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West Virginia fifth-year senior Wes Tonkery (37) was listed as the starter at Sam linebacker on Monday afternoon.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia released its game-week depth chart late Monday afternoon, a document to be scrutinized with utmost caution, but a document that will command attention nonetheless.

Among the noteworthy position battles on defense, fifth-year senior Wes Tonkery was listed ahead of junior Isaiah Bruce at Sam linebacker. Apparently all that buzz about Tonkery having an exemplary camp wasn’t merely pomp for an in-state kid.

At free safety, true freshman Dravon Henry was listed as first-stringer above sophomore Jeremy Tyler, though coach Dana Holgorsen said earlier in the day both would be receiving game snaps.

Gardner-Webb transfer Shaquille Riddick was listed as the co-starter at defensive end with Noble Nwachukwu. The opposite end was senior Dontrill Hyman. Christian Brown, who worked with the first unit at defensive end throughout portions of camp, was listed as Kyle Rose’s backup at nose tackle and can shift back to end at times—particularly on short-yardage downs.

On the offensive side, Garrett Hope was listed as the No. 2 inside H-receiver behind Daikiel Shorts, which is a situational grouping because you won’t find two more disparate body types than those. Another in-state player, Logan Moore, was listed as Jordan Thompson’s backup at inside Y-receiver.

Here’s the complete two-deep as it appeared Monday afternoon in the WVU game notes:


Outside receiver (X)
Mario Alford, 5-9, 177, Sr.
Devonte Mathis, 6-1, 210, r-So.
Inside receiver (H)
Daikiel Shorts, 6-1, 198, So.
Garrett Hope, 6-2, 245, Jr.
Left tackle
Adam Pankey, 6-5, 302, r-So.
Michael Calicchio, 6-9, 330, r-Sr.
Left guard
Quinton Spain, 6-5, 332, r-Sr.
Grant Lingafelterm 6-5, 304, r-Fr.
Tyler Orlosky, 6-4, 301, r-So.
Tony Matteo, 6-5, 296, r-So.
Right guard
Mark Glowinski, 6-5, 312, r-Sr.
Stone Underwood, 6-3, 298, r-Jr.
Right tackle
Marquis Lucas, 6-4, 314, r-Jr.
Marcell Lazard, 6-6, 306, r-Fr.
Inside receiver (Y)
Jordan Thompson, 5-7, 165, Jr.
Logan Moore, 5-11, 198, r-Sr.
Outside receiver (Z)
Kevin White, 6-3, 210, r-Sr.
Vernon Davis Jr., 5-9, 173, r-So.
KJ Myers, 6-2, 195, r-Jr.
Clint Trickett, 6-2, 186, r-Sr.
Paul Millard, 6-2, 222, Sr.
William Crest, 6-2, 214, Fr.
or Skyler Howard, 6-0, 206, So.
Halfback (B)
Cody Clay, 6-4, 262, r-Jr.
Elijah Wellman, 6-1, 238, r-Fr.
Running back (A)
Dreamius Smith, 6-0, 217, Sr.
Wendell Smallwood, 5-11, 200, So.
Rushel Shell, 5-10, 215, r-So.
Dustin Garrison, 5-9, 181, r-Jr.
Andrew Buie, 5-9, 185, r-Jr.
Defensive end
Shaq Riddick, 6-6, 242, Sr.
Noble Nwachukwu, 6-2, 265, r-So.
Nose tackle
Kyle Rose, 6-4, 294, r-Jr.
Christian Brown, 6-2, 285, r-So.
Defensive end
Dontrill Hyman, 6-4, 288, Sr.
Eric Kinsey, 6-2, 272, Jr.
KJ Dillon, 6-1, 206, Jr.
Cullen Christian, 6-0, 198, r-Sr.
Sam linebacker
Wes Tonkery, 6-2, 223, r-Sr.
Isaiah Bruce, 6-3, 234, r-Jr.
Mike linebacker
Nick Kwiatkoski, 6-2, 236, r-Jr.
Al-Rasheed Benton, 6-1, 225, r-Fr.
Will linebacker
Brandon Golson, 6-2, 228, Sr.
Edward Muldrow, 6-3, 205, Jr.
Left cornerback
Terrell Chestnut, 5-10, 190, r-Jr.
Travis Bell, 6-1, 194, r-Sr.
Free safety
Dravon Henry, 5-11, 198, Fr.
Jeremy Tyler, 5-11, 202, So.
Strong safety
Karl Joseph, 5-11, 196, Jr.
Jarrod Harper, 6-0, 207, r-So.
Right cornerback
Daryl Worley, 6-1, 199, So.
Ricky Rumph, 5-11, 184, Jr.
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  • WV4ever

    Reviewing this depth chart and Alabama's. Could anyone on WV depth chart be a number 1 on Alabama's? I doubt it very much.

