MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The man believed responsible for a shooting rampage that killed four people was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot Monday night, state police said.

Jody Lee Hunt, 39, of Westover was found in a vehicle near Everettville along the Monongalia-Marion County line not far from U.S. Route 19.

“We have a deceased male matching (Hunt’s) description with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound,” state police Lt. Michael Baylous told Metronews.

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Sharon Kay Berkshire was among four shooting victims on Monday in Monongalia County.

The victims were killed Monday morning at three locations in Monongalia County. Police identified Hunt as the shooter and began a manhunt that consumed several hours.

Hunt operated J&J Towing in Westover. One of the victims, Doug Brady, 45, operated Doug’s Towing in Westover, where Brady was shot to death Monday morning.

The bodies of Sharon Kay Berkshire, 39, of Westover, and Michael David Frum, 28, of Maidsville, were found in a home near Cheat Lake outside of Morgantown.

The fourth victim shot on Sweet Pea Lane was identified late Monday as Hunt’s cousin Jody Taylor, 43.

The victims were specifically targeted, police said.

According to an Associated Press report, Berkshire filed a domestic violence case against Hunt last month in Monongalia County Circuit Court.

A lengthy post on Hunt’s Facebook page before the shootings indicated a domestic issue preceded the shootings: “I’m deeply hurt by events that lead up to this day! Life is short. It’s not all games. Don’t play a game with one’s heart.”

Brady is survived by his wife, Cathy, along with their 21-year-old son and a daughter, 18.

Cathy Brady told the Pittsburgh Tribune her husband previously rejected Hunt’s offer to buy Doug’s Towing business.

“He’s always been jealous of Doug,” she said. “I just never dreamed he hated Doug that much.”

Taylor’s nephew, John Bolyard of Sabraton, told the Pittsburgh Tribune that Hunt drove up and confronted Taylor outside his house.

“Shot him point-blank,” Bolyard said. “And when he hit the ground, he shot him a couple more times.”


Ben Queen/WVMetroNews

Police were on the scene at Doug’s Towing In Westover, where owner Doug Brady was shot and killed Monday.
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  • Mr. Bond

    How do they have such nice pictures of his truck??? Also no mention on national news.. must be all white people involved..???

    • Mim

      So Mr. Bond, I suppose this is only on national news because five white people died & if it were five minorities it would've never received air time?

    • sammy

      Funny, I just watched it on World News Tonight on ABC. It also made the news on Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. Mr. Bond, try again.

    • Questions

      USA Today has coverage online.

    • Sue

      This sad event had been on Fox News. They have stated that no info is being released.

    • MountaineerForLife

      Fox News sent notifications out to cell sorry, you are wrong!!!

    • wv4evah

      International news: London Daily Mail web site

    • WVGirl

      Also, it has hit national news (on MSN front page as I type this), race has nothing to do with what hits national news and what doesn't.

      • SCOTT

        it does in his tiny little mind

        • avl

          His? Who is "his". If you're referring to Hunt, she Was jerking him around and with anther guy. He was to hurt to care about being news!!

    • WVGirl

      Because it is sitting on a used car lot in those pictures, the truck was bought in early November according the facebook page of one of the victims.

    • really?

      Those are pics of a truck like his u idiot

      • BR

        Dead girlfriends truck!

      • Mr. Bond

        Who's the idiot now.... lol

        • Ernst Stavro Blofeld

          Goodbye Mr. Bond

    • Oh Did Ya?

      Pictures from social media

  • LW

    Sure lets all blame guns not the dumb ass behind them , he probably would have run them over if he could should we ban trucks and cars too ?

    • Trippin

      Only a ammosexual dumbass thinks a gun and a car are equivalent.

      • Mark

        With a maniac on the loose I'm glad I have a gun in my desk drawer.

  • LW

    Sure lets all blame guns not the dumb ass behind them , he probably would have run them over if he could should we ban trucks and cars too ?

  • lemonsqueezer

    I'm sure no matter what his reasons were, liberals will try to use this issue to reason in their minds why they need to ban guns. Well, I have news for them, guns don't kill people, people kill people. Just like this incident, he killed the people with the gun. I'm sure if he didn't have a gun, he would have found another way. So don't use this to try to take the guns away from the people that are innocent.

    • Adult

      "Liberal America" really? You think liberals are more violent, or prone to post inflammatory comments? You better check your facts, any search will prove that those who call themselves "conservatives" are much more "liberal" with the posting of their comments, and post pictures of their guns to "back it up." But this really isn't a matter of politics, now is it? I'm ashamed of some of the comments posted here and on other sites by people that I call fellow West Virginians, and neighbors.
      Ps: I am a republican registered as independent

    • KeyserMountie

      That is original

    • otis

      Personally I prefer to use a hatchet or ball peen hammer but each situation is different

    • Trippin

      95% of Americans support a universal background check, even the vast majority of NRA members. Goddamn liberals.

  • Brian

    Posted a rambling, self-pitying facebook manifesto this morning. Apparently the selfish coward couldn't handle being cheated on by a woman who was another man's wife when he met her and began a relationship with her. I believe the shooter also was married when said adulterous relationship began. There may be some inaccuracies in my speculation. From his garbage manifesto, I can confirm he was upset about what he viewed disloyalty on his love interest's part. He made it clear he does not intend walk away living at the end of the day, one way or the other.

