MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The man believed responsible for a shooting rampage that killed four people was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot Monday night, state police said.

Jody Lee Hunt, 39, of Westover was found in a vehicle near Everettville along the Monongalia-Marion County line not far from U.S. Route 19.

“We have a deceased male matching (Hunt’s) description with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound,” state police Lt. Michael Baylous told Metronews.

Facebook photo

Sharon Kay Berkshire was among four shooting victims on Monday in Monongalia County.

The victims were killed Monday morning at three locations in Monongalia County. Police identified Hunt as the shooter and began a manhunt that consumed several hours.

Hunt operated J&J Towing in Westover. One of the victims, Doug Brady, 45, operated Doug’s Towing in Westover, where Brady was shot to death Monday morning.

The bodies of Sharon Kay Berkshire, 39, of Westover, and Michael David Frum, 28, of Maidsville, were found in a home near Cheat Lake outside of Morgantown.

The fourth victim shot on Sweet Pea Lane was identified late Monday as Hunt’s cousin Jody Taylor, 43.

The victims were specifically targeted, police said.

According to an Associated Press report, Berkshire filed a domestic violence case against Hunt last month in Monongalia County Circuit Court.

A lengthy post on Hunt’s Facebook page before the shootings indicated a domestic issue preceded the shootings: “I’m deeply hurt by events that lead up to this day! Life is short. It’s not all games. Don’t play a game with one’s heart.”

Brady is survived by his wife, Cathy, along with their 21-year-old son and a daughter, 18.

Cathy Brady told the Pittsburgh Tribune her husband previously rejected Hunt’s offer to buy Doug’s Towing business.

“He’s always been jealous of Doug,” she said. “I just never dreamed he hated Doug that much.”

Taylor’s nephew, John Bolyard of Sabraton, told the Pittsburgh Tribune that Hunt drove up and confronted Taylor outside his house.

“Shot him point-blank,” Bolyard said. “And when he hit the ground, he shot him a couple more times.”


Ben Queen/WVMetroNews

Police were on the scene at Doug’s Towing In Westover, where owner Doug Brady was shot and killed Monday.
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    #1 should be landlords, I know a few that people wouldn't believe what they get away with!
    Wow, they sure know who to pay off.

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    So many of them just sleep around with many guys -
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  • Adult

    "Liberal America" really? You think liberals are more violent, or prone to post inflammatory comments? You better check your facts, any search will prove that those who call themselves "conservatives" are much more "liberal" with the posting of their comments, and post pictures of their guns to "back it up." But this really isn't a matter of politics, now is it? I'm ashamed of some of the comments posted here and on other sites by people that I call fellow West Virginians, and neighbors.
    Ps: I am a republican registered as independent

  • Hacker

    Nope! I already searched it

  • Scott

    "Liberal America" really? You think liberals are more violent, or prone to post inflammatory comments? You better check your facts, any search will prove that those who call themselves "conservatives" are much more "liberal" with the posting of their comments, and post pictures of their guns to "back it up." But this really isnt a matter of politics, now is it? I'm ashamed of some of the comments posted here and on other sites by people that I call fellow West Virginians, and neighbors.

  • Scott

    You are an idiot!

  • Scott

    Your an idiot!

  • Your Mom

    One of the drivers used to live in my neighborhood and was always messed up on something, he eventually got evicted because he was so messed up one day he came driving through (in his tow truck) and ran into someone's house.....

  • morn duck

    West Virginia will be a better place

  • morn duck

    You know know nothing .She was a faithful woman of one man? Of not, your point as a son is moot.I'm sorry for your lose.Remember, lose iz not easy ask Jody.

  • Ret

    Norm, As a 4th generation West Virginian and morgantown native, I could not agree with you more. The ignorance and hatred and stupidity of many of these comments reminds me of the worst of Yahoo comments years gone by.
    One thing I know is that many of them are NOT posted by Mountaineers, but recent transplants who seek to destroy the culture of our great state. It's kind of like the riots in Motown which were created and fueled by east coast thugs.
    This tragedy is not about guns, or sex, or greed or rambling posts on social media. It's about a fundamental mental breakdown of a human being that could be your brother or father or son. What he did was wrong but the ignorance is truly in many of these comments. Believe me when I write that most true mountaineers understand that "being" Liberi is not being an ahole. Thanks for reading.

  • RLLW

    God had nothing to do with this unforunate incident.

  • falsely accused husband

    Were you slutting around on your man? That's what your post sounds Just PHEW!!!! SURE GLAD MY MAN DIDNT HAVE BALLS TO DO THAT! LOL Your post made me laugh.Wanna date? Just kkidding, heck no!

  • Charleston

    Old School: At least some people are more concerned with the tragedy than some minor typographical error.

  • Gwenda Adkins

    How horrible that events like this are created by people who can not accept the fact they aren't getting their way. .. At least this man can't hurt anyone else and the judicial system won't be paying to try him and house him for the rest of his life. He just should have killed himself and left other people alone. I thank God often that He did not allow my ex-husband to do something similar to this.

  • The Toe

    How about if we just kick you out of here and back to the football posts?

  • old school least some of us still appreciate correct punctuation and spelling! Thanks so much!!!

  • Appalachian American

    I guess that spoon made you fat as well?

  • Appalachian American

    Welcome to Liberal America.

  • Mike

    Really? It's called auto correct on a phone. I'll return my Masters Degree. What an A@@!

  • Charleston


  • John Doe

    Towing is not a nasty business. My father owns a towing company and only tows someone if they or the cops call him. He does not prey on people. You however can make it a nasty business. It is nasty in Morgantown.

