PINCH, W.Va. — Investigators with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department say a pharmacist who shot a man who later died will not be charged with a crime.

Detectives said surveillance video at Good’s Family Pharmacy in Pinch shows the masked man, Terry Gillenwater, 25, pulled out a gun after he entered the pharmacy at about 9:45 Wednesday morning and pointed it at workers. The pharmacist, who has a legal conceal carry permit, pulled out his gun and shot the man, who later died at a Charleston hospital.

“The guy was walking around with a mask on and my pharmacist joked, ‘He must be here to rob us,'” owner Patrick Good told MetroNews. “Whenever he said that the guy pulled a gun.”

Good said Gillenwater was probably after prescription pills, but couldn’t confirm that because he didn’t have time to state his demands.

“The guy pulled the gun and jumped in front of a customer in line and was pointing the gun at the employees,” said Good. “That’s when my guy pulled his gun and shot him three times.”

The pharmacist on duty had a .45 pistol. The first shot hit the robber in the chest and he went down, but he raised the gun again. The employee then fired a second and third shot. One of those hit the suspect’s gun in his hand and the other shot hit him in the abdomen.

Workers at the pharmacy attempted life-saving measures on the man. Nobody in the pharmacy was injured.

“He was here for the pills,” said Good. “We’re a real small, small store here.”

Good said he had no problem with his employees carrying firearms with a concealed carry permit while on the job.

The information from the investigation will be turned over to the Kanawha County Prosecutor’s Office.

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  • Jim

    Actually, a typical turn of events is for the robber to tie up everyone in a back room and then stab them or cut their throats. You don't end up attracting attention from all the screaming and gunfire.

  • cjc

    Jima, F*** You

  • a friend

    Rachelle- clearly you were a good friend of Mr. Gillenwater. I am a friend of the pharmacist's family. Just so you know, his life is also changed forever, as is everyone that had to witness this unfortunate event. Just to clear a few things up: the perpetrator's gun was loaded with a bullet in the chamber..proving intent, he continued trying to shoot after being shot the first time, and yes there was someone in line, that can clearly be seen on the video, that he cut in front of. I am sorry for the loss of his life.. but it was the only solution.

  • more silent majority

    yeh, everyone who watched cowboy movies as a kid knows that the good guy can shoot the gun out of the bad guys hand at 400 yards with a six gun while riding a galloping horse with his eyes closed and that he never runs out of bullets. bad guys also never hit the good guy, who never shoots first. all bad guys are also gentlemen and would never shoot someone just for the heck of it. the pharmacist obviously violated the bad guys civil rights. i'm sure he was a poor little unarmed teen age honour student who never hurt anyone and was pulling out the gun to turn it over to the pharmacist. his family must sue the store, the pharmacist and the bystanders, and the city, state, gun shop and manufacturer of both weapons while his friends and neighbours burn down their own houses, car, and neighbourhood stores.. the president and attorney general must investigate and ensure that this travesty can never happen again. the city and state police must be reorganized and trained in sensitivity and regard for the rights of the poor unfortunate and misguided little ex-teenage varsity's the liberal way.

  • Pam

    I am a WV girl and pharmacist. I would've done the same thing as your uncle. This was a horrible situation, however he protected himself and everyone in his Pharmacy. Point a gun at me and I will point and pull the trigger. No sympathy for criminals. One less on the street to rob others.

  • wboehmer

    Terry Gillenwater, forever 25.
    Good riddance!

  • Justadude

    As someone who has served as a policeman in a large crime ridden city on the East Coast for years, I can tell you that it often happens that the robber shoots and kills the victim, whether he got what he wanted or not. It is not ridiculous to say that he saved lives, it is absolutely correct.

  • Justadude

    You obviously don't live in WV.

  • Roy

    If someone pulls a gun with ill intent, kill em!

  • try it

    I'm a pharmacy owner who also carries and encourages the same with my staff. I can tell you this, you walk into my store in broad daylight and point a gun at me or my staff and I will immediately shoot you and here's why. If you are crazy enough to try to pull off the robbery, then you may be crazy enough to think you can get away with it if you leave no witnesses. I'm not going to take that chance. I will go home to my family if I have a say in the matter. Read up on this incident from a few years ago and you may be more inclined to see it my way.

  • jack

    Silly rabbit, everyone in West Virginia carries.

  • kevin butler

    Shoot a dude in the hand to disarm him? Are you Pecos Bill or something?

  • davy

    I'm questioning the article which states that the pharmacist possessed a "concealed carry permit." Does one really need to have a permit to carry a pistol concealed inside his business workplace in WV?

  • Joe Schmoe

    Are you mentally handicapped or something?

  • Wowbagger

    In a situation like this the standard training doctrine is to shoot at the center of mass as an adrenalin rush generally destroys fine motor skills.

    Given time, the right handgun (ideally a target model, not advisable for everyday carry), and no adrenalin rush I am a good enough marksman to do just what you mentioned, but not under these circumstances.

  • Mark

    Couldn't agree more with Drama Queen. It was a tragic event all around. The young man obviously needed help and didn't know where to turn and it cost him his life. The Pharmacist did the right thing, but I'm sure he is suffering himself. Prayers go out to all those involved.

  • Chad Shaffer

    I am a retired state trooper and teach concealed carry. The pharmacist acted properly and his shots were right on. He did what he had to do, no more and no less. The robber should not have raised the gun up after being shot but he did and the pharmacist had no other choice.

  • Jim-Jim McSlim

    At 35% obesity, I doubt WV is going to spend much time standing for anything

  • Rachelle

    Obviously you're the idiot believing everything you hear on the internet. I know him personally and I can GUARANTEE that he was it going to harm anyone in any manner. As you can clearly see from the video he hesitated and also let people leave first. And he didn't jump in front of anyone

  • King Joffrey

    Why don't you shut up greg, ya smelly cunt.

  • Joe K

    Shoot it out of the guy's hand? Really? So if he misses, now its the robber's turn?

