MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Given two weeks to prepare for West Virginia’s next game against Kansas on Oct. 4, coach Dana Holgorsen will have extra time to re-absorb last season’s 31-19 upset loss to the Jayhawks.

“Miserable performance,” he said. “I’ve been watching it for two straight days and it makes me want to puke.”

Considering the game ended a 27-game Big 12 losing streak for Kansas and severed West Virginia’s bowl hopes, Holgorsen predicts the rematch will motivate his players through the bye week?

“Oh boy, I’d hope so.”

After losing 45-33 to Oklahoma on Saturday night, West Virginia (2-2, 0-1) has dropped four straight Big 12 games. Kansas (2-1) opens league play this week against Texas.

Trickett hurried throws against Sooners: While passing for 376 yards and two touchdowns in a 45-33 loss to Oklahoma, Clint Trickett also tossed two interceptions and made several errant throws. Holgorsen called it Trickett’s worse game of the season, and said the quarterback was harder on himself than coaches were.

“When he’s looking at two of the best pass rushers in college football, it’s probably going to affect him,” Holgorsen said. “The first time he dropped back he got sacked. That affects you a little bit.

“He didn’t play bad by no means. He rushed everything because he knew that clock was ticking.”

Bell leaves team: Fifth-year senior cornerback Travis Bell, after missing practice last week and sitting out Saturday’s game against Oklahoma, has given up football.

“Travis is retired, simply put,” Holgorsen said. “We wish him well.”

Bell appeared in 39 games and made 10 starts, nine of those last year. He also was arrested for domestic battery and DUI during his junior year, leading to a suspension last spring.

Special teams under scrutiny: Holgorsen cited Oklahoma’s 100-yard return as a rare lapse for West Virginia’s kick-coverage unit.

“On that one specific play … we had guys stuck on blocks, we had guys out of their lanes, and we had the safety guys out of position,” he said. “Why did they do it? I don’t know.

“One play doesn’t make the difference in a game. It did however suck the momentum out of everybody.”

The preceding week, of course, it was the punt-coverage unit victimized at Maryland on a 69-yard touchdown.

Holgorsen has effusively praised special teams coach Joe DeForest, a friend he hired away from Oklahoma State before the 2012 season. The head coach on Tuesday emphasized some of the specialists who are performing well, such as Josh Lambert’s making 7-of-10 field goals and Nick O’Toole repeatedly pinning teams inside the 20.

“Unfortunately the two glaring (coverage) mistakes affected the game,” Holgorsen said. “Those other teams have good players and they coach special teams as hard as we do. It’s called competition.”

Daryl Worley update: The cornerback remains suspended “while we continue to gather facts that are out there,” Holgorsen said.

Worley was arrested last week on a misdemeanor battery charge that stemmed from a Sept. 14 nightclub incident in which video showed him grabbing a female patron by the throat. Attorneys claim Worley was defending his girlfriend in the altercation.

Structured bye week: Along with devoting developmental reps to backups, Holgorsen said the starters need to maintain momentum through the bye week.

“You can never relax,” he said. “There are some guys on the injury report who want to relax for a few days, but if you do that you’re not going to improve.”

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  • don

    Mountain mover I couldn't agree more. The best way to prevent run backs is to never give them the opportunity. Recruit someone who can kick it out of the end zone. Who cares if he can do anything else?

  • Ron from Morgantown

    I thought the Worley comment was interesting . DH had the opportunity to say nothing . But he have us a small clue . "While we continue to gather the facts " - interesting , I think we will see Worley on the field sooner rather than later . DH is laying the groundwork for reinstatement after all the "facts have been gathered " . WVU is walking back this suspension because they overreacted in the first place .

    • Aaron

      I don't know that they overreacted as I felt they took the appropriate punishment. Saying that, I do not think a suspension until the matter is resolved is warranted. If he got in a fight with a man and it was a simple battery charge, would he be suspended until it was resolved? If the answer is no, then I see no reason for Worley not to be reinstated.

      • Ron from Morgantown

        I hope you realize the difference between intimidating a women and intimidating a man .

        • Aaron

          I'm not some madd cat, I know the difference between a man and a woman.

      • cutty77

        Like every story,there is another side to this. I will tell everybody just remember The smallwood case. The wheels of Law turn slowly.

    • Ron from Morgantown


  • WVU Fan

    WVU 63 Kansas 10

    • lopey

      No way. WV will be too "COCKY"

  • William

    I'm not mad about the losses to Alabama and Oklahoma. Truth is those team are better than WVU. The true test will come when we play Texas Tech. The Red Raiders are very ordinary, but have a two game winning streak against us. If WVU is not capable of winning in Lubbock against an average team, then this season will be a disaster once again.

    • Hound76

      I agree that Texas Tech is the crucial game for the rest of the season. A poor game there and we will be lucky to finish with five wins.

  • ji?

    For the past 13 or 14 games our kickoff coverage has been well above average.