  • Angel

    The Catholic bible's Lists the 5th commandment as:
    "You Shall Not Kill".
    The Potestant bible lists the 6th commandment as:
    "You Shall Not Murder"
    And From Exodus 20:2-17 the 6th commandment is listed as:
    "Thou Shalt Not Kill".
    Now . . I'm no one to preach or quote the bible nor do I pretend to be without sin. I'm not at the top of anyone's list of "go to" people for words of wisdom and would never claim to be the most spiritual person you'll ever meet. But I do know one thing and that one thing is as simple as it gets . . . that NO bible of any version has ever or will ever list this commandment as:
    "You Shall Not Kill (murder) . .unless . . well . . . you're really pissed off, have been shit on, have had some really bad luck, have been hurt by others, been cheated on, or just feel like you've been taken for granted . . that kinda stuff".
    Whatdya think?

  • JS

    Anyone try to intervene on behalf of your loved one? Anyone ever do something about his controlling ways? We need to act on behalf of our loved ones before something like this happens. Please go to for information on domestic violence help.

  • John Doe

    I know of none. I don't know of any African Americans employed now that I think about it. I do know some Black people though that are. None of them are from Africa. So I don't refer to them as African Americans.

  • John Doe

    Symphathy to the innocent is welfare scum. Everybody he/she mentioned works for a living.

  • Mark

    You need to get a life. This is not grammar class!

  • Bill Haislop

    Vote Josh Lambert for the Lou Groza Award!

  • Ellis

    I disagree with your list #1 attorneys 2. Politicians

  • Mike

    “He’s always been jealous of Doug,” she said. “I just never dreamed he hated Doug that much. Seems the wife wasn't totally shocked about the event.
    There's a call order that law enforcement is to use in cleaning up accidents scenes and towing vechiles from the site. The Man County call order is famous for not being properly enforced. You just have to speak with the Public Service Commission in Charleston. Its slot deeper than towing off college students that was held hostage.

  • B

    I believe that you mean they're not their. Their is a possessive case.

  • B

    *Imagining but that's ok I'll give you that one it's hard to seen on a screen.

  • B


  • B


  • B

    Pretty sure you'd see posts like that anywhere.

  • B

    I believe that you mean "at least accept".

  • Someology

    You have the sympathy of many people. Do not let the cruel comments of a few make your pain worse. They are not worth it.

  • HA

    Who's left? Sounds like the welfare group is all you'd have left in your world.

  • shane

    Fabulous accuracy in your commentary...

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    If he blew his own face off, it's difficult to be 100% positive in an ID. Clothing, dental, DNA and other methods have to be employed, plus devious persons have been known to stage their own deaths to divert attention. Law Enforcement, has been forced to take a speculative stance until 100% of the facts are known.

    Ferguson is a perfect example. The co-defendant in the robbery had to be proven the liar he truly is (plus a convicted felon) and his lies destroyed a community, state, and placed yet another wedge in the race relations. You just can't trust an "eye witness".

  • j

    Sounds like a lot of people posting comments here should be arrested. Posting a list of people that are "scum" and should die? What is wrong with this town?

  • Charleston

    Lord hear our prayers!

  • Crooks will be replaced by more crooks

    +1. Totally agree.

  • Charleston

    Your misguided. Prayers sent.

  • Sympathy to the Innocent

    The top of the list scum list. 1. Tow Truck owner/operators/drivers. 2. Lawyers. 3. Car salesman. 4. Insurance Companies. 5. Banks. 6. Real Estate Agents 7. Car repair shops 8. HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical repair man/owners. 9. Building Contractors. 10. Dentists/Orthodonists. Didn't include politicians as they feed off of the scum and us as well.

  • Emilie

    So true! Some people simply have no respect for others feelings and no common decency.

  • ThMburg

    Nothing would please me more if this unfortunate incident puts a stop to the corrupt practices of towing companies and Westovers finest shaking down visitors to Morgantown. No citation, they just pull up tow you and want CASH. Reputable companies would at least except a credit card. Don't bother calling P D for help, your not getting any. If I would ever hit the lottery I would offer $20 million d to the Univ, with one stipulation. No car could ever be towed in Mon Co unless law enforcement called for it to be towed

  • Eye for an Eye or More Trash is Gone

    there are two stories here. Peace to the victims and families. Sometimes the big thumb comes down from above and takes care of business while punishing the misdeeds of scum. Sounds like there was some unfortunate collateral damage to an innocent victim. These tow truck drivers have been preying on the university students for years. while some were parked illegally, I have heard more stories where the tow truck driver just towed them and made crap up. Nobody monitors these crooks. When will someone begin monitoring and correcting these unsavory and fraudulent practices. Time for action before the replacement tow truck drivers take over and start again. I'm surprised a student hasn't lost his temper against these scum.

  • MarionCo

    That was sure nice of God to let innocent people die today. What a fine fella

  • ThMburg

    I was also victim of a shake down by the good ole boy network from Doug's towing and Westovers finest. Nothing would please me more than to put a stop to the corruption going on over on that side of the Mon River. All cash reputable business practice would be to at least accept a credit card. NO cash only!! ATM will only give you $ 200, so you better hope you have enough to cover to get your car back. No citation, they just back up and take

  • Big thumb theory

    RIP to all the victims and sympathy to the families where warranted. Looks to me like someone in authority from the local police to the WVU President needs to look into the aggressive and fraudulent towing practices in Morgantown. It happens in every college town. Cops look the other way, businesses prosper at the students expense and Univeristy and town officials don't give it any attention in their busy and pompous filled days. Maybe MetroNews should do a story on these unsavory tow truck operators. Looks like one story has uncovered another. How about it Hoppy?