    What you probably meant to say is the dead guy pulled a gun and asked to be killed. Thankfully he was before he killed someone else who chose to go into that pharmacy to work or pay for merchandise. NOTE: Gunman raises the gun to shoot after the first shot.

  • Randy

    I guess you were a Ferguson looter also.

  • mojo don't know what that means to me....thank you !

  • Richard Slate

    Every one which has conceal weapon who got them should be able to carry any place especially schools. Could really save lives

  • OldSoldier54

    "The right approach would be to pray ..."

    Who are you to assume we don't?

  • Stacey

    I was always taught/trained that if you have to pull your weapon because of eminent danger, you shoot to kill, not injure! This pharmacist fired once & hit the "would be" robber & the robber raised his gun, so the pharmacist fired again & again! No blame there!

  • WVian

    Prudent to use deadly force in the case of an armed robber

  • John

    They usually shoot one person as a parting gift. If I'm armed, I'm not taking the risk.

  • concerned folk

    Apparently you don't know the drugs we have in Moorefield!!! It's Meth...herion...cocaine you name it. Let's drug test students in our schools and it's our job to protect them all!!!

  • Pray for us

    Hi everyone I just wanted to say that the robber was my cousin. He was very nice hard working man. I would never think of him robbing, yet alone him pointing a gun at someone. All I can say is he must have gotten caught up in drugs and not been able to afford them anymore. Just please pray for our family and even more Tj's family. These are very hard times. Thanks

  • Randy

    Well since you put it that way, I guess it would have been okay if he had killed three or four people there.

  • Randy

    You are stupid. That's not hyperbole. It's the truth.

  • Kevin

    except for who shouldn't have shot him three times, I agree with your comments. You shoot until you stop the threat, it even said after he was shot the first time he still raised the gun, you have to shoot again, the second shot might not have done it either, your not there, so please restrain from comments without facts.

  • Mario

    After the robber was shot the first time, he raised his gun up.

    He's sure as shot would have fired that gun if he didn't get shot two more times.

  • bananapantsmcgee

    I work in a pharmacy. I hear horrible stories of employees and pharmacists getting robbed and shot A LOT. The types of people who dare to rob a pharmacy for pain killers are not normal functioning people mentally. They do not care who they hurt or what it takes. They NEED those pills to feed their addiction. They do not care about getting caught they don't think that far ahead. All they care about is getting their fix. If it didn't end that way, it would of eventually because I doubt if he did get away he wouldn't try it again. Addictions to pain medication are a serious problem that many people face. They go through withdrawals similar to heroin. There's no telling what a person is capable of when they are driven by substance dependency. Should he have shot the guy 3 times? Probably not.

  • Greg

    Shut up.

  • Sad in Moorefield

    If this person was truly a good marksman- he may have just shot the gun out of the person's hand instead of shooting to kill.
    It also saddens me that he judged the person that he was there to get pills - true as it may be.
    It is just a sad situation all the way around.

  • Truth teller

    Not too often does that happen either, I am not saying the pharmacist did one thing wrong, but instead of saying he saved 8 lives, be more realistic and say he prevented a robbery. Also, if you check out his (pharmacist) FB page, it seems he may have some anger issues, he commented about a case of an illegal alien not standing trial and said "fry the piece of s**t, and the judge and the governor". That doesn't sound like the gentle Christian he is claiming to be now.

  • That guy

    Ok well how many times do you hear of store clerks getting shot for a few bucks? A LOT - This man walked in a store with evil intent to take what he did want to work for (And really does not need) and got what he deserved.

  • Kim Hartman

    If this happened more often crime would stop. People need to take a stand as one!!! Let us serve justice now!! As a court official and an elected official I would rather be tried by 12 then carried by 6!!! WV needs to take a stand now and say "No more!!!"

  • Truth teller

    I'm just saying, how often do you hear of someone committing an armed robbery of a pharmacy, bank, store, etc. where they shoot and kill everyone present? Not very, that's how often.

  • Marshall Kearney

    We can all guess what "might have happened" but if he decided to kill everyone in the store, what would you say then?
    People must realize in today's world, walking into a store and brandishing a weapon may get you shot.

  • Truth teller

    People are praising the pharmacist, and I don't blame him one bit for what he did, but to say he saved 8 lives is really stretching it and honestly ridiculous. The overwhelming odds are he would've robbed them, then left without firing a shot.

  • Commenter

    I don't believe for a minute his gun jammed, why would he immediately start shooting when he went there to rob them of pills, sorry but not true.

  • Jim K

    This is sad. The robber was probably an addict and the pharmacist is probably traumatized from killing him.

    Of course now anybody trying to knock over the store will get the drop on the pharmacist first.

    Hopefully though it might make a few robbers think twice. However most crimes are impulsive and they criminals do not consider the potential consequences when they do them.

  • Thomas Slonaker

    "It is the absolute wrong approach to hold this shooter up as a hero."

    So you know for sure that the criminal was not going to harm anyone? You did say "absolute wrong" above.

    As for me, I am absolutely fine with the way things turned out. Even though I am not assuming the criminal would have harmed anyone, not willing to leave innocent people's lives in the hands of an armed robber.

    I do agree with you about praying for the robber's family.

  • Mountain

    100%, unadulterated, perfect Justice! Unfortunate for this scumbag, but thank God for the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. As a matter of fact as fellow CC permitted U.S. Citizen, I think I will trade my .40 Glock in for a .45, just to be sure. I bet my bottom dollar it will be a long time coming before another scumbag tries to rob this place. We all know it must be very hard on the HERO, but better the scumbag than the innocents.

  • Paul

    Drama Queen - You're an idiot. Clearly you didn't read the story about the armed man cutting in front of everyone in line and pulling the gun. What do you want the owner or the pharmacist to do in this situation? Ask him if he wants a brochure on some treatment program? Sing kumbaya while they hold hands and gift wrap the property for the guy.

  • GrimReaper

    Your idiot buddy got what he deserved. Come at me and see what happens to you.