    • avl

      It was his ex & her bf. She kept hanging around Hunt insuating she still loved him. Apparently he found out the truth.
      He's not a coward from what he did. He was TOO CRAZY INLOVE over the WRONG kind of girl.

    • Justin

      He had an affair with a married woman and is shocked that she cheated on him? Wow...

      • Gah

        he was married had an affair with a married woman that cheated on him several times it appears.

  • Sandy

    Love the assumptions on here no one probably will never know why he did it

    • Justin

      A post on his Facebook page from earlier today indicates that it is over a woman.

    • Oh Did Ya?

      He is a business owner. He posted a long message on Facebook. It was a domestic situation.

    • Hillbubby

      While we are typically quick to judge on here, I only saw one comment make an assumption.

      He's not dead (yet). No reason to think we won't know why he did it.

    • gazook

      he actually had a suicide note explaining why he did it. The pictures of it are all over the Mon County Rumor Mill facebook page.

  • Observer

    Sticker says "Rough Country Suspension Systems".

  • JudgeJudy

    just another day in West Virginia...

    • Scott

      You are an idiot!

    • Mrs. Brown

      Quadruple homicides happen everyday in WV??? Dumbest comment yet.

  • wvu999

    The NRA is reporting if gun sales were higher in Mon County then this could have all been avoided. Fight guns with guns

    • Appalachian American

      I guess that spoon made you fat as well?

    • Mountain Navy

      Is that like blaming alcohol for drunk driver deaths instead of the driver?

    • Wowbagger

      "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life."

      Robert A. Heinlein

      • PS

        I'm all for gun ownership but to say an armed society is a polite society is ridiculous. It's true that Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Does that mean we will all behave if we're all walking around with guns in our pocket? That's only true if guns are only in the hands of people you can trust. People who do this aren't afraid of losing their life. They don't care about manners. If 50 people who are carrying a gun walk down High St, do you trust all 50 to not just randomly shoot people? If one person shoots most people will panic and also start shooting. How many innocent people end up dying because one person "snapped". How many of these people are going to shoot the wrong person? People in general are dumb, panicky animals especially in groups. Life is not a cowboy movie. People don't have perfect aim every time. Everyone carrying a gun equals people taking the law into their own hands. Equals chaos.

      • oldschool

        Great quote!!!!! Very well said.

    • Jake

      If everyone was high on drugs, there would be no crime....say the loony progressives.

  • Gary Karstens

    Another day, another instrument of death used in this state........good grief!


    • ReadABook

      Gary, you cannot be serious, that statement makes zero sense. Mr. Hunt would've killed those poor people & himself with or without the firearm. Guns themselves aren't to blame-there's numerous ways to kill someone or commit suicide. Obviously this guy was mentally disturbed. His fragile & very unbalanced state of mind is what caused this tragedy, smh.

    • Wow

      Gary= Stupid.

    • Marion

      Shut up ! Gary !

    • Logan

      Feel free to relocate to our neighbor, Maryland, if you hate freedom.

      • Trippin

        No one hates freedom, but the buttwipes who misappropriate the term for their stupid selfish agenda are another matter. You wouldn't know what freedom meant if it were written on a slip of paper and stuck to the plate in your skull with a banana-shaped refrigerator magnet.

      • Lora

        Must be wheatcraft. Murica!

    • Hillbubby

      Meanwhile, two killed in early morning vehicle accidents, and as usual, Gary Karstens refuses to acknowledge those instruments of death.

      • Zwingli

        It's because he's an idiot.

  • Jake


  • Frank the tank

    Just another sign of the increasing crime in Monongalia county. Things are starting to get out of hand. We need more cops and we need them now!

    • John Courage

      Pretty sure having more cops in Morgantown wouldn't have prevented this shooting.

      • Frank the tank

        No it would not have prevented it happening. But more cops would have certainly helped expedite the search and investigation. AND also provide support for the other emergency situations being called in as this one was taking place. Do you think those people felt safe when they were told that no one was available to handle their call??? I heard it first hand on scanner radio, and it is NOT the first time that has happened.

  • JB

    The article says not to approach vehicle and to call 911 if you have any information.

    • John Doe

      If a black cop shoots him I am starting a march. I also encourage everyone to loot the liquor stores and McDonalds. Lol.

      • JJD

        How many African Americans police officers do you know employed in WV? Stop the racist comments! This event is not a joke! Human beings lives should be respected regardless of ethnicity.

        • John Doe

          I know of none. I don't know of any African Americans employed now that I think about it. I do know some Black people though that are. None of them are from Africa. So I don't refer to them as African Americans.

      • JJD

        How African Americans police officers do you know work in WV? Stop the racist comments. This event is not a joke!

      • Mim

        I'm with you!!! I'll make some picket signs and bring a hammer to bust out store windows. Nothing eases race relations like a stolen large screen tv

      • jim

        Im in ..

      • otis

        Keep me posted if that happens I going for a new flat screen and xbox then stop off for free liquor and cigarillos . Good times man good times

  • WVU Mom

    I like how this article does not indicate that the suspect is armed and dangerous, not to approach and to call 911 if seen.

    • avl

      They put that warning out all day as well as locked down all schools

    • GF

      Most people can figure out on their own that someone accused of multiple shootings is armed....

      • Debra Couch


  • Craig

    Folks, thanks for providing this timely update. I got the alert from MON CO Schools but am out of town. Good to know my kids are OK.