  • joeyjojo

    "But perhaps your decision to attempt to push your personal beliefs on others in a forum where it is inappropriate to do so..."


  • Jake

    I need to search my computer to see if I still have dates, times, photos, of Doug's towing trucks (drivers) visiting a local drug dealer.

  • Lulu

    My heart aches for the families left behind. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, and loved ones. I pray for your healing. Mirder is a violent, cruel way to end ones life. The sufferers left behind need our prayer.

  • Bianca

    It does not matter why this man took lives. What matters is that society continues to devalue the preciousness of the short amount of time we truly exist.

  • Bianca

    He has lost a loved one respect his stress. I would be confused as well.

  • Melisa

    Ruth anne is his sister.

  • EPWV

    That Doug guy towed my car from my own apartment's lot and shook me down for $100. I filed a complaint through the Better Business Bureau and got it back. Regardless, RIP.

  • Lulu

    I think it's more a law. That they can't identify anyone until they are are claimed and identified dead by the coroners office and also may have something to do with notifying family members. I think this person should have no rights. The public has more rights to know that he is dead. So at least they know, others in the circle are safe from harm.

  • fromWV

    Yes, I noticed on her FB page that she was posting a picture of that truck and saying, "This is my new truck," I believe that date was early November. Interesting?

  • Patchy

    "“We have a deceased male matching (Hunt’s) description with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound,” state police Lt. Michael Baylous told Metronews."

    Why are the police so addicted to their wide ellipses around the most basic of facts? The press are not the courts therefore there is no downside to stating the obvious. Nearly everyone carries a wallet which almost always contains an ID and even if Hunt didn't, exactly how much brain power does it require to look at a photograph (provided by the perp himself online!) and look at the body and confirm identity in an instant?

  • Frank the tank

    No it would not have prevented it happening. But more cops would have certainly helped expedite the search and investigation. AND also provide support for the other emergency situations being called in as this one was taking place. Do you think those people felt safe when they were told that no one was available to handle their call??? I heard it first hand on scanner radio, and it is NOT the first time that has happened.

  • Sportsguy

    I think you mean *egotistical.

  • Mike?

    Mike what in the world are you saying? I can't follow anything you wrote as it all runs together.

  • motown Gal

    He shot his business rival, Doug Brady, and his business partner/cousin, Jody Taylor.

  • WV Bud

    My heart aches for all of these families involved.Such a terrible ,useless tragedy. And for those who joke about a Higher Power. We have a Higher Power. We call him God.

  • Expatriot

    So it does not surprise me that this bunch were towing types. I remember the shake downs from the towing companies and the cooperation of the local police when I first came to Morgantown in the early 70's. I must have paid for many street pavings by being an inch over the line. What a scam. It is what I always remember about WVU. Maybe Gordon Gee should suspend all towing activities in light of what has happened.

  • Mike

    I see everyone saying poor him he can be pushed only so far get the real story Sharon was my mother and law so what they dated they didn't work he was over obsessed with her he called me many times about her she was trapped with him he made her have a gps on her phone change her number followed her to work so he knew where she was at all times I worked for him I should know how he is home and at work life he was abusive to her mentally physically and emotionally he is a coward for what he did he lost a relationship who else has been hurt over a relationship did you go on a killing rampage no you picked yourself up and you moved on so what you have competition in the towing industry do you go shoot them to make it easier to make more no you just work a Lille harder to reach your goals as far as him loving his family he hated them called them worthless avoided them said he wished they would just die so anyone that has a question about him ask me I'll gladly enlighten you on him and his ways

  • Ret

    Towing is a nasty business and always will be. Think back in Motown history when a WVU student was shot and killed over a towed motorcycle. This situation was a mess and much drama but that is the zeitgeist of the human condition for many of us. The bottom line is that it was the wrong act to solve what had become a huge problem for Jody. Keep this in mind and let go of comments that are hurtful.

  • Dan

    What is the connection then between her and the man she was with that were shot? How did Doug become involved with this and why did he leave such disparaging remarks on his FB page? You're not telling the whole story! I feel for your loss, but you're still not telling the whole truth. Nor will you EVER!!!

  • Investigative Reports

    Much weirdness with this guy. Check it out: (

    "Last year, (Jody) Hunt and Ruth Ann Hunt filed a civil lawsuit in Monongalia Circuit Court against Anthony Michael Ballas over a traffic accident in Morgantown. Ruth Ann Hunt’s relationship to Jody Hunt is not clear from the court filings.

    The plaintiffs claimed bodily injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, limitations in ability to function, lost wages and income, lost earning capacity, loss of capacity to enjoy life and other damages. They also sought punitive damages for Ballas’ reckless conduct.

    In June, a six-member jury ruled in favor of Ballas, saying the evidence did not show he was guilty of negligence. The Hunts were awarded nothing.

    In August, the Hunts filed a motion to set aside the verdict and for a new trial. In October, Monongalia Circuit Judge Susan B. Tucker denied that motion.

    The Hunts’ motion was based, in part, on the usage of surveillance footage in the trial. Tucker ruled that the footage was relevant and admissible.

    The Hunts were represented by Paul R. Cranston of Cranston & Edwards in Morgantown. Ballas was represented by Tiffany R. Durst of Pullin Fowler Flanagan Brown & Poe in Morgantown."

    Now this "Ruth Ann Hunt" has some other history, including abuse of a 13 year old minor - (2012 WDTV) - "Two people in Monongalia County have been arrested after allowing a 13-year-old girl drink alcohol around adult men.

    Police say Ruth Ann Hunt, and her boyfriend Kenny Hager, also let the girl have a sexual relationship with an adult man. There's two other girls and a boy who live inside the home. Hunt would also sell two of those children's prescription medications for money. "

    Someone want to share the back story on this mess?