  • Mountain

    100%, unadulterated, perfect justice! Thank Godfor the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States of Aimerica! I bet my bottom dollar that it will be a long time before another scumbag tries to rob that place. As a matter of fact, I think I will (as another CC permitted U.S. Citizen) upgrade my .40 Glock, to a .45, just to be sure. That Pharmacist is my new HERO. God Bless Him, because we all know it can't be easy on him. BUT, better a scumbag die than innocents!

  • wv

    thats such a good one. I remember being 15 and thinking that was the funniest thing in the world. Bottom line, have any of you talked to anyone who was standing there watching all this play out? When you do please feel free to come and tell me how wrong I am, until then, I got the story from an eye witness. And had his gun not jammed it would have been a very different story.

  • Jason

    PEOPLE. This is not even a gun issue, this is a mental health/addiction issue. If the government wants to really help, then focus, time, and energy needs to be put towards some sort of education/awareness programs and have facilities provided where people with mental issues or drug addiction issues can go get help to get their life back on track as a productive member of society. We are all focusing on the smoke and mirrors and not the REAL issues, and the government likes that, because that is where the money, votes, and power are made.

  • wv

    no i was not personaly there but a family memeber was and he confirmed that the gun did in fact jam, and had it not jammed mabe this article would be talking about a dead pharmacist and not a dead robber. It is a fact that during a robbery most average people who carry guns dont shoot all that straight and are more likely to hit an inncocent person then the bad guy. Hell even when a cops pulls his they only hit their intended target less then 50% of the time and they are trained "professionals".

    But yea having heard the story from someone who was standing 15 feet away, I feel like I have a better idea of what happened then most of you.

  • Kitty Litter

    It's now probably a safer place than most after this. I'd bet there will be few who try that again.

  • Kitty Litter

    You have a personal guarantee, right?

  • Kitty Litter

    When the guy pulled the gun, he instantly became a target. Sorry for the mess he left behind.

  • Kitty Litter

    Let's hope you do.

  • MrBill

    Wrong. Murder is an unlawful and unjustified killing. This was lawful and justified. "Justifiable homicide" is more like it.

  • Damon

    How many stories are you going to post this on?

  • CT Chiming in

    Kudos to the Pharmacist who was obviously a skilled marksman that knew how to react appropriately in this situation. That only comes with practice and training folks. It’s nice for someone to say: “I have a gun and I’m not afraid to use it”, but knowing how and when to do it is a completely different story. I am trained, I am ready, and I hope to god that I never have to do what this brave man did. With that said, I would not hesitate to do the same. You did the right thing brother!
    Carry on……

  • Damon

    If you were that guy with the gun pointed at your face, would you think about statistics if you knew you were armed? And what if this person defied statistics and opened fire anyway? The fact is that none of us will ever know for sure. But when you're also armed, you've just leveled the playing field.

  • Damon

    What on earth does that have to do with what arp said? This guy pulled a gun. Period. He attempted to rob. Period. No unarmed people in ski masks or guys that got up on the wrong side of bed. This person's full intent was to rob and to use a deadly weapon in the commission of that robbery. He paid for that stupidity with his life. His family is devastated, as I am sure the pharmacist is. There were no "what if's" involved. This one is a clear-cut case of self-defense.

  • Watch Your Back

    This pharmacist will get his.

  • jay

    It wasn't just a guy with s ski mask.. The guy with the ski mask pointed a gun at employee. Better him get hurt then some innocent employee thing to make an honest living. .

  • Drama Queen Conservative Troll

    Well, I guess that is okay until an innocent person, wearing a ski mask on a winter day, enters a public place and forgets to remove it, and someone shoots him or her.

    Or, better yet, when you just make the wrong person mad who happens to be armed on a day where he got up on the wrong side of the bed.

    There is nothing noble about a heavily armed Kanawha County. Frankly, it is probably more reflective of the general decline in culture in the KV.

  • Drama Queen Conservative Troll

    First let me say I support the pharmacist and his actions. I am a CCP holder myself. I would support him even if he wasn't a CCP holder.

    Now, this is where I fall out with the "gun crowd". It is the absolute wrong approach to hold this shooter up as a hero. You would likely be surprised if asked him how he felt about the hero worship.

    The right approach would be to pray for the family of the robber, who tore many lives apart by his poor decisions and addiction and ended his own in the process. Someone lost a son, maybe a father, husband, brother. In other words, for crying out loud, show some humility. Instead, you boast and within your boast is a continued, veiled threat of violence.

    The culture of violence that hovers around the gun crowd is sickening, and it is no wonder you turn many people off with it. You would gain valuable, quiet support from many citizens but just putting a lid on it.

  • arp

    Kanawha County is one of the most heavily armed in the nation (a good thing). So would-be thieves and burglars should take notice and go elsewhere!
    When you pull out a gun to commit a crime you are inviting another armed person to defend himself, his employees and his property.

  • Beware

    He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

  • Deb

    But it did not go wrong , that's what we need to focus on .I would love it if my boss ( I work In a pharmacy) were permitted to have a gun on site

  • The Truth

    Statistically the piece of ....would not fired his gun, just robbed the store, left the building and later been apprehended.

    It is the right of the business owner to allow staff to carry. And a great right it is. Just as the shooter's right to carry and defend.

    But the incident could have gone very wrong....innocent bystanders shot, staff shot. The employee is obviously a skilled marksman and a man of great control and fast thinking. If not ,
    this situation could have been tragic for multiples.

  • Delotri

    Rational thinker??? I think not! I wish someone would put you in front of a gun toting addict and you would be the one standing between him and his drugs in a pharmacy. Then we could take bets to see if he wasted you or just walked away because you said no. Lol. I think I might like to watch that

  • Delotri

    Amen. What do you mean not violent? Are you saying addicts can't be violent in order to get what they want. Are you a freakin idiot!!?

