CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Police Chief Brent Webster confirmed Thursday night a 12-year department veteran was on paid administrative leave and the subject of two investigations.

Sgt. Nick Null was placed on administrative leave Feb. 2.


Sgt. Nick Null was placed on administrative leave Feb. 2.

Webster said Sgt. Nick Null, most recently a patrol supervisor, was placed on paid administrative leave Feb. 2 pending the outcome of an internal investigation by the department’s professional standards division and a criminal investigation by the FBI.

Chief Webster would not elaborate on either probe. An FBI spokesperson did tell the agency was made aware of circumstances and it was currently on a “fact finding mission.”

Webster placed former Patrol Division Commander Lt. Shawn Williams on administrative leave last September while an investigation took place into some controversial videos that were found on Williams’ personal computer. Williams resigned last month deciding not to fight a decision from Chief Webster to fire him.

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  • Beawulfa

    Once again cops get light treatment in media.
    If this was a regular citizen, more investigation details would be published, in the interest of 'public safety', or 'our right to know'.

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    I do believe there's a DOJ snitch in the CPD house. How interesting that this occurs under the watch of the most racist Attorney General in US history. You remember, the one who is in Contempt of Congress and who refuses to honor subpoenas. That's right - Eric Holder. The same one who let the "new black panthers" conduct illegal voter intimidation after they had been found guilty.

  • Happy Jack

    It's a good thing I'm not a cop because when it comes to the dopers and gang bangers in the hoods, I'd make Null and Williams look like mother Theresa!

    • Lee

      You're such a badass on paper , aren't you !

    • WV Proud

      +1 well said

  • vatd

    it becomes harder by the day to tell the difference between the criminals and cops.

  • @ john P

    WVSP are worse than CPD when it comes to craving power, WVSP are the most arrogant ones out there as far as being an ass to people who are simply caught speeding. no need for them to act like that, an officer is not judge and jury, just write the ticket.

    • viewfromthecheapseats

      Believe it or not, they are actually trained that way. I know this from a former trooper that retired due to being injured on the job. The WVSP also do not perform psychological tests for sexual predators or indications thereof or for psychotic behavior patters. They only perform a general psych test.

  • an old friend

    I would like to start by saying I have known you for a long time and have nothing but the upmost respect for you, you have always greeted me with a smile whenever my wife and I would see you when we were out, with that being said I have also been privy to a few private gatherings where mostly charleston city police officers were attending and I have heard the stories of abuse that they rendered to people they consider trash, or things that happened because they were in a bad mood, i will not go as far as saying these are bad officers, some of them are, but the stories I heard make me want to stay out of Charleston.

  • Janet Cooper

    Who was the city attorney that plowed the ups truck, name please.

    • viewfromthecheapseats

      Eugene Webb, he passed away from that accident. He was a good, young man and and attorney.

  • Duke Jordan

    Regardless of what has happened, as in any profession, please don't judge the whole because of what a few may have done. I'll go further and say I personally don't know of a racist police officer now working in Charleston. I know most would lay down their own lives to save someone they didn't even know. I, along with others, have given clothing, food, gas, money, and sometimes purchased rooms for strangers. I've seen officers mentoring those kids and playing parental roles. .changing their path which was leading to death. I've seen them talking to that victim who needs to see and know that someone does care. I know some of you may have had a bad experience with an officer, but I also know I've taken more phone calls from those whom were giving the officers words of thanks. At the end of the day, none of us are walking on water, and we all put on our pants the same way. Officers of any agency will make mistakes. Officers do have bad days, which sometimes bleeds out to that next contact with the public. Officers are simply human, exercising within the laws and under the scope of power given by the people of this State. We are part of the community. There is no, or should be no Us vs' Them. Sorry for the rant, but I can actually speak freely on some things, now that I have retired. Next time you see one of guys or girls in uniform, strike up a conversation. You'll soon realize they really do care. On the other hand, if there is an officer abusing his or her power, make sure you tell someone about it. We don't need that person representing any agency in uniform or badge of honor.

    • viewfromthecheapseats

      I also thank you for your years of service to the City of Charleston. You were one of the outstanding officers that the City needs more of.