  • Family Member

    Just to let you know She was not sleeping around, He was imaging things. He beat her several times and when she left him and had a restraining order on him they did Nothing!!!!, He found her and killed her because he was a NUT!!!, I am a family member of Her's and ppl don't know the whole story. So put your self in our shoes, how he made her look, when SHE was the one being abused. So don't blame her or any of the others that were MURDERED today. Know what you are talking about before making a comment.

  • Family Member

    Just to let you know She was not sleeping around, He was imaging things. He beat her several times and when she let and had a restraining order on him they did Nothing!!!!, He found her and killed her because he was a NUT!!!, I am a family member of Her's and ppl don't know the whole story. So put your self in our shoes how he made her look, when SHE was the one being abused.

  • Dan

    Westover PD has looked the other way for far too long with this guy and his buddy, Gary Walden. It's remarkable the restraint people have had in not shooting that POS as well. At the start of every semester at WVU, you could see his trucks hovering like buzzards over road-kill just waiting. I remember living across the street from there a few years back and every Saturday & Sunday morning students were involved with shouting matches with this guy over how he illegally towed their vehicles from WVU property and charged them exorbitant prices for his "services." It's a helluva wonder someone hasn't pulled the trigger on him before this!

  • Randy

    I seem to remember a previous comment of yours. Spill the beans dude. I know you got some Roswell info.

  • Gary

    Nobody stold 17 grand thats what the lying idiot paid for that truck

  • Mike Dotson

    There was more business than moving cars around @ Doug's Towing. Police have looked the other way for their individuals perks & kickbacks. What Jody has done is 100% wrong in every way but those who knew Doug are not surprised. Maybe the county can look into the towing practices because their very corrupt

  • Merrychristmas

    Jody hunt was not more than a ignitistical lying self centerd peabrained idiot . if you are sooo stupid that you leave 17 grand in your shop and u claim it came up missing whos fault is it???

  • bugs

    Your not pickin up what I'm putin down... You feel me holms?

  • JJD

    How many African Americans police officers do you know employed in WV? Stop the racist comments! This event is not a joke! Human beings lives should be respected regardless of ethnicity.

  • just sayin

    wouldn't matter if she had an mp5 with a new bolt carrier or a Colt 45 she didn't stand a chance. His mind was made up. Don't you get it. This guy was off the chart

  • Harpers Ferry

    I agree Der Fuhrer! America should NOT be the land of Freedom of Speech or Expression if you don't agree with it!

  • JJD

    How African Americans police officers do you know work in WV? Stop the racist comments. This event is not a joke!

  • bugs

    W V Metronews should block the comments on anything that happens like this. There should be no free speech here , just the facts , and the rest of ya's .... Shut The Hell UP .

  • PS

    Your responsible for your own actions. Especially as an adult. Nobody causes you to do something. You always have a choice. We're vulnerable when we care about others. He's not the first person who was getting cheated on. It's not what happens to you in life, it's how you handle what happens to you that makes you who you are. If she was cheating then that's her bad choices but that doesn't justify his bad choices. We all make good and bad decisions in life. But we still had a choice. His choice was to let his jealousy rule his thoughts. Clearly a sign of obsession. Obsession is not true love.

  • Jkay

    I can't believe the insensitivity of some of the postings.
    The man "snapped". Mental illness is no joke.
    Lives have been lost and familiess are grieving. Yet, ignorance rears it ugly head.
    Each one of you haters need to place yourselves in the shoes of the families affected by this tragic situation. Please stop the hate! This could have been your loved one.

  • just sayin

    Try placing yourself in Jody's shoes

  • Mim

    I'm with you!!! I'll make some picket signs and bring a hammer to bust out store windows. Nothing eases race relations like a stolen large screen tv

  • JimJim

    NRA. She should have had a gun!

  • jm

    other media sources show they found him dead at the marion/mon line.

  • william

    Steal 14,000.00 from the man
    Girlfriend sleeps around
    No wonder why this guy would go off,
    HE couldn't take anymore!
    Sounds like these people were a mess.

  • Jkay

    This situation us no joking matter. The man snapped. It doesn't make it right. Mental health is mo joke. Please keep the families affected in your prayers. The entire event is extremely devastating. Those who post the idiotic comments, I suggest you place yourselves in the loved one's shoes. Will you still post the ignorant comments?

  • PS

    I'm all for gun ownership but to say an armed society is a polite society is ridiculous. It's true that Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Does that mean we will all behave if we're all walking around with guns in our pocket? That's only true if guns are only in the hands of people you can trust. People who do this aren't afraid of losing their life. They don't care about manners. If 50 people who are carrying a gun walk down High St, do you trust all 50 to not just randomly shoot people? If one person shoots most people will panic and also start shooting. How many innocent people end up dying because one person "snapped". How many of these people are going to shoot the wrong person? People in general are dumb, panicky animals especially in groups. Life is not a cowboy movie. People don't have perfect aim every time. Everyone carrying a gun equals people taking the law into their own hands. Equals chaos.

  • just sayin

    might have been a Browning High Power

  • Harpers Ferry

    Yes, you are right. It's not his fault that he did what he did, it's his "friends" on Facebook who have blood on their hands. I seriously hope you don't have kids because it's obvious that you won't teach them about taking responsibility for their actions.

  • Harpers Ferry

    William is a known troll on this website. He lives in his grandmother's basement. He leads a sad, sad life.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Maybe it was aliens. Ancient aliens.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Reading your comment, I understand why you failed English.