  • Delotri

    Good for the Pharmacy. Any of those against what he did are idiots! Yes that's MY opinion and I'm entitled to it

  • Ed

    Could be it was dam cold and he wore the mask to stay warm. Lot of people wear them in this weather. Now.... If he pulled a gun then that's different. I support conceal Carry and the 2nd amendment.

  • Commenter

    I agree that he shouldn't feel guilty. I believe though, as I said before, if he has a conscience I really don't think it'd be possible not to. I think that "what if" thing would be with you the rest of your life.

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Please read the following statement outloud...

    I am sofa king we todd did...

    and keep saying it over and over.

  • charles

    As a pharmacist I can say that having a safe full of narcotics next to you isn't too exciting. At any moment one of these lunatics could come in and point their non-tax paying poor excuse for a arm towards me with a gun clinched in it. My company doesn't allow me to carry a handgun although i do have my CCW. There are so many positives to this outcome its unreal.

    1. No more robbing places for this moron
    2. No more pain pills heading to the streets because of him
    3. Maybe the bastard children he has wont be influenced by his cowardly and miserable lifestyle he has chosen for him and his family
    4. He doesn't pay taxes I'm sure... but he is costing all of us thousands of dollars for his trips to the ER for his "pain". - No more of that bs
    I've just about had enough of these lazy citizens in this country who feed off people who work for a living. This clown was better off dying and they shouldn't have even sent him to the hospital. Transportation directly to the grave is more efficient and costs the country less money.

    TL:DR : Enough bs from the garbage people in this society. If you rob a store and point guns at people, you deserve to die. End of story. Get a job and support your family instead of committing crimes on people WHO WORK FOR A LIVING. GET A DAMN JOB!

  • JimJim

    I will not be using that Pharmacy! Could be dangerous!

  • Fishinrx

    Jima, this is murder
    Unfortunately you don't know the intent of anyone when they pull any weapon. It is horrible that someone died, but it was a choice he made.
    If the link I posted doesn't work, Google "bean station pharmacy robbery." That pharmacist did just as you stated. He gave the robber what he wanted, didn't offer any resistance, any was killed.

  • CPA

    Rational thinker = Out of touch liberal.

  • Evan S.

    From one old soldier to another: very well said!

  • the flying dutchman

    pot meet kettle..

  • Ken Hackworth

    +1. Well stated.

  • Randy

    You just shot down several idiots. But idiots being idiots they are too stupid to know it.

  • OldSoldier54

    To all you whiners out there: What ever happened to personal responsibility? You know, the very old fashioned idea of being responsible for one's own actions.

    This idiot indulged himself in a long series of bad decisions and got sent to an early grave. He alone is the cause of his death, not the pharmacist.

    To the pharmacist: DO NOT feel guilty. You did what was right and needful. That you grieve is only a sign of your inner character, that you are a good man. It's ok to mourn for a season, that this was necessary, and that you drew the short straw. Accept it, and move on. Good job.

  • r u stupid

    Hey, you with the gun. Wait there, I have called the "proper authorities". Don't move so they can "handle it for everyone's safety". It will only be a few minutes. What kind of idiot are you. I was taught not to point a gun at anything you don't intend to shoot. He pointed a gun, so defend or die. In the same situation you would just be a dead idiot.

  • WV Native

    Stories like this that have a happy ending are my favorite...
    That's one less for the Kanawha County courts to deal with later..

  • Crusher

    Tell him it will be alright and it isn't his fault. That thief put him in a situation he should never have been in. I am sure he had no desire to take that man's life, but when he pulled that gun to rob everyone he left your uncle with very little choice. We should all pray for his peace of mind dealing with this situation.
    A person carries a concealed weapon for protection against people like this and meanwhile hope and pray they never need to use it. Fact is, evil exists whether we like it or not.

  • Ex-NRA Member

    Made me think of a scene from "High Plains Drifter".

    When asked what to do after they kill the paroled convicts coming to exact their vengeance on Lago, the nameless stranger replies: "Then you live with it."

    These frustrated, angry keyboard Clint Eastwoods with their bravado just don't understand. If you draw down on someone, you'd better be certain it was for good reason because you're the one who has to live with it.

    The pharmacist was a survivor, pure and simple.

  • Inwood

    Three shots and three hits, with the first one center mass. The other two hits struck a moving target (falling back and going down.) That's darn good shooting.

  • Tom

    Pharmacist is a HERO!!! Taxpayer money saved!!! OH YEAH!!!

  • Harriet Miller

    He did what he needed to do .The robber was in the wrong protect your self and he did.I think all pharmacy personal should carry a gun maybe
    this would stop.

  • Jima


  • Harriet Miller

    He did what he needed to do no wrong there the robber was in the wrong for comiting a crime like that Hoe your Uncle is ok I'm sure you don't think
    you would shoot any one but in his case he did what was right and most people would that could..I think all pharmacy personal and staff should have a gun maybe that would limited this type of crime.I use our drive threw and also at the bank when I can.get better soon and come back to work.

  • Lemmy

    What an unmitigated idiot. I suppose you know exactly what was in the head of the criminal that brought the gun into a place of business with intent to rob in the first place?

    Castrate yourself.

  • Darrell king

    that he did I am proud of him

  • hillbilly

    Of course - he would not do that where he lives because someone might know or identify him.

  • Wowbagger

    Unfortunately this was one of a long list of really bad alternative outcomes when an armed robber decided to commit a crime. It is horrible that this was the outcome, but the bad decision was made by the would-be robber.

  • RhondaWebber

    It's a shame people can't feel safe at work...We have to honor the hero for his quick thinking saving the lives of the employees! Prayers for peace for the folks involved from Berkeley County, WV

  • GF

    It doesn't say that the robber ever got off a shot. A gun can't jam without being shot.

  • Commenter

    Did you examine his gun and see with your own eyes it jammed? Very unsubstantiated and untrue comment. He died because he pulled a gun, period.

  • mojo

    wasn't there but you know a good 45 by its bark..... have you ever flipped a sear on an old 11...didn't think so...ha

  • mojo

    tell me're not related to Edgar

  • mojo

    don't know you Rick .but you're right !

