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Cornerback Daryl Worley (7) leads West Virginia with two interceptions and is expected to play Saturday at Texas Tech.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia suspended cornerback Daryl Worley pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault stemming from his involvement in a nightclub altercation with a woman on Sept. 14.

Prosecutors recommended a six-month jail term but did not oppose the defense’s request for a suspended sentence. The court afforded Worley unsupervised probation that extends through Aug 1, 2015.

While a no contest plea is not an admission of guilt, it carries the same legal weight as a conviction for sentencing.

Following the court’s decision, Mountaineers coach Dana Holgorsen announced Wednesday afternoon that he “fully reinstated Daryl Worley to our football program,” presumably clearing the way for the sophomore to play in Saturday’s game at Texas Tech.

More from Holgorsen:

“As I have said many times, we have a high standard of conduct that we expect our student-athletes and our coaches to live up to and, in this instance, Daryl failed to meet those expectations. However, since arriving in Morgantown, Daryl has done many good things and many things right, on and off the field, and I am confident that he will be a better man and teammate moving forward.”

Worley, who missed West Virginia’s last two games, was arrested on an original charge of misdemeanor battery three days after the incident at the Lux nightclub in downtown Morgantown. The battery charge would have carried a maximum sentence of one year in jail.

The altercation occurred hours after West Virginia returned from defeating Maryland 40-37. Police were called to the 18-and-up nightclub after Worley allegedly grabbed a young woman by the throat and shoved her to the ground. Investigators said the bar’s surveillance video confirmed the victim’s account.

Worley’s attorney Dave Jecklin reiterated to MetroNews on Wednesday that Worley pushed the woman down in an effort to protect his girlfriend:

“Mr. Worley reacted to a perceived threat to his girlfriend. He attempted to break up what he believed to be a developing altercation between the young lady and his girlfriend before any physical contact occurred between the ladies. The young lady approached Mr. Worley from behind, which led to him turning around and reacting to a perceived threat to his girlfriend and forcibly pushed the young lady back with his hands through the crowd to the ground.”

Jecklin said the player “is sorry about how he reacted and that the entire incident occurred.”

The plea deal states Worley can have no contact with the victim.

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  • william

    How sad is it when people support a man that hits a women or throws her to the ground?

    • MountieFan16

      William, aren't you the same guy that was booted off WVI for posting stupid comments?

    • maxeer

      your a POS as usual

    • The flying dutchman

      The only thing I'm sure of William is you've never put your hands or anything else on a woman....

    • Actionbx

      Unless you were there William, be careful on what you are saying. I'm sure he could have acted differently but he was protecting his girlfriend from a worse situation.

      • College Ave

        You were there?

    • markd95

      So William, suppose you support Real Men putting there hands on other Real Men?

      • Jason

        Are you eagerly asking?

  • any major dude

    No contact with the young lady but hoping for plenty of contact with the Red Raiders!

  • BNK

    I have one question for William since he knows it all. What ever the results, where you there William?

  • william

    Gee, commit a crime
    It must be nice to know the right people to get you out on a fast track and just make your problem just go away!
    What a joke.

    • Martinsburg Resident

      Go eat some more pie & have another coke before you go back into your parents basement... Get a life... Btw~ You're the joke!
      Let's Go Mountaineers!

    • markd95

      You should know.

  • Ted Nugent

    Will they still play Stranglehold at the games? Too soon?

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    He's now qualified for the National Felon's League. A "No Contest" plea is recorded as a GUILTY plea.

    • An actual athlete

      Only as far as sentencing, just like when you plead no contest to a traffic ticket and pay the fine. In no way is it a felony sir.

  • Debra

    Good. Glad this is worked out.

  • Ron from Morgantown

    Not surprised . Metro ( brad and hoppy ) thought he deserved a year long suspension ( based on the viewing of the video ) . I didn't think so based on the facts . Worley got caught in a " PC - protect the shield mentality " . The facts suggested otherwise . The law firm for Worley did a good job ( same firm that represented Smallwood ) mitigating the situation in order to get him back on the field as soon as possible .They are known for mitigation as opposed to litigation . Good job to them and I hope we never need their services again . I don't always defend players at WVU however in this case Worley would have been the victim had he been forced to sit out all season .

    • Martinsburg Resident

      You are spot on Ron... If William disagreed I know you are correct!

    • william

      @(Know it all) Ron
      You support people that break the law and hits a women!
      What a loser you must be!

      • hailey

        William is a trolling coward , this woman would love to take a shot at him

      • maxeer

        POS again

      • Dave

        William, you are a liar and a loser.

      • Aaron

        There was no evidence that he hit a woman. It appears your hatred of WVU/Luck drives you to lie?

      • markd95

        Again William, you should know what it is to be a loser.

  • TruthTeller

    Just in time. Texas Tech is giving the ball to hungry defenders. Hopefully Worley can
    collect a few interceptions this week.

  • Aaron

    I guess the most important question to be ask now is, can he field punts?

  • Mongo 722

    Glad hes back... And the first marshall fan slam on Daryl In 3-2-1...

    • Sam

      wvu fans need to stop being so obsessed with everything Marshall.

      • Martinsburg Resident

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! WVU fans obsessed with everything Marshall!!!! Marshall, a team that is finally winning ( playing basically an FCS schedule) with a WVU guy as head coach! WVU Fans obsessed... Now that is hilarious!

        • Jason

          And yet nationally ranked higher than WVU with their rugged schedule. Weight of schedule is accounted for in the rankings, so what's your point?

  • pudge wolfe

    Two words. Bull tails.

  • chasmo

    nothing good happens after midnight- DH, have a curfew and STICK BY IT and this does NOT happen .. YOU let us down AGAIN !!!! WE NEED DISCIPLINE & , I ask you, why should one of your fball players be out that late ??

    • maxeer

      what a pu$$ cry hoo...

    • An actual athlete

      I'm not sure how long ago you were in college, but it hasn't been that many since I was. If you wanna go out and blow off a little steam after a tough road win it shouldn't be a big deal. A curfew isn't discipline, being held accountable for your actions on and of the field is, especially in the classroom. I would be more upset if he was out after a loss, as would the coaching staff. Just gotta be smarter and know there is a target on your back when you are out. If a situation starts leave and take your girl with you.

  • Baldeagle

    Nothing good happens after 10:00pm!

  • cutty77

    Good for Daryl. There are always 2 sides to every story. I wish the young Man well. Please learn from this,and i'm sure you will.