  • brenda

    I agree 100% this man was crying out for help. It breaks my heart to see how much he loved her and to see it all end the way it did. From his post that I read she was playing with his heart. Not saying anyone deserved to die. So so sad

  • Mim

    So Mr. Bond, I suppose this is only on national news because five white people died & if it were five minorities it would've never received air time?

  • PS

    Let me make sure I understand you. You don't blame him for murdering 4 people. You think that something these 4 people were doing was reason enough for him to shoot and kill them. No matter what she or any of them were doing, him taking their lives is far worse. What could you possibly know that could lead any sane person to justify murdering 4 people? Even if she cheated on him with everyone of these men that hardly justifies homicide. Whether your a man or a woman, if you can say you don't blame him, then you should seek help. Murder is never excusable. Only way a person should ever take a life is in self defense or defense of others. His excuse, as I understand, is nothing more than jealousy. He needed help and didn't get it. That's his own fault. Help is very available today. He who chooses to kill others and himself instead of getting help is a coward. Harsh, but as an adult no one is responsible for your actions other than you. His actions did nothing but devastate his own family and four others. Prayers to all five of those families.

  • Mim

    Idk I hear the towing industry is practically dead in that area!!!

  • Bri

    Doug was a nice guy. My father and I knew him pretty well. We'd walk in to have his car inspected, and he'd come out and talk with us and joke around. The last time I saw him, he was joking around with my dad before we left. Just to think I was sitting in school when four innocent lives, including one of my dad's best friends, were killed.

    My sympathy and grief goes out to the families and friends of the victims, and I will be grieving with them in mind and spirit.

  • right

    doesn't look like we will

  • Rocko

    Sad,sad,sad yes indeed..but as the old saying goes" When you play with fire you're going to get burnt"!! .. When you sleep with many different men sooner or later something bad is going happen!! It's not supposed to be that way but it is!!!

  • get real

    ball or balls

  • Bill Plock

    What higher power? The higher power that allowed four people to be shot?

  • Bill Plock

    All you people are Facebook morons

  • radiobabe929

    You can NOT be this seriously uneducated/sexist/misogynistic!! Please calm my fears and assure me you can not reproduce and/or do not have and children that you are passing this ignorance off to as some kind of warped truth. Hey Einstein, since when did having sex with whomever you please carry with it the penalty of death by assassination? Good thing for you it's not against the law to be stupid.

  • get real

    Maybe as a little bonus

  • Freshly Borned Again

    Thank you so much. After reading your post, I began to wonder if my heart was right with God. Now, I have come to know HIM and have turned my life to JESUS. I can feel him inside me!!!

    Thanks so much for contributing this comment/post/rant which was, like so many others with this story, mostly irrelevant to the situation. But perhaps your decision to attempt to push your personal beliefs on others in a forum where it is inappropriate to do so has saved my soul from eternal damnation.

    Oh, crap, never mind, it was just gas. I burped, and I can no longer feel him.


    Today has been a terrible day for so many families and friends. I will not judge because a higher power is the only one that has that right. I will say I can understand on all sides how emotions can twirl out of control. What Jody did was not the best choice. When someone tears at our hearts until the pain is unbearable, we do things that are so far out of our nature. It's like having a mental breakdown. However, you have 4 other people who lost their lives. What good did it do to murder them? All we have now is many people with broken hearts and children without parents. So sad!!! We need to think before we react to hurt.

  • Dave

    Why aren't my posts showing up?

  • Dave

    The town doorknob, everyone got a turn.

  • get real


  • Dave

    She was also apparently the town doorknob.

  • norm

    after reading these comments I now know whywv is last in everything important ignorance is bliss in mon county

  • william

    Yes it does matter, that's what got the ball rolling, her sleeping around.

  • No

    No, this truck was just bought for the woman. This is a love triangle situation, just not sure why the tow co owner and the yet unidentified person were killed?

  • Bryan

    Donnie, I'm sorry for what has happened to you and your loved ones. Not everyone feels the way these folks do. Hang in there and don't lose faith in your fellow man.

  • Blart

    I had to once. An infuriating experience I've hardly forgotten about all these years later.

    The towing companies here in Morgantown make a fortune by a strong-arm policy you can't do anything about. Part of me has compassion for the deaths involved and the circumstances surrounding them, but living here and knowing how these these tow truck owners run their business just doesn't make me feel that awful about their fate today. It's terrible, but I just can't help how I feel after my explerience with these guys.

  • Mindmaster

    Could this be the same man who shot people a while back? Maybe he is a copy cat? Just seems eerily similar with the pickup truck and
    all. Just saying....?????

  • chuck

    I dont think it matters how many men this women was with noone deserves this!! She was someones daughter , mother , grandmother , or sister she will be sadley missed by everyone who knew her. R.I.P.

  • Donitta Childers

    Prayers to all family members. A sad sad thing.

  • Oh Did Ya?

    The replies to his post indicate people trying to get a hold of him and go to his house. I believe plenty of people were trying to find and help him. He did not want to be found or helped.

  • jaclyn

    R.i.p to all the victim that wore involved my prayers are with the family that's going through this rough time my god b with u guys u will b sadly missed

  • william

    Wow, How many men was this lady sleeping with?
    It sounds like that's what made this man go nuts!

  • jaclyn

    R.i.p to all the victim that was involved my prayers r with the family as they go through this rough time u guys will b sadly missed

  • c.thompson

    i think it is sad that ppl have to go on a ramppage of killing to prove that they r a @sshole, and cant deal with life problems the right way so they just go out and kill . it brakes my heart to know there is alot of heartless ppl in this world

  • avl

    It was his ex & her bf. She kept hanging around Hunt insuating she still loved him. Apparently he found out the truth.
    He's not a coward from what he did. He was TOO CRAZY INLOVE over the WRONG kind of girl.