  • mojo


  • mojo

    He'll have a lot of sleepless nights...he will be in my ...............that's right !

  • will u stop !!

    will you stop A..hole

  • wv

    My sister works there and this whole thing scared her very badly.

    I just wish some of these people would take a moment and realize this is real life and not a movie. Your uncle did what he felt like he had to and will live with that for the rest of his life. But atleast none of the employees or customers were hurt.

    My family thanks him and to the victims family we are sorry for your loss and are sure he was going through a very rough addiction and had to be at the end of his rope to try something so brazen.

    Just an all around sad situation.

  • mojo

    This article makes my heart shake and my head ! What has society become? Where is the help for an addict like this? Don't get me wrong....I carry a gun just like I carry car keys...but my god where is the answer? Lot of these posters have never had heat on them or put heat on anyone prayers to all involved !!!!

  • Sgt. Friday

    Your nut's!!!!!!! The guy would be 100% alive if he never put a hood on his face, then go into a private business, pull a gun and tried to rob the store. He would still be alive if he got up and went to work instead of trying to rob and scare employees and the customers. You blame everything on the wrong person, the Pharmacy employee was only protecting lives of everyone in the Pharmacy. The pharmacy owner has a right to allow his employee carry a gun if he wants to. Get a life saying murder, would you just stand in your house if a person came in and started hauling your property out? Blame the dirtbag for robbing the store for his own death.

  • WV girl

    my uncle did what he needed to do to save his life his coworkers and his customers and he truly feels horrible

  • thankfully

    "thankfully" it played out like it did... but before you gun nuts get a hard on and say how great it is that people carry guns to work, just remember this thief didnt die because the employee was quicker to the draw, he died because his gun jamed... it could have easily played out to where alot more play were hurt or killed today...

  • Amy

    Hopefully more and more people will get tired of being robbed and follow suit! Maybe then people will think twice about "taking" what doesn't belong to you!

  • C J

    Maybe this will be a small warning to others who would risk innocent people's lives for their own narrow causes. This pharmacist should be proud that he stopped what could have become a terrible tragedy for everyon in that store.

  • Migue

    And now.........we r accepting that we are part of the Wild West,,,, so wrong and I was in the business for 20 yrs !!!!

  • 44 Mag

    I feel the same way if somebody breaks into my house or crosses me. They are going down no matter who it may be.

  • leslie

    to commenter-good they can take each other out

  • George Douglas

    As a neighbor, I am sorry for the pharmacist, the customer, and the staff. Killing a person who confronts you with a weapon is completely legal and moral. Most of my neighbors now carry pistols because the idiot druggies in our area. If a person breaks into my home without being invited, with or without a gun, they will be shot with a double barreled 12 gauge shot gun. I will check for their gun later. We had a very nice old lady near here that was beaten and tortured by two druggies. She later died. We will assume anyone breaking into our home is there to harm us. Self defense is NOT murder. Abortion is murder and I suspect you support that.

  • leslie

    Uhm...Im sorry if someone is pointing a gun in my face that is a threat. If someone puts a gun in my face I am going to believe that he has the intention to kill me. Also have you considered, who is to say that he would not shoot anyone had the pharmacist just "given him what he was after"? Let the proper authorities handle it? Um excuse me the police do not prevent crimes, they arrest people after the crime was already committed. Sorry if I think my life is on the line I'm not taking that chance.

  • Big Rod

    Couch tough guys - CLASSIC! You also add sitting behind the computer.

  • T.J

    @Jima, you do realize he was going to ROB that pharmacy and possibly injure or kill innocent people. And guess what? If he didn't try to rob someone with a gun he would still be alive. Can't expect to do something wrong/illegal and have no consequences...

  • Wow

    wow! Have you ever been held at gun point? I can't tell you haven't. I worked at a pharmacy that has been robbed at gun point twice. Robber shot and missed the pharmacist the 2nd time he robbed us. Pharmacist pulled his gun out and shot back at the robber, no one was injured or killed, however, very traumatic experience. Would have been a whole different story if the robber would have killed that pharmacist or one of his employees. Guns in a pharmacy are not taken lightly. Hope you don't have to worry about being robbed at gun point at your work, but heck, it could happen to you walking to your car tomorrow. Doesn't matter if a person is "violent" or not. He walked in there with a gun. Those people at Good Family Pharmacy are good people, they all have families too. People will do anything for drug money. Moms prostitue their kids for drugs, it's awful all the stories you read about. If he went in there once, he would do it again, or he'd let all his friends know. It's a lot easier to sit back and have an opinion about this, but it is what it is. Prayers for everyone involved.

  • Commenter

    I agree, I don't think anyone with a conscience could ever fully get over killing someone, no matter how justified it was.

  • jjw

    Really jima?? Murder. Ya let's go ahead and give him what he wants and let him know every time he comes he will get what he wants..... That's smart how do you know what assets the pharmacist has in the pharmacy? Murder would be classified as someone taking someone's life that was of NO THREAT TO THEM.

  • Watching

    The only thing left to think about is.......Did the Pharmacist have a 1911 or Glock?

  • Dr Phil

    After reading several comments I decided to post. As a pharmacist myself I can tell you many stories of pharmacists being killed by these so called by others non violent drug addicts. If a gun is revealed all bets are off on who will or won't go down. I hope these individuals know they are putting innocent lives at risk and a pharmacist or employee who can dimish the threat by lethal force will probably be necessary . I wish we knew who the nice and friendly drug addicts were so we could just put the narcotics in a bag and let them go have fun.

  • Buckeye

    Not officially, but it was TJ Gillenwater.

  • Chris

    Jima, murder you say? So a person has no right for self defense. The man pulled out a gun and pointed it at someone. You say give him whatever he wants. That's all fine and good but if he's in the frame of mind to pull out a gun in a public store he's also capable to shoot the person or persons he's pointing the gun at. Who cares what the owner says. The man who pulled the trigger saved lives. Kudos to him. I'm sure it's not easy for the man who pulled the trigger tonight. A man in their right mind who carries wants to kill no one.