  • Joe

    Does anyone know what is going on with SHELTON GIBSON?

    I haven't heard much on him. I know he was hurt last year, but was he healthy and able to learn the offense in off season?

  • Sam

    Frankly it's unfair that Saban won't tell us who his starter is. IT IS UNFAIR. He needs to man up & tell us who he'll be starting so we can plan our defense accordingly.

  • VaultHunter

    Lets Goooo Mountaineers!!!
    Shock the world!!!...and ESPN..

  • VaultHunter

    I love it. Dana you are the man.

    Don't give Saban a clue as to who will be on the field.

    I love this, were gonna see a lot of names not on this depth chart making plays on Saturday especially on offense. Dana and company has em guessing already...Logan Moore second team slot...ok

  • Kirk

    Judging from these comments I've read ... I think WV will surprise a lot of people, as usual, when the deck is stacked against them. They may not win... But, have no doubts... The Crimson Tide will remember this game !!

  • kody

    I remeber a time when people said the same stuff about the Oklahoma game a few Years back.. And we blew them out of the water.. Come on guys have some hope and faith in your team... We have a lot of talent and heart on this team. And no matter what win or lose ill always be a mountaineer fan.. Always. Lets go mountaineers...

  • tim

    lets play the game and see folks, these young men have worked very hard for this state and university. there should be some continuity in the O line and we know there is talent in the backfield….and if the front 3 on D does there job,theres lots of talent behind them……Lets Go Mounties

  • dave

    Let's be realistic then. We're ranked 56th in the nation.

  • wvu09

    The amount of negativity here amazes me. I have no problem with people being realistic...I get it- we have to do everything right and they have to do everything wrong to have a chance of getting a win. What ever happened to having faith and rooting for your team no matter what? Our athletes read these post must make them feel really great knowing their own fans don't believe in them...

    • WVUDAD

      It is NOT negativity to see the writing on the wall. Holgorsen took a team that could and did go to the best of the best and play with them to a team that can not even compete with Kansas.

      • Aaron

        You're placing the blame on the wrong head coach.

    • Mister Man

      A five year old could figure out most of those negative comments don't come from WVU fans.

  • Aaron

    Is there any insight into why Shell is listed as 3rd string Allan? If I recall correctly, didn't he set out the scrimmage. Is he hurt? Also, have you witnessed or heard of any of the ball control problems that plagued him at Pitt?

  • shawn 108

    A couple suprises for me? #31 I. Bruce is 2nd string? No Shelton Gibson I know he is unproven but this depth chart has a converted LB and I thought Logan Mooore was a backup QB? I have a feeling that we will see Shelton in one of the slot positions.

  • dave

    I hope Jay isn't correct but I worry he is. There is a trend of getting worse and worse, we're a long way from possible national title contenders. But I know, it's a rebuilding year, every year is a rebuilding year.

  • jay zoom

    back to square one after this game. Mr. Saban is going to give Mr. holgerson a lesson on how football is played. THANKS OLLIE

    • jay zoom is dumb

      Saban really taught him a lesson didnt he ? It must pain you to see this team turning around and realizing that Holgys going to be around a while

    • Dr.Pill

      Here here, jay zoom!

      Let's get real, folks. The only chance that WVU has of winning thins game is if the Alabama team buses get hopelessly lost on their way to the Georgia Dome and the Crimson Tide lose by default.

    • William's Disciple

      Could not agree more!

  • any major dude

    Somehow I never did think that they would start the Redshirt Freshman at RT or the other r-freshman at LT. Hope it's a matter of putting them at #2 because the upperclass men #1s are really better, not just upperclassmen. Maybe I'm reading too much into it and they'll work the Frosh in as the season progresses.

    Saban is more paranoid than a felon on the lam.

    • dave

      You'd be paranoid too if you got in trouble for losing two games in a row. He hadn't lost two games in a row in years and I'm sure he caught much heck for it. He's held to a lot higher standard than anything we're used to seeing.