PINCH, W.Va. —┬áInvestigators with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department say a pharmacist who shot a man who later died will not be charged with a crime.

Detectives said surveillance video at Good’s Family Pharmacy in Pinch shows the masked man, Terry Gillenwater, 25, pulled out a gun after he entered the pharmacy at about 9:45 Wednesday morning and pointed it at workers. The pharmacist, who has a legal conceal carry permit, pulled out his gun and shot the man, who later died at a Charleston hospital.

“The guy was walking around with a mask on and my pharmacist joked, ‘He must be here to rob us,'” owner Patrick Good told MetroNews. “Whenever he said that the guy pulled a gun.”

Good said Gillenwater was probably after prescription pills, but couldn’t confirm that because he didn’t have time to state his demands.

“The guy pulled the gun and jumped in front of a customer in line and was pointing the gun at the employees,” said Good. “That’s when my guy pulled his gun and shot him three times.”

The pharmacist on duty had a .45 pistol. The first shot hit the robber in the chest and he went down, but he raised the gun again. The employee then fired a second and third shot. One of those hit the suspect’s gun in his hand and the other shot hit him in the abdomen.

Workers at the pharmacy attempted life-saving measures on the man. Nobody in the pharmacy was injured.

“He was here for the pills,” said Good. “We’re a real small, small store here.”

Good said he had no problem with his employees carrying firearms with a concealed carry permit while on the job.

The information from the investigation will be turned over to the Kanawha County Prosecutor’s Office.

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  • mook

    Give the man a "Good Job" slap on the back and dinner at his favorite dinner. Glade no one else was hurt.

  • WV Grad

    Definition of gun control means hitting your target.

  • PackFan

    Just came across the wire that the perp has died...

  • Tracy

    Good job Pharmacist. Good job!!!

  • Billy

    You can have those illegal pills when you pry them from the pharmacists cold dead hand. Good shooting Tex!

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    Wow! MetroNews reports a Good news story.

    3 hits, 2 center mass, with a .45 cal and he's still alive? That's amazing. A store like that is a good place to shop.

  • Moco man

    What an awesome story.........great job!!!

  • TB

    That'll learn ya!

  • Can't be Gary.

    It can't be the real Gary Karstens as it is misspelled.
    Will the real Gary please stand up.

    • Randy

      Gary gets his legs waxed and takes his anti gerbil enemas on Wednesday. So it's not really him. Don't accept imitations.

  • wv mama

    Excellent story! Guess nobody is messing with that Pharmacist!

  • Gary Kaarsten

    I must say....this story is awesome and is changing my mind about guns.

    • Marion

      REALLY?! Is that really you Gary ?! Wow I'm glad I was sitting down !

  • John

    Great News! That .45 will definitely change your way of thinking. Congratulations to the guy that was behind it.

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    Yet another GOOD story. MetroNews is slipping.

    Only in serious condition after getting three doses of .45cal lead script. That's one luck pos.

  • Scout Duff

    Yeah !!! And he used a 45, way to go.

    • John of Wayne

      Amen!!! No 22s or Saturday Night Specials. Robbers, thieves, and druggies deserve the best. I wonder if the punk felt lucky.

      • Bob

        Why carry a .45? Because they don't make a .46

  • Stick Em Up

    This story is totally awesome !!