  • richard

    The proper authorities won't handle it. That's the problem. If he even goes to jail, we would have to support his drug head ass while there, and chances are he wouldn't even be there more than one day. Don't have to worry about it now. He's dead.

  • richard

    Like I said, good! He's gone. We don't have to worry about him robbing any more stores.

  • College Ave

    The pharmacist did what he had to do.

    That being said, those of us who pray should pray for the family of the man who is dead.

    We also should pray for the pharmacist. Even though he was certainly justified in protecting himself as he did, I suspect he will wrestle with the fact that he had to take another man's life.

    I'll bet many of the couch tough guys commenting here would say they could sleep well tonight after killing a man if it was justifiable as this was. I suspect the pharmacist wouldn't wish his experience today on any of us.

  • richard

    Not a violent person?? Really?? He took a gun into a store, and that, my friend, is violent.

  • Rick

    Don't hate the player, hate the game. If you pull a get what pulling a gun involves. Trouble or dead or hurt. I'm sorry for his family, but that's what happens when you live that life. Sorry you're upset about it.

  • richard

    Good! About time somebody does something to defend law and order in this country. The guy chose to rob the pharmacy. He paid the price for his decision. I guess he won't be robbing any more stores.
    A few more store clerks and owners take this kind of action, and we wont have such a high crime rate.
    But no, everyone will try to crucify the employee instead of the one committing the crime.
    My opinion is the same for these drug heads that overdose. Good for them and us. It's just one less we have to deal with trying to push drugs on our kids.

  • Rob

    The scumbag robber deserved to die. He came to break the law and hurt innocent people. He received what he earned!

  • WV

    Oops... Didn't mean to post that twice!!!!

  • WV

    Have they released the name of the robber??

  • WV

    Did they release the robbers identity??

  • Knew him

    The deceased may be related to you, his mom was a Moyers.

  • r

    Rational Thinker=Jima=Gary Karstens.

  • Lisa Moyers

    That is why we need carry laws in WV. It shouldn't cost so much to get one so any law abiding citizen can afford to get one. Way to go concealed carry! One man saved a number of lives today.

  • dummyfixer

    So women should just give up the booty to prevent rape right? The woman should be arrested for forcing a man to resort to rape?

    And we should give terrorists jobs, so they won't murder people.

    I guess we all know which way you vote. Congrats on stealing our air.

  • Jim N Charleston

    A win for the "Good" family pharmacy guys

    All I got
    I'm Jim N2 Skiing

  • Jima

    This was a murder! 3 times... sure he's going to say he didn't go down easy as a reason for putting two more bullets on him-- the owner is real bold....most Pharmacys as a policy tell their employees to give robber what they want... this dude acts like the loot is coming out of his pocket! Like I said : Murder!!

  • Knew him

    The crazy thing is, he wasn't from drug riddled Kanawha county, he was from Braxton.

  • Mudder

    Drugs are a horrible consequence of todays society and many of a once good child and member of the community are now beyond control due to their addiction. I hear of this Loving and Caring God that will care and protect us. He must have his phone pray line turned off fore he or she has let his creation go wild. I remember reading where he torched Sodom and where for their evil ways, maybe today we are not worth his effort to correct this society. Just a thought

  • Berkeley Countian

    The proper authorities (police) would have shot him for pointing a gun at them, just like the pharmacist did. So, why are you whining?

  • Moco man

    UN-rational are a total idiot. He pointed a gun at someone!! Just how damn long do you think it takes to kill an innocent person when you are looking down the barrel of a gun. He got exactly what he deserved and the great news is that he will not be a repeat offender...........with your kind of thinking its a shame the robbers gun wasn't pointed at your face........

  • Randy

    Gary gets his legs waxed and takes his anti gerbil enemas on Wednesday. So it's not really him. Don't accept imitations.

  • Dumb Crook News

    If I was the robber, would have shot everyone first. Dead man tell no tales.

  • Randy

    It can change in a minute. I have a drug addict nephew. He's been arrested over a hundred times. Non violent until last year. Always expecting to hear that he finally killed someone.

  • Poe

    guess he decided to go violent

  • Thecrow2123

    Let's look this a different way ok chief.

    If he hadn't came into the store to rob it.
    If he hadn't pulled a gun. Which is a physical threat to ones life and health.
    THEN, he would still be alive.

    It wasn't "any excuse possible". It was self defense and defense of innocents he was threatening the life of.

    Actions have consequences and in this case on this day his actions got him dead.

    Who knows what he would have done today. Or tomorrow or whenever the next time he chose to use a gun to take what he wanted. What if the pharmacist had not been armed and he used that gun and killed someone? You have no clue what could have happened today or in the future with this guy.

    Would you still have a bleeding heart then? Maybe? What if that person was you or someone you care for? Still have that bleeding heart then? Doubtful.

    Get over it, his addiction was unfortunate but he got what he got as a result of HIS actions today.

  • Knew him

    Like I said, there's no excuse for it, but previously he was not known as violent person, drug addict yes, but nonviolent.

  • Randy

    I would call pulling out the weapon an act of violence.

  • Randy

    You are an ass. And probably too unstable to be allowed access to a firearm. I have my permit. Hopefully they found good reason not to let you get yours.

  • Shadow

    They may have cared for him but he sure didn't care for them and they have to live with his mistakes.

  • Poe

    Well a man come on the 6 o’clock news
    Said somebody’s been shot, somebody’s been abused
    Somebody blew up a building
    Somebody stole a car
    Somebody got away
    Somebody didn’t get too far yeah
    They didn’t get too far

    Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day, son
    A man had to answer for the wicked that he done
    Take all the rope in West Va
    Find a tall oak tree, round up all of them bad boys
    Hang them high in the street for all the people to see that


    Justice is the one thing you should always find
    You got to saddle up your boys
    You got to draw a hard line
    When the gun smoke settles we’ll sing a victory tune
    We’ll all meet back at the local saloon
    We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces
    Singing whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

    We got too many gangsters doing dirty deeds
    We’ve got too much corruption, too much crime in the streets
    It’s time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground
    Send ’em all to their maker and he’ll settle ’em down
    You can bet he’ll set ’em down ’cause

  • Knew him

    He was a hopeless drug addict, but not a violent person. Still though, you can't fault the pharmacist, he brought it on himself.