    • viewfromthecheapseats

      Mr. Jordan, the problem is that some officers are bad and the good ones don't step up and take care of their own house. Officer broke three ribs of a 50+ year old lady, while she was on the floor, because she asked for her glasses (she was not a suspect in anything, they were serving a search warrant looking for her sons), she is a relative of a retired CPD officer and a phone call would have given them the same information that the search warrant provided, and it was swept away and the officer is still on the force with a warning. That's just one example. WVSP is far worse, attitude and physical brutality speaking. You are right, for the most part, the officers on CPD are great, just wish they would all maintain the standard of their excellence instead of maintaining the "blue code"

    • Robert Sheff

      Beautifully stated - Thank you for your service!

    • J the C

      I am personally acquainted with a number of law enforcement officers, and find many to be pleasant, friendly and professional in the conduct of their business. Unfortunately, I know too many who are not. Law Enforcement is, by it's nature, a profession that attracts some people who crave the power it conveys over people's lives. Because I deal with police on a daily basis, I am privy to conversations that are downright frightening. There is a problem with LE in this country that needs to be addressed. Again, there are a lot of good cops who do a great job. But there are too many who aren't. Before you say: "there are bad eggs in all walks of life", bear in mind that a bad store clerk can't throw you in jail, or worse.

  • jymmy

    The question is, how many others are there like Null, and Williams? Police get too many concessions from government that should make the smallest infraction questionable. The public, and state are not served when rogue officers violate the public trust by creating their own style of justice.

  • john p

    Sounds like WVSP need to take over policing city of charleston..........

    • viewfromthecheapseats

      That would prove to be a horrible idea and the consequences would be tragic. Might as well let Martial Law go into effect.

      • viewfromthecheapseats

        We don't know what Null is accused of doing, but if the FBI has announced a criminal investigation, I would assume a Civil Rights violation or a very serious crime. Also, when the FBI (shows their cards) makes an investigation public, they already have enough for a conviction.

  • Poe

    That mayor in Charleston isn't very smart, he keeps put'n cops on the chop'n block, meanwhile crime runs rampid. I think the mayors focus should be on all the violent crimes happening in his beloved city instead of removing the ppl who fight daily to make it safe. With all the rumors of the mayors son being on drugs, maybe the fbi needs to investigate the mayor.

    • viewfromthecheapseats

      Go talk to those that have been in the law enforcement/legal system for a few decades, the Mayor is by no means squeaky clean...I'll leave it at that.

    • JMR

      You sound naive.

      • WV Proud

        Let me guess JMR, this guy arrested you for selling drugs in the hood one time. The war on cops needs to stop. We need a war on criminals.

  • nate the non-felon!

    Wtf do you expect. ...mayors son, running dope, stealing credit cards......a ex prosecutor beating his kid.....a ex-po-po doing a infomercial for the kkk! A lawyer in south hills shooting up the neighborhood & and a local judge gives him a pass!! No another po-po in a federal probe! And we never heard another word about the city attorney who was quick to request jail time for a d.u.i suspect, who plowed himself head on into a ups truck!! Wow! Welcome to the capital city!

    • viewfromthecheapseats

      The City Attorney died in that accident.

    • viewfromthecheapseats

      As far as the lawyer that shot up South Hills; three separate forensic psychologists found him to be suffering from an over the counter drug reaction that lead to a psychotic-type episode. His psychologist, the State's, and an independent all came to the same conclusion. He was found to not be criminally responsible for the incident due to a reaction out of his control.

    • Janet Cooper

      Who was the city attorney that plowed the ups truck?

      • viewfromthecheapseats

        It was Eugene Webb, a good, young attorney.

  • Billy

    He obviously adopted Mayor Jones' and Chief Webster's ethics part and parcel. Atta boy Nick!

    • James D

      Don't forget his mentor Shawn.

  • Stevie

    Another of CPD's finest!

  • Sad news

    And these are the type cops we are supposed to pull over and trust. Geez, how many corrupt ones are really out there? Our world is in the toilet.

    • vatd

      more corrupt ones than good.