  • Counter Trey

    I'm not unhappy with where the team as a whole is, because of our proven ability to consistently put points on the board. With even modest improvement in the defense, it makes us a dangerous team. Good enough? Of course not. To be a good team, not just dangerous, you have to play D.

  • Troll

    Hey kids I'm back, I know you guys missed my wisdom so let's get straight to the point. Fire Holgerson hire Doc, drop from the Big 12 to C-USA so Doc can be succefull ( I don't think he has what it takes to coach a true D1 school), play a cupcake schedule instead of challenging ourselves and every one here will be happy. (Except maybe william.

    • hailey

      Very "succefull" post!

  • pghmountaineer

    I have a feeling that we're going to see William Crest on the field against Kansas.
    Now that his redshirt is broken, I think it will be a good time to get him some reps.
    It has nothing to do with Clint's play, but I think Dana has no choice but to get him some playing time.
    Anyone agree?

    • Tomasso4jesus

      I agree, if you burned his redshirt, play him as much as you can.

    • Tazbo

      I hope your right. We need to start prepping Crest for next year. Our experience will be off the charts with 18 - 20 players returning with significant playing time under their belts. We need a QB who has a feel for the flow of the game so we don't have a repeat from last year. DH needs to rep Crest every chance he can.

  • pghmountaineer

    One more point. I think you will see Tom Bradley elevated to Defensive Coordinator for next season.

    • Aaron

      Why? The defense has improved by a third in national statistics and is playing much better partially because of experience but the fact that Gibson is doing a good job helps. It should be noted that the improvement has come against some pretty good teams as well. Besides, the defensive line ain’t exactly breaking down walls in leading the defense so I’m not so sure why Bradley would be elevated over Gibson, making him the 5th defensive coordinator in 5 years. I would suggest that WVU would be better served by maintaining consistency then acting like some middle school rube whose knee jerk reaction is to abandon a scheme that has been the focal point of the defense since spring ball.

      Jeff Casteel has proven what that defense can do with consistency and experience. Only the most rudimentary of fans would suggest that the scheme is the reason for offensive performances like Perine’s last Saturday night. After all, it was a 4 man front that Tavon Austin set the Big 12 rushing record of 344 yards running behind an average line. If anything, with today’s sophisticated passing attack, operated by quarterbacks out of the shotgun and the increased athleticism of linebackers, true football aficionado understand the more players you can put on the field who can cover AND rush, the better off you are as a defense.

      • West by God

        "True football aficionado."

        For someone who never played football you sure are impressed with yourself.

      • EER

        You are so full of crap. You make me want to puke.

    • Ron from Morgantown

      That statement makes me want to puke . Gibby is a native West Virginian and he ain't going anywhere . Maybe Tom can go to a school where he fits in culturally , say Pitt ?

      • Ed

        Ron..what a stupid f'in statement. Bradley is soooooooo much more qualified than Gibson. Bradley has probably forgot what Gibson still has to learn. I'd make Bradley the DC in a heartbeat!

  • Up Chuck

    The defense wants to make me puke!

    • pghmountaineer

      UC, I can't say I disagree with you.
      I believe our recruiting has improved and I think we are getting better athletes. I refuse to accept that our kids aren;t that good on defense. I really believe it's the scheme and the coaching. Our guys play soft coverage and that just doesn't get it done.
      If Dana has a fault, it's that he believes in the defensive scheme and that will be his downfall.

  • any major dude

    No doubt in my mind that post-season awards SHOULD be in the offing for CT, once we get there. But if you're talking about the Heisman, forget about it. The Heisman is a joke.

  • Plumb


    Looked like our D - line was moving away from the running back. Guess the blocking was that good . OK just too big and strong .WVU gave all they had. That's how I saw it.

  • Aaron

    I would hope these players can step it up against Kansas. I would imagine with the resiliency and physicality this team has displayed that they will be chomping at the bits to get back on the field and hit.

    With an improved defense, no longer ranked near the bottom of FBS rankings, I look for the defense to come out in the new scheme and dominate Kansas as a small measure of atonement for last years effort. I for one cannot wait to see how this team responds to a week off and that chance to show continued improvement.

    Perhaps if Clint Trickett continues to pass for 400 yards per game, he might get some post season love. I'd much rather see him as a candidate than some nincompoop who's biggest highlight this year is in shouting trash from a table.

  • MountainMover

    I'd almost be willing to just offer a scholarship to anyone who can kick the ball through the end zone every time. We haven't been able to cover kicks after scores for 20 years, that movie has been seen so many times it's ridiculous. Just get a kid who can kick it through the end zone and forget about it. I don't care if he can't do anything else.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Trickett was pressing himself, all he has to do is relax and become the smooth operator that he is.
    It will be a big help to have the full complement of receivers going out for passes and really opening things up. That is Trickett's element - having choices - he sees the field very well and he's very mobile.
    Remember Holgorsen they are positively times coming up when you must have four down lineman on that defensive line. The weakness has been exposed for all to see.