CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The 80-foot-tall white spruce that will stand soon in front of the U.S. Capitol took up a lot of space Monday evening near the Town Center Mall in Charleston.

The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree is making its way to the west lawn of the capitol. It began its journey Oct. 29 when it was felled in the Cheppewa National Forest in Minnesota.

A large crowd walked around the truck Monday evening in Charleston and attended a mini-ceremony put on by the city. Residents were able to sign the side of the truck.

After Charleston, the tree was headed to Marietta, Ohio, and then to Wheeling.

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  • Amazed

    As a member, I wish fellow NRAers would show some intelligence when posting. The Bubbas are making us look more uninformed with posts such as this.

    "IRIS"? Really?

  • Voter

    The trailer looks extremely long. Is it legal with the DOT, or since it is for the feds, they will look the other way. I also wonder if the driver's log book is up to date.

  • pocaguy

    LOL. My thoughts exactly. People are definitely running out of things to be excited about and have ceremonies for.

  • Dave




  • Buzz

    Actually, there are taxpayer dollars involved. The U.S. Forest Service is also behind the project, and that means involvement by Forest Service personnel. Once the tree is placed on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, its care and maintenance (and that includes the electricity needed to light the tree) becomes the responsibility of the Architect of the Capitol, and security is maintained by the National Capitol Police, all federally funded. It may not be a tremendous amount, but to say no taxpayer money is involved simply isn't true.

  • Chef Camille

    Seriously this is an actual tour? Does Pa Pa Doc know that this truck is creating greenhouse gases. Was the tree harvesting utilizing sustainable methods? Oh the humanity! I did hear that Lady Goodwin The Tourism Zsarina was seen stumbling around and handing out trinkets to the serfs.

  • Mindmaster

    Its not going to be setup at the Capitol. Its going up Obama rear end. LOL!!!

  • Brandon

    No. I just think this Tour de Tree is pretty lame. But whatever.

  • Uncle Unctuous

    Institute for Rural Innovation and Stewardship?

  • Uncle Unctuous

    Internet Registry Information Service?

  • Uncle Unctuous

    Interior Redesign Industry Specialist?

  • NRA

    I hope IRIS burns it up. LOL.

  • Uncle Unctuous

    You guys pooh-poohing the tree must be part of that liberal war on Christmas we hear about every year, huh?


  • Uncle Unctuous

    It's cleverly hidden where only those with an IQ of two or more digits can find it, i.e on the websites of the nonprofit, the multiple sponsors, the Forest Service, participating trade associations, numerous media outlets, etc.

  • Leah

    the Forest that donates the tree has to find some one, in this case Chose Outdoors, to raise the monies needed to do this FOR the benefit of the people of this country

    As far as the major donors if you go to the official web page for this years tree. It will give you more information and the major donors It is

  • Independent View

    And somehow this is news????

  • BS

    Leah can you prove that to us the taxpayers. With a list of the donors. I believe that list will never surface.

  • Leah

    It is understanding that the cost incurred in promotions, harvesting the tree and moving the tree, along with all decorations are paid through donations. The government ie taxpayers are not footing the bill

  • Brandon

    I mean..... REALLY?!

  • Skeptic

    Wonder what the cost to tax payers (middle class) is once the tree is stood up and decorated?