  • ReadABook

    Gary, you cannot be serious, that statement makes zero sense. Mr. Hunt would've killed those poor people & himself with or without the firearm. Guns themselves aren't to blame-there's numerous ways to kill someone or commit suicide. Obviously this guy was mentally disturbed. His fragile & very unbalanced state of mind is what caused this tragedy, smh.

  • Hailey


  • tt

    Amen I so feel the same way it is a crying shame

  • avl

    I'm a female and from what I know, I don't blame him!

  • avl

    His? Who is "his". If you're referring to Hunt, she Was jerking him around and with anther guy. He was to hurt to care about being news!!

  • Mike

    you cry with ur voice not a guy!!

  • avl

    I agree

  • Ellis

    That's a fact

  • avl

    They put that warning out all day as well as locked down all schools

  • avl

    A young broken hearted, obviously mentally imbalanced young man is being compared to a thug?? You're all Horrible. He made Facebook posts, a cry for help?
    Who on his friends list did crap about that???!!!!!
    I have more pity on him than any of them!!

  • Whoa1

    Too soon too soon. But funny.

  • Lisa

    I am very sorry for your loss. May your memories bring you some comfort.

  • Rocko

    Yes,that little furry critter has been the downfall of many a man!!!

  • c.thompson

    that not even funny. why would anyone say that.. ppl . lost there lives today ASSHOLE!!

  • jeepster

    don't be an ass


    it does in his tiny little mind

  • Skepticus

    Prayer? You people are idiots.

  • Donnie Moore (Megan transport)

    God bless the family's very sad day for Morgantown

  • Cathy

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask for 5 minutes of silence for the 5 lives taken...

  • leftneckgirl

    Too sad for all involved

  • JustaFan

    SHAME ON YOU!!! Five people are dead for really no good reason. Families are grieving, and you post this?????

  • Insanity

    Actually if ppl want to check the facts.....HE bought that truck for HER and SHE was driving it up till today. SO that was apparently what she had put on the truck.

  • Fred

    That's the problem with posting anonymous comments… Idiots like those appear. A sick, sad tragic situation that will affect many lives… And they're making jokes.I can only wonder if they'd appreciate the humor if it were their family.

  • Donnie Moore (Megan transport)

    U know I've been dealing with this mess all day, it's over now, but reading what alot of ppl said on here makes me ashamed to live here or call wv my home, I knew 4 of the 5 ppl who died today and maybe none of them were perfect but are any of u? What a way to respond of such heartache on this so close to Christmas!!!!! I bet if one of these victims were ur family or friends it wouldn't be such a huge joke.and It is quite obvious that none of you have any idea what you're talking about!!! so why even get on here and try to talk about something that first off it's not your business second off you're clueless to any of the information that's pertinent in this entire thing,this is a sad day, god bless the family's of the victims

  • Karnner

    To all people praying that he is reached....he was found dead...suicide.

  • Questions

    This makes 3 tow truck drivers dead in just a few days. Very sad.

  • The bookman


    If labeling Mr Hunt a thug is accurate in your mind as descriptive of his behavior, then be my guest. It wouldn't offend me, although it wouldn't come to mind either. Mr Hunt's behavior seems to be more associated with severe emotional distress. I would also describe him as cold, calculated, and cunning. That's a dangerous recipe that apparently played itself out this morning in Morgantown.

    To me, a thug would be the type of person who would parade around town, enter convenience stores, take what he wanted, dole violence on anyone in his path, and thumb his nose at the law. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian. It matters not to me what they look like, just the behavior they exhibit.

    I have a question for you, though?

    Would you be as angry with former Officer Wilson if Michael Brown had been a white man? Never mind. No one would know about it but the people of Ferguson, as it wouldn't have been newsworthy, or valuable to any agenda.

  • my,my,my

    been there, didn't do that,...but thought of it. He is not a thug or a racist. He is temp insane. Right now he is on a lonesome dirt road or in a mall parking lot wondering what to do! He doesn't want to die..he doesn't want to live....sad. Really don't think he will hurt anyone else but hope they find him soon

  • AJ

    the filthy people who posted dreck on this page ought to be ashamed of themselves. What sick people. Prayers to the lives lost today. Morgantown having a rough 3 months.

  • Epanhandle

    Wow!!!! I honestly laughed extremely hard. God rest his soul, and don't sleep around or play with people hearts.

  • Over here

    Don't call the shooter a thug......Sharpton and Jackson are busy.

  • revanonymoose

    It is now too late for Jody Hunter. It saddens me to hear about the HORRIBLE CRIME he did! It saddens me that 4 people were murdered!
    Only thing to pray for is for me and other Christians to reach Jody Hunter's before they do their horrible crimes!

  • Alum

    You have a very twisted and sick sense about you.

  • revanonymoose

    This saddened me a lot. Understand I was born and raised in West Virginia and still have friends and relatives in that state.
    The first thing I thought when I saw this was could this be someone I know? My most frightening thought was "could this have been my sister?" My sister who a few months ago told me to NEVER contact her ever again for any reason! I would have been tore up bigtime if her name was one of the victims!
    My point of this writing. Please don't take this horrible crime lightly!
    Please let it cause you to do the following:

    (1) Please pray for the grieving families! That should be a nobrainer.

    (2) Please pray for the murderer for him to repent of this horrible sin and to give his life to JESUS.(see Matt.5:43-48)! Even though his sin is HORRIBLE I still believe GOD forgives! I still believe he needs for his crime but he can be forgiven and have peace with God.

    (3) Take this as anopportunity to make sure your heart is right with GOD! We don't know when death will be knocking!
    Please if you don't know JESUS please turn to HIM today!