  • ShootToThrill

    You are a jackass. Nobody else needs to say anything about your ridiculous post other that the fact you are a total JACKASS

  • Erin

    You are awarded the most pathetic comment of the day, 'Rational' Thinker.

    Before you post again, please come up with a more accurate name. Because rational and thinking are clearly not at all involved in what you first posted.

  • Chase

    I dislike guns. I only dislike them because they make me somewhat nervous to be around them. I do however want to learn how to use one and eventually own one.

    I do not condone shooting or killing anyone. However, this man was in a store with INNOCENT people and potentially children. I think the pharmacist did the right thing and I support him 100%.

  • Shadow

    Don't degrade the Pistol Packing Mamas! Mine sits with a 40 cal.

  • Randy

    You absolute fool. How do you know that he wouldn't have shot anyone at the pharmacy after he got his pills? How do you know that he wouldn't kill someone tomorrow while robbing them? It is a good thing that he is now DEAD. Why is that? Because he was a grave threat to human lives. Yes I'm sure someone cared about him. I'll tell you who else has people that love them. EVERY single person that he could have potentially murdered at that pharmacy.

  • TB

    Well stated!

  • Vigillante

    I'll bet you squat to pee.

  • tomcpht

    Or... If you are really concerned about safety of the criminal you could always use your crystal ball to warn your criminal friends whether or not to proceed.

  • chasmo

    Congrats to the Pharmacist !!! another POS not going to be able to get " someone " else

  • Shadow

    All of the "No weapons allowed" signs should be replaced with "Massacre Zone" sign to warn people of their potential danger in that area. The good thing is that the Pharmacist was packing and capable of using enough weapon to do the job efficiently.

  • Jim

    And so your way of thinking allows the [alleged] criminal the opportunity to terrorize and potentially harm innocents in order to illegally obtain drugs, and since he was stopped the hero in our story now becomes the bad guy in this story? The pharmacy now has to suffer the injury, file insurance and criminal complaints, and hope enough information is obtained to apprehend the criminal. Then after costly prosecution, I imagine you would forsake incarceration for rehabilitation at taxpayer expense. You bleeding hearts make me physically ill. If any of your friends or family were trapped in that situation you would thank The Lord a brave person acted in the best interest of public safety.

  • That Guy

    Yea, catch a guy having his way with your wife, put your gun down, and let him finish until the cops come.
    Makes perfect sense.

  • Kitty Litter

    A street turd walks onto someone else’s property, whips out a pistol and demands drugs, deserves to be plugged. You don’t know his mindset. You weren’t there. The people who were did what they felt was best for THEIR survival. Obviously you are more interested in the well-being of this street urchin than theirs. Keep rooting for the bad guy. Better luck next time, Homey.

  • AN

    You have no idea what you are talking about. That pharmacist had every right to protect himself as well as the people around him. If you pull a gun on someone be prepared for consequences, like death. I work in a pharmacy and this is a real threat every day.
    I heard once, why would you trust that the bad guy wouldn't hurt you, why would would you believe what they say? Theyre not to be trusted with your life!
    Rational thinker - you can suck it. Good luck with that if you ever get a gun pulled on you.

  • Shadow

    You forgot the Ir before the rational in your nom de plume and the s before thinker. Get a dictionary.

  • glenna Post

    Good for him thank goodness he had a concealed weapon

  • TB

    Rational thinker- so are you saying that you should give the criminal the benefit of the doubt while he brandishes a weapon in the act of a crime? He had a weapon for a purpose!!!! Guess you will give a home invader the benefit of the doubt in the middle of the night. Stupid!

  • tomcpht

    Really? Your crystal ball told you he wasn't going to hurt anyone? Here's my suggestion, next time your crystal ball tells you when a robbery is going to happen you should call the local law enforcement and make them aware of what's going to happen.

  • Rational thinker

    All you gun lovers are really showing your true colors. There was no reason for this man to be shot and killed. Up to the point of being shot, he had hurt no one. If they would have just given him what he was after no one would have been hurt and everyone would have gone home safely. Instead we have the wild west where these wannabe cowboys look for any excuse possible to sling some lead. You are not the police, the judge or executioner. Let the proper authorities handle it for everyone's safety.

  • Commenter

    Or, in some cases, another bad man with a gun, i.e. when one druggy shoots another.

  • Denise

    That, my the reason all people should continue to have the right to conceal and carry....even at your workplaces.

  • longbeards

    Again, it is proven, That the only thing that will stop a BAD MAN with a gun is a GOOD MAN WITH A GUN!

  • Imisswv

    Not a chance, these feel good stories don't fit their narrative.

  • Dave

    Is that you, John Wayne?

  • Justice is served

    When I first heard the story I was worried about the outcome for the pharmacist.The justice system seems to protect the criminals not the victims.What a great ending!

  • Commenter

    Let's be respectful here, the deceased pill head might had someone in his life who cared somewhat about him, or at least recognized he existed.

  • Wild Wild West

    That is why I always carry. Someone gives me a problem badge or no badge they are going down. It is survival of the fitness or the one with the best aim.

  • Dave

    The guy got what he deserved but I hate to think what would have happened if a shot had went awry or even passed through robber and hit a customer. Owner would have been liable........just saying.

  • YEP

    ....Sounds pretty serious to me.

  • What?

    It says the man later died but is in serious condition? Am I missing something?

  • steve

    Hey Gary-how about that instrument of death? Awesome- f off pill heads!

  • Jojn

    Perfect ending. This may stop someone in the future and definitely stopped someone today.

