have more respect for himself and his future than this then he does not deserve to play.

    • TruthTeller

      Holly hardship Batman!!!

  • william

    My apologies...I'm an idiot.

    Let's Go!!!

  • william

    Mountaineer fans get ready for a repeat of last year 4-8 LOSING, get use to it.
    It's a sad time to be a Mountaineer fan wherever you may be.
    Holgerson will be gone soon!

  • Hop'sHip

    Academic issues? Are they being too picky with Icky?

    • Mister Man

      Ok. That's pretty bad. lol

  • T. Chestnutt

    I got Icky's back.

  • Mister Man

    He's dealing with an academic issue, according to an unnamed source. I'm sure it will all come out in the wash. Until then, it's obvious there is a problem.

  • TruthTeller

    What a bunch of drama queens we have on here. Everything happens for a reason. It will all
    wash out in the dirty laundry. Its not time to call it quit drama queens!!!

  • Mister Man

    How can you go to school, this long, and not know what you need to get done, Icky? I'm not disappointed in you. I'm disappointed for you. Moreover, you should be disappointed.

    • rock solid

      @mister man: The fact he doesn't "GET IT
      " is the point. Why does WVU get so many of these remedial school students? Why does the ACC not want anything to do with the likes of WVU. Duh! Because we can't get the good student athletes and compete on the field/court like Duke, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida State,Purdue, Iowa, etc, etc. We have to take the dregs from the bottom because we can't compete with the good schools who don't have to take the 'maybe they will slide by and qualify" players. Yes we get some good ones but not enough. Not nearly enough! Just like the state, always near the bottom in quality of anything, but we will always have Mister Man our Olympic spell checker. Are we not proud? What a waste of air.

      • wtf

        Lol, way to make your point by throwing North Carolina in there. Seriously, the school that's under investigation for academic fraud..... And didn't NC State just suffer some scholarship losses because of not graduating kids? Why don't you throw Notre Dame in that list too.. It wouldn't make your point any less valid.. wow.....

      • vanhoopcoach

        rock solid...u r right on point...wvu fans have never owned up to the school's easy enrollment.

      • Aaron

        Alabama is SEC, Purdue and Iowa are Big 10 and North Carolina is under investigation for academic fraud that dwarfs any of WVU's academic questions.

        As to student athletes, nary a year goes by that WVU is not represented on numerous Academic All American teams. Me thinks you are a bit misinformed.

        • rock solid

          @Aaron: Wow! What you reply to is that some of the schools listed were not ACC? I did not mean for them to be. They were just examples of schools that I do not believe have the number of "hope they qualify" students that we seem to rely on. The ACC was mentioned because they believe themselves to be elite top shelf academic institutions, versus the hicks from WVa. The other schools were just good schools that don't seem to have announcements that many of their students/athletes have attrition that is even close to WVU. Just an observation. I have tried to type slowly so you can keep up. You pick on my list of example schools as the point you focus on? The example list should have been seen for what it was, an example list of schools that are getting quality students and athletes that have the cognitive ability to handle college courses. I said we get some good students but not enough. Gee you seem to have missed that. I think you just proved my point as to why we get more marginal qualifiers than other reputable schools. Why? Because we can't draw enough athletes that are ready for athletics plus college courses and COMPETE with the big boys. Yes we get surprised by some who excel. God love them all, but we are on the bottom rung of the ladder and we should be better than that.We should be better than Iowa, FSU, NC, etc. Why are we the "hicks"?Then I read the postings and some of you just answer the question for me Others are very intelligent and should think about saving yourselves by getting away from the minions at metronews before they turn your brain to putty. Look at what they have done to mister man.

          • Mister Man


      • Stephen304

        Louisville and WVU were tied in academic ranks at 156 when the ACC originally turned down both schools. If Maryland didnt leave for the B10 Louisville would still be AAC and hoping the B12 expanded to 12

      • Steve

        Iowa? Really?

        • Ken Hill

          I thought that too. Who has the academic problem now! Iowa

      • Mister Man

        I am so humbled after your unjustifiably officious comment.

      • TD

        Yeah, North Carolina is a great example, where have you been, living under a rock?

  • With a little "Luck"

    You can still pull out a late game victory against Towson.

    • Yogi Wahoo

      Gomer little...... even with a little luck you will be forgotten soon, or did you give a clue about yourself and small anatomy ?

    • hey terdfan

      If we had marshalls schedule we'd go keep playing all those power teams and stay off our site!

  • chris

    This is Banks fault and no one elses he knew to keep his grades where they need to be no excuse.

  • FungoJoe

    Icky shuffled from the roster.

  • Art in Ohio

    First game less than two weeks away and this come up out of the blue. This has happen before. Is this the result of a summer class???? I just don't understand how the coaches did not know this in June or the first of July. This sucks and I blame the system we have in place that monitors this type of situation.

    • Mister Man

      Jaylon Meyers is expected to enroll on Monday. He's a juco transfer who had to go to summer classes. We are waiting on his paperwork to confirm he is academically eligible.

      • Mister Man

        Ok. His name is Jaylon Myers.

    • Aaron

      How do you blame a coach for a students work in class.

    • Steve In WV

      Most likely they knew it was going to be an issue based on his grades in the spring. However, it may have been a situation where if he did well in summer school it would all be fine. Then once grades posted for his summer classes it didnt work out.

  • FNP

    Not the news we really needed right now. I would like to know the severity of the situation.