  • BR

    What ?!?!?!?!

    You are an idiot. What does a wacko middle-aged business owner in a small town have to do with inner-city crime? You think any sane person - regardless of race or political bent - is condoning this horrible crime?

    Morons like YOU are exactly why generational and/or racial relations in this country will never get better.

  • Farmer

    You don't put your grain in another mans silo.

  • John

    Mburg - I don't think appearance has anything to do with either Mr Hunt or Mr Brown. The problem is that all of these Ferguson protestors are ignoring most of the facts and not doing anything to improve race relations or any other aspect of society. How does laying in the road or blocking a parade help? They seem to advocate breaking the law - and isn't it the job of the police to enforce the law? I see the police in northern WV working very hard to stop Mr Hunt from causing any more harm. Don't spew just to spew. Do something constructive. Offer recommendations. Reach out across barriers of all types. Constructively work to change the law if you think it is wrong.

  • towtrucker

    Now would be the time to open a tow truck business in Motown. You could make a killing. Too soon??

  • Tmburg

    I guess my initial comment didn't meet with approval by the mods. All I will say is I hope you don't ever have to deal with Doug's towing.

  • Jonus Grumby

    A burning couch offers the ultimate defense.

  • Randy

    Very nice.

  • Check for Thug Definition

    It is called a vocabulary. A thug by definition is sonmeone who robs and puts a beating on the victim. The term in the 20th century comes from the mob where they would send thugs to put a beating on those who were slow to pay.

    This man is an accused & alleged "murderer". This is a much worse description & term.

  • Jonus Grumby

    The outrage is there. You are just too biased to see it. And this guy is a thug. He just happens to be white.

  • Zip it

    Shut your face. Take your liberal agenda somewhere else

  • Mburg

    Note that people are not referring to this individual as a thug - I wonder why? Where is all the usual outrage about Baltimore and DC that usually occur when the people involve look a little different? My thoughts and prayer goes out to the family of the four individuals who lost their lives by the actions of this thug.

  • Harpers Ferry

    You don't till another man's garden!

  • Harpers Ferry

    So I guess this incident only affects people's lives if it makes the national news? SMH

  • Goode

    The reason WVU was not put on lockdown was because there was no threat on or around campus. It's also a lot harder to lockdown 27,000 people across 3 campuses than it is to lockdown an elementary school. The shooter was nowhere near campus; therefore, they felt no need to put that many people in more of a panic. The students were emailed and made aware of the situation. That is really all that needed to be done. If the danger were downtown, then I'm guessing there would have been a lockdown.

  • sammy

    Funny, I just watched it on World News Tonight on ABC. It also made the news on Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. Mr. Bond, try again.

  • sammy


    Please explain to me why WVU has not been put on lockdown. If this were any other university with a gunman running around that had killed 4 people, the institution would have been put on lockdown immediately. THAT is common sense.

  • Mountain Navy

    Is that like blaming alcohol for drunk driver deaths instead of the driver?

  • Mountain Navy

    This made national news.

  • Questions

    USA Today has coverage online.

  • What he said

    Tow Truck Wars

  • Farmer

    You also don't furrow where another man's been plowing.

  • Hate to mow

    Ummm... I will gladly let you come cut my grass.

  • Realistically

    Entitlement generation is the generation that's brought on war after war, sucked up social security and left the burden squarely on the young folks to support via social security while they retire early.

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld

    Goodbye Mr. Bond

  • Mario

    The entitlement generation is a little later on ... Late 30 would be Generation X.

  • Wow

    But yet you have read them and posted , lol.

  • BR

    Dead girlfriends truck!

  • JR

    License plate, per records, is OLK 303. And yes, it says Rough Country on the back.

  • Gah

    he was married had an affair with a married woman that cheated on him several times it appears.

  • Commenter

    Umm, according to the pictures, the sticker on the back glass reads Rough Country, also everyone should know, if you have one of those dark tinted things over your license plate, they are illegal in WV.

  • oldschool

    Great quote!!!!! Very well said.

  • Harpers Ferry

    You don't mow another man's lawn!!!

  • Booger

    Pants up! Don't shoot!

  • Get Out --->

    Given the fact that there are 4 people dead... how many ***** are you referring to?

  • medman

    Sammy, please try to grow up and act like you have some common sense.

  • medman

    One has to wonder why all of the moronic nitwits have to come out of the woodwork and begin posting these idiotic comments at a time like this.

  • Abbagoochie

    This is what happens when you try to stick your **** where it doesnt belong.

  • Sue

    This sad event had been on Fox News. They have stated that no info is being released.

  • KeyserMountie

    That is original

  • sammy

    Monongalia County schools are on lock down. Why not WVU? Guess they are too busy waiting to hear what bowl game they be will in. Priorities.

  • jimjim

    Another brat from the entitlement generation throwing a hissyfit because things didn't go his way. What a jerk. God bless the innocent victims and their families.

  • MountaineerForLife

    Fox News sent notifications out to cell sorry, you are wrong!!!

  • Nancy Ridenour

    You did an excellent job on the shootings in Morgantown. I really appreciate Sunshine Wiles letting me know about your station. I will turn to you from now on to get my news. Thanks again.

  • Ellis

    I have a feeling Hunt is going to have his taken away

  • Zip

    Yep, and Mr. Hunt has just become Mr. Hunted.

  • wv4evah

    If you're just joining the conversation, keep moving. There's really very little of interest here. Ho-hum pro-gun prattle you've heard before, and here and there some not-so-subtle bursts of know, the usual stuff. There are a few thoughtful comments, for sure..but really, if you're looking for some intelligent discourse, look elsewhere.