  • Jonus Grumby

    CNN Headline would read: "Man Dies in Pharmacy Shooting as Employees Stand and Watch"

  • Jonus Grumby

    Scary, too.

  • BH

    What a stupid comment.

  • Parole Officer

    That's the greatest new I've heard in a long time!
    I'm Lovin' it

  • Reality Check

    The prescription for shopping with a gun is...three bullets. Here you go, sir.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  • Mtnman

    What if?....Todays headlines MIGHT have read: "Masked gunman kills three and injures 2 in pharmacy heist". I hope you rest easy tonight knowing that you "saved" lives today by doing the right thing. Prayers for ya man.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Good post. Most rational people who carry would like to avoid what just happened here at all costs. But sometimes you have to take drastic action. If you are betting an armed robber would not harm you or others when in the process of committing the crime, you may win the bet. But if you lose, there is no tomorrow. My thoughts are with the pharmacist and his co-workers.

  • Jonus Grumby

    This is the kind of gun control we should have - 3 shots, 3 hits. Good guys 1, Bad Guys 0. Game over.

  • George Bernath

    People who are brazen enough to rob someone in WV had better be prepared to pay the consequences. Good shoot.

  • Independent View

    File this story under "he popped a cap on his punk a**."

  • Please Do

    Hopefully, his pharmacist will visit the capital and do all of WV a favor.

  • Ken

    The employee who has a concealed weapon permit probably saved the lives of the customer and his co workers.
    Good Job for stopping a bad situation from getting worse.

  • jm

    Good job. Moral of the story.........expect the possibility exists that you may die if you decide to commit an armed robbery.

  • Bob

    Why carry a .45? Because they don't make a .46

  • Bob

    Protecting your life and the lives around you is a right worth exercising. My hope is that the pharmacist does ok after the shock wears off. No matter how justified the shooting, taking a life is not a normal function of our lives, and the after effects can be troublesome for some.

  • jm

    Great job.

    If the guy did not want to take a chance on dying, he should not have been attempting an armed robbery.

  • Hillbilly

    I sure hope this makes the National Headlines , God Bless the Second Amendment !!!!!

  • Ed

    Add concealed carry classes to pharmacy schools

  • jm

    Good job Mr. Pharmacist. You should be commended.

    For all you nay sayers....... if the SOB wasn't trying to commit an armed robbery, he would not have died. End of story.

  • Hillbilly

    Darn , I wish I lived close to this Pharmacy , they would be my one and only . If you need to replenish you ammo supply please let me know , keep up the good work , God Bless the Second Amendment !!!

  • Roger

    I will be happy to send money for replacing the .45 ammunition used, as it was put to good use, just let me where to send it. Job well done, my man! Maybe some of these dope heads will get the idea that attempted robbery comes with a cost.

  • Bill

    File this under D.S.A.F. (did society a favor)

  • 2XLPatriot

    Oh come on now! Rehab would have saved this poor robber who is obviously addicted to pills. Never mind the fact that his addiction started when he willingly and knowingly took them for the first time and enjoyed his escape from the real world.

    Millions of dollars and summits to curb the out of control drug problem in the Mountain State with tax payer money is coming! That's right folks, if you get arrested for drugs, you too may have the choice of rehab over jail time. We all know how that will end up!

    Regional jail populations will drop and there will be more addiction treatment centers than Hot Spots. Once completed, the graduates will be right back out popping, snorting and shooting every little pink, blue and white pill they can get heir grubby little hands on. Because hey, They can just go back to rehab instead of jail if they get caught again!

    Yay for big government!

    Seriously, good job! Them's some serious consequences for a serious crime. Just what he deserved! Don't carry? Get trained, get certified and licensed!

  • Christopher Parker

    Violent action happens quickly and, usually, without warning. It's comforting to know that this individual took the necessary action to safeguard his life, and the lives of others. It's unknown what the assailant would've been willing to do to achieve their goals.

  • Pensfan

    Great job. Kudos to the pharmacist

  • Marion

    REALLY?! Is that really you Gary ?! Wow I'm glad I was sitting down !

  • Upelk

    I wonder if this shows up in the charleston gazette's "Bearing arms in wv" opinion pieces?? Doubt it

  • Ezra

    Nicely done !

  • John of Wayne

    Amen!!! No 22s or Saturday Night Specials. Robbers, thieves, and druggies deserve the best. I wonder if the punk felt lucky.

  • John of Wayne


  • Brian

    I'm proud of them!

  • David

    Just think there are actually people out there tha will be sympathetic to the perp. Great job he got what he deserved.

  • Brian

    Good shooting! Zero misses! I'm

  • Rufus

    This is a lot better than the twelve step program, it works.

  • mook

    Give the man a "Good Job" slap on the back and dinner at his favorite dinner. Glade no one else was hurt.

  • WV Grad

    Definition of gun control means hitting your target.

  • PackFan

    Just came across the wire that the perp has died...

  • Tracy

    Good job Pharmacist. Good job!!!

  • Billy

    You can have those illegal pills when you pry them from the pharmacists cold dead hand. Good shooting Tex!

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    Wow! MetroNews reports a Good news story.

    3 hits, 2 center mass, with a .45 cal and he's still alive? That's amazing. A store like that is a good place to shop.

  • Moco man

    What an awesome story.........great job!!!

  • TB

    That'll learn ya!

  • Can't be Gary.

    It can't be the real Gary Karstens as it is misspelled.
    Will the real Gary please stand up.

  • wv mama

    Excellent story! Guess nobody is messing with that Pharmacist!

  • Gary Kaarsten

    I must say....this story is awesome and is changing my mind about guns.

  • John

    Great News! That .45 will definitely change your way of thinking. Congratulations to the guy that was behind it.

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    Yet another GOOD story. MetroNews is slipping.

    Only in serious condition after getting three doses of .45cal lead script. That's one luck pos.

  • Scout Duff

    Yeah !!! And he used a 45, way to go.

  • Stick Em Up

    This story is totally awesome !!