  • HW

    This is a very sad situation. Reading the comments on here could make anyone lose faith in the human race. People have lost their lives today and many put in danger. It is not about race, guns or any other political agenda.

  • wv4evah

    excellent mim

  • wv4evah

    International news: London Daily Mail web site

  • Mim

    Why do most people feel the need to make this a gun control or race issue? How about showing concern for the families of these victims? Things don't always have to have such a dynamic under tone. Something went wrong for this guy and he either lacked the ability or the desire to handle it in a better way. You have to love our society these days!!! Don't worry, everyone's guns are safe and there's not going to be a race riot any time soon.

  • Wow

    Gary= Stupid.

  • jim

    Im in ..

  • jim

    Towing business has always been rough and tumble .. now its deadly.

  • WVGirl

    Also, it has hit national news (on MSN front page as I type this), race has nothing to do with what hits national news and what doesn't.

  • otis

    Keep me posted if that happens I going for a new flat screen and xbox then stop off for free liquor and cigarillos . Good times man good times

  • Justin

    He had an affair with a married woman and is shocked that she cheated on him? Wow...

  • WVGirl

    Because it is sitting on a used car lot in those pictures, the truck was bought in early November according the facebook page of one of the victims.

  • Mr. Bond

    Who's the idiot now.... lol

  • Mrs. Brown

    Quadruple homicides happen everyday in WV??? Dumbest comment yet.

  • otis

    Personally I prefer to use a hatchet or ball peen hammer but each situation is different

  • Mark

    With a maniac on the loose I'm glad I have a gun in my desk drawer.

  • Ret

    How very sad for all who are suffering including Jody. Self centered actions solve nothing.

  • really?

    Those are pics of a truck like his u idiot

  • Mike

    Tell me one tow truck company that don't carry weapons. Mr. Hunt owns J&J Towing.

  • Oh Did Ya?

    Pictures from social media

  • Justin

    A post on his Facebook page from earlier today indicates that it is over a woman.

  • Trippin

    No one hates freedom, but the buttwipes who misappropriate the term for their stupid selfish agenda are another matter. You wouldn't know what freedom meant if it were written on a slip of paper and stuck to the plate in your skull with a banana-shaped refrigerator magnet.

  • Trippin

    95% of Americans support a universal background check, even the vast majority of NRA members. Goddamn liberals.

  • Mr. Bond

    How do they have such nice pictures of his truck??? Also no mention on national news.. must be all white people involved..???

  • Trippin

    Only a ammosexual dumbass thinks a gun and a car are equivalent.

  • LW

    Sure lets all blame guns not the dumb ass behind them , he probably would have run them over if he could should we ban trucks and cars too ?

  • LW

    Sure lets all blame guns not the dumb ass behind them , he probably would have run them over if he could should we ban trucks and cars too ?

  • Marion

    Shut up ! Gary !

  • Wowbagger

    "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life."

    Robert A. Heinlein

  • lemonsqueezer

    I'm sure no matter what his reasons were, liberals will try to use this issue to reason in their minds why they need to ban guns. Well, I have news for them, guns don't kill people, people kill people. Just like this incident, he killed the people with the gun. I'm sure if he didn't have a gun, he would have found another way. So don't use this to try to take the guns away from the people that are innocent.

  • John Doe

    If a black cop shoots him I am starting a march. I also encourage everyone to loot the liquor stores and McDonalds. Lol.

  • John Courage

    Pretty sure having more cops in Morgantown wouldn't have prevented this shooting.

  • Oh Did Ya?

    He is a business owner. He posted a long message on Facebook. It was a domestic situation.

  • Brian

    Posted a rambling, self-pitying facebook manifesto this morning. Apparently the selfish coward couldn't handle being cheated on by a woman who was another man's wife when he met her and began a relationship with her. I believe the shooter also was married when said adulterous relationship began. There may be some inaccuracies in my speculation. From his garbage manifesto, I can confirm he was upset about what he viewed disloyalty on his love interest's part. He made it clear he does not intend walk away living at the end of the day, one way or the other.

  • Lora

    Must be wheatcraft. Murica!

  • Hillbubby

    While we are typically quick to judge on here, I only saw one comment make an assumption.

    He's not dead (yet). No reason to think we won't know why he did it.

  • Logan

    Feel free to relocate to our neighbor, Maryland, if you hate freedom.

  • gazook

    he actually had a suicide note explaining why he did it. The pictures of it are all over the Mon County Rumor Mill facebook page.

  • Sandy

    Love the assumptions on here no one probably will never know why he did it

  • Observer

    Sticker says "Rough Country Suspension Systems".

  • Zwingli

    It's because he's an idiot.

  • Jake

    If everyone was high on drugs, there would be no crime....say the loony progressives.

  • JudgeJudy

    just another day in West Virginia...

  • wvu999

    The NRA is reporting if gun sales were higher in Mon County then this could have all been avoided. Fight guns with guns

  • Hillbubby

    Meanwhile, two killed in early morning vehicle accidents, and as usual, Gary Karstens refuses to acknowledge those instruments of death.

  • Gary Karstens

    Another day, another instrument of death used in this state........good grief!


  • Jake


  • Frank the tank

    Just another sign of the increasing crime in Monongalia county. Things are starting to get out of hand. We need more cops and we need them now!

  • Debra Couch


  • GF

    Most people can figure out on their own that someone accused of multiple shootings is armed....

  • JB

    The article says not to approach vehicle and to call 911 if you have any information.

  • WVU Mom

    I like how this article does not indicate that the suspect is armed and dangerous, not to approach and to call 911 if seen.

  • Craig

    Folks, thanks for providing this timely update. I got the alert from MON CO Schools but am out of town. Good to know